Why Modafinil is called a Smart Drug?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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Many people out there, who have heard the name of Modafinilfor the first time are thinking that why it seems to be called asmart drug. It is true that Modafinil is indeed a smart drugbecause of the purpose it serves. This drug is also called nootropic because it has the capability to enhance the cognitive function in many ways, and this is done just in seconds. It is true that there are also many other smart drugs in the market, but some of the fundamental features make Modafinil stand out on its own for instance:


1. Not a Stimulant

It is believed that Modafinil is a stimulant but it is not so. It acts like this one while it has eugeroic which is an agent that helps to promote wakefulness. Modafinil also does not result in making the person jittery or speedy just like other stimulants but instead it does not even have the withdrawal. So, this smart drug is really not an addictive component that bounds the patient for regular intake. People can easily use it as per choice and need without worrying much about the side effects it may cause.

2. Few Side Effects

There are many stimulants which have plenty of side effects while Modafinil in this regard is really very safe.Other stimulants often cause the brain to have long term negative effects but Modafinil does not makes any such issues for which it stands out from many other smart drugs in the market. Its regular and seldom users have reported the drug to be safest for use without causing any severe side effects. Many people over the regular Modafiniluser’s blogs have reported its safe use for up to 20 plus years without any specific side effects observed.

3. It Really Works

Many people might think that it is just a hype around Modafinil. The reality is that it actually works. The movie called Limitless is based on the medicine Modafinil, and this is evident from the superhuman mental processing power which one has after using the Modafinil drug. It has even few to no significant kind of side effects. Functionality of this drug is just not bound to regular intakes or seldom intakes. Whenever one wants to well deal with the sleep related issues and is sleep deprived this drug facilitates the maximum utility for patients.

4. Not even Addictive

The very first thing which comes in the mind of people is that whether such drugs are addictive or not. The reality is that many other stimulants are addictive but Modafinil is not. It is even designed in a way that it helps to eliminate the issue of addiction. Unlike many other drugs that cause severe addiction and even lead to several health issues when their intake is stopped. 


In order to have sound benefits from Modafinil, the dosage of this smart drug should be given keen importance. This is based on the fact that its dosage depends on the person and his or her physical and mental health. 

• For a healthy person, the dosage of Modafinil is estimated to be as 30 to 50 mg and it will be sufficient enough to have the needed benefits from Modafinil.
• The effects of Modafinil also last for around 6 to 8 hours and thus it should be taken in the morning either with or without food.

The dosage condition must be specifically consultedwith doctors or by guides provided at the Internet in order to use the drug to its safe levels. As the dosage conditions vary from one age group to another so special care is must to be taken in order to get fully facilitated with its potential advantages. The dosage intakes vary from kids to teens and vary more with people of greater ages. The dosage conditions vary for several compound combinations too for which care is crucial to be taken. Modafinilis combination with other compounds leads to varying reaction and results that are not same for everyone. So cautions must be taken before its use for maximal utility under prevailing circumstances. 

IMPORTANT: It is important to note that Modafinil is a prescription drug and it should not be taken without the prescription because talking to your doctor about its dosage is the most important key point when making use of Modafinil and purchasing it. It is also available on many of the online stores out there.

How Modafinil got this popularity

Modafinil was first used back in 1980’s. People initially used it for first time with great care of precautionary measures and tried to use it to minimum extent considering that this drug could have several side effects or addictive health issues that may affect their health in longer run. With its intake and awareness spread for the utility of smart drugs and with doctors owned trust over Modafinil, the usage trends of this smart drug greatly increased specifically among the professionals whose job commitments require longer duty hours. The full edge benefits of Modafinil lead to enhanced cognitive abilities and effective working mentalities that excite a human brains performance. People from other professional recommendations started its use and took the advantage of of pricing and bought some at Meds4sure.com:Best Smart Drugs Armodafinil Provigil Nuvigil Waklert Aricept Price to save the money and used in both professional and non-professional niches of their lives. Winning people heart with the issue solving in such an effective manner and getting their trust over this drug lead them to practice Modafinil with other issues and people of other aged groups as well. Soon with its minimal side effects noticing people started to spread awareness on its effective use and a lot more potential benefits were observed for teenagers by Modafinil use as well. Now today even without doctor’s recommendation people do prefer its intake in tough exam hours and academic commitments that require more focus towards curricular activities. People who are active is physical sports also started its intake for effective performance measures.

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