More Graveyard More Fun!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It looks like a ruckus today in the office. A lot of people apparently have work these days and a couple of interviews with clients. Business seems booming at this side of the corporate world I live in. It's so fun now... I remember it was only me who was here on Sundays. Now, it looks like we're around 20. Weird! Heheh...I am also getting a lot of feedback with my photos. The model apparently likes it and made it her profile photo too. I wonder what the other photographers think of my overprocessed ones. Well I did try minimal retouching but the make up was really showing so I had to cover it up bigtime.
I also made this at night which made me a little sleepy at times. But I think I did a pretty good job shooting it. Just look at how pretty she is!
I like how the photos turned out. The ultra red treatment on the umbrella was a little painstaking. I also had to work on that and the branches. Some of the hairlight was flooding over to the face and I had to remove that. The oversaturation on parts of the body was also showing so I had to clone that up and heal so it would look natural. I did rework that hairline edge so don't worry I gave a clearer one to the model. Did it work?! =)

She's so pretty noh?! I'll show you her full set soon. I'm excited! =)



Monday, August 30, 2010

My family is my priority; and I can say that out loud without hesitation. I have a lot of things in mind right now - dating, getting married, going out, time for gym, rest, work and career advancement; but I guess that's quite normal for a single guy's life. Sometimes I even want to regret being a "bachelor" and get depressed (not that I want to get married soon! XD ) but I am SOOOO enjoying my life more without worrying about that. Life is good... and I've got a better understanding of how it works now.

When I get off the office, I usually stop by the mall and check out what I can buy. It's just usually the essentials but what I always think about is what I could bring my folks. I usually skip breakfast (and hope you believe me every now and then LOL) but it is one of the most important things I have to do everyday. I get to talk to my Mom and Dad while having my favorite cup of tea (Earl Grey, Mint or Chamomile). When I do these conversations in the past, I'd probably just end up doing tantrums and fight my way out of the room. It would really upset them whenever this happens. These days I kinda lost that rebellious fervor and got tuned up. We talk about anything under the sun now from politics, religion, current events and sometimes relatives who ask favors. I don't get that irked now since I think I have a say in everything that we talk about. Maybe because I bribed them with these...



Dad also gets first bite after opening the package!

Oh and did you notice something different with it?
The packaging and logo of Goldilocks just got vamped up!

It's the same taste we Filipinos have always loved in its 44 years of existence. I never knew it has been that long! So awesome! The Butter Puto has never been better! These are the days when I wished Dinuguan would be served in breakfast, that would have been a pair made in heaven! Mmmmm!

With the gustatory events unfolding one by one, I kept some of the food I bought for the rest of the day. After a few more rounds of conversation with Mom and Dad, I took a shower and hurriedly got to sleep. I rested with a smile on my face eagerly awaiting my Sister to wake up! Obviously, we have different shifts.


The afternoon was grand!
Hours after I slept; someone was already shouting in the kitchen.
I knew my Sister found it!

The cake I bought her was Dulce De Leche!
How can I go wrong with butter cream icing and caramel oozing all throughout the roll.

Did you know we used to fight over who gets the "ends" of it because it had the most icing?! LOL That was really a funny thing to remember together with the small food fights and smearing that happened a few years back. We definitely did not outgrew it (I won't let that happen!) but I guess we got a little toned down when people are around. It was sweet revenge when you can get that on her face or clothes too! (She was on her way to work!) Ha-ha! But we really still love it, I bought another one the day after.

Swirls of icing and caramel all in one.
How in the world can you go wrong with that!?

After watching the evening news and small chats in between, Mom prepared dinner since I was going back to work. When I was a kid, 6PM was like Martial Law when everyone outside the house should go back and prepare for dinner. We were not allowed to go beyond that otherwise you would see someone getting locked out for a few minutes! (Ha-ha I remember!) These days when I go out I usually get back home at 6PM too, the next day that is! Ha-ha! Sometimes Mom and Dad still worries too but I think they already got used to it. I think they know what I do in the weekends since I often end up in bars and clubs in Fort or QC. I don't drink that much but I think that's because I hate hangovers more than the ill benefits of it. I just act drunk if needed LOL! But most of the weekends I spend at home I do spend quality time with them. I even bought them their favorite!

It's not too sweet! It's just right! It's got that tangy - sweet, refreshing fruity flavor and custard that you really love!

Mom and Dad's favorite is the famous Crema De Fruta.

It's that custard filled layered sponge cake topped with peaches and cherries. The perfect dessert to end a meal. I got 2 servings of it in one sitting so just imagine how good this is! It's not heavy on the belly and wouldn't get you "fed up aka UMAY" to say the least. I love how it gets my Mom and Dad to smile. That's the only thing you ask for in a meal, you get to see people happy, cherishing and sharing what they have. Pretty small things, but this is SO MUCH of a big deal for me! and that's what makes me happy!


I was skeptic... I was Crazy... Til I tasted it....


It was so nice... It explodes in your mouth... It's pure bliss!

Aside from the pleasures in life that had continually improved. I guess it is a very far cry from what we have been doing in the past. If there is one thing that I have truly learned, change is inevitable. Our relationships, our love, the things we do for family and our priorities in one point or another will be different. I'm no better than any of you guys; but I'm willing to improve myself and everything that I am so I can take care of those who I love better. We sometimes need to surrender everything to fate and be glad of who we will become. We're going to be more matured, more responsible individuals. Let's just make everything worthwhile; and the people from this world feel a little better than when we first found it. It maybe something simple as puto, a slice of cake, or a piece of fruit; but the happiness it can radiate to your loved ones is priceless. Let's all start being what we want to see in this world! That's all what PAGBABAGO means to me!


We've got a lot to thank for!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The house is a little messy today. I got rid of my old clothes. I sorted out some of the old things I have in my room because I admitted halfheartedly that I'm a little clutter freak. I bade goodbye to my old ways and made sure I get more things done at home. Since this purging is getting a little playtime in my day off, I decided to do something about my cabinets and storage. Modern Furniture these days don't need to be just plain Jane. There are a lot of options out there and you just need to have some patience to get the perfect one for your place. Who doesn't want to have their house to look good right?!

I live a simple life; but that does not mean I have to stay and watch myself live with antiques in this lifetime. Sometimes it makes me wonder how long I have been doing that. I think a change of look every now and then would perk me up a bit. It feels gloomy at days and I don't even go out that much. I need to enjoy home as much when I did as a kid. Everything seemed so surreal then. I'm sure pretty soon I'll feel that way again!

It's everybody's dream. Perfection is a goal; but we all know how hard life is. If it treats us right after work then it's good; because we can see the fruits of our labor. Then we'll realize that we really have a lot to thank for!


Another Crazy Day in a Crazy World

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I guess both you and I know what happened yesterday and today huh?! I think another bipolar disorder in everyone just struck. Some people died in the hostage situation yesterday and I together with the sensible people in this world pray that those who survived are OK. I'm so sad about what is happening. I'm sure you have the same sentiments. Now we're back to pointing fingers again. Well, honestly I felt this was only a small incident that was blown out of proportion because of media. Now that people died, even the media did not accept their faults. PNOY already said something about it and their problems. A blackout in media should have been done so it would have less complications. The hostage taker was apparently watching and listening to radio. Now he's also dead, who the hell are we going to ask and stay in jail?

Congratulations Maria Venus Raj! For getting 4th Runner up place in Ms. Universe! That 22 inch waistline must have come from somewhere!

On another page, we could have bagged another Ms Universe crown too but we kinda fell short on the interview portion. It's okay though since she ended up in 4th runner up position. I think she'll come home and get everyone cheering for her despite all the drama and brouhaha yesterday. Hope it lifts everyone's spirit even after that bloody end of atrocities. I'm still happy about that because it at least took our visions out of whatever happened yesterday.

To the Mexicans: Let's just meet next time in the ring! Ha-ha!


I Write Sins and Tragedies

Monday, August 23, 2010

I have joined several essay competitions in school and I have quite a number of achievements. I have championed most of them and I think I have this niche in the bag because of my background in English literature and creative writing. My story telling skills are at par with some of the best this metro has produced but there are some instances that I even doubt myself. I make sure I don't tremble in fear or end in the state of shock when it starts. The combination of stage fright and contest jitters is toxic for anyone. Let alone the pressure from peers who have given me some tips on choosing the subject wisely. I even have gained some friends from competitions but no matter how friendly I need to be, I have to remember how to put my game face on. If I needed essay help there are only a couple of avenues I can check for quality work. It's something like comparing notes, I know you all have done that in the past right?!

Thinking about what to discuss is essential. The need to learn how to first relate this to your own life experience is vital. If the writing style has been attached then you can have an ongoing piece to discuss. For example, you can describe the lesson you want to get on the whole essay as starter. The body would contain a story which is based on a movie, a storyline from another source, or your own imagination but the main character would be the writer. In each segment that would happen, the decision that would be made would be dependent on your reaction to a certain situation. If the writer decides to go left or right, forward or back, diagonally or in circles... and get that particular thing to cause a result on the subject too. In life people can turn out to be good or evil, fat or thin, funny or creepy, live or die but you will have the climax describe the thing that would be able to get the main plot of the story to where it is in the end. The turning point where all the details would change and where the excitement starts. How we all make that interesting is the key because since the body of the story is long and the structure can get boring at times. If you write something interesting that would capture the reader and get them into the edge of their seats early on; and have that consistently make them stay there, then you are a genius!

Ending an essay would be like a summary of your discussions and a little explanation on how it relates to the lesson you tried to inculcate to your reader. Upon reading various custom essays online there are some instances that we forget how to make the readers think and it would be wise to hold some information back. This is done to make the reader wonder why you said your piece in the body and how it would affect the whole story in the end. Successful masterpieces on sins and tragedies need not to be about the fancy things life has; a simple learned lesson like those which I read in a dissertation service uk would do. Have you ever done something like that and had a hard time?! Where? You should check out online institutions like URGENTESSAYS.CO.UK and get professional help! Would you do it again and want to be successful?! Let me know!


Nude Photography Question

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This morning I got to critique a photo from a thread our group has. The photo had nudity (An Angel showing her face also) but it was colored. He asked about why we often did have nude photos but are all converted to black and white. I guess I kinda had a hunch what it was but putting it into words made it a little more interesting on how I explained it. I have a lot of things in my mind at this time so I may not be the brightest person to ask. But here's what I said about the topic.

"I think it is a matter of personal taste. Sometimes colored photos are not as "ARTSY" when it comes to these shots. It's often photographers do this (in my opinion) to show the contours of the body and emphasize on shadows and its form. Colored photos (mostly with the faces of models exposed) look quite a bit distracting and a little similar to porn in most magz (which also depends on the level of perversion anyone gets) so they resort to the obvious one. Yours however is not on that level and afaik is still very good and classy. If I were to try this on black and white I would put a softer texture (since she is an angel) but deep and intense black. I guess it is just a matter of taste. I'm not an expert but this is my opinion hehe!"

Did I justify the real reason why?! I guess so. I think it is quite elementary but we all know how it is to explain something simple these days. It is a wide art form after all. I have done both black and white and colored shots for nude but these days I wouldn't be able to notice simple things like these anymore so when I made this post I think I kinda made sense. That seldom happens LOL! I won't be posting a corresponding photo about this subject because you may see something you don't want to see ha-ha!


When's your next trip?!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I would really want to rush out into other states when I get to the US next year. Watching the Miss Universe Preliminaries was already getting me itchy to camp out and pledge support for my bet. You may have someone in your mind too so I won't force my candidate on you. If you check out the crowd that went there you probably have an idea that it is pretty hard on the lines. Tickets may have been sold triple or double the price if this is the scene. I would really love to check out rvs for sale and stay there overnight. (Screen shot via USTREAM)

My relatives in Texas won't mind if I drive all the way down south since their rodeo days are also near. I must admit I don't like staying in someone's home if I can stay in my car, anyway it will just be a few days. I can sleep comfortably in these big vehicles and I won't mind if Mom or Dad shares with me and get the motor home instead. They travel a lot too and if I leave that for them it would be really better and comfortable. My brother can drive them though. Dad may get tired of the long ones. I stay out of the freeways too if I can when I'm on vacation because the back pains are not helping! The international driver's license isn't insurance for what it's worth. I would want to go to Nevada, Irvine and Houston soon. I've been there a couple of times already and with the business trips planned for me, this would be an awesome side trip! Wouldn't that be nice?! Ha-ha!

I'll have my cousins coming with me. How about you?! When's your next trip?!


The City of Biñan at Night


This is one of the few occurrences that I have to do long exposures. To tell you honestly I hate bringing tripods because mine is heavy and bulky. With the whole schedule riding on 8PM to 4AM I could have just concentrated on the model shoot but I decided to go with the flow and try out what I haven't been doing much in photography. So I said to myself, "I'll try this one now!".


Everyone did setup their tripods and I was trying to get a hint on what I'll do. We were all secured and I felt the security the Mayor sent us did a very good job about letting us know we're safe. I was having a hard time pressing the button on my cam because it was also getting the images a little blurred. Then I remembered, "Wait, I think I have a remote in my bag" so I hurriedly scuffled to find it and there it was on the side pocket. I got to shoot comfortably after that. Exposures took a few seconds and I was trying not to have flares on it. All in all I did a good job but not quite, see those flares? It's because I didn't remove my UV filter ha-ha!

Anyway, I'm sure there will be another time for this. I had a really nice time in Biñan and I'm sure the night scenes are all nicely captured. When will I do this again?! Maybe in a few weeks, I just don't have the time to do so in the evening because I work at these hours. I'll have someone teach me about it so I'll be a well rounded photographer. Wouldn't that be nice?! =)


One Thing I Want Now: Weight Loss!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's so hard for me to squeeze in gym time with my hectic schedule. I have been doing a couple of weight loss diets and I must say I have been in and out of it in the past few years (maybe even decades!). I still try my best to do weight training and running though something tells me it will just be an epic fail. I've tried numerous things but still gain weight after starving myself through most of it. I don't blame them because I probably am the one with the lame excuse every time there's food on the table. Mom cooks so much good food I can't really resist it!

I ask myself the same question over and over again. Why is it that if you are on a diet and you tried so hard to minimize food intake they make it the time to cook the best dishes?! Are they doing that on purpose? Is that plain torture or something?! Ha-ha! I don't know the real story but it definitely is one of the great mysteries in my life. I've seen one site with information that may contain the answers to some of the most complicated questions for people undergoing the same dilemma. As a matter of fact, it does make sense. I guess the adverse effects of diets and YOYO symptoms are hard to battle out. It all boils down to one's eagerness to follow things strictly. Options are surgery but I wouldn't want to go that path. I can still do this and I'm sure with the proper information and guidance from professionals I can make it happen!

Disclosure Policy

Memories of KES '91

Things that I miss in Grade School?... My first schedule was 2 Subjects and a Recess. My teacher in Kindergarten. My teacher in Gradeschool. The Boyscout thingys and the paniki on the flagpole. The first set of friends I made. The first best friends I had. First crush. First encounter of porn LOL. The cheap nutriban, biko, spaghetti and shake. How cheap? 1peso nutriban, 1peso biko, 5 peso spaghetti, 1 or 2 peso shake. 5peso ice cream on bread. Scramble. Green Mango and Singkamas on stick with bagoong. The cheap toys sold outside the school. Cheese curls with free growing frogs in water. Bioman kids membership. Super Mario. Overnights. The visit to classmate's houses. Uncle Bob's Lucky Seven club. Penpen de Sarapen. Acting workshops. Acting stints here and there. Commercials. First paycheck. First bankbook. The free softdrinks. Free books. Gardening. Pechay from the garden LOL.

Science projects. Science speeches. Corporal punishment on kids. Dance troupes. Choir. Practices. Cleaning rooms. Sewing class. The fine art of pagbuburda LOL. Patintero in the early morning. Fountains. School programs with Lilet. Imelda Marcos. Principals. Supervisors. Tough guys. Bitchy Girls. Closing parties. Christmas Parties. Gumamela and bubbles. Agawan Base. Tumbang Preso. Volleyball. Kalesteniks. Carpentry. Vinyl tiles. Burned down buildings. Graduations. Separate lives.

All those happened 20 sumthin years ago. I got to see that again a couple of days ago. I reminisced and drank a couple of bottles of beer with them again. I got to sing with them too. I bet we'll be doing it again soon. How? I don't know yet but I am hoping we'll see more of each other. Right guys? Did I miss anything?! =)

Are you ready for the November get together?!


Writing Inspirations

I guess there are a lot of things to write about today. Actually one of them is making me smile until now (and making me inspired to start) because I haven't been giving that much attention to it lately. To tell you honestly I am overwhelmed when someone likes the bit I wrote for the small town I visited a few days ago. Its main subject was; the city and its people. When I take the time to write posts like that, it comes with the experience and the things I remember from the trip. I guess we have different ways and means of getting inspiration. The subjects at Article Alley would probably get you interested. They make free content you can probably get that writing or reading itch resolved.

If it comes to you one day and you have something in your head that wants to get out, getting your own domain might be good so you can start doing what I did six years ago. I started with a blank page like anyone else; just look at how much stuff is here now. If you want to publish your thoughts and ideas then this bit is for you. I'm telling you it's really not that hard, you just have to make sure you write from the heart. Otherwise... no one would be interested in what you are doing and brush you off. That would be the right thing to do!


Vote for the Philippines!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I guess these days we all have time to surf the Internet and based on the results we have some overwhelming response from people here and the other ones who live abroad. Some of them are expats and OFW's and I know you probably have one in your family that does work there. They all voted already so why shouldn't you do the same right?!

Clean and Clear

Photos courtesy of Ms Cecille of

It's that Clean and Clear product that Filipinos have been using for years... since it is available around the world, they are holding a search for top best friends/models for their product. Why the hell should we lose to some other country when obviously we look far better than the other competitors there. Mariel and Isa won the Philippine leg and if you think about it the other entries there from the Southeast Asian region, I don't think they stand a chance. You can vote once a day until September 13. I heard there are rumors that someone is doing "Lutong Macau" in that contest so let's overwhelm them with our online presence ok?! Vote for them by CLICKING HERE. Prizes are also up for grabs and are randomly chosen so vote now!

Miss Universe - Maria Venus Raj

This controversial lady we sent to the Miss Universe pageant is currently leading but we need to still keep voting and get her average above everyone else. I know you might have some bets but please register on their site, confirm your email and click Contestants > Venus Raj. Then choose 5 stars on the photo so we'll have her on the leaderboard okay? I know a lot of you are watching this event so why not do it for the Philippines right?!

Hurry and register now!

Where else but!