The 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Year Philippine Gala - Solaire

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Got the chance to finally step inside posh Solaire Resort and Casino a few days ago and what better way to start of my experience but by getting invited to this awesome night for Playboy's Playmate of the Year Philippine Gala. This is a once in a lifetime chance to see the Philippine Playboy Playmates and the International ones gather in one place. My testosterone levels were already at its peak just by looking at this sign. It must be where Men like me go for fun!

Playboy Bunnies welcomed us as we were about to get inside the main ballroom. I guess the party already started... and unfortunately the part where the local Playboy playmates were supposed to come out was already done. I think we were only able to catch one of them. *_*

Then I thought, I must have missed it all. I was wrong because suddenly these three gorgeous gals who won last year came out to introduce the international Playboy Playmates. Some of them coming from South Africa, US, South America and Eastern Europe. I was a happy boy! *_* 

Oooh and I love their accents!

Then it started. (Warning NSFW, not for minors)

And I thought it ended there, but NO.. they just went backstage and had a change. The change involved more uhmm.... let's say revealing ones. Who wouldn't be happy with that? =)

They were all SO HOT! They were all so gorgeous and had all the things we want in all the right places. It was really GOOD. Then we also saw the one representing the Philippines strut her stuff!

Guys, I had to skip a LOT of photos here because I'm trying to keep my site clean and all. But really, this is what MEN want. So I'm giving you a glimpse of the show that happened Friday last week. =)

So just imagine what you missed, it's because you didn't go to Solaire Resort and Casino. You should go there when they hold events like this. I'm telling you it's awesome!

I like her and I like her size. I mean she's tall and I'm tall so I think I could marry someone like her. Or something else. >=)

These girls are all gorgeous. I wouldn't mind showing them around town after the show.

Ms. Croatia, Israel, Latvia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and South Africa all gave us a good show. I didn't know this was actually a contest too and they recognized a couple or more people for special awards.

In the end, it was Ms. South Africa that was announced as the winner. We were so happy, I mean everyone WAS after this "showing" of the Playboy Playmates. Hope you read between the lines. Super thanks to Solaire Resort and Casino and Playboy Philippines for bringing these gorgeous girls to our shores. I hope we get to witness the next one soon!

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