Female Hygiene, Solving Men's ED and What's Available in the Philippines

Monday, February 01, 2021

It’s fascinating that at this day and age, some matters seem to be difficult to talk about and remain taboo. For me, self care is important so after discussing grooming matters a few days ago, I’d like to talk to a more mature men and women for a change.

Women in the country most often than not, are using feminine wash to take care of that part of the female body. The itching, burning, dryness, odor is a huge problem, and for those who care, a vaginal capsule that’s antibacterial and can be bought over the counter can take care of it. It’s called EcoVag. It’s a capsule which not only solves those things, but also solve those with imbalanced normal microbial femme part flora. Making that, not smell. This improves various aspects of the female parts health. This also is fast and effective against symptoms of discomfort for women who experience infection there.

Sildenafil Citrate was primarily made to help lower blood pressure. With good things, the side effect is that it makes that male part of the body stand up proud. This is called Hydenex and is only available if prescribed by Doctors, do not take it otherwise. Now for a more thorough discussion about it, we had a private doctor (Dr Espinosa, General Doctor who does clinical pharmacology and is the resident doctor of Zeus Resources, Inc.) tell us about these things that are now available in the Philippine market.


Dr. Espinosa



According to Dr. Espinosa “Lactobacillus Gasseri and Lactobacillus Rhannsonus can be found in the female organ. If they don’t have these, it will smell. This also can treat foul odor, it can also reduce the occurrence tricomonas vaginalis (infection). None of your ob gynecologists would recommend high iodine preparations because it is very hard especially the washes unless they are from the pharma companies that sell that. This retains normal flora, it keeps it smelling fresh, helps prevent vitolinitis (bumps). You may ask ob gynecologists, or your city health officer. There are no side effects, it will not interfere with what patients are currently using (oral or not). It will keep women fresh down there, even if they are post-menopausal so they can enjoy it all throughout their life. This can be used for all women as soon as they need to take care of this but it is recommended for those who are active. They chose these lactobacilli because it can proliferate easily on the female part and is supported by clinical trials. It is recommended only when mens occurs or if you are taking anti-fungal medication or those who are prone. It is safe to use even everyday. If they don’t have any symptoms, you don’t need to use it. This is manufactured from Denmark and is imported by ZEUS Resources Inc. based in Malinta Valenzuela. This is over the counter and does not need a prescription. It is sold in all Mercury Drug branches nationwide and costs around Php 1,620.”

“Sildenafil Citrate is the generic name of Hydenex. It is recommended to be taken once or twice a day (25-50mg only) 30mins before the activity. This is NOT recommended to be taken more than 100mg a day unless prescribed by doctors because priapism might occur. Never take this if you have prescribed nitrates (mostly taken by heart ailment patients). This can only be sold upon prescription of a doctor. This costs 60php per tablet.”

If things are untreated, it could cause a lot of things especially for women. Feminine or male hygiene should always be a priority because it also reflects and affects your health. If it smells, that means there is a problem so make sure you get checked if you’re seeing or smelling things. It should be fresh in the morning, noon and night. For men who are also having problems with the one down there, there's always a solution, continue to find ways to be active because even as you age, you still have the right to enjoy life just like other people. If you're a little hesitant, find a doctor that would listen to you and explain the pros and cons so you can decide if this something you would consider taking. Don't be ashamed if it's a condition you suffer from, but be wary if you're NOT doing something about it.

This is quite a chore to actually discuss with men and women, but really, if understanding and knowing this would have women have healthier bodies and men know it can be done, it'll be worth it. Hydenex and EcoVag is available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide. EcoVag is over the counter, Hydenex on the other hand can only through Doctor's prescription, so make sure consult them first. 


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