It's officially 2010!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


It just struck 12AM here where I am so it is officially year 2010. Does it feel different? I don't even know... But the fireworks outside was really nice to look at. I saw the two TV stations doing a countdown... actually only one of them is... it seems there is a 2 minute difference between Quezon City and Pasay LOL... I wonder if I would get jetlag if I travel from those cities LOL.... they are weird.

I think I need to go to the other building to get media noche but I am a little lazy to walk that far just to fatten myself up. Speaking of which, I'll probably have to get on a new diet soon. I need the extra help... diet with gym seems a good thing to do first day tomorrow LOL.. well I haven't gone to the gym in the last 3 weeks because I'm either sick for the most part of it and lazy at the same time. I haven't fully recovered yet but I should have at least gotten the legwork of treadmills or cardiovascular exercises. But that is going to be another post right?! LOL

It's officially 2010... Happy New Year Guys and Gals!


New Year in the Office!

Well here I am all alone in the office. Being the kill joy that I am everyone at home did not want me to go to work but hey what can we do! Anyway, I am still optimistic to have fun at work because I heard there are plans to have media noche in the pantry when midnight strikes. I see trucks outside from local caterer HIZON's which probably is serving food later. I'm not a fan of their menu but hey who am I to choose!


I enjoyed the Christmas though since we all went to church and celebrated mass first before we went home and ate a lot for Noche Buena. It was nice because food was in the table... and Mom cooked like there was no tomorrow! LOL

The worst is, there is a countdown concert in Eastwood and I did not bring my camera so I could shoot while I am on break. =( Arnel Pineda of Journey is performing. That would have been nice as a part of my portfolio. Its sad that I have to work, but anyway... I am enjoying work more. Actually I enjoy it a lot. We're heading a new year and I know it is going to be a busy one. I'll be here checking on bad people heheh...

Happy New Year!




Happy New Year!

It's hours away from year 2010 and huge changes have happened in the site as you can obviously see. I have celebrated Christmas with my family and the New Year's eve would not be that good because I'll spend it in the office. Anyway, it's all good because I had a blast with my folks and siblings on Christmas dinner. Not to mention all the good things that happened to me this year.

My luck just splurged this December, I was Employee of the Year, my photography is flourishing, my family is good and I got promoted. All I wished for came true this year. I am so thankful for the people I got to know this year too... The Red Tribe who supported my passion for UE Red Warriors and the sport basketball. The Digital Katipuneros who I started with and taught me a lot about studio shoots, D60KREW who taught me all I know about street photography and portraits, and The Nocturnals who made my passion more than what it is today. I earned a lot of friends and that is what's important! To my team and department, get ready for more work! LOL!

I get to do my frustrations, I do what I love most and write it on this site. It is so relieving to even know people read my entries. This is such a great year for me and I would really love it as I continue to embark on the next adventures I'll be in on 2010!

Happy New Year guys! That's even if I don't like you! LOL


The Change I Need

With my goal of renewing the whole layout and identity of my site this coming 2010, I was thinking of how to replicate and create a new logo for my home page. I knew it was going to be a little hard as I was always using a dynamic GIF file for my logo. It was not the same as I presented it to clients, enthusiasts and supporters because of the huge difference it makes on printed paper. I had to explain the concept often times which literally took a lot of time. Re-branding is going to be hard and it would need changes to simplify my site. It was something that I should have done years ago. This is indeed inevitable.

Where do I go to design logos? Who do I turn to when I need it now more than ever?! Maybe this is the answer!

Imagine as you start your own logo contest for around 4000 professional and non professional designers. You can roughly get 70 to 900 entries to choose from in one day. LOGOMYWAY.COM offers this great opportunity that can finish the job in just a few hours. Where else can you get that?!

Once I finalize details, the site will definitely hear from me. Aren't you glad you read it here?!



After hundreds of email threads and a lot of planning, my friends (all UE Engineers) and I finally went out to Nasugbu Batangas. With the plans we had, I thought it was going to be a great meal in Tagaytay first but since I was late (hehehe no pun intended!) we all went to Nasugbu Batangas instead for a day of frolicking in the sand.

The beach was calm, the air was fresh and I was still sick (for almost a month now) but when we got there I felt I was in for something good with my friends from college. I knew it was going to be the best 1 day vacation I have ever had. I mean after 4 years of staying in the office I think I deserve a short R&R!

I was shooting like hell and got about 300 pics out of it. I had fun, the guys were all in their feet and we were catching up with stories since we only meet once a year. I was really looking forward to this since the day it was conceptualized and behold! I got to take a rest after getting drunk... and I felt better afterwards! =)

I just hope the ones who never got to attend would be in next year's celebration!


I Want One Now!

Friday, December 25, 2009

We went to the mall yesterday and as if the 4 television sets in our home was not enough, my brother who just arrived from Ireland was looking for a wide screen LED TV. I knew we did not have much choice in this part of the world because there are only a few known brands that carry them. I was right because when he looked at what was available, he had to choose only from 3 high priced ones that did not even pass his standards.

He mentioned that he had better choices and cheaper deals in 40 LCD TV from the UK. I checked out the site and there were lots of reviews from consumers from in and around the kingdom. I wanted one that was listed there; specifically this one here.
Thinking about the duties it requires to have it shipped here, it would still be relatively cheaper buying from their site. They even update the prices and offers every hour which is just great! I want to have that on our living room now!


Merry Christmas Dear Readers!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hi there! This is KUMAGCOW greeting each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Maybe you have been wondering what this post is all about and what I have been doing the past few weeks. I got to shoot with the NOCTURNALS again this weekend and boy the AVANT GARDE wedding shoot was a blast!

We got the beautiful Ms. Jinri Park again for this shoot because of her spectacular performance last time in the urbanista shoot. This particular shoot was non conventional. I'll try and show you pictures once I have finished post processing them. I just kinda not have time to do that because I have tons of work left in the office and I needed to double check a couple of numbers off of our report. Imagine an excel file with around 30 tabs and full of numbers on it, that is what I was trying to decipher first before I begin the post processing for this shoot.

Wish me luck because as I understand this will be all exhibited soon!

Again, before I take some Z's and medicine because I am under the weather, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Be Dazzled by BIDAZZLED!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have joined several web auction sites and have purchased quite a few items for my personal use. Bidazzled just launched this November and their site looks very promising. The offers are really great and out of this world! They give you up to 90% of savings on branded merchandise while they continue to help charitable institutions through this system (specifically The RUCH Foundation: which caters to lung cancer victims and research). How can any other penny auctions beat that?!

You heard that right; because you can also end up bidding a dollar for a laptop computer or other appliances. An option of getting 80% off the original retail price is not bad either. The possibilities are endless!

In their system, nobody loses and if you do not win the first time around they will also provide you with up to 50 bids more just to get you started! It is also easy to pay through PAYPAL, CHECK or with the BIDS that they offer to you once you sign up. Two units of NINTENDO WII were just won last month by using 5 free bids. You can be the next one to get it if you register now! They have a viral referral program you can avail

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Since I am in a giving mood today; I will let you in on this easily if you use this code before January 15th. For BLOGS: BBP1202A and for TWITTER: BTP1202A. Just put it on the registration page and you will get 15 additional bids more free of charge. Bids cost only a dollar in the site and they also have bid packs as low as $25. Bonus bids are also given away when you purchase a bid pack. That is almost $.67 per bid when you dilute the cost with the bonus bids and you can get it often much lower.

What are you waiting for?! Go register now and be dazzled by BIDAZZLED!


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I Won The NUFFNANG Medicol Advanced Blogging Contest!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As if the blessings did not stop, here it goes again for my web site. I just won the Nuffnang Medicol Advanced Blogger contest for an Avel Bacudio outfit of my choice. I was so excited to see this text message from Nuffnang this morning, I was waiting for this awesome opportunity! Avel Bacudio is like a god in the fashion industry. I have seen his work many times in Philippine Fashion week and also on that event I went to with Nuffnang. It was really very impressive. If you think about it, this is actually the first time I am going to wear something from his collection, they said that they will schedule me for fitting sometime soon. I just hope it fits though LOL I mean lets face it I am a big boy so designer clothes are usually made to conform to size 0-2. I hope I can choose what to wear =) a coat ensemble would not hurt you know!

Thank you Nuffnang Philippines for the awesome opportunity to write for you and also to Sir Avel Bacudio for making harms way to dress me up soon. I love this year! A lot of things are already happening! =)

Looking for my NUFFNANG ENTRY? Here it is: CLICK HERE


Early Christmas Cheers@ CTX!

Monday, December 14, 2009

It was 60's night at the Celebrity Sports Club for my company and my team and I did a lot of contemplating if we are officially gonna dress up or just go plain Joe's for the occasion. This is an annual event that the company splurges out on giving gifts and raffle prizes to employees while celebrating the fruitful year that was. We did not have a plan that day so we ended up mixed; where some of us were still in office clothes and the others including me suiting up for that evening.

There were gals clad in clogs, high heel shoes and knee high dresses in primary colors. Guys were in suits, hippie shirts and headbands that is to be the envy of the crowd. It was nice to dress up once a year, so these parties were all heavily attended!

I was excited because I had a lot of things to look forward to, specially the last part where popular local band BAMBOO will be performing. The event would be also a great addition to my EVENTS portfolio since I am getting a whole lot serious about my photography. This year has been a whirlwind; as for me and the rest of the team, we are optimistic to maintain the quality of work we have and probably do more this year since we have internal projects that are already running. I just hope we get a lot of information with people in operations through that. Anyway enough about work, let's go back to the party. So there we were and sat down near the buffet (maybe to make sure we get in line first LOL) and listened to the annual address of our VP Vincent Fan. The message he wants us to concentrate on and understand is LEADERSHIP. A very basic word but it holds a lot of responsibilities... it makes us think about what is a good leader and what makes him one. The aspect of having certain leadership characteristics like compassion, the capability to listen and how to instill integrity in your work is still one of the best things he shared to us. This is good management advise. Chris Palmer cracked me up, but he gave sound practical advise for the people who work in Manila. David Simmons who came in a white suit, said a few words too and sent heartfelt thanks from people in the US. That was a nice gesture... I hope they all feel welcome in their stay here. Gautam Walia was also there to grace the event, it was my first time to see him even if he had frequently traveled to the Manila site.

I was a little tired since I had a photo shoot the day before and the event was about to end. They were announcing winners of the raffle and it included trips to local provinces, Macau and Malaysia. There were even Spa packages and thousands worth of appliances, gadgets for the lucky employees. Then people from HR showed around 50 outstanding employees on screen. None of them were from our team, nor some who were from the other department in the same building. The Most Outstanding Employees for the year was called and this lady from corporate accounts was called, and guess who was next on the list... I was dumbfounded because they were mentioning familiar things on my curriculum vitae. I said "wait a minute, of course not, that could not be me" then the kind director from CDO mentioned my name... OMG... my jaw dropped... I was announced most outstanding employee IMAGINE THAT! O_O

I did not know what to say... I just stood there in shock... I said thanks to the VP and President of the company who shook my hand on stage. That was one awesome evening, especially for me =)

When the lights died out, it was time for BAMBOO. I immediately got my camera and set it up for firing. When he got out I got trigger happy and almost filled my 4GIG memory card. BAMBOO (the lead singer) is just an awesome performer, you can't get a shot of him without motion blur because he moves a lot with the crowd while performing. That was another nostalgic moment to see. It is a close second to my gods the Eraserheads... it was worth the wait!

Here are some of the shots I got of that BAMBOO performance:










To all my office mates and team mates who regularly visit my site, Merry Christmas and thanks for everything!


The Red Square Experience


There's a new place to watch out for in Manila's clubbing scene right at the heart of Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. With inspiration from the great landmark in Russia, THE RED SQUARE promises to impress with their great interior, aptly themed bar, reasonably priced drinks and huge servings. Music is extremely young and fresh; comprised of one of the greatest house-trans music compilations I have ever heard provided by DJ's Ceejay Fondevilla, Dennis Dorendez and other guest DJ's that weekend. Their music is in my genre; and to tell you the truth, I have heard one of the best!

DJ Ceejay Fondevilla, DJ Dennis Dorendez and other guest DJ's got the latest House and Trans Mixes that would be the envy of clubbers throughout the country!

Try various VODKA mixes while @ Red Square!

Red Square is right at the heart of Quezon Avenue in QC!
The newest, grandest place for clubbing!

The brains behind the clubbing industry in the metro, Adriel Mirto!!

The acoustics were just the way I liked it, extremely loud and bangin that would force most club goers to talk and whisper to each others ears while dancing. It initiates intimacy on a very posh site, not bad for single good looking people finding a place of refuge after work; or after a whole week in their blue collared jobs. The awesome lights, you'll just know they are state of the art, new and expensive. The lounge area was also comfortable, with futuristic modern interior scaled by a combination of wood, metal and red to black leather trimmings, you just can't avoid to stare at awe how each section was thought out!

NOCTURNAL Photographer Senor Ismael in action!

State of the art lights and sounds that fare even better than the usual SUPERCLUBS you already know!

That night when the NOCTURNALS invaded the place, the ambiance was great, the dress code though was very lenient and felt everywhere was the actual VIP area. I would really love to see this bar hyped and amped up in the next few days since they are going to have their launch. I know the actual strip has been stigmatized of girlie night bars and stuff where politicians, cohorts and the likes have been frequently seen. This time, its gonna be our generation that it will cater to. I am actually excited that this will be a start of something big that will challenge the greatest names in the clubbing from Manila, Makati, The Fort and Eastwood districts.

Did I mention the fine women @ Red Square?!
If you haven't been there, you are missin a lot!

Just a fair warning: Get ready to party at THE RED SQUARE! I'll be there!

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