Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio for INDAY Will Always Love You

Sunday, May 20, 2018

It was like a fiesta when we arrived at GMA's blogcon for INDAY Will Always Love You which stars good friends Derrick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza. Ricky Davao plays Philip, a lechonero and Cebu magnate. Juancho plays Ernest, the third wheel. He's a Cebuano musician. Ericka Ferraren will also be joining the cast, it's a pretty interesting combination.

Derrick remarks "We have been good friends and in this show we are just going to do what we have to do because Barbie and I know we have to finish the scenes. If it ends up that fans would like the romantic angle, I'd be glad. We take care of each other. It's hard to make people laugh, if you're corny you're really corny. I don't go the mile and tease her because she's the one who bullys me."

Barbie says "It is easy because I get to work with a guy that I've known for a long time, we have no instances of ilangan because we talk about the scenes first before we do a take, even if we are creating new characters we don't have to pretend because he's a gentleman, we talk about where the process and dialogue would take us, that is the secret. It's hard to make people laugh or cry, Derrick and I are close and I hope that translates on screen."

Ricky Davao says "I get inspiration from the young ones, I don't see why Barbie shouldn't be the model actress of her generation. She is very professional, light hearted in the set and she does it well. She is gonna last in this industry, I like her a lot. We shot everything in the real Sinulog Festival, so it's interesting to see how colorful our culture is. We wake up at 5 and work with different people, we learn a lot especially with Gladys because she's like a walking encyclopedia. It's hard to shoot because of the heat, but it looks good on screen."

You'll love this new show called INDAY Will Always Love You which will premier on May 21st, on GMA's primetime slot. I can't wait to see their production numbers, the trailers have shown some of it and it looks promising. 

Let's get this show on the road!

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TOTGA Ends Exciting Show Today

Friday, May 18, 2018

Today marks the end of popular romcom show The One That Got Away on GMA primetime TV. Sad that it has all come to this, and as of yesterday the three men and three ladies seem to have not realized their dream of having a peaceful love life and relationship because now, they're all trapped in a forest - with no help or signal along the way because the plans of Renz Fernandez and vixen Solenn Heussaff are still in play. Tied up and gagged, will the ladies be able to find them later in the finale episode?

Don't get your hopes up because it's a bit difficult as they have split out and tried to find them in that forest, with no assurance that they'd be still alive or be eaten fresh by Renz Fernandez and Solenn's character. Lovi says "I will miss working with my co stars especially Dennis whom I find so good in the acting department, how he shifts, how he portrays the main guy, we felt it's all fresh and new!"

Max Collins adds "What I would miss most is the bond and friendships we formed while we did this series. Our fight scenes, we were like kids on the playground, I'll miss them all." While Rhian on the other hand says "I gave my all, my character here is so experimental and won't just fall on your lap everyday, I thank the creatives for making such fun personas in this show."

TOTGA also stars Ivan Dorschner, Migo Adecer,  Jason Abalos, Ms. Snooky Serna, Bembol Roco, Luz Valdez, Ervic Vijandre, Nar Cabico, Jason Francisco, Patricia Ismael, Kelley Day,  Euwenn Aleta and Sophie Albert. This was conceptualized for TV by Angeli Delgado, written by Renei Dimla under the GMA Entertainment Group of Madame Lilybeth G. Rasonable. This is directed by Mark Sicat Dela Cruz.

Watch the last episode later please! I would be too! :)

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Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes for Sid & Aya

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Haven't really watched this film yet but it looks so promising. You can say this is an acting piece and with Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes donning the role of Sid & Aya, this would be an interesting story. Dingdong plays Sid, an man suffering from insomnia. In one of his sleepless nights, he met Aya - a woman who made his empty nights bearable, but who is she exactly? That remains to he a mystery.

This isn't the first time that Dingdong and Anne is working together, they reprised the role of IƱaki Torres and Emily, not as sweethearts as they were paired with different actors. This time, Anne and Dingdong went all the way to Japan just so they could film their first on screen pairing. Though as they put it, this isn't a love story. The trailers only depict a few parts of an odd relationship, with chemistry, probably romantic. What would happen if their lives intertwined? What would happen if they meet? 

When I met Dingdong before, I was always playing support, it wasn't in the slightest idea for us to be paired. Since we have worked together, it wasn't hard because I already knew Dingdong. All we did in Japan, it wasn't typical. It's visually appealing to the eye, the teams went smooth sailing and one of the most exciting parts is going to be seen in the movie. Aya is a crazy girl, much like me."

Dingdong added "If I remember correctly, Anne was in Magic Kingdom when we worked together. I think I'm stuck in the 90's and the film is somehow connected to that. I think it's a good idea for us to be in a project now, we spent almost a year making this and it was hard on schedules, where dedicated teams spent time, blood and money to make this what it is now. We shot with a skeleton team in Japan, it's one of my favorite destinations and it was so nice to go there and work. Sid is a flawed person, he will get away with most trouble he's going to make."

Direk Irene says "The two characters are strong willed, so the name came from Sidaya which means cheating, but again this isn't a love story, as Sid mentions in the story not all I love yous means it is. The concept was made 4 years ago and I knew we had to make it, so I pitched it and the story needs to be in Japan as it is relevant to the life of Aya."

If you would like to know more about Sid and Aya, make sure you get tickets when it shows nationwide May 30 under Viva Films. Mind you, they will have different screenings here,the Middle East, Italy and Hong Kong. This is under the direction of Irene Villamor who did Camp Sawi and Meet Me in St Gallen.

You may follow Viva Films on FB, IG and Twitter. Check out the channels if you feel the need to.

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Sexy Fun: OH BOY! & OH LOL! at the Music Museum

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It's already the 16th and that means you only have about two days to go to purchase tickets to one of the sexiest and funniest shows this month called OH BOY! & OH LOL! which headlines 4 hunky men of GMA Rocco Nacino, Derrick Monasterio, Jak Roberto, Dave Bornea and the lovely comedians Donita Nose and Super Tekla. 

The previous show held at the same venue got a pretty good audience and they're raring to do even MORE this time with the new guys they are with, now that Jak Roberto and Dave Bornea will be joining them. Rocco in fact says he's going to do more prep work with the production numbers they'll be doing this Friday because they have a grasp pf what to actually do after staging the first successful one. He's also teaching the new guys what to expect in this new show, but always let them remember they can add their own style and flavor to their individual production numbers, abd those that they'll be doing in a group.

Donita Nose on the other hand says "Our kind of comedy is situational, live, and happens when it happens. So if you are expecting a LOT OF FUN that evening, that's what you'll get and more. People have always seen our antics on Youtube and our previous pairing on Will's show, but now we have 4 boys to play with and that only would mean we'll have a little more naughty fun. We will be interacting more with the audience and Tekla and I will be doing production numbers with them, this will be a riot for sure!"

The show OH BOY! & OH LOL! will happen on May 18th, this Friday at the Music Museum. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, you may purchase them at and at the venue (while tickets last). They promise you'll get to see more sexy stuff and have fun while you are there. Hopefully they can take the show around the world because this seems all so much fun!

Can't wait to see you on this date!

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Jameson Blake Pairs Up with Janella on So Connected

The first time I saw Jameson Blake was in a press conference in ABSCBN. Back then, he was already with the Hashtags and hit noontime show It's Showtime. It wasn't just me, but a multitude of people who saw how nice his skin was, that I though he was poreless, and he was so humble and said thanks to everyone who noticed. Even then, I felt that from the looks department alone, he was very promising, something bound for stardom and I hope he does hit gold in this upcoming movie where he's paired with Janella Salvador. It's called SO CONNECTED, and it couldn't have come at an opportune time.

You see, he's always said in interviews that if one day he'd be ask to be paired with someone on screen, he'd always say Janella Salvador. So this movie for him always felt like... a dream come true. I couldn't blame him, because as you may have seen in stars these days, Janella is one of the most accomplished teens in her generation. He says "I always wanted to actually work with her, and this is the first time we've worked together. My character isn't complicated, he's just someone who falls in love with a person on screen, and took action on his dream. I sees Janella's character as a matured, happy go lucky person, and welcomes and off beat non teeny bopper persona she portrays on online videos she appears in."

This movie will be shown on May 23, 2018 on theaters nationwide. This is also directed by Jason Paul Laxaman under Regal Films. 

I'm sure Janella's and Jameson's fans would like this film. It's light, easy and very heartwarming. They'll be having a premier night before the actual date and I hope I get to see it there too on the red carpet. Hopefully a blogcon this week, so we could ask questions. Hello Regal Films! *waves*

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Volvo Unleashes The All New EC200D

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

If you hear the word VOLVO, what comes into mind? Of course there's the world class cars, but don't forget they also do heavy equipment, and they're very good at it.

Just recently, they launched the new VOLVO EC200D. It's an excavator, designed to speed up productivity, have fuel efficiency and safety in mind. It's around 20 tons, but what makes it different is the high swing torque and lifting capabilities. Now it would be easier for any construction professional to get the job done at a faster rate, safely. It can dig, lift, rotate and unload when needed. They also designed the Volvo D5E Tier 3 to have an output of 123 KW at 2000 rpm's and harness really strong hydraulics, in shorter cycles too.

It's so nice to see the new EC200 is also capable of lifting heavier weight, swing faster and still be stable when operating it. It only means this can translate into higher productivity, which could save corporations more money, faster and more efficient in any building projects. 

The EC200 is now available in Southeast Asia, India and the Philippines through Civic Merchandising Inc. - Topspot Heavy Equipment Incorporated. They will also provide on site support nationwide as they have 30 services points across the country. 

Congratulations Volvo! This is so good!


Mister Donut Honors Moms Nationwide!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Geeze, look at what popular brand Mister Donut did on their stores this week. Mothers Day is just around the corner and what fitting way to pay respect to the greatest women in our lives but to actually change the name of the store on this special day. Mister Donut has been always synonymous with the Bavarian variant of their donuts and the famous brewed coffee, but they know how to just make these women cry a bit, or amused at the sight of their own logo changing!

Yes! It's for only these few special dates that they'll be changing the store's name into MISIS DONUT so they could get to make your Mom special. This is their way of giving thanks to all the work they've out in raising you, those moments they nurture your growth, hone you into the person who you are today. The perfect partner for Mister Donut, is MISIS DONUT.

Now go see these special signs happen in their Trinoma store, the one in Greenhills and more. I'll be bringing home dozens of them for my Mom, and our loved ones... you should too.

Bring Belgian Bites, the Throwback Donuts (special ones just for a few months) are just waiting for you in their stores. Go buy some before they run out!

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Check Out The New CENTRIS

Friday, May 11, 2018

I have been here and a few other ETON properties. Heck I even came from University of the East which is connected with the same Lucio Tan group, I know. They've been doing headway with developing different properties in and outside the Philippines including the new CENTRIS area in the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue, one of the country's busiest thoroughfares.

This community is thriving, with businesses left and right, restaurants, stores, entertainment venues, they have pretty much turned this once dark and gloomy venue into a family friendly one in just a few years, and they are not stopping there. 

For starters, they have the Centris Cyberpod where various BPO companies have set up offices and operations to bring employment in this area and nearby cities. Aside from that, they have the Centris Walk wherein they plan to add shops like Starbucks,Tim Hortons, ASSI Fresh Plaza and Ramen Kuroda. This will also be the location of the world renowned ZUBUCHON from Cebu - as it builds the first Quezon City branch opening pretty soon. They also still have the existing Centris Station which holds most of the tech, lifestyle and restaurants comfortably connected with the MRT Quezon Avenue Station, and Jeep/UV Terminals nearby. It's convenient to go here anytime of the day.

They also have Centris Elements where the biggest events in the city are held, and I've been in this tent a couple of times, it's fit for media events, birthdays, expos and just about anything you can think of, I'd worry you would only leave late because you're going to have so much fun in Centris you might not want to ever leave.

Again CENTRIS is located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue (Northbound), if you want to see the new developments, just drop by anytime and you'll love it there now. Way more shops are opening soon so please make sure you check this place out when you're in the area!

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Vivo Hoop Battle Philippines Starts July

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

They have scoured provinces and cities in China since 2015 and continued to pick the best of the best athletes in their country. They're going big so they're doing it in the Philippines too. Now among 48 teams they will be choosing the 3 on 3 champs not just to win Php 100,000 but the honor to represent us in this tourney, which will be all sponsored by Vivo Philippines in partnership with Capdase Philippines, Hoopbattle Championship.

Ganes will be held in different Ayala Malls in the country and according to the organizers, the elimination games will start in July. They will also be flying the winners from the Philippines to China, for which almost all the games will be broadcasted by ABSCBN Sports and Action TV and as well.

Hazel Bascon of VIVO says "We are very excited for the turnout and this would be a great step to our partnership with Ayala Malls. We hope Filipinos would be excited about the promising talents of the Filipino fans and athletes, we can't wait to send the top 2 teams to China when all these teams go head go head in Ayala Malls."

To give you an idea, 48 teams from different parts of the country will be doing the eliminations starting on July 1 and following weekends thereafter, and they will also be having a championship event then fly the top 2 teams to China during the last quarter of this year. Hopefully, they would win and dominate Asian basketball like we know they do. 

As for flying Stephen Curry to the Philippines, Vivo is hopeful that there would be a big demand to do that in the country, they asked us to cross our fingers LOL!

Congratulations Vivo Philippines! 

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Young JV Is The New Megasoft Ambassador

It looks like a lot of things are coming to the artist called Young JV. This is his first endorsement, and it came in a perfect time now that he's attained quite a lot in his education, as Megasoft finds that appealing.

Young JV says "Good afternoon and thank you for coming. I am thankful to Ms Ai and I am overwhelmed now that I am part of MEGASOFT Hygeinic Products. Thank you for the opportunity. I hope whatever I could bring to the table, I could give. I have also put up a foundation, which we already have graduates as of date and we're so happy this will help in that. Aside from that, I'll be releasing a few singles soon and I'm excited for that. I also plan to go to Japan, hopefully do Disneyland and maybe with her (talking about Miho). We also have a single cominh out, I like how outspoken she is, very real.t"

Their VP for Sales and Marketing Ms. Aileen says "We all know Gerry and I go around the country and promote not just our products, but also bring endorsers like Young JV. He's got good looks, very talented, so we really want him to be part of it. His parents are involved too when we talked about it, because he's not just endorsing a brand but our whole company. The celebrities really help to promote our products, and our company's goal of prioritizing and value education. We go outside the cities and see the situation, knowing that Young JV has already been doing work for the sons/daughters of soldiers, we feel blessed to have him in our roster. We have a lineup of activities starting with a provincial tour, and incorporate things that should be learned by students. We might also work with JV's foundation, that is still in the wraps but expect JV to be in all our collaterals in social media, posters, images, shows."

Now that he's part of the MEGASOFT family, he's raring to not just promote the products but help in making education a priority as it is part of their core values.

Congratulations Young JV! You'll be doing a lot of work for sure!

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