Study Now Pay Later: Ronnie Liang Signs with Aviation Marketing Solutions

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Aviation Marketing Solutions signs Ronnie Liang. Beside him is Hon Arquillo, the owner of AMS.

For high school students or business men and women who would want to become private or commercial pilots, this is a bit of good news for you. Aviation Marketing Solutions is making headway in making your dreams of flying come true. For starters, they’re making it possible for you to afford to go to flying school as they have partner schools that have study now pay later schemes and even easy payment terms which would pave the way for more people to be able to finish their studies and fulfill their dreams. Aside from that, they got very talented balladeer and TV personality Ronie Liang as the face for Aviation Marketing Solutions. This corporation has partnered with several schools that will accommodate students and professionals who would want to get involved in flying, so really, it’s not too late people!

We sat down with Ronnie Liang and asked him about his experience and he says “I have to accomplish several hours of flying as a requirement even after going through daily ground courses. Then after that a few more hours supervised, then as first officers, then a few hundred hours more to fly on my own. There is a separate number of hours and units so you could do it in a simulated environment and because you can’t really pay millions to rent a whole plane for that reason, it would also take a few years to finish this but I’m planning to take around 3 flights a week to make it happen. It’s not easy and it is very expensive. Though I’m glad to know the benefits are great and work/career is very lucrative, there is a shortage too for both the local and international airline industry. You also get to go places, have free flights too for you and your family. I can’t wait for the moment to fly planes because it has been my dream since I was young.”

Partner brands and representatives from JCI were also there!

Ronnie will also be releasing a song with Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo and will have a concert on November 8 this year. You can also watch Ronnie’s appearance in hit action movie “MARIA” available on Netflix plus Ghost Adventures in SariSari Channel via Cignal Cable.

For those who would like to know more about the program and would like to send their intentions of joining, please visit their Facebook page at or visit their office at the 3F Ben Lor Building, Quezon Avenue QC during office hours.

Time to fly!


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