Some Cool Alternatives for Your Vices

Monday, January 30, 2017

While there are still a lot of people who still don't how to totally quit from smoking cigars, there are some good alternatives in the market that can be used so you can stay away from these vices. There's a lot of things that can take you out of the habit and perhaps even lessen the recurrence of going back. This is good news if you want regulate your levels of nicotine intake. You would be surprised at how many things that can take you away from this habit.

You should always remember, smoking damages our lungs over time. It can be first or second hand smoke, but the effect is quite the same. The usual smoke that comes from cigarettes have toxins that can really hurt the human body. Although we're quite glad to note that cigarette alternatives are much milder than the tobacco kind.

What are cigarette alternatives?

Cigarette alternatives are objects/devices that filter toxic substances. Some of which can prevent us from inhaling the harmful smoke whenever someone does it wherever you are. To name a few, we've come up with a few things that are being used in this day and age. Check out our list below!

Vape - Almost everybody that you might know these days carry around one so they can kick the smoking habit. It's trendy, fashionable, one that you can carry around easily just like a stick. It's called a Vape because it's primarily a vaporizer. It needs plain of flavored juice which can dissipate in the air as water vapor. Surely, you've got friends who have it in their pockets or bags already. There are cases where it helped, but some are still skeptic as there probably is no great amount of data to back up claims. Though there are success stories that have proven quite phenomenal, you probably know some of your friends who did it and got out of the smoking habit right?

Bongs - This is an apparatus that basically converts substance to vapor. It works like vape but is different from it. Unlike vape, it's not that portable. Although one advantage is that it doesn’t need batteries to work. In fact, there's a lot out there that have similar functions and can be easily available online. In fact, buying a bong online is quite easy. It takes a few minutes to even do it.

Do Cigarette Alternatives Help?

If you think about the tons of people who swear about the effectiveness of these alternatives, you won't be second guessing suggesting them to your friends and peers. It has helped a lot of people to quit smoking cigars. It may be case to case, but most of them have transitioned to using the alternatives like vape. Though not everyone is getting the same effect, people have felt that it is milder compared to the effects of traditional smoking. That's quite assuring.

Nicotine is highly addictive and taking it out of your system takes a lot of work. Quitting cold turkey might not be that effective but with the use of these devices, there's a greater chance to have a healthier disposition because you're already doing something about it. It's fun too because you can play around with it while chasing the vapors. They say it's like cloud chasing and we know a handful people even go the mile and do games with it. You probably have seen several TV shows and news agencies that have already made an enormous amount of improvement and transforms it to art. Who would have though it was possible right?

There are a lot of advantages from using these alternatives. All you have to do is keep an open mind and see how it has greatly affected the lives of others who made an effort to quit the habit of smoking. You should start quitting from smoking now!


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