Meeting VYPE

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'm in a secret bar in BGC, pretty cool spot where executives and people from nearby places hang out to chill and relax. It's not the noisy kind of bar, and it's tucked away for good reasons. Anyway I'm here as part of the challenge to join the HYPE. 

Nicole Fuentes says "It's about today, about now and how time and people get caught up in things. People settle for the easy but are unhappy. They say we're above the rest and that's the reason why people follow our lifestyle. What's in our mind? What do we decide on everyday? Life is confronted with making decisions. We make the choice and feel if we deserve things. It's when we feel when it's right. If the price, time and quality is right, we know it's called VYPE!"

They said "Smoking kills" and the cost of it is just the same. It's one of the reasons people go to Vaping. Vype has global presence, so they started estick, ePen gen 2 and eTank/Pro. This should be easy, they have worked with experts to do the engineering, the flavors, so they listened to user experience to make the design better. They also worked on voltage and made it lower, even turn off on it's own after it's inactive in 10 minutes. They also did work on making filling it easy so you can change flavors in a jiffy. It's why they dedicate themselves with the safest ingredients with a pharmaceutical grade flavor, that is also tested to ensure the consistency of the product. It's also got voltage protection, so you won't get shocked. It's tested on the manufacturing site so you won't get problems in the materials. Hundreds of puff should never be different as your first one. They built the brand around it.

Now to tell you honestly I haven't really considered using a vape machine but this looks like a good day to throw away the habit of occasional smoking and consider a better alternative. VYPE is now being sold in 7-11 branches for only Php 1199 with 2 refills. They also have a REFILL PACK of 3 for the price of Php 499.

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