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Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been a while since I have done something for myself. I need rest and recreation to say the least. I haven't taken any of my leave credits for a little under 7 years now so you kind of see where I'm coming from. Sometimes I don't see the need to take a rest but it does get to me every now and then. I couldn't go to places like Macau or Las Vegas and go back to the office the next day so I do try online roulette gambling during the weekend. It's one of the most relaxing things to do in the refuge of my own home. I don't need to go to those smoke rooms and rub elbows with other players. I don't like communing too much when relaxing. It's that feeling you get when you can't stand the noise... only a couple of times worse. Dim lights and winning a lot on a single spin makes everything better.

Some of my friends are also doing this. I just don't see them getting the best of their plays because the ones they go to don't even offer free stuff. I told them about ROYTOYS and it looks like they are going to give them a try. The best ones are there already and they didn't have to go to different ones since they already got the list up front. It's good and direct so there are no more prancing around that they have to do in order to grab the best deal. Time is quite important in this part of the world and we wouldn't want to spare what small hours we have over the weekend in surfing for the best online roulette sites. I'd recommend it in a jiffy!

With that in mind, I better get them to at least spare me a few hundred bucks when they get to win. The free ones plus the winnings would equal bliss even for a few minutes. If it would be a choice between going to the best online roulette sites for my past time and going to the establishments themselves, I would definitely choose the first one. I'm already too tired and the travel period would get me there around 4 hours since the ones in my town are not that good. The choices are so minimal too; and toll fees have recently increased thrice what it used to be when you go to the south. If it's convenience and fun that I'm looking for; I'd probably stay and give ROYTOYS a go. They know the best ones bar none!

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Mac Callister said...

start na yan ang casino career mo!hehee

KUMAGCOW said...

@mac sige let's do just that! =)

Chyng said...

havent tried that, but I have a drinking roulette (super saya nito!) and i think that's good for a start. Ü