When's your next trip?!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I would really want to rush out into other states when I get to the US next year. Watching the Miss Universe Preliminaries was already getting me itchy to camp out and pledge support for my bet. You may have someone in your mind too so I won't force my candidate on you. If you check out the crowd that went there you probably have an idea that it is pretty hard on the lines. Tickets may have been sold triple or double the price if this is the scene. I would really love to check out rvs for sale and stay there overnight. (Screen shot via USTREAM)

My relatives in Texas won't mind if I drive all the way down south since their rodeo days are also near. I must admit I don't like staying in someone's home if I can stay in my car, anyway it will just be a few days. I can sleep comfortably in these big vehicles and I won't mind if Mom or Dad shares with me and get the motor home instead. They travel a lot too and if I leave that for them it would be really better and comfortable. My brother can drive them though. Dad may get tired of the long ones. I stay out of the freeways too if I can when I'm on vacation because the back pains are not helping! The international driver's license isn't insurance for what it's worth. I would want to go to Nevada, Irvine and Houston soon. I've been there a couple of times already and with the business trips planned for me, this would be an awesome side trip! Wouldn't that be nice?! Ha-ha!

I'll have my cousins coming with me. How about you?! When's your next trip?!



ZaiZai said...

my next trip is to usa! sasama kasi ako sayo hehe :)

Mac Callister said...

taray mag bibiyahe!!!!

John Bueno said...

@ZAI di ata pwede magagalit si boo mo hehe

@mac why? I need a vacation too you know LOL

Mac Callister said...

taray mag bibiyahe!!!!