One Percent Of Anything

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I'm watching something new now. I guess you kinda get this habit when you are stressed. For some reason it's Korean. I don't have anything against Koreans but I just didn't like MTV stations flooded with all their videos. I wouldn't be changing channels if they were all English but oh boy its all them on Channel V. Unfortunately MTV Philippines closed down via an executive decision last year. It's because of recession and they had to cut down costs. All their regional channels had gone kaput! Anyway, this is really nice and I would like you guys to give it a try and watch 1% of Anything. The plot is kinda good, to tell you honestly I just started watching it and been having a good time watching it. I probably would recommend it to my friends too. The site I'm watching it from is Mysoju which has Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese movies/series all over it. If you plan to visit check out this particular series because its funny and exciting. It also has a hint of love story and comedy which is the common Filipino flick formula. Maybe you should watch it in the afternoon too.

It's a breather from those series you often watch in primetime. Definitely better produced. I don't know about our capabilities because the last time I saw a Filipino movie we can't even get a person to fly properly like Superman in the 70's right? What a weird country we have... anyway please take time to watch it I think it'll give you something to think about watching when it gets dubbed in Filipino soon. It'll probably show up in our TV sets I betcha!



ZaiZai said...

I like watching korean shows / movies, lalo na pag hindi pa dubbed. I like seeing their culture, they seem so proud of it. and they have such a clean and nice looking country. thanks for this post! :)


HEEEEY! photog classes????? wooooow!!!!!

Can I be ur next model? lol