Winning in blackjack

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I always had this notion of winning a lot of money before I sleep. That would really be a great reason I'd smile while doing it. It is really good I learned how to play blackjack at an early age. It takes a combination of practice and guts to win this game. Sometimes I always do this with my brother and Dad. Eventually, I win most of the games; but if I don't I'm pretty much just OK with it if I don't. If we played at home we seriously bet for chores. I won't do the dishes by hook or by crook and if there is a chance I could pass it on to someone else this is the perfect alibi. It was a great bonding experience to be with my brother and Dad.

People learn a lot of things on the Internet. I don't know if I had this notion of being better in doing these things on line because of the fact that I am a Network Engineer by profession. There is something in the back of my head that is telling me I would be good at it if it goes digital. This is the same reason I recommend responsible gambling to my peers at work so we can all go to "A Hidden Pearl" and check out how we can win big prizes on the ones listed there. Who wouldn't want free money when you sign up?! Exactly my point; and if you don't believe my just try and take a peek, it wouldn't hurt right?!

I won a couple of games on line and I'm sure this would be really easy to figure out if they are already used to the real thing. I don't like complicated instructions for a very simple game and wouldn't you agree that it is more fun when you have your friends do the same too?! It is secure anyway so you don't have to worry about your information. That is one of the perks; plus the convenience of doing it in your own home. I don't have to look for no smoking sections which cause me great pain and time wasted under normal circumstances. I want to scream on my own when I win. I want to celebrate with people when I get the prize. This setup is perfect for me! I want online blackjack to be a regular thing. I have time on weekends so this is probably going to be a little addictive. I don't have to hop over to other ones since they have listed them already there! Who's up for a game of cards?! Raise your hand!

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pusang kalye said...

talagang online gaming lang talaga? take it to the next level....go to the Binggo stations of SM, I heard they have slot machines there too....hehehe

KUMAGCOW said...

Hahah nah I heard they smoke there too much, hate seeing old people too hehe =)

Mokong™ said...

kapag malaki na kinikita mo dyan, blowout par ha! hehe