Thursday, May 24, 2007

Philippine Elections have never failed to amuse me...with the long standing change in the constitution which hopefully happens this year...I hope it would not just be propaganda that'll fill the poor's stomach's.I can tell you who I voted for this year so you have an idea why...well I was confused at the time I voted and never really pay attention to their plans for the why the hell did I vote? Its just so I can have the right to complain later on... This is how I see it...I hope I don't upset anyone with my goes...

1. Villar, Manuel Jr (GO)

2. Pangilinan, Francis (IND)

3. Aquino, Benigno Simeon III (GO)

4. Defensor, Michael (TU)

5. Montano, Cesar (IND)

6. Recto, Ralph (TU)

7. Singson, Luis (TU)
Let me justify my votes first...Villar is a pretty good guy...never heard anything bad from him...i don't have anybody to vote anyway.. so I voted for him out of the rest of the guys...primarily coz he doesn't have offenses against me...Kiko Pangilinan is a good guy...a good christian...and he did well in the past being a senator... I kinda know his work so that's that....Noynoy Aquino is there coz I like him, and because partly he was endorsed by Kris...and Im sometimes senseless....and because he did some things for Tarlac....I think he'd do good for the post...Mike Defensor did great in the 3rd district of QC...he has his own private army and I like him.... he helps a lot of people... and he can stop coup plotters....he's really not afraid to face them...Cesar is a distant relative so dont ask about him...he's just a good guy i guess..... Ralph Recto did good in the senate the last time he was there...I hope he doesnt do anything stupid...I mean I don't need another stupid guy in Philippine politics but i don't want to add more....Singson was just a wildcard...I mean he can pay for his post....and also the people that'll vote for him... he knows the least, how to manage expenses....that would be just natural anyway...the other ones..i did not vote for them...maybe I can discuss those in my future entries...and without others sa bahay....goodluck !! The counting just started anyway....
I voted Mayor Sonny Belmonte...coz nobody else did a good job in QC than him....actually nobody did a good job anywhere else! Look at QC now....we are the richest city in the damn RP !!! Go figure! I did not vote for Nannete Castelo Daza because she had lots of ghost employees...those which only appear every 15th and 30th of the month, and get paid without doing anything at all! >_< NAMFREL
As of May 15 2007 11:20 pm
Escudero, Francis Joseph (GO)
Legarda, Loren (GO)
Aquino, Benigno Simeon III (GO)
Lacson, Panfilo (GO)
Pangilinan, Francis (IND)
Villar, Manuel Jr (GO)
Cayetano, Alan Peter (GO)
Arroyo, Joker (TU)
Angara, Edgardo (TU)
Trillanes, Antonio IV (GO)
Recto, Ralph (TU)
Zubiri, Juan Miguel (TU)
As of May 17 2007 5:39 pm
Legarda, Loren (GO)
Escudero, Francis Joseph (GO)
Lacson, Panfilo (GO)
Pangilinan, Francis (IND)
Villar, Manuel Jr (GO)
Aquino, Benigno Simeon III (GO)
Angara, Edgardo (TU)
Arroyo, Joker (TU)
Honasan, Gregorio (IND)
Cayetano, Alan Peter (GO)
Pimentel, Aquilino III (GO)
Trillanes, Antonio IV (GO)

Open SELFone

Just got a Nokia 6280...courtesy of my goodlookin brother in Ire...well I think Im gonna have a slight problem in doin things with it but i hope id be able to fix this....for starters it's locked with Vodafone...Unlocking according to forums I've visited seems hard in these particular model...but I'll have to push for it no matter what it costs since this is 3g and more advanced that what I am currently handy dandy 3660 is still at par with my lifestyle...and nothing beats a symbian applications and all....this one i guess does not play undownloaded music...meanin i cant use just about anything other than the ones already on be listenin to irish tap music for a few years i guess....goodluck to me and my folks that have SAGEM phones..wish i knew where to get these things fixed since I am not that sure if Greenhills in the Philippines is an option!

Opening Lines for my profession is at a low...I guess gettin over things is hard...but i'll try my best to look for opportunities elsewhere... out of the country for sure! but i hate the thought of livin alone....i mean the questions on who's gonna clean the toilet....scrub the floor or do the laundry should be answered.....and I would probably be in trouble if i asked people to do it for me instead...i need a maid i guess...hahah...that would be doubley expensive to get one....sometime soon then.... i will go out again and get my hopes up elsewhere....just gonna get sumthins first then i will again conquer!! Indeed!
Just don't get me MAD again!!!! Or I'll deal with you pemanently!!!

MACBETH - A long lost friend

Sunday, May 06, 2007
Twas a night not so dreamy while I was sippin a cup of coffee from the vendo machine when suddenly my cellphone went bananas... Lookin at my sister's text message... i found a phone number and a name I kinda remember... to my astonishment it was MACBETH....
Yes my friendster's the guy Jason and I was always with in highschool... a bestfriend as so they may about "10 Years" of not able to see each other then poof! He just came out of nowhere.... I called the island he was in and checked out if it really was him...and to my surprise...he really was him....same old voice...same old MACBETH...

Well.. I wouldn't wanna talk about the things we did and what occurred in the past... we kinda were we really have to talk about one girl now and how we kinda fell apart because of her?...geeze...that was a cheezy thing to remember....but enough of that already...Macbeth's here and so our whole batch should probably get this one together.....I mean to get back and catch up on things...and probably drink a few beers... =) I miss those days.....I'll try my best to mend things...coz I think I had issues back then... heheh....Dang nabbit! I ddnt like my highscool days but this things just comes crashing back to me.....
Now I got his number and was a lil oriented about where and how he has been, I guess it would be a cinch now to get to him...