Good Food Need Not Be Expensive

Friday, September 22, 2017

Do you often go out for lunch or dinner while working and spend so much money for it? I guess it's time to put a stop to that because it certainly isn't a smart thing to do if you are working just paycheck to paycheck. Eh? That's not right. No, you don't have to call on the whole team and run for your lives using a robot. Exhibit A:

Well, what's  a better idea than to actually face the problem head on. Get your gears going and never skip a meal because Jollibee has them all. Have you bought JolliSavers meal? It saved me a ton because it only costs Php 50 for a Burger Steak. Imagine my joy to have that with a 100% beef patty, smothered with mushroom gravy and a cup of white rice. The same goes for the Jolly Spaghetti, made even meatier with slices of ham, ground beef and hotdogs... then topped with cheese. They also have Jollibee's YUM Burger, affordable for only Php 30 so how can we not be full after that meal?

See? It doesn't have to be expensive because there's always a hot, satisfying meal at the lovable Jollibee store near you. Really, good food need not be expensive no? 

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Ascof Lagundi Showcases ‘Biyenan’ A Family Story Online

You've always seen them be portrayed on Philippine cinema as the main antagonist, mean, and puts most of the husbands and wives in situations often left not discussed over family dinners. Being a very matriarchal country, we often see the "In-laws" as not so good news and it does happen in real life. Albeit controversial to be a topic, Ascof Lagundi takes this to a short film directed by prolific film maker Chris Cahilig who won awards for ECHORSIS a few weeks ago. This film is called BIYENAN, a film that talks about two women of different generations, raising kids, our family culture and our boundaries.

Being a matriarchal nation, we take respect to another level with our Grandmas. It's even common here to live with them sometimes and that takes a lot. They do have a say with raising children, as they ultimately have their safety in mind. You should find out how these women Jenny and Marita clash inside their home, to see if spoiling the kids or disciplining them would provide conflict. It is played by Dalin Sarmiento and veteran actress Lui Manansala. 

How far should one go to do something about raising their children? When does it get overboard? Is it the right thing to do? How would your kids feel? When do you tell them to stop? When do you start to reconnect and respect each other?

Biyenan” would make you answer those questions and realize, that in some way, you are actually doing the same thing. You have the kids in mind and you only know what's best for them. Their health would get Ascof Lagundi in the mix, and perhaps make them know how to take good care of them when they've got cough related concerns and fix it in a jiffy.

Ascof Lagundi has helped countless Filipinos with their cough remedy. It's one of the safest way to relieve cough and bronchial asthma and “Biyenan” showcases that too. You may watch the full version of the short film at the Ascof Lagundi Facebook page. Or maybe, you can watch the embedded video below.

Isn't it a heartwarming story? Start sharing this on your Facebook accounts, you may find the post here and tell us how you feel after watching it.


Llaollao Yogurt Shop Opens at Trinoma

I've seen one of their branches at the back of Glorietta just before you go outside Landmark in Makati City. I was pretty much intrigued about what they were selling because most of the time they were covered in people, just like this one today. Apparently they've expanded and set up shop at Trinoma. This was a blogger friend's favorite and I didn't know why he kept on going to this Llaollao shop (pronounced Yao Yao) in Makati even if he was from the south because he says he really likes it. I bought one just for kicks and chose three different toppings. This is a Yogurt shop, but a bit different from the ones I tasted. This one was more tangy, one that would make you grimace a little, like a kick if this was chili. I guess that's why they've been very popular among Filipinos. I like it too.

Now since they've opened this branch in Trinoma, they also held a REALLY GOOD promo. They announced FREE SLUSHIE for every purchase of Php150 on any of their products. People started lining up as early as 5AM this morning, no joke. I wasn't really surprised though, they were so excited to get their hands on yogurt this good.

So I picked up a cup too. I was a little too shy because it was my first time doing this. Swirled my cup slowly, but the guy beside me (who was from Llaollao) was already panicking haha. I forgot to put more space on the sides for the toppings LOL. So I basically have a cup overflowing with Yogurt, and by my standards it wasn't that bad ah! Again, I loved how tangy their yogurt is and that evidently tasted like it.

Then I prepared space for the toppings, by pushing the frozen yogurt on the side to the center. I guess I have about a few centimeters more. So I got real fruits in the mix. I took grapes, mangoes, kiwis and 4 small chocolate coated peanuts (I think) and crushed grahams... which was so good. Ugh I wanted another cup, but had to cut down on sugar these days. If I didn't think about my diet I would have had 5 haha.

Tada! This is my very own cup!

I got my perfect cup made, I liked it a LOT. Now, it's time for you to experience it too. Go head on to Trinoma's second floor and look for the kiosk right after the escalator and you'll find them there. Fill up a cup with yogurt, get the toppings and experience it yourselves. See why people have been raving about this cup of good yogurt for years now. This ain't just a brand from Spain, it's something that Filipinos love now. I absolutely did.

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The Most Luxurious Airlines in the World 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The most luxurious airlines in the world. Photos from here and not mine.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to travel in the lower class since customers have an opportunity to find business class flight deals at a significant discount. The same thing refers to the top class of air journey. Besides, air companies lead a severe struggle for each premium client by introducing new attractive features and extraordinary solutions for clientage. At the same time, only a limited number of companies can be referred to the cohort of luxury transporters. If you are interested, the following selection of companies will be useful for choosing the carrier for your next air trip with a focus on the most luxurious conditions.


This company has deservingly taken the first place in the rating since it is the richest air transporter on the globe. However, is there a relation between the company’s prosperity and quality of its products? Of course, it is! The company cares about each client using its products and endeavors to achieve the top level of performance both in the cabin and in the lounge. Qatar can boast of numerous titles and regalia but it is definitely one of the luxurious companies in the sky.

Luxurious cabins, tons of legroom should be a requirement. Photo credits belongs here and not mine.

Singapore Airlines

This brand is not as award-winning as the previous one but also has something special to offer to its clientage. As for the elite guests, they can experience the so-called SkySuite. This spacious cabin resembles a small but luxury hotel above the clouds. Each suite is equipped with sliding doors to ensure the highest level of privacy for the onboard guest. The real pleasure of watching and touching any detail in the cabin is guaranteed.

Etihad Airways

The major UAE airline can dispute our rating since it aspires to the title of the best air company on the globe in terms of luxury. Actually, this brand has everything to become the best. You will hardly find any passenger who would be unsatisfied with the degree of services rendered in the cabin regardless the ticket class. Those who pay the highest airfare plunge into the ocean of luxury and comfort in any detail. Etihad’s top class suite represents a small lodge with three rooms equipped with all necessary items for an unforgettable journey.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Asian companies boldly compete with representatives from the Middle East. For this reason, the prominent Hong Kong air carrier is highly ranked in terms of top-class services in the air. Besides, the transporter pays a huge attention to the airport facilities for its clientage. As for the cabin, the elite guests of Cathay can enjoy multiple luxury features such as chairs equipped with massage function, superb materials used in the interior and top-notch servicing.

Food and service should be top notch. Photo credits belong here and not mine.


It is not necessary to be a regular air traveler to know this air company. Indeed, the marketing campaign of Emirates is beyond words. At the same time, the company does not talk to the winds and tends to comply with its high status in practice. Those who are lucky to visit the top class cabin of the transporter are unwilling to exit. It is nothing more than a joke, however, the interior and outfit of its elite class product resembles the highest level of luxury. Personal mini-bar, sliding doors and a personal shower in each suite make the difference for the bulk of customers.

British Airways

We could not end the rating without mentioning at least one European company. It does not mean that the best British air carrier does not deserve the title of the luxury airline. Quite the opposite! Elite class places are rather competitive among the previously mentioned rivals. Besides, the quality of services on the board of the air transporter is known far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.


Beauty Lies In The Layers: Collagen by Watsons

Our skin is our biggest organ and whatever you do to your body, it reflects on it. If it's good or not, that tells us we have to take care of it. We have to be flawless in order to become confident, or simply add up to whatever is there already. It is important to take care of it outside and inside to look good and feel grade, this is why Watsons is launching their new line COLLAGEN by Watsons. 

They have 4 lines but the Gold line is about moisturuzing, the layers of our skin need that because without it, it'll be just too dry. The Pink line of products are intended for whitening skin. Not to make you super fair, but just enough to make you look like someone with a rosy glow. The Blue line are products with Anti-aging effects. If you've got wrinkles and fine lines, you should use these to get your skin renewed. It's actually healthy if you exfoliate every now and then so you get your new skin out. The Green line on the other hand is perfect for me, because I have pretty oily skin. It moisturizes without making it too oily, it has hydration components that can make your skin healthy and not have breakouts. I'll try them soon! 

We also had small activities during the event where they explained to us the benefits of collagen. That was very educational especially the one where we had to touch and feel some items while they tell us the effects when we take collagen. :)

Now for those interested in these new line of products, head on to any Watsons Philippines branches near you or follow Watsons Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and IG because they also give tips there. 

Can't wait to have that green line on my regimen! I'm putting it on my shopping cart ASAP!

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Up to P100,000 Cash Up for Grabs in the "PadamihAnne sa CityMall" Raffle Promo

What? You didn't get to watch Anne Curtis' newest commercial? Oh my... that's a bummer because you might lose the chance to actually win up to Php 100,000 cash! Now don't fret because before you do finish reading this blog post, let me just ask you first to watch that particular commercial and join it now. How? Watch this first!

Now if you want to join  the "PadamihAnne sa CityMall Raffle Promo", that would be easy. All you have to do is answer this question: "In the video, how many Anne Curtises can you see around the CityMall logo?”. If you know the answer, just register at the form found here Then that's it, you're now a part of thousands, maybe even millions who would want to win over Php 100,000 cash. Now don't stop there, make your friends and family join in the fun too. Just share this post and use the hashtag #PadamihAnneSaCityMall so they could do the same. This fun promo is CityMall's way of saying THANK YOU for your continued patronage. This is after all, your everyday mall.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

WILCON Announces Their 40 Years Raffle Promo

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I really had fun during the luncheon of construction supply authority WILCON as they launched their 40 YEARS RAFFLE PROMO. In the presence of their executives, industry partners and media, they unveiled the 1.6 Million Pesos worth of prizes to be given away to patrons of their store, a welcome story for WILCON Depot fans.

Since they are celebrating their 40th year in the business, they deem it necessary to give back to their customers. Their Chairman Emeritus William Belo says "This is part of our promise to build bigger ideas for Filipinos. We are carrying our products and experiences with the passion and service we have been giving in the last 40 years. We will continue to offer the best promos for our clients, we hope a lot of people would join our 40 Years Raffle Promo."

To be able to participate in this promo, you must shop at any WILCON Depot branch nationwide from October 1 to 31, 2017. If you buy any Php 5,000 cash/card transaction, it will earn you 1 raffle ticket. You must register this entry online via to be part of the electronic raffle (even multiple entries). There will be 40 winners of Php 40,000 Wilcon EGC's to win on November 7, 2017 so make sure you get that counted!

To know more about the promo, please visit any WILCON Depot/stores nationwide or their website You may also follow their social media accounts because they also have updates there. I think now's the time to buy those bathroom fixtures and tiles I've been wanting to do. It could get me to win these prizes! Yay!

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Ruffa Gutierrez Signs With ALV Talent Circuit

Friday, September 15, 2017

Miss World Second Princess, Mom, Actress and Multi Media endorser Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez has been one of the most successful showbiz personalities of her generation. True enough, she's appeared in numerous shows, movies, international ones, endorsements and of course her world renowned reality show "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez" which she stars with her whole family. It's won awards and made the Gutierrez name a household occurence in different countries, and is still on their 5th most controversial season. She's signing up with Arnold Vegafria's ALV Talent Circuit.

Ruffa Gutierrez says "My Mom is very picky, meticulous and choosy with her friends so when they told me they already talked about it, I was so glad to finally be with him because we go way back. For me timing is everything and before we would always be together in socials but I know we are both excited, he is my new phone pal and he knows what is right for me, and what I want. International schools are expensive so I tell him what I want to do, work on what more we can do. My kids are also getting offers, I told them we can accept things as long as they don't miss school. No more boyfriends please. It's challenging to be a single mom but I always explain things to them now, even my Mom gets indecent proposals so my kids might get that too, they have to be careful. This is a fresh chapter, I have talked to people that made our show number one on E! and hopefully do another season. This will not affect my existing endorsements and Arnold is going to add new ones. Eat Bulaga started off as a guesting, but it clicked and now wherever I go they know me as Ruffaree with just one guesting, so now I am semi regular. Thanks to my Eat Bulaga Family, I get to be near the masses."

Ruffa adds "I miss talk shows, I love talking about my insights and hopefully to do a show soon. For me, as long as the role is very good and the offer is good I'm okay with it. As far as I know they haven't prepared for the wedding yet as Chard is working, so I don't know what my role would be in their wedding. My lovelife is so quiet, I am able to have sole decisions to my kids because I act as their Mom and Dad. They will have projects, so I'm sure they will meet people so I have to guard them and be careful about loveteams. I wanna earn more than what I'm getting today, so Arnold has got his work cut out for him. We trust Arnold and whatever he says about my career, we will take his direction. Mom respects Arnold's decision, it was very fast because they just talked two weeks ago. They are very frank so there was no beating around the bush. I'm so proud to see what he did for Ms. World because we had a lot of ladies that qualified. The ladies now are more matured and women should answer from experience. I wanted to work with a girl that wants it and be ready to fight and get the crown, and a heart that is in charities, beauty with a purpose."

About John Lloyd "I was so happy to live in an era where there were no cellphones, I was shocked and took pity on the guy with what he had to go through. So you guys if you want to have fun please no cellphones. I don't want to spoil my kids and give them that, they have to work for it. Now they want to do a commercial because they want the iPhone X."

Arnold Vegafria says "She's the perfect endorser, I have to be a little busy working with the two biggest networks and I hope we get the best deals. I will also concentrate on digiital platforms for the artist and support the plans of Tita Anabelle for Ruffa. I will augment. I've known Ruffa since years ago, so I'm going to look for a show that would fit her. I will also be handling Ruffa's daughters, we will be talking about it next week but I have to still make studies a priority for them."

Watch out for more of Ruffa Gutierrez because she'll be more visible in the coming months. They have a lot planned and this partnership just happened at the right time. They believe in his direction, congratulations Ms. Ruffa and ALV Talents Circuit!

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MTV PH Introduces MTV Buddy Jess Connely

Thursday, September 14, 2017

These are signs that there is still something good out there. 

I am part of a generation who doesn't only listen to radio, or watch youtube, but one who eagerly awaits if and when an artist, a group or band finally comes out with an MTV. It's something that I often have on my TV all day because you get to see a glimpse of what it's supposed to look like when they put it on an album. Some noted celebrity jocks like Casey Kasem (bless his soul), Mike Kasem up until Donita Rose, KC Montero and others appeared on Southeast Asian MTV all became more popular because of it... and started their career with these on their resume's. I actually cried a bit when news of them closing almost ALL their regional channels happened a couple of years ago including the one in the Philippines, I thought that was impossible but they did it to survive. I felt it would be a dark era for the music industry as well because without it, making music videos would be just be futile. Also, I was more worried for local bands who got exposure there... where will they go to promote this in other countries? I was sad, really sad.

During a tv surfing session, I suddenly saw MTV PH a couple of months ago. That was great news for me, to see somehow that they're back on tv. Got invites to a small function a week ago to MTVph as they were launching their first MTV Buddy Jess Connely, I guess they don't call em jocks anymore and this all smells millenial in my books. They got her from Australia as she was doing underground urban acts in the Philippines. She's got a really good following online and is still growing. 

Jesse says "I'm excited, totally, I'll be bringing in my flavor to MTV PH, from style, to music, to events, I'll be there."

New MTV Buddy Jess is going to host a show called MTV Fuel. It's a music, lifestyle, sub culture themed show. It starts airing on September 23, on a Saturday at 8PM. They will also be doing MTV Bud Hunt - the search for the next MTV Buddies during the last quarter of this year so if you're eager to be one, they might go to your campus during the last quarter of this year, you just have to wait! 

If you want to know more about Jess and the search, head on to MTV PH on Facebook  or follow @mtvph on IG and Twitter because they're all there! Make sure you also watch them on Sky Cable Channel 71 (which I do) and Cignal Channel 151 because it's cool to do that ye know! 

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Sunshine Cruz Now Joins ALV Talent Circuit

It looks like ALV Talent Circuit is growing and now adds a very versatile actress to their roster. I'm sure you guys know Ms. Sunshine Cruz and she's been battling it out with the Ardiente's in Wildflower. She's very effective, always playing the lead but she's got dreams to play other roles. She's spreading her wings, and she saw how effective ALV has been in production, managing talents including her daughter Angelina who's doing a singing career.

Ms. Sunshine says "If it's about my personal life I am very happy now, it's not perfect but just to be someone that is good with my kids it's a good thing. When they met they were friends already (with Macky) so they really did jive. We are in the stage of enjoying each other's company, we support each others dreams. I'm glad that they haven't been courted yet. It will come I know, but they know they have to focus on studies. My kids are not ugly so I know people will come and try but they respect me and I'm very greatful for that. I just hope he (prolly Cesar) to at least have an effort."

"I started in showbiz when I was 15, so I advise my kids about work, and never ever forget studies. We have bonding time, but if I have to be strict they know how to listen and understand that I have to do the job of a mom and dad. They still get hurt, they are my babies, but I sometimes tell them to brush it off especially bashers online. You know like me, I share almost everything on Instagram as long as it's possible. When we were shot by paparazzi, and it became viral, nothing really changed. We are of age, and people didn't know the story that's why I got a few bashers too. I am grateful and blessed that my kids listen to me and give me the respect that I need. I don't hold them back, they're smart and know their priorities."

She adds "Since 2013 I have been playing roles where I always cry, I am the one being hurt too. I always am interested to play a villain or mistress role, I did an episode of MMK once and that got me a lot of weird threats so I think in a way that confirms that I am effective. They just say they are very happy for me and I am so happy that they approve of him. In the past they filtered some suitors I had and I'm glad they also take care of me in a way. Their approval means a lot to me. "

"I am glad to have been able to work with Wildflower, in a way they have reinvented me because I didn't want to play the same role. I also did a culinary cours so later I want to put up my own restaurant. I want to also to finish my Masters in Psychology."

Arnold Vegafria says "We will both take care of her career in acting, singing, being an influencer and endorser. I will be putting her in a whole package, and will talk to companies, talk to Geneva, Sheryl, Donna and maybe do a concert. She can do it with them or solos. We talked to Regal and will talk soon with Star Cinema, I am also in the production of indie mainstream movies so maybe we can do one for her. We can't put her on sexy stuff anymore even if we have offers, we have to think that she's already a Mom and she has kids. She wants to do indie films and I want to do it with young directors, writers, cinemathographers and she's looking forward to do one. Our target is also have her do at least two soap operas in a year but we'll make her come back in movies."

This is the start of something even big for Ms. Sunshine Cruz and ALV Talent Curcuit is going to make her an even big star. We can't wait for that!

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Marian Rivera's Back In Action Fantasy Series SUPER MA'AM

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Marian Rivera is still the Queen of GMA. She's back and she's not holding back after a long break of bearing super cute daughter Zia with hunk husband Dingdong Dantes. Her entry does come at an opportune time because it's Teacher's Month and what great way to pay homage to our second parents but to do a superhero show that includes her in the title role. 

This September 18, you'll be happy to see SUPER MA'AM. The show includes Kapuso stars Andrew Gan, Shyr Valdez, Enrico Cuenca, Ashley Ortega, Jerald Napoles, Joyce Ching, Julius Erasga, Jillian Ward, Helen Gamboa, Kim Domingo, Al Tantay, Jackie Lou Blanco, Kristoffer Martin, Matthias Rhoads, Meg Imperial and Kevin Santos. This ensemble cast will make the life of teacher Minerva interesting as she tries to make the lives of her students better, because she believes they do deserve a better life.

Some of my favorite people in the loveteam world, yes it's Joyce Ching and Kristoffer Martin.

Asia's Fantasy, Kim Domingo, we got to talk to her about the show.

Ms. Helen Gamboa

Marian Rivera for her new project SUPER MA'AM!
Here, she was able to tell us the three SUPER MA'AM's in her life

I was able to talk to some of them after the reveal, so meet the guy from the Jollibee commercial who got the girl. Matthias Rhoads.

He was dubbed as the next Primetime Kapuso Leading Man. He was ecstatic hearing that!

Oh and ladies, meet Enrico Cuenca. He was the guy in the CRUSH episode of the Jollibee commercial. Remember the one that was secretly giving burgers? Exactly!

We got to talk to him too!

Now make sure to watch this next week! It'll be a fun evening of action and fantasy with Marian's show and Dingdong's Alyas Robinhood. Now if only their daughter would star in the next timeslot, that would be a great few hours of family binge watching.

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