Happy Birthday to ME! I Just Turned **!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hahah of course I won't tell you how young I am. I just celebrated my birthday on the 6th and true enough I had a blast! Actually I survived not telling anyone about it when we went out Saturday evening. I did not want anyone to know anyway, but I think this particular day was special. It was different than the other birthdays I spent the last few years. You ask why? It's because my brother is in town and you could tell that we are complete... he hasn't been here for the last 4 or 5 years so even the Christmas celebration would be different.

My friends from photography fondly called NOCTURNALS covered 4 clubs that night and I was gearing up to shoot too but I begged off when one of our gigs got canceled because there were too many photographers that time. It was awesome because I had more time partying rather than doing the deed. The ladies there were nice! I even like some of them... Did I get drunk? well I made it a point to get drunk. I needed to do that so I could forget some things I should not mention here anymore LOL. My best friend that time was tantararan!


Yeah that is me in the picture LOL NOT! Now I thought it was going to be a temporary thing since I fancy the San Mig Light when I go out. But man the Super Dry was great for me, I did not even have a hangover the next day even if I had about 6 bottles that night. It was just right for me... I hope we get to drink that much soon LOL.


The Manor Eastwood


FUEL where we fetched YUAN =)

Aside from that, I had to run to my friends in Pasig in the morning for breakfast and a chit chat on a British guy who turned out to be the fiance of a friend's friend... well that was confusing too but they were not able to talk to him that much even if they were all drunk.. I hate that with Pinoys... English is supposed to be our 2nd language but it looks like even they were having a hard time talking to him. Another guy was even mentioning words that are not in the dictionary. WEIRD! I was a little ashamed about that REALLY! But I was already 28 hours awake so I did not push for that anymore coz I was so tired to think about that.

I got home around 8 or 9 in the morning and my Mom opened the gate for me greeting me a happy birthday, that was sweet. =) I slept and woke up around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. We went out that evening for Pizza and Pasta in Itallianis because I wanted them to experience the great time and food I had there a couple of months back. My brother thought I was sad, when actually I was just thinking about work while I was there. Not a good thing I know but hey I have to work that night. I got the team pasta and chicken too. That was nice! I hope my brother does not worry about me.. that I'm not having fun... because if you think about it, it looks like I had fun already! :)

I am one Happy Happy Birthday Boy! =) Thanks to my friends and my family!

*sincere apologies to Pinay Commuter.. Googled an image and it was from her. No Copyright infringement intended.



Expanding Territories said...

Hey happy birthday! Good to know you had a blast! ;)

Bang Ancis said...

Happy Birthday my Friend. I hope you are always in God's protection and success in blogging ...

Once again Happy Birthday ...

Admin said...

Happy Birthday....

Magkasunod lang pala tayo ng Birthday....

7 naman ako.