Camp Livebetter with Solenn, Nico and Raymond Premieres Tomorrow

Thursday, January 18, 2018

We had so much fun during the advanced screening of Camp Livebetter, the reality web series of Philam Vitality over at their Youtube channel. You might have seen one or all of these episodes while watching Youtube and they are showing the final episode tomorrow at 2PM.

Before the activities, we were treated to good organic food at Green Pastures. It was ultra healthy but filling, I didn’t get to eat much because they had seafood but twas okay! Anyway it’s part of the journey of these guys and gals were taking because in order to have a good life, we all need to have better lifestyle choices and invest in ourselves. Health, activities, even financial and life planning is essential nowadays and should be part of adulting. Here’s how our plates look like! :)

Ms. Abbie Remo of Philam Life went in front and told us about their recent campaign, she said “Camp Livebetter are episodes meant to incentivise people to live healthy and eat better so their can earn points with Solenn, Nico and Raymond and the Philam Vitality App. We are going into the wellness phase, we want to help them to go from where they are to their goals. I hope you were able to enjoy the first two episodes. This time you are going to see the advanced screening of Camp Livebetter”

Josh, Arman and Arnold (all financial advisors of Philam Life says “This camp will make me understand my health and fitness goals, I lost weight already but with the help of my friends, I am checking my progress so they can support me, gain new friends in the process and that’s what I got from Camp Livebetter.”
“It’s not just health and fitness, but also managing our finances. Knowing the steps to get there while improving our health, those are our goals in life.”
“Raymond gave us his secrets, that it’s not a secret at all. We just have to be conscious about what we eat, read labels and see the ingredients as is. Put in excercise everyday to maintain it and be consistent. He told us his old photos, that’s what keeps him motivated. I’m happy about what I saw he can do, thanks to Mond we’re going to Bali!”
Now if you’re reading it right you might have a clue who won already but just to be sure, stay tuned on Philam’s Youtube channel and find out who will win at 2PM tomorrow!

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Judy Ann Shines, Angelica Sparks in Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes

I've seen the film industry improve over the years and one glorious evidence of that is the film Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes (The Two Mrs. Reyes) which is produced by Star Cinema, Quantum Films and made by the Idea First Company under Perci Intalan and Directed by Jun Lana. I've honestly been bored of Filipino films lately that I haven't seen some of them in the recent MMFF, but this piece wasn't going to pass me since Judy Ann is doing it. Yes she's got hits and misses but I guess this material was just promising. It's got all the angles in it, romance, love, infidelity, s3x, foreplay, even food and the whole enchilada of LGBTQWTFOMGBBQ causes you can think of.
Judy Ann being the Queen has never lost her touch. She cries like a river, and can definitely touch you in so many ways that you'll find yourself crying in the dark corners of the cinema. Yes I admit that might have been me, not once, but twice because her monologues was just the highlight of the film, one that you should pay attention to when her character starts posting a Facebook status towards the end of the film. You would fall for her, feel her pain, her agony, her angst and you would feel good while she's letting it all out on social media, just like what your friends do on their timeline too.

Angelica Panganiban on the other hand had her own battles. Like a woman scorned, she wanted revenge, but later finds herself learning, enjoying, moving on from the whole ordeal. She also presents the punchlines so well you'll hear the gallery laugh quite hard during the whole movie. She's going to get mad and bonded with cats, travel the world to seek revenge, then perhaps fall in love with a stranger found in the most unconventional places. She's also going to cancel all holidays for you, that particular line will stick to you like glue so pay attention when she does her outbursts... oh she's got a ton of that. 

I haven't had so much fun in movies lately, this particular one made me cry twice, had me laugh and made me feel good about Filipino movies again. This film also stars JC De Vera and Joross Gamboa, you'll love how their pair would intertwine their story in different situations. As Direk Perci said "This is our opening day and I hope you see this film, if you like it please spread the word. I really hope you like the movie because as of now we are hearing it’s doing good in the box office. If you are posting anything on social media please use #AngDalawangMrsReyes so we can see it!”

Screenings started yesterday and if you haven't watched this movie yet, you better spend for it today because it's really good.

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The Greatest Showman

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Our friends from BLUE ANT formerly known as RTL CBS Network hosted a screening of The Greatest Showman last night and boy it was good. It's the story of PT Barnum and how he put up his CIRCUS. Well yes, it's a tale on how the Barnum and Bailey Circus roadshow started but there were so many things that were in this movie that made me want to suddenly burst into a song and perform with them. 

The music alone would make this all worthwhile, but let me tell you, this isn't just a Hugh Jackman piece because you'll get a touch of Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Kealla Settle (The Bearded Lady), Zendaya Coleman as they all take their pipes into another level just so you could hear something so good, you would want to see it again. Nevermind the critics, or the earlier naysayers because this movie is worth every cent. I've read the man's bio and it looked very close to his real lifestory but won't delve too much on the political side, but mostly love, relationships, work and family.  

If you want to see similar shows that astound and entertain, you may opt to watch the Blue Ant channel on cable like what I do with Skycable. They've got America's Got Talent, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and just about every nice hit show in the US on that channel. 

Thank you Blue Ant for having us that evening! 

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The One That Got Away on GMA

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Had the chance to watch THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY this afternoon through an exclusive screening. The series is starred by Dennis Trillo (Liam) and his exes Rhian Ramos (Zoe), Lovi Poe (Alex), Max Collins (Darcy). What would be fun to see is how they (the ladies) were able to keep friendship in tact despite being a common denominator for one guy, the one that got away. This is an original concept by the GMA Entertainment Content Group.

William Dominic “LIAM” Illustre is a businessman, the most prized batchelor in town. When Liam got into an accident, the three ladies found themselves inside the hospital, bedside their exe’s. This looks like a riot, the most awkward scene, but Mark Sikat Dela Cruz (the director) made sure you can differentiate one from the other. They’ve got their families, their friends that would act as their conscience.
Nar Cabico entertained us during the screening. He sang the theme song GAGA which you can find in iTunes and other digital stores, just search for it!

Nar says “I was inspired by people who ask opinions about love, so this song is for them. They learn a thing or two in the song. I’m the best friend of Darcy here, I tell a spade as a spade out of love for a friend, a sister so you will relate to him a little.”

Max says “I am so excited to see the fight scenes, it’s super funny!”
Lovi adds “You’ll see our group’s chemistry, it will show on screen because we blend in even if we are fighting over a guy.”
Rhian says “This comedy is outlandish, I am excited for you to see how the heart is involved with real people.”
Dennis proudly adds “This show is a different mix of people, different personalities so I am do excited for you to see how it will show on the series. It will be shown tomorrow right after Kambal Karibal.”

Saw the first episode, and on thing I can say is... it looks so fun. Their introduction alone had people jeering in the audience. Nar Cabico was hilarious, saying it straightforward means he’s going to be exploding expletives every now and then. When they met, it was awkward, but meant that there are still unfinished business between them and the other ladies which Liam should finish. Their past is colorful, don’t get me wrong, but Liam made sure they are not in a relationship at the same time, he’s doing it fair.

Don’t also discount the fact that their respective families and friends are quite colorful, each having their own characteristics which still end up going for Liam as well. Destiny? Karma? Comedy rolled into one, that I think is TOTGA.
The show also includes Migo Adecer, Jason Abalos, Sophie Albert, Ivan Dorschner, Jason Francisco, Luz Valdez, Ayra Mariano and a lot more!
This is just the start, so if I were you don’t miss the first episode right after Kambal Karibal on GMA Telebabad.

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Sofia Andres, Sylvia Sanchez and Diego Loyzaga for Mama's Girl

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Had lunch with some of the stars of Regal Film's latest movie called Mama's Girl starring Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga and Jameson Blake. They'll also be with premier actress Sylvia Sanchez who'll be leading them into a story of love, and one of the most endearing people in our family, our mothers.

Ms. Roselle Monteverde calls this a movie that inspires, to embrace change so it would bridge the gap between millennials and slightly, older generation. Ms. Sylvia says "If you saw how vulnerable I am in The Greatest Love, you'll see a different Mom here because she's a fighter and you'll see how she gets to accept her child's journey in life. She will also be telling you a story that would question the status of your own family, I consider this a big blessing!"

Sofia Andres on the other hand says "I relate a lot to Abby because she's mirroring our lives when we've become more adventurous as we should and don't even think about how it will affect our parent's lives. It will also discuss life lessons, and you'll learn how she'll fall in love with Nico and Zak in the movie."

The film will also star Yana Asistio, Heaven Peralejo, Karen Reyes, Arlene Mulach, Allan Paule, Alora Sasam and a lot more. This is Regal Film's inspirational drama offering this January 17 on theaters nationwide and is directed by Connie Macatuno. For updates make sure to like the page on FB RegalEntertainmentInc, RegalFilms on Twitter, RegalFilms50 on IG and RegalCinema on Youtube.

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Maja Salvador Does ‘MAJA ON STAGE’ Tour

Maja Salvador is not letting down. Coming from the success of her soap Wildflower, Maja Salvador is getting her dance prowess another go this February 4 in Cebu in a concert called Maja On Stage. This is a tour which they will start at the IEC Convention Center in Cebu City. Then they'll also be taking it to The Big Box East Jurong in Singapore on February 18 plus another performance on March 23 at the KIA Theater in Quezon City.

“I haven’t been in ASAP lately because of Wildflower, it’s almost all action everyday. It’s also a preparation for my concerts, so my weekdays are for provincial shows and my handler also balances things so I don’t overwork. I’m lucky with my handler who does an absolute good job with my schedules. I also have to have time with my family, my Mom and siblings are in Canada and in the states so that’s where I spent Christmas. I’ll also have my co actors Vhin, Joseph and RK (in the US) with me so you’ll be seeing them there too. It’s been a while since we’ve done a concert and my crew are booked to a brim too so some of them could only go to important meetings, I am just keeping watch. I feel I am using my gut feel to choose the best dances and performing my favorites during these dates so I hope people would appreciate it on the actual show. I won’t be able to have the same production in US or CEBU but KIA will be bigger, that’s what I heard in the meeting. You’ll see music, lights, costumes that I personally chose myself, you will be entertained. Yes this will be WILD!”

”If in the past you’ve seen my leading men in bed, you’ll see Vhin Abrenica and Joseph Marco also fight over me in the show. Vhin can sing, Joseph can do it too so they’ll have solo prods and one with me. It’ll surely be BIG! I’ll be singing in my range and I hope I could further showcase that in the US, Singapore, Cebu and Manila. I’ll be trying my best and singing songs of my idols, I’ll surely try my best to entertain people, that I promise you!”
She will also be with Kakai Bautista, Anna Fegi, Vin Abrenica, Joseph Marco so make sure you get tickets!
Tickets will be sold via IC3 Booth 09325110962, MAV 09260747776, Christina 09372506848. Oh and Maja also hinted that Wildflower will be ending soon, like a month or so. It depends on the script.


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My Korean Jagiya Ends Today

Friday, January 12, 2018

The first legitimate Korean Filipino romcom series will end today and I am a little bothered because I only saw a couple episodes of it. My Korean Jagiya starred by Heart Evangelista and the uber cute Alexander Lee will have it's last episode during GMA Telebabad.

The story of Kim Jun Ho and Gia has been followed religiously by fans and now that it's almost done, Heart Evangelista dubs this as her well loved project. She says "This made me fall in love with work again and I'd like to put on record that I am so thankful to have gotten to work with the staff, GMA and the writers who pushed me to be an even better actress."

Alexander on the other hand says "I learned so much of the Filipino culture, the way actors work here during the shoot. The working experience is something that I would take back with me in Korea and I hope I would get to work with them again! The fans of the show, thank you too for supporting us all these months. I learned a lot and the Philippines now hold a special part in my heart."

Make sure you watch the final episode right after Kambal Karibal.

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JC Santos and Ryza Cenon for Mr. & Mrs. Cruz

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

It’s so nice to hear that the one who wrote and did Kita Kita is actually on a roll as she takes another project called Mr. and Mrs. Cruz. This movie is produced by Idea First Company and Viva Films and will show on January 24, 2018. You can’t teach chemistry and when they did this, they had to undergo workshops first because the material was difficult to execute and they wanted the characters to become real, they didn’t require them to workout for the role.

Ryza says “Direk Sigrid was so open to suggestions, very detailed and we felt like being trained because we had to do workshops just for the character. JC gave me advise on our lines, they prolly did this in theater so it was easy for him. I might have struggled a little because I was shooting two projects in the past so it was a little hard adjusting to this.

JC reveals "I watched Direk on theater, in UP and she was good. I was so lucky to work with them because it was a theater process because we rehearsed it before the actual thing happened. We even shot it on her phone so the process was easy. I didn’t act too big because she toned me down when we filmed this. Ryza knows the screen and how it works being in the industry for quite a while. She’s very good."

“I didn’t really expect Kita Kita would be that big but I’m not pressuring myself that the same will happen, but I do hope it does because we have worked hard for it. This is about love, marriage, finding yourself and moving on. It will also tackle and define happiness. I made this before Kita Kita (the script) they are an interesting pair and I have seen them in past projects. I was really interested working with them. I am so excited how this would turn out. Yes, theg did deliver with the material even if it was a bit difficult to do this, but they agreed to do workshops with me because of the process. This was shot in Puerto Princessa and El Nido, I fell in love with the place. They need to see how beautiful the place is! The underground river, the secret beach, island hopping, it’s all gorgeous!” says Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, the writer and Director.

Make sure you head on to theaters on this date because according to Direk Perci and Jun Lana (who already saw it) says it’s a material that differs so much from Kita Kita but says it’s a welcome change. Direk Sigrid is gunning for personal happiness while doing it, so if you connect with the emotions of the characters, that’s exactly why they did it. I’m watching!
Are you?


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Martin, Ogie, Regine and Erik for #paMORE Concert on February 10th

Monday, January 08, 2018

The country’s best singers who can make you laugh, make you fall in love and do a concert like no other. This February 10th, Martin Nievera, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez and Erik Santos will take you to a fun evening at the Mall of Asia Arena. #paMORE will battle it out with several international artists but banks on those who would like OPM flavor this Valentines season. Their goal is to celebrate LOVE through tons of great music!

Erik finds this as a good way to start the year and says “Although Angeline isn’t here, I am so glad to be with my idols. This is a dream come true. Just thinking of the icons and I on stage I am already speechless. I don’t really plan things, but as a performer and artists I wish I could last in the business for a long time. That’s what I wish for. I am so honored to finally be in the stage with my idols, I even asked our producers if this is real. I hope to be not intimidated as I shut down when I feel that.”

Ogie says “Regine and I came from a very successful concert in the US but was so sad we didn’t sell much tickets in Vegas but only 98% (then laughs). I don’t wish for anything but wish evrything my wife would wish for. I also hope we have more artists who have concerts. I’ll be having a major concert this year because it’s my 30th year in the industry, that’s all I ask for.”

Ms. Regine Velasquez Alcasid says “This is so millenial, it’s going to be fun. Honestly I am contented with my family, very happy, I just wish good health and more blessings for them. My career? I cannot really ask for anything else.”

Martin Nievera was his own comic self and says “I wish I had more things happening this 2018. I am already old in the business but I am glad to be with these stars, I wish there were more like this and bring it out of the country as much as I can. I also want my children to be successful, not just share mine. PaMORE pa!”

#paMORE is under the stage direction if Paolo Valenciano and musical direction of Mr. Louie Ocampo and Raul Mitra. This is also produced by Ms. Anna Puno of Starmedia Entertainment and Cacai Mitra of I Music Entertainment. It is also sponsored by People’s Journal and Seda Hotel Vertis North. You may purchase tickets at SM TICKETS branches and via or call 470-2222.

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Aiai Delas Alas Celebrates 3 Years with Hobe

I had the opporunity to talk again to Ms. Aiai Delas Alas a few days ago at her AI SARAP business venture over at 62 Sgt. Esguerra in Quezon City. It's a restaurant serving Filipino favorites and consequently, she's also celebrating her partnership with famed noodle brand HOBE on her third year. Now 3 years may be a short amount of time but if you think about it, most endorsements and commercials only last for months in the Philippines, so we asked her what's the secret of staying with brands?

Ms. Aiai Delas Alas says "I have been in the business for a long time but at this time people know how much I value my family, that trait of being family centric is actually one of the reasons why they got me as their endorser. Aside from that, I also use the things I endorse in my own businesses, Ai Sarap for example ises HOBE noodles in some of our recipes because it's so useful. It's not just for canton or bihon which we usually see at home, you can whip up dishes and sauces with different ingredients and you would still have a great meal. You have already tried some of them a while ago because we serve them here. We also plan to do this in the other branches that we plan to put up this year."

She also mentioned how her kids are going to be involved in the business because Ai Foods will be incorporated and headed by Sancho. The way she sees it she'll give the opportunity to her sons because they will better take care of it and benefit from the shops they intend to put up this year (about 4 she says) and more soon.

If you haven't tasted HOBE yet, I suggest you to go to leading supermarkets and stores nationwide. I personally didn't know how it tasted but with the samples they got me a couple months ago I already have them on my regular grocery list and not just buy the usual pancit canton and instant spaghettie which I grew tired of recently. 

I'm sure she wouldn't be endorsing something she doesn't believe in, and she's looking forward to more years with them too!

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Wine Love with Casillero del Diablo

Friday, January 05, 2018

I have always loved chilling a good ol bottle of wine and downing it with friends and family. Filipinos often love the sweet fruity type whilst I prefer the mildly stronger reds with notes and whites that have really good spice content on them. Now this was gifted to me a couple days ago and probably the first time I’m having Casillero del Diablo. I have had it during a post New Years Eve dinner and enjoyed the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc much that when there were a few leftover wines, I thought of probably cooking with it.

If you’ve got good wine, cooking with it intensifies the flavors so I’ve decided to do a Coq Au Vin. Coq Au Vin simply means Chicken in Wine (it’s just a french fancy way of calling it) I have learned to cook this in a workshop I attended years ago and was surprised how relatively easy it was to do it.

In a pan simply put olive oil and about 3 table spoons of butter. Be careful not to burn the butter because it will taste weird in the dish. You put in a whole chicken or chop it in quarters, then brown all the sides until it turns golden. Don’t worry if you don’t cook it all the way because you’ll do it later. Take it off the pan and set it aside.
Put the chopped onions, carrots and celery in the same pan and saute it. If you’ve seen it cooked a bit and caramelized the onions, then pour the whole bottle of Casillero del Diablo and deglaze that pan. Make sure you take those brown things and scrape it because that’s where the flavor lies. Add a sprig of thyme and parsley then wait for the wine to reduce. A good Chef told me you should only use wine that YOU love to drink because what you will get in the end is a stronger version of it. When reduction occurs, put in the Chicken. If you see the chicken is not simmering, add chicken stock if you have some, else, just pour more water until it’s completely covered. Add potatoes and pearl onions (I have some bottled ones from France) then add the can of Tomato paste. Boil it again until the liquid reduces.
In a separate pot, blanch vegetables like carrots, brocolli, cauliflower. In a separate pan, put about half a stick of butter and melt it. Put fresh garlic, brown it a little then put in the veggies. Stir fry the vegetables and then place it on one side of the plate. Go back to your other pan and taste the sauce, adjust with salt and pepper if you see the need to do so. Arrange the chicken on the other side of the plate and season well (freshly cracked pepper will do wonders!) then pour the wine reduction on top of the chicken. This is your Coq Au Vin! Serve and enjoy!

For those who would have more Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc, Chef Sharwin Tee has his Spicy Mussel and Clam Binakol. Saute ginger, lemon grass in a pot with Olive Oil then add in Gochujang (chili paste). After a minute add in the mussels and clams plus a cup of Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc. Cover the pot until it cooks, it usually takes 2 minutes. Add enough coconut water and young coconut meat, when it boils turn off the heat. Garnish with basil and serve.

Red or White you’ll have to make sure your wine is good for drinking or cooking. Casillero del Diablo proves our point, it’s one of the wines distributed by so if you need some, you know where to go.

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Don’t Go Hungry! Grab-A-Fitbar!

Thursday, January 04, 2018

I know it’s going to be hell once again as work and school opens this week. Pretty sure you’ll be caught in EDSA drowning in reasons why you shouldn’t have gone out because TRAFFIC happens. Then you go absolutely hungry right in the middle of the road, but you still choose to drive home because you think THAT can wait. Well I’ve got GOOD news for all those who choose to ride TNVS provider Grab Philippines because they just partnered with Fitbar Philippines so you can snack away this 2018!

Selected specially marked GRAB A FITBAR vehicles will be roaming around Metro Manila and selected major Philippine cities so you can enjoy Crispy Rice Bars mixed with fiber rich stuff like fruits so you won’t be hungry while you go about your daily commute. Now you don’t have to be so worried when you get stuck in traffic because they’ll be taking care of you just in case you get caught in one. Make sure you also share your Fitbars with the friendly and corteous Grab Drivers so you both get to your destinations, safe, fast, efficient, and NOT HUNGRY!

They will be giving away 100,000 passengers these lovely Fitbar pieces so if you would love them even more, go check out their page at and follow their twitter account at so you could choose and take them anywhere, any day you’re hungry!

P.S. I love the one with raisins, it smells and tastes like dried grapes just off the vine!


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