He’s Playing Solitaire

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's this kind of weather when I love to sit and prepare a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. The rain hasn't stopped since this afternoon; and to tell you honestly I was a little bored about what was happening inside the house. I was watching TV the whole time and wasn't being productive for a few hours. I needed rest and recreation but not to the point that I'd be doing nothing at all. I need something to get myself amused about. It's something that would keep me up on my feet and work my mind out of this melancholy. Something like Solitaire Board Games would do to entertain me until the wee hours. I know this would work wonders, the game looks absolutely fun!

I didn't know being alone could actually be fun because you get to exercise your brain muscles every once in a while. How can you win this round? You need to challenge yourself not to end up somewhere in the middle part of the board. Maybe I can also get to play with time on this medieval and historical game said to have reached times as old as King Louis the 14th. I'll try doing that plus cook a hearty meal for Mom and Dad. I hope they appreciate what I'm trying to do with this so I could spend a little more time at home. I've been out around town almost every weekend and I'd want to spend more time here so I could attend to something my parents would love to do too. Need I say more?! It's about time we do this! Let's play!


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