BEN10 Features Balut On Cartoon Network

Friday, June 30, 2017

It looks like we're getting closer and closer to making the Cartoon Network shows more Filipino than ever. Remember the time that the UBE ROLL (Purple Yam Cake) was seen in Steven Universe? These are very iconic food items that are only identified in the Philippines but I'm glad there's another one this July 1.

You and your kids probably watch BEN10 right? It's that kid who has a watch thingamajiggy where he selects a different alien form to beat other monsters from other worlds. Together with his equally weird friends, they'll be experiencing how to see and eat BALUT on one of their shows and people are going crazy about it on previews! Check it out here!

Now this looks absolutely fun!

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Kim Domingo Bares All on State of Undress

We spent a really great afternoon at Puradak Chicken restaurant in Timog Avenue earlier to meet the lovely, sexy, FHM Top 2 sexiest woman in the Philippines Kim Domingo. She currently stars in GMA hit show D'Originals (shown everyday) and and gag show Bubble Gang on Fridays plus some other shows she guests in between.

Mark Sablan head of GMA Artist Center says "Being number 2 on FHM's list and having this new book from Summit makes us very proud, very happy and this is just the start. There will be a lot more things lined up for Kim Domingo and you should definitely watch out for her new show, with an ensemble cast for primetime. After seeing how she was recently accepted in Malaysia by celebrities from other countries a couple of weeks back, we dubbed her now as the real deal "Pantasya ng Asya"."

We asked Kim Domingo about D'Originals and she says "I have mixed emotions - and very sad - but thankful because we were extended for 12 weeks. It came where we are still high in the ratings, and it's okay to end something good at that point. About FHM, I had been number 9 in the past, but being number 2 is not bad at all. All the girls in the top list are all deserving. That includes Liza and Ms. Marian, that's my opinion as I find them really sexy and beautiful."

"For this project (talking about State of Undress), we had three photographers do the execution of our concepts. From sexy, classy and innocent. It's like a journal too from when I was a kid and how I achieved all the things I was dreaming of today. Almost all the shots were done in one location. I had EJ Leung, Paolo Pineda and Shaira Luna do the photography. I had lots of bashers but I don't mind them, I even reply jokingly on instagram and I am thankful for those who support me. I feel I always start from scratch if I stopped working, so I do continue to do so. I love Zayn Malik, he's my ultimate crush."

"After D'Originals I'll have The Good Teacher with Ms. Marian Rivera and the stort is going to be tragic. This is going to be magical. My book is only 250 pesos and we are planning tons of book signing, the nearest one is in Glorietta 1. I used to skip meals in the past, even get indecent proposals and I don't even bother to look at them. Even if I don't show skin or whatever beauty you posess, if you feel sexy you ARE sexy. To tell you the truth, I got hurt the most being called dumb and I don't have brains. But I cherish all those who comment that don't judge me even if they don't know me that much. I learned early on to be confident, to present myself nicely and I do plan to put this off later on. People were egging me to join beauty contests in the past but I didn't really want to. I really love to sing and perhaps develop that, and pursue it in the near future.

"My dream role is to be something like Princess Sarah, be beaten up, a role like that would be so challenging. I haven't really thought about what to wear in the FHM party, we are not sure yet. I did a Twerk it Like mikey video (when she was starting) and I didn't know it would blow up like that - then I got messages from people of Bubble Gang (Roadfill) which started my stint with the network. I want someone who's a gentleman, take me to Paris for a date because I really find that romantic. I don't want to hurry but if I were asked I'd be happy to get married when I'm around 28-30 years old as I'd still want to have kids."

Again if you want to see more of Kim Domingo, check out her coffee table mag/photo book entitled Kim Domingo: State of Undress available in leading mag stands and book stores nationwide! You'll know more about the "Pantasya ng Asya" (The Fantasy of Asia) if you get it! 

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TOFARM FIlm Festival 2017 Announces 6 Entries

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Another year, another successful staging of TOFARM Film Festival 2017. I distinctly remember the time that they announced the films that were able to successfuly finish their entries last year and this year looks mighty good. Universal Harvester Inc. (UHI) has been doing this for three years now and there's no stopping eccentric Dr. Milagros in bringing forth agriculture themed films to help film and farming industries in the Philippines. Last year's successful entries became the talk of the town garnering not just nominations in the local award giving bodies but also some international accolades and praise helping a lot of flm makers take their craft to the next level.

Veteran Film Director and Festival Head Maryo J. Delos Reyes quirps "We are so happy to announce this year's TOFARM Film Festival entries as it signifies the Filipino Film making genius. After looking at about 117 scripts, to shortlisting it to 76 and now confirming and presenting 6 entries is a difficult task. We have long been able to acheive it's purpose last year and now it has elicit awareness and excitement for Filipino film makers to create works of art that showcases the lives of Filipino farmers for which we are all really truly thankful for."

Included in this year's TOFARM Film Festival are:

"BAKLAD" by Topel Lee - This film talks about Fishpen Boys who thrive and survives in lakes. The story includes their sexual awakening and about dreaming big, hoping to never go back to the old fishpens they belonged to. It stars Ronwaldo Martin (Coco Martin's brother) ELora Espana, Rafa Sigueon Reyna.

"HIGHTIDE" by Tara Illenberger - This one is about climate change and how it has affected their lives while living in a small island. Their livelihood includes finding clams in the sea, a not so lucrative thing when extreme weather happens. This stars Sunshine Teodoro, Dalin Sarmiento and Arthur Solinap.

"INSTALADO" by Jason Paul Laxamana -  This is a science fiction film set on a farm, doing bionic technology and the quest to alleviate themselves from poverty. Cast includes McCoy De Leon, Junjun Quintana and Francis Magundayao.

"KAMUNGGAY" by Vic Acedillo - This is story of living in a small Visayan Town and surviving off a small vegetable patch thoroughly farmed by an old man for years. Cast includes Kent Raymond Basa, Roger Gonzales, Dulce Cruzata, Skyzx Labastilla and Bayang Barrios.

"SINANDOMENG" by Byron Bryant - This talks about the dying industry of farming an how generations of neglect and how it has forced employment abroad, and living with crazy neighbors. Cast includes Sue Prado, Julio Diaz, Lou Veloso, Lui Quiambao, Star Orjaliza, Gab Pangilinan and Jayvhot Galang.

"WHAT HOME FEELS LIKE" by Joseph Abello - This is about a retiree starting to put up his own farm. The unsure way of living off of it an fatherhood. Cast includes veteran multi awarded actors Bembol Roco and Ms. Irma Adlawan. 

Dr. Milagros O. How, the Executive VP of UHI and the festival's premier advocate says "TOFARM Film Festival has and always will be a tribute to all our hardworking farmers to celebrate their lives in various artistic ways. I am so glad that it is happening again this year because this will help a lot of people understand their lives even more."

TOFARM Film Festival 2017 will have it's theater run on July 12 to 18 and the awards night on July 16, 2017. The festival is also supported by Landbank of the Philippines, SM Cinemas, Gatway Mall, Greenbelt, Cinematheque (through FDCP), UP Cinema, Net 25, Pinas FM 95.5 and Universal Harvester Incorporated. I can't wait to see them all on screen! I believe some of them also got nominations in recent award giving bodies, a really good start!

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GMA Announces Stellar Cast for HAPLOS

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I've been waiting for this show to come to GMA Afternoon Prime for the longest time as hunky actor Rocco Nacino and vixen Sanya Lopez has been hinting about this project a few week ago. This GMA show won't be holding back on stellar cast as it includes drama princess Thea Tolentino, Pancho Magno, Patricia Javier, Francine Prieto, Emilio Garcia, Diva Montelaba and legendary Celia Rodriguez to make your afternooon viewing more interesting. 

Yes this is a love story, but it's got some interesting twists banking on the love team that formed in Encantadia called DANQUIL who's characters were portrayed by Rocco Nacino and Sanya Lopez - giving the pairing of Aquil and Sanggre Danaya some sort of continuation, which their fans would surely enjoy. Though these ladies are not ordinary as they posess powers they use for good and evil, patterned upon the mysteries of local witchcraft. That would make this fight a huge one, unprecedented, totally original on GMA Afternoon Prime.

The Director Gil Tejada adds "This was conceptualized way before when I was in the project and I only arrived and fine tuned it because the characters were already made. I really hope you like this show, it's so different."

Rocco will play Gerald Cortez, a hardworking salesman who only wants to have a family of his own. He says "I am surprised about how we were accepted starting from our pairing in Encantadia, I am thankful to GMA for this big role. This is good news for me as this probably was brought upon our pairing in the other show. We are confident about this show because we already know parts of it, as it puts us on top of our game. I see how we both improved in the show and you'll see that in Haplos. Being with Sanya, I see myself when I was starting. There are a lot of people waiting for the kissing scenes, but we will present it differently because our love story is kinda weird between Angela and Gerald.The audience will really appreciate how this story would be told. Sanya is so hardworking I'd be glad to give her a massage after all the work she's done."

Pancho Magno portrays Benedict Dizon and he says "I am blessed and grateful to have worked with Direk Gil, Rocco and Sanya so this was easy to me. I was surprised about our preview with the effects and all. Encantadia almost ran a year and this is a good place to start again. They are really good friends, let's just say that."

Thea Tolentino plays Lucille Bermudez, Angela's half sister. She says "I don't base my character from previous shows, I only do it as accorded by the script and ask the help of my director to properly portray the role." 

Sanya Lopez says "I am thankful and greatful that I was trusted by the network. There is a huge difference between Danaya and Angela as the former is quite strong willed. She fights for Gerald most of the time and her family. Haplos means taking care of each other, that's what Rocco is to me everytime I need him, I could have gotten that from one person, but he gives that to me willingly. He always asks me in kissing scenes, he's quite a gentleman. If there are love scenes, we'll do it appropriately. He is naturally sweet and cingy, especially with everyone in the shoot. We are very close with our work in Encantadia (which lasted a year), we know our priorties and doing all the things we need to do in the show is a priority."

Patricia Javier adds "Knowing that I would be getting to play her Mom in this series, I was excited because I always wanted to have a screen daughter (all my other projects included sons). She's genuinely kind an humble, she really focuses on her work and I only have good words for her. She's like a bamboo, the higher she goes, she still bows when there's a wind."

Emilio Garcia says "I don't want my kids to end up like these characters because I always want them to bond."

Ms. Celia Rodriguez laments "I am surprisingly not evil here, I am very good. Whether you believe the fantasy or not, it's all up to you. The witch I play switches between science and magic, of chemicals or natural medicine, some goodness and some demonic inspiration. I helped a lot of people here and it is all up to the people to find if I'm doing a good thing or not with also raising Angela. Let's just watch how it unfolds because it also questions science, it's that contradicting."

HAPLOS will begin in July 10 on GMA's Afternoon Prime replacing D'Originals. You should definitely watch this!

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Take A Look at SEDA Hotel Vertis North

This is a funny story, let me tell you how it started.

I was just covering the ASEAN Food Festival off of the new Vertis North grounds wherein the new Ayala Mall will stand. I made a comment about one of the vendors (Seda Hotel) and how it was a little out of the box for a Japanese chain to serve something that close to home. My mistake. I thought SEDA was a Japanese chain (judging from their previous properties that followed a very minimalist design) as I have observed it in their BGC branch - which I kinda frequented because of events there.

I mean, I could have picked up that this was Filipino judging from the name alone, which means "silk" in our language. So after someone read my article a few weeks ago, they got in touch with me by finding my contact details here on my website. Funny I had the feeling I was being called into the Principals office because of the wrong notions I had about the hotel, but not really. I met some really great people and they gladly answered my questions complete with a tour of the property. I haven't really seen any reviews yet of the place so in a nutshell, this was like first dibs to see what's about to be dubbed as the first 5 star hotel in Quezon City. So shall we?

Checking In

If you haven't been to SEDA Hotel Vertis North, you'll appreciate the check-in counter right off the bat. It's very spacious and you'll be greeted by modern art right at the back of the pedestal. If you look closely, that signature on the artwork is a giveaway. It's an Ayala artwork which he leaves as a mark in every property. I like how it blends into the space, albeit being modern, monochrome-earth toned, industrial and engulfed in fine lines. This was when it was explained to me, SEDA is actually a Filipino concept, a Filipino hotel, wholly owned and operated by Filipinos (with the exception of the fine GM whom I met a little later). This is under Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts Corporation who's got about a hundred years of experience in the real estate industry - you know them I'm sure right?

More space to work, good news for business travelers or if you're going to a conference or event in this place because they've got ample wifi. Who doesn't love that?

The lobby area is a legitimate work area. They've got Mac computers which you can use connected to the internet laid all over salvaged hardwood tables and high chairs so you could work comfortably if you have your own laptop. There are also other areas in the lobby which you'll love, but we'll get to that later. In the meantime, let's go up the rooms.

Are You Ready for Kinky Boots?!

I haven't had the opportunity to see this yet but I'm raring to go in their Manila staging. Kinky Boots has been praised and received quite well in Broadway on this remarkable creation made with music and lyrics by the phenomenal 80's icon Cindy Lauper based on the book by Harvey Fierstein. Performed mostly by men and women in drag, there's no other musical that would have been able to personify Charlie Price the Milan Stage Manager, Lauren, Nicola and the other cast than by doing it with people with THE ball$ to do so. It already had won a Tony, and Grammy awards so if you think this would be something that you should brush off, you better think again.

In the story, Charlie Price inherited a struggling shoe factory from his Dad and eventually met drag queen Lola and her crew called "Angels" making a new line and later on successfully reviving his business because of the fabulous things they created for them.

These angels exuded the glitz, the glamour and did out of this world performances and needed some people who could do as well in Manila. This is part of the reason why they got professional dancers in the cast, and they sought the greatest ones like AddLib Dancer Mark Pineda, Singer and Actor Gerhard Krysstopher and G Force's Ritz Beltran, Jazztin Cacayan, Michael Jahnke and Jorge Jahnke. This has been very challenging for them as the standards have been automatically raised because of this being a Broadway piece. Not to mention the style of dancing is quite different of what they're generally been used to in shows that they do here in the Philippines. Kinky Boots also needed them to dance in heels, which isn't the norm in most numbers that they do in variety shows or plays they've done in the past. Doing that the whole run is also hard, but it didn't stop them to learn and love this staging... and they'll show you why at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at the RCBC Tower in Makati.

Tickets are still available for the show through and priced Php 4180, Php 3135 and Php 2090 on reserved seating. You should never miss this as this will only run from June 30 to July 23. I would have to free my own schedules to actually have a glimpse of this show, which I'm sure I would absolutely love!

Are you ready to wear those kinky boots too? LOL!


Astrid S Says Hi To Asia

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I was excited, a bit happy that I'd be able to talk to someone from Norway let alone a celebrity and singer who's music genre is a bit close to my heart. I've been listening to these type of songs as long as I could remember and I was determined to know more about her. I was a bit disheartened as they informed us right at the event that she wouldn't be able to talk to us but I completely understood as she wasn't feeling well. She even made an apology video, as she must have been very busy all these months and it has probably caught up with her. I hope she gets well soon.

I thought I was oblivious about her but she was apparently already on my playlist (last year I think) and I am quite choosy. I revived my iPod and found "Hurts So Good" in it then listened to her more. World music or in their term "Galilean Music" is fondly played in bars and clubs in Manila. It's not totally foreign at all. These are the types where you just clearly have to listen to it and close your eyes, as it takes you places, to where it would bring you so much joy... believe in every heartbreak, in romance, sometimes humor, in stories she tells in her lyrics. 

Astrid S has tons of accomplishments including winning and being nominated for Best Norwegian act for MTV Europe Awards for several years. She's done several singles included in various charts and worked with different artists including one of my favorites Shawn Mendes (a debut album in 2015). So clearly, she's not just another blonde caucasian female you would brush off because she's very talented. She sings like an angel, and is a very good story teller in songs. She has officially said hi to Asia through the Philippines and deem this a very good place to start introducing her music in the region. You should hear her new ones on Partys Over EP coming out real soon!

"It's streaming and being played a couple in Asia bug Astrid has really committed plans to visit there. She's the type of person who cares so much about her fans, which is quite unique, take them to hot chocolate cups or pancakes. Her music is a combination of Galilean pop with a twist of urban, it would be interesting for mainstream people and she's got lots of collaboration going on. She is inspired by nature, by people, not a specific person, that's why a lot of her videos are visual because that's how her thought process goes. We would probably be able to visit if plans push through, hopefully soon. The production of her new album is the next step for her, it's finer, the level has definitely rised musically. What's next for her? Hopefully world domination, a lot more collaborations and hopefully to go far. She hasn't been feeling well lately and she really appreciates your presence." - Margaret her personal friend and part of Universal Marketing.

Astrid S also signified her wishes to go to the Philippines soon. It's not in the plans yet but we're crossing our fingers to see the lovely Norwegian singer in our shores if not this year, perhaps the next! We need her kind of music. In the meantime, please take note of her world tour schedules below and download her songs off of digital stores here and around the globe!

Now I can't wait to see you dear!

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Why Smart, TNT and Sun Prepaid Is Even Better

Had a wonderful time attending events up north a few weeks ago and didn't know I'd enjoy farming as much as I did. We did the whole enchilada, getting to know the people behind it too and was glad that even in that location, I'm still connected to Smart's network as I always believed I could - and even gone live blogging from there. Though it wasn't all that fine and dandy because I actually forgot my phone at home, imagine how panicked I got when I found out that my main line of communication was hundreds of kilometers away from me, I was having panic attacks and scoured my bag minutes after. I found my spare phone, a power bank and this LTE sim still lying around (which I intended to use in times like these). It looks like I've saved myself a lot of trouble by having these things on my backpack while on this trip in Bulacan.

Now I know Smart has really good prepaid offers but just discovered they DOUBLED the data and got UNLIMITED FB and Messenger services thrown in too. To save me a ton of headache I registered to GIGASURF 99 (valid for 7 days) which got me 3GB of data which is double from the usual 1.5 GB and an additional 600MB for other services like Youtube, iFlix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Dubsmash (that's double from the former 300MB they offered). I could have also subscribed to their ALLOUTSURF 99 offer (valid for 7 days) and get 2GB of data, 200 minutes of all net calls, unlimited sms and Facebook access (I mean who doesn't love that right?) if I am more on the calling and texting side, this would have been perfect as it is that cheap!

If I used UCT100 (which is also valid for 7 days) I could use 300MB of data, unli calls to mobile networks, unli calls for 5 PLDT numbers, unli all net sms and Facebook so you could see photos and read not just headlines (don't be a victim of fake news!). It all saved me money, saved me to publish my story while in that remote neighborhood, perfect for people on the go and can't get disconnect from the FB world because Smart, TNT and Sun just made it even BIGGER for the same price up until July 10 only. You've got a few weeks left baby! Now isn't that crazy!?

I'm enjoying my postpaid line and have got this prepaid line to save me at times I need it most. That means more content, more data to stream live on IG and Facebook because I have double the previous offers. You just get MORE with Smart, TNT and Sun and you can't deny that it's all better! You don't have to even ask! If you want to know more about it just visit their website or

Try texting GIGA99 to 9999 now and see how I felt that week, or ALLOUT99 on the samw number, you would love it like I do!


Pizza, Pasta, Salads at Project Pie BGC

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Guess who just opened up shop at 7th Avenue in BGC, it's Project Pie baby! The store's design has been spruced up, a little far from the former fully industrial look they had in other stores, which they also plan to implement in the near future. The difference is much of the added decor, a little scribble here and there, some pastel colors, lighting, pillows, instagrammable spots and a few bunk chairs and tables for groups of three or four. 

I guess they might have had a millenial inspiration and felt updating the place is vital so people could appreciate spending a little time there and appreciate not just the food, but connect with the ambiance.

Now that's not the only thing that has changed because along with the customized yummy PIZZA, you can now Build Your Own SALAD and PASTA too! They give you a form and a ball point pen so you could choose the ingredients to start building your perfect Pizza, Pasta or Salad and you know what I did? I chose them all!

You will be assisted by the kind pizza guy and no he's not included. They've got a selection of vegetables, proteins, sauces and crust. If you're not in the mood, just tell them and they could suggest too. 

For the drinks, you can have them all UNLIMITED for only 69 pesos and choose between the usual sodas, pineapple juice or iced teas. If you want booze, they also have local and importd beers but it's sold per bottle. You'll save a lot if you get the former.

Then you just have to wait on your table while they bake it in the brick oven. In the meantime, grab another form and start building your own Salad. I wanted a LOT of protein in mine so I've got sausages, pepperoni, tons of different cheeses and peppery arugula leaves. It was drizzled with Raspberry Vinaigrette and voila! My own salad masterpiece!

They also have a section of their kitchen where you can ask them to whip your favorite Pasta. I prefer either cream or pesto sauce on mine but you can always get the usual spaghetti and meatballs as it's still a hit for kids and adults who enjoy marinara sauce. 

I went there the next day to try it is was so good, albeit a little mix up in the orders they apologized but I completely understood. I'm going back there anyway! Now there's no reason to be sad when you're in one of their stores. Grab a slice, a fork and enjoy more at Project Pie today!

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