Marie Digby: Your Love

Monday, October 31, 2011

When you love someone you kinda have to think about how to woo him/her to love you too. When you love someone a simple hi or hello becomes extra special because it comes from someone you really like. With or without purpose, you always want to see him/her just to plainly get a glimpse of who you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's cute and it's so beautiful... that is Marie Digby. She's got a new album out in the market and we got first dibs on what it'll sound like because we went to her album launch a few days ago. Star Records was so nice enough to get us in the groove of what to expect with this beautiful young American lass that has endeared Filipino music lovers the world over!

Your Love is pretty special for her because it was made from her real personal experience. That was the inspiration to write this song (a former love). I guess it was quite special that she had to write about it now too. In this song, she pairs up with ex boyfriend Sam Milby. As a treat to my wonderful readers, here's a live acoustic video of that performance. This was supposed to be sung in ASAP but Sam got sick so this is the first time they are going to do this live!

As you can see, not only were they having fun doing this, but everyone else was actually in a KILIG moment too. If you want more, here's Marie Digby doing one of the popular songs on her CD too that evening.

A revival and of course done tastefully! I love these acoustic versions!

By the way she'll also be having a mall tour this November. November 4 Robinsons Lipa, November 5 Robinsons Metro East, November 12 Robinsons Sta. Rosa, November 13 Robinsons Galleria, November 19 Robinsons Starmills Pampanga and Robinsons Place Imus on November 20. Make sure you get a copy of her album! I'm telling you it's worth it!

Here are some snapshots that evening!

Don't forget to get YOUR LOVE on your favorite record bars nationwide! Make sure you tune in to MYX and continue to vote for the video with Sam Milby. There is also a duet with Jericho Rosales that you have to watch out for!



ASWANG: Up Close and Personal with Paulo Avelino

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We're used to big personalities but this one was off putting. He's the apple of the eye of thousands of men and women who watch Philippine TV or movies. I wanted to make it a little personal this time. I found someone so good when I got to talk to Paulo Avelino; and found the reasons why people like him.

Paulo Avelino has transcended genres and those teenage teeny bopper years since his days with Starstruck. Born to his Filipina Mom Jennylyn Lingbanan Avelino and a half Spanish father Roberto Puigcerver Avelino; Paulo has inherited quite a handful of the good traits of his race. He is also the third out of four siblings. This mestizo, good looking stunner from Calbayog, Samar has a body that most men would envy and women absolutely adore or drool over plus quite an impressive personality to boot. He's soft spoken and very intelligent and I'm afraid I have to say that I'm a fan now.

Paulo actually knows he is very famous. That realization doesn't actually make him think about putting it on his head or anything like that. When I was with him, I felt he was GENIUINELY nice. I felt no air whatsoever that could make a rift out of the interview. As nervous as I was, I kinda felt at ease when he spoke. It's like getting to know a friend and a very smart one at that. He's like the perfect husband any girl would want to have and meet their parents (right LJ?! =) ).

He's actually now a KAPAMILYA and he has seen admirable improvement about the breaks he's having. He's actually got a couple of projects with the network and some more films with Regal soon. ABSCBN will be showing some of them this Christmas season, you should watch out for that... plus a huge series also next year with legendary stars on the list. He's excited for that!

I'd like to take this bit to thank Paulo for taking time to sit down and have a small chat. Hope to see you someday soon. A shoot perhaps? LOL. He did it for you guys! My beloved readers :)

I was also there to interview him for his latest film called ASWANG together with his co stars, it was a delight to see them all in a different light. It was in a mall show right in the smack of Robinsons Pioneer. I didn't understand why stars usually do this. I thought it was just for publicity... but really it made sense to me when I went to this one yesterday.

Lovi Poe =) I love her too!

I understood something why they actually do this Re: mall shows. Aside from the fact that they are being hounded by throngs of people, they are in a way paying back. Their fame after all had something to do with these folks who show support and adore them. They are the reason they make films.

Here are more shots from the event!

Spotted! Ms. Precious Lara San Agustin Quigaman, she was so beautiful in person. =)

This film will be shown on cinemas come November 2; but they've got a premier night in October 30 SM Megamall so make sure you watch that!

The awesomely cute and cool Alan Benedict "Albie" Lee CasiƱo. He was very handsome if I may say so. You should take a peek at his formspring account which I actually do :)

Lovi Poe was so nice... she took time to engage the fans that evening.

The statuesque Ms. Nina Jose.
You'll fear her shooting people randomly in the film!

Gorgeous Lovi Poe

Paulo Avelino doing the games with fans =)

Joem Bascon was VERY game!

Albie had fun too!

My first time to meet Marc Abaya, I adore your songs too!

The guys inviting fans to come and watch the film.

Fans lining up to get a glimpse of the stars and get autographs too!

Paulo Avelino and Lovi Poe really love their fans, they took the time to spend a couple of minutes with them after the event. As I said, he is genuinely so nice!

Watch ASWANG showing on theaters November 2!

This film is by renowned film Director Jerrold Tarog under Regal Films. I had the chance to watch the movie through the advanced screening, you should head to theaters and watch this one soon. The story had some similarities to the original ASWANG movie by Ms. Alma Moreno but a very modern twist to it. It' have you on the edge of your seats at times. Joem Bascon in particular had a remarkable performance in this movie. So does Marc Abaya, they should really be nominated for their roles on this movie. I wanted to get you educated about what the monsters were called in this horror flick but I'd rather have you watch it instead. Capisce? So make sure you growl and slash into theaters come November 2. This was supposed to be 3D so imagine how good it'll be!

Congratulations to everyone in the cast! If you don't watch ASWANG... they will come to your house personally and BITE YOU! =) You won't look at the ground or see birds the same way again after seeing this movie! Remember that I said that! =)


Philippine Fashion Week 2012: Bench-Human-Kashieca-Black Human-Bench Body Spring Summer Collection

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Opening a show in Philippine Fashion Week is no joke. We witnessed how grand it was last year in the Philippine Fashion Week 2011: Human-Kashieca-Bench Show. This year they've come up with new designs and made a lot of change in color palette. Another thing to take note of is the line of BLACK HUMAN and ROBench which is designed by famed Randy Ortiz.

Here's what you've all been waiting for... it's time we start this with a BANG!

Let me take you to the brands presenting this season from SUYEN CORP.

Human and Black Human

ROBench/Randy Ortiz for Bench and Bench

Kashieca and Bench Body

It was really a lot to digest in just one night but I was really ready for this week. Thanks to you guys my Philippine Fashion Week 2011 article was number 1 on Google the last time you were here and I hope this one becomes another hit! Don't forget to ask your friends to come and take a look at this later ha! =)

Let's start!


This particular brand under SUYEN Corp. impressed us last year with it's new line of clothing venturing into deep earth tones, cool comfortable shirts and accessories. This time they've become bolder, more adventurous in what they have shown. They dimmed the lights and out comes this!

I felt it was a little eerie... and cold. It definitely blended with the mood music they had.

First out is this leather outlandish skirt outfit with violet-pink flower printed designs on the top garment. They've got masks and see through fabric while the models were doing this on the runway. Pretty impressive. Looks like they have color this season.

Simple shirts jazzed up with designs and colors like greens, blue or red. Definitely something to look forward to buying on their stores for Spring/Summer.

Orange shirt and simple jeans, the design on the shirt is great - kinda tribal but I like it. They went comfortable this time.

The Batik top on this one works wonderfully. Looks like they are gunning for more colors at this time of the year, just look at that jeggins LOL. Quite a far cry from those neutral earth tones we saw from last season.

They started with great models. This one however looks cool in some way, this is after all a prediction... would men want to wear long skirts with flower prints and still look hot like this? I guess it depends on who's getting naked haha!

Now that was a great start HUMAN! I can't wait to see which ones will show up on your stalls soon! Overall, I like their fancy pants... it looks like men will have somewhere to go to in choosing that perfect pair soon!

Next up! They have classics!


For sure you probably have seen ads with BLACK HUMAN in the forefront but never knew where this started. I personally saw the billboard in Guadalupe and thought about what they could come up that is totally different with the latter. BLACK HUMAN in itself looks like a whole lotta different if you compare it to HUMAN. They have practically concentrated on a different style. This season they have blacks, whites and gray shades. The designs are kind of grungy looking. It's like street style, goth, for the evening, or maybe completely just relaxed.


I have actually seen this trend in Japan. It does look good. The uneven cuts of fabric and structure to have them be situated in the right place is some form of art. I like how they had their clothes on this palette because most women would usually go to a feminine shade. This is for those individualists who want their own statement. Quite impressive they brought this here.

Do you see the resemblance of these to those gi's that Samurai's usually wear? I would also love those shoes he's wearing. Quite remarkable collection this Black Human is turning out to be.

Again, see the resemblance of this style of sleeve? Nice eh?

You can also have this style using different fabrics and textures. I love the see through thing; perfect for those who would like to show off their body.

This was very nicely executed. Congratulations to the designer and stylist for that night!

Black and White, staying simple and classy even on street wear. This is one of their best lines to date. Price range would probably fall on the same line as their long sleeves. Pants would vary depending on the material used.

Congratulations Suyen Corp! You definitely have one of the best clothes this season! I'm falling in love with BLACK HUMAN; and I hope they have some in my size! =)

Next up!


This brand has definitely made a mark in a more feminine - classy market. With it's gorgeous endorsers and quality outfits; it has surely come a long way from those preppy femme years it used to exude.

Lights turn low. Pink and blue ones filled the stage and this structure in the middle just spun around.

Gorgeous ladies appeared and guess who went up and started this bit for Kashieca!?

With a long jet black hair, she looked very nice in this sailor inspired white number. It emphasized her assets for sure!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's the gorgeous Ms Bea Alonzo.

Skirts with ends that go out paired with sailor themed tops somehow would be popular for day wear. It's quite a nice ensemble.

Ooooh again there goes one of the models I wish to talk to! That's Claire Unabia, if you haven't been watching too much TV lately she's actually the only Filipino American who was able to go and join America's Next Top Model. Stunning! She wore this dark blue top and striped wrap around skirt. It was quite nice and still with the naval/sailor theme.

On a sunny day, this would be perfect! A red shirt and shorts to match plus a cardigan... so light and breezy. I would like to see my girlfriend on one of these. Only if she showed up somewhere haha!

Our model here wore a Blue - White Stripes plus a comfy short. This would be a great thing to wear out in the afternoon. Maybe a mall or to the market. She's got the bag to prove it. I love the high heel mary jane looking shoes though.

Pardon if there are some shots here with heads and all, don't worry that's actually Raymond Guttierez's head so you kinda are seeing some famous person in the way LOL. The other ones are SC's haha. I kinda hated this part because I was trying to get a good spot then they put three more chairs on front, that was some mixup perhaps.Imagine how frustrated I was shooting from all the way there! Back to this, it's got that sleek fit... this can crossover from day to night I guess.

For me this other one looks okay. However I would actually advise my friend who's wearing this one to wear something inside. If it's quite sunny outside or if you go on a spotlight people will probably see something you won't. The attempt was admirable though. Nice shoes, not the belt.

This is okay. Simple lines. But it's probably not meant for something to go out with.

This is nice. I'd probably want to see this in a darker shade. This isn't black I guess and if you make this a little form fitting it would be nicer.

One thing that I didn't think would work is something on the mustard family. This one however did. Make sure if someone wear this though that you tag along high heels because it definitely calls for it.

Ahh this is a whole lot better! I love this! Maybe if they had something else with it aside from the belt it would be perfect! Pretty and simple, just my type.

Nothing wrong with a little black dress. You do have to have killer hills with this one so if the intent is to be a little on the sexy side then you might have achieved that at first glance!

For the Finale in the Kashieca line... here comes a gorgeous Bea Alonzo

Ahhh I think I'm in love again! (No offense meant Zanjoe Marudo!) =)
I admit she was really very pretty that night!

Now how's that for a finale in Kashieca!? I am impressed!

I'm guessing in the next few years this will undoubtedly be one of the brands that will go international... think about how they still have a lot of lee way for future designs and stay in tact with that classy impression we have of them. I would really love to see this brand be dressing up people like Reese Witherspoon or maybe Lindsay Lohan. Make them extra sweeter with the clothes perhaps. This was very nice Kashieca, I love your collection this season!

Randy Ortiz for Bench

One of the most prolific and esteemed designers in the Philippine Fashion scene, Randy Ortiz has made waves here and around the world with his intricate designs and aesthetic. The respect this industry has for him is unimaginable. I've seen some of his gala nights and was astounded by his work. If you only saw my favorite shot last season, that was in the HOMAGE bit for the Bench Fashion show. With high fashion inspiration he comes back with a brand of his own through Bench. It's something that dreams are totally made of. We were in for a treat for what we were seeing that night!

Randy Ortiz for Bench

Just imagine, this is how they opened the show!

Isn't that a sight to behold? 4 men clad in paint wearing some trousers he designed as well. The cuts and design were quite nice, I'd love to have one soon!

Cute partner to the equally gorgeous Kristine Reyes is this guy right here. He's Rayver Cruz and it started those screams at the back. The crowd laughed a bit because everything was serious before this bit. Maybe they just couldn't hold back anymore because he really did look good. I'd wear this red coat if it fits me.

Dear Randy Ortiz, wish you would make one for me (In my size!).
You are a genius! Heheh =)

If you guys watched Starstruck, you probably know Steven Silva. This chinky eyed good looking guy strutted the runway too on this comfortable gray number. It's in the details. I love the pants specifically... I'll probably get one when I get to visit their store soon.

Pretty boys.

I think these guys are from Elite if I'm not mistaken. Good looking and chiseled men, fit inside those nice shirts... long sleeve or with an overcoat it's still classy, maybe this is something to wear on that first date. I suddenly feel ugly LOL!

This gorgeous lass and her shoes. I guess if you call em MC Hammer pants it'll probably pass to be worn by men and women. Though this should stick with women especially when its red. I don't know who she is though forgive me, I might not be watching that much shows on tv. She's pretty though, did I say that already?(She's Sarah Lahbati)

Rocco Nacino, looking very regal and golden wears this black trousers, crisp white shirt and a light overcoat. He's still good looking the first time I met him in person ages ago in Araneta Coliseum. He's quite a great guy! Fun and charming!

If that ain't enough, he suddenly bursts into a frenzy and danced back stage. It was so random, I mean it surprised me! =)

I heard quite a scream when Paolo Avelino walked the runway. He's the current apple of the eye of many women. I'm sure you girls wouldn't mind getting bit by this vampire when his movie comes out in November.

He's wearing mid length trousers and a black coat. It's something formal yet it isn't... this is one of the coolest things I've seen that evening. Gorgeous!

A simple black on black number with a red belt works wonders!

Or maybe you can do black blouse on black pants with your midsection accessorized by this nice Japanese inspired belt. This would be perfect for going out! (Isabelle Daza)

Jake, Jake, Jake... overdosed in the photos? =) As hunky as he is, he's a good boy. I like how he carries himself on this one. Checkered prints on the shirt and tight fitting on the arms showed his defined arms. He's got guns eh?! Ladies like that a lot. Plus he looks good with the trousers and that belt thing is happening again, is this going to continue?! I bet!

Oh my, yes she actually looks very pretty on this one. The dress itself made sense when worn by young women like Julia Montes. She was wearing this quite nice dress that evening.

Very pretty! I love her dress as well, not too formal but can pass for some place classy. Like what she is... I think I'm a fan hehe =)

There goes the belt again, but this time in different colors. It looks like they are going for this Neo Japanese style. It looks fun!

Girls, how can you say no to men that look like these? Smart casual, but very chic. Those shirts looks like it's going to some store soon. Better stack up on em!

High Fashion overload from that Supermodel from the Philippines and the one and only Claire Unabia again sporting these pieces. Claire wears these pants with an attitude, I totally dig it! I love the overalls the other model has worn. (sorry name recall isn't one of my greatest talents!)

Jon Avila aka Jon Mulally wearing this black kamisa de chino like shirt and black jeans. I think I have that same pair of pants. I like how he looks like on this bit, very fresh!

I'll have to get me one of those pants!

Then out comes one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine TV and Cinema. The one and only Kim Chiu... strides down the ruway with this long flowy gown made by Randy Ortiz. She was quite stunning that evening. People saw how really beautiful she is, I even uttered "syet ang ganda nya" while shooting. So I'm sure the others felt the same!

She's so pretty! The dress and it's color played a part on this one, she really popped out because of the colors.

Look at how happy Mr. Ben Chan is!
Do you see him clapping on the front row? =)
I'm not surprised that she's one of Bench's muse!

Then they come out like this on the Final walk. =)
It made us and a lot of people smile!

And we thought that it was over... then she came out!

Yes, it's Georgina Wilson! She wore this long black dress with simple crisscross patterns for the top. She was so gorgeous in it!

Boyfriend Borgy Manotoc must be watching very close. I like what they are doing with this pairing i.e. the shirt. This was also the same with the Paolo Avelino number. He looks good!

Designer creations need not to be expensive. But that doesn't mean that they have to sacrifice quality and design. This partnership between Bench and Randy Ortiz is one of the most awaited collaborations between a brand and a famous Filipino designer. I like his suits though, I didn't see that much of it this time but I'll see if there are available ones in the store. Congratulations Randy Ortiz! Thank you also for letting me take photos of you and the small chat. I won't drop my IPAD2 don't worry! LOL

Congratulations to one awesome designer Randy Ortiz!


The country's formidable brand of urban wear. They have made Men's and Women's wear affordable for the market in the past few years. Today they have several things in their clothing line including hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, shoes, personal products and accessories. They have ventured out into other continents and found a lot of patrons from foreign clients. True enough Bench has been a global brand admired by many, it was a delight for us to see what they have in store for this Spring/Summer collection!


Khaki pants, red short sleeve shirts and gray loafers never looked good on anyone than with Ron Morales.

Cute guy from Desperadas 2 and Be Bench/The Model Search winner Carlo Guevarra looking good on this ensemble from Bench. The striped short sleeved shirt with camel colored pants would be a nice outfit for going out on dates or a day in a mall. I love the bow ties they used like pendants.

Now here's a charmer. Obviously he's the sexy Ejay Falcon. Nice body, nice complexion... girls would really love him. I dig the pants with the red and gray stripes on the side. I love the pink shirt with details on the center. I would buy that shirt if it fits hehe :)

Oh and that bow tie showed up again! Hehe that would be a great arsenal in accessories I think when you don't have that much to jazz up your outfit! Perfect! I like his shoes too! I wonder if that's already available? I need one! Size 11 please! Hehe!

And here goes another hunk, one that's good looking and so awesome! He's so nice to me on Twitter too! Hehe so he's one of my favorites! ☺

Yes indeed! He's the gorgeous guy they call Aljur Abrenica! I really feel he's a genuinely nice guy too so for those who haven't followed him yet on twitter look for @ajabrenicaa.I like his shirt with the craze patterns and patches on the arm + front pocket. This would be nice to wear on occasions where you don't have to dress to impress yet this will make heads turn. There is simply something so nice about the fit too. He looks good with those pants!

Hehe "pacute pa oh!" LOL

Ah! She's Kathryn Bernardo, the one who played Mara also in the TV series. She looks amazing in this dress/ shirt with the skirt, even more when she had this unexpected pink trail at the back.

She was very nice, you would like her even at first sight. I find this outfit so appealing and youthful. It's what she embodies anyway! :) She looks like a lady on the runway, not a teen anymore =)

Now here's my favorite!

Jason Francisco! OMG! Just look at what "ANGAS" he brought to the runway! This is so good! Simply put it this way, the striped shirt, khaki pants would have just been ordinary to models but if you put him in the picture, he's got that right ATTITUDE that comes with it; and that ladies and gentlemen is something to envy him about!

I would have loved to see the "kilig moments" which happened last season but this is something different. He can carry himself well and with confidence he exuded on the end of the runway, it was kinda was amazing to see what this simple guy did that evening! I heard screams, lots of it at the gallery and I wasn't surprised... he's the better half of the most loved team up in Philippine show business.

You should start counting MELASON fans out there by the millions! Am I right? =) Hi guys heheh!

And that's not all! Just look at who went back to the runways of Philippine Fashion Week 2012! After making raves last year here is the gorgeous Melai Cantiveros!

She was turning, twirling and strutting down the catwalk. It was so nice seeing her wear this white bohemian looking number. The details on the skirt were pretty simple. It was just a little rough on the edges and the fabric also had little texture on it.

If we didn't know her she would probably pass for a professional model. If you saw her walk last season, that was just phenomenal. This time it was more of a classic walk. Foreigners would probably think that she is a supermodel just from the way she carries herself.

The skirt itself is a conversation piece because when it gets hit by hard lighting you'll definitely see a silhouette of what's inside. This is definitely not just for the conservative type. Just look at how pretty she is! She's undoubtedly the darling of the crowd; and got one of the best walks to boot! She must have been practicing a lot. I prefer the last time I saw them though, last season was sweeter! =) Obviously I love these guys a lot!

Well received by his loyal fans and a lot of people in the show was Enchong Dee. Fitting shirt, dark blue pants with red and white stripes on the side, it definitely fits him. It looks like they are continuing that Japanese inspired belts we saw earlier from Human. Is there a connection? We might have to wait for these to come out.

I like the black shoes too. What's actually nice is it's priced quite low, probably the same was what they have in the store too.

It looks like Enchong is having a number of telenovelas coming his way and it has produced quite a great number of followers. He's on his way up!

Angelica Panganiban wearing white silhouetted skirt much like the one Melai Cantiveros was wearing. She's still pretty. I like the statement shirt she's wearing with the word SAINT printed on it... some evil women will try and fake us with this one haha!

Then he comes and sweeps women off their feet!

Piolo Pascual

Wearing this white shirt with a few details on the middle part, he looks very formal on this shirt and pants. I love how it looks like some of the coat and ties he wore on a premier night. It's so easy to achieve that formal look using these two pieces!

Piolo Pascual overload. If you've got a good body, good complexion and the looks to die for... you can always trade places with this actor, who also sings quite nice. Is he going to have a Hollywood film? Your guess is as good as mine but if ever he does; he'll probably have a nice time making international movies. He's hot no matter what the haters say!

BENCH Finale!

Stage turns with them on it, poses and *hold*

Piolo goes on front then the rest followed.

They took a bow, then prepared for the hottest part of the evening!


Bench has defined what it means for urban wear but knows there is a need for the specific segment of the clothing industry which is inner wear. Most of you probably have one or more of their undergarments because they are both affordable, stylish and easy to grab off the shelf. Today they even have independent stores for BENCH Body and have it separated from the normal BENCH store but still is getting quite a huge amount of sales. This success has brought the brand into new heights and now they'll be showing their collection for the Spring/Summer season. This is after all Philippine Fashion Week 2012!

BENCH Body (Warning: Some images NSFW! Parental Guidance is advised)

The show started with a little drama.
It wouldn't hurt that they were all clad in Bench Body underwear eh?!

From this side you can see quite a number of pieces with garters which are now bigger than the usual. Before it was slightly smaller or larger for the boxers.

Walking down the runway, we look at several bras and panties which actually match now. When they were actually doing mix and match before... and more pastel in color. They become stern in showing classic colors and designs now. A little lace, beige or brown... they are gearing towards a more sophisticated look this season. They have become luxurious even at an affordable price!

They now have pieces that have gold garters/linings on them. Something fancy yet very private. You kinda still want to keep the mystery.

They've got blue stripes on white. Something for the purists to try out when they want a little color on them.

Choose black or white, you won't go wrong with the classic colors.

Go earth toned or black with some parts of it in that color palette you will still feel sexy no matter what size you are.

Jazz up the white one with different garter colors and do the same with the black ones. They all want you to have options so you don't get bored with what you have in the store.

Hotter than hot you can go with a gray one for women; or for men you can try the new golden yellow boxers.

Or you may opt to what these 4 Brazilian men are wearing!

Quite nice and queen like this black one looks perfect for an intimate evening with your loved one. After a romantic evening, it could end up there you know! :)

Bench Body Finale!

Marc McMahon on the left is from Azkals, thanks for the person in comments who identified him for me :) Thanks!
And of course Jon Mullaly for the Finale of Bench Body

All these sexy bods walking the runway.

Final pose. What a nice evening this is turning out to be! =)

The Show's Finale!

They all went out again in force!

I got my wish too, I got to talk a bit with Claire Unabia! =)

Then finally to meet and say congratulations to Mr. Ben Chan plus a photo with Ms. Phoemela Barranda!

As you may have witnessed it was grand! It leaves you with that nostalgic feeling that you wanna see more. The collection might have a lot of surprises this season and it definitely will be something to look forward to in their stores. I love the various pants and shoes they offer and will probably hoard it pretty soon. Would you do otherwise now that you have seen what they've got for you?! Exactly my point. With the collaborations that they have been doing with great designers and several basic changes that they have done to their staple clothing items Bench will continue to have innovative ideas to push their limits and gear towards a fashion forward company for here and their clients abroad. I wouldn't be surprised if one day this brand will be a regular thing in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia because it will surely butt heads with brands like Zara, Gap, Roots or other well known clothing stores. Maintaining quality, providing the changes each season requires and develop newer aesthetics this will be a brand mighty and proud that it humbly came from the shores of the Philippines. With Human, Black Human, Kashieca, Randy Ortiz for Bench, Bench and Bench Body in the forefront of Philippine Fashion we can never go elsewhere but up! Congratulations Suyen Corporation on this great show! I'm sure this will sell like hotcakes when it hit the stores!

Thank you so much to people behind Bench for inviting me to this great show! Looking forward to the next one, next season! Cheers!



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