Toshiba’s “True Image” Technology: Because Seeing is Believing!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Toshiba has been leading innovation on electronic products since time in memorial. I have been witness to that since it's our TV for the past year. More products seem to be released and I got hold of this information a few days ago.

The sets you see behind Director Paul Soriano and top Tech Blogger Abe Olandres is the new CEVO 4K. It got the second generation 4K video processing engine which is made and designed by Toshiba. They have spent years of research and development in bringing you the best “True image” you can possibly have at home. “True image” means the closest image possible that you can have compared to real life. Making it life like is truly an experience that their company promises for every Filipino home... and now, they delivered.

This is now "The Best in its Class" and you can evidently see it on Blu-ray, HD TV and 4K video output on these TV's. Mr. Yuuji Motomura who spearheads product planning for Toshiba’s TV division says “Televisions are being made to create a wow feeling, the bigger the screen, the more excitement. It is not enough that the TV screen is big; it also has to be equipped with the technology that maintains the high picture quality to enhance the viewing experience.”

The company promises that in every TV set of this standard and engine, they will have 90% of the original content, which provides a great sense of reality while watching. I would definitely want this for my own living room. Ours lasted for years too so I'm gearing to have something worthy to replace it. Another Toshiba with this technology would definitely work.

For more information about Toshiba and their new release

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Vaseline Men Launches "Be the man, win the car!" Promo

Guys who are in my age bracket probably have simple wishes. A great career, a great family, a house of our own and probably a car. Times are tough and you only could work for one or few of these things; and the last thing on your list is, probably the car. It's sad when you want something so bad and you couldn't have that on priorities, but don't worry because Vaseline Men will get you covered on their latest promo. I'll tell you about it in a bit.

We went to the launch a few days ago and it was really good news.
Hosting the event was Nicky Viola.

Jonathan Cua - the Brand Manager from Vaseline Men says it's high time that he gives you good news Vaseline Men has a new promo called "Be the man, win the car!". Yes, you heard that right because they are giving away a new Toyota 86 limited edition car plus instant load if you purchase Vaseline Men facial wash or moisturizer tube.

Just get the ones that have the sticker on the pack, scratch it off and text VMEN plus the CODE to 2600. You instantly win the items and they'll notify you right there and there!


It's the most ideal car for men and with this promo you can get to win it. There's actually a huge waiting time for this car but Vaseline Men already has one waiting for you to claim it! I'll have mine tomorrow :) #Wish

I already have some products that I'll be using in the next few days and it's up for review soon.

Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Moisturizer with Oil Control and Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Moisturizer with SPF 15. 

Vaseline Men Whitening Body Wash with Active Whitening because men would want to be fair too :)

Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Face Wash with Glacial Clay for Oil Control, Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Face Scrup with Microbeads for Anti Dullness, Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Face Wash with Activated Carbon for Spots Removal. These are all available at your favorite Watsons or Personal Care vendors nationwide. 

So make sure the next time you shop, make sure you grab one of these tubes and join "Be the man, win the car!". =)

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Vaseline Men - Philippines


Zarzuela: Tasty Moderne Filipino Comfort Food at Shangrila Mall

Being of Spanish descent, the word Zarzuela is but second nature to me. I know how then, the Spanish era had influence on what we had as Filipinos and "Zarzuela" was their form of entertainment. It was a play on lyrics and drama. From Baroque to Romantic - all that Filipinos adore. At the posh Shangrila Mall located in Shaw, the new East Wing houses that same name. Zarzuela, and it promises now to be a play on Filipino cuisine. We tried this out a few days ago.

The Interiors

It was a sunny afternoon and the windows provide ample ambient light. It was like spending your lunch time in a sunny LA Cafe but inside the mall + it's air conditioned. You can opt to have the bunker chairs near the window or these single wicker ones over light classic wooden tables. Everything's sturdy and lines, colors and aesthetics are simple. Not too fancy, and without runners or table cloth.

There were simple art work framed in walls and small flowers on each table. I would have loved to have fresh ones but that would probably be a little pricey so that's given. Men and women serving were clad in Orange and Beige ensembles, the place was spick and span. Very classy, muted music was also played in the background. Quite nice.

As for outside seating, they have these tables adjacent to their restaurant but it's not really outside per ce. It's still inside the mall. If you prefer a relaxed setting and do my favorite activity called "people watching" then this is probably the best place you could dine. Overall, the interiors are simple and clean. Nothing too out of this world and classy. Now let's talk about the food. ☺

NUVALI's Dirt Weekend Invitational!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm so excited to hear news about Nuvali. This was just announced last Saturday and boy oh boy people are flocking all the way to the south just to get a load of this!

Well, if it was fun on this Dirtbike Weekend that I witnessed last year... it's even going to be MORE serious this year as they will have a Dirt Week Invitational where competitors from all over the Philippines, our national teams and even our neighbors from the Southeast Asian region will compete and vie for recognition by the UCI; because as you register, it will include the membership to Philcycling (the national federation).Upon securing the license, you can join the sanctioned race in this cycling spectacle!

All the tracks, registration and the other events this year have been organized by these individuals in coordination with national sports agencies as this will be also observed by Union Cycliste Internationale. This event in November will comprise of Cross Country (XCO/XCR) and Four Cross events. In the meantime, from April 26 to 28, they will still hold a local Dirt Weekend. You should get your gears and sample the almost 2000 hectares of land that Nuvali has and enjoy what true evo living is all about courtesy of Ayala Land.

Invited local squads like Bikeworkx, Sabak, Potato Corner, Yellow Cab, KTM, John Wilkie, EXO, Cycleine of Mindanao and Prima/Isuzu D-Max will be there to give the rest of the competitors a run for their posts. Even some slots will be actually given to lucky ones if they get to beat members from the national team according to their Chairman. So this means if there are going to be remarkable cyclists that can beat the ones from the pool, they can be fully sponsored by the government after this. Who wouldn't be challenged by that? =) It's an official SEA Games qualifier!

For more outdoor fun, make NUVALI your next destination and make sure you will be there on November and this weekend for more action down south!

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Daniel Padilla Birthday Concert Live on SKYcable PAY-PER-VIEW!

Cool, calm and collective, Daniel Padilla is celebrating a huge birthday concert on April 30, 2013. I've already announced that on my post here. =)

I know sometime soon, the tickets might be out of stock on Ticketnet and the Araneta Ticketing office. I wouldn't be surprised if it's already sold out. But SkyCable has got you covered and might even bring you more things backstage as they will have PayPerView subscription open for their subscribers this Tuesday. 

It's a whole lotta cheaper than getting a ticket and you can watch right from the comforts of your home. Aside from that, you can watch with the whole family and scream your lungs out for every song he will be performing on that day. Who knows, this might actually be better than a boxing match if you watch it!

Sing along with Daniel and all his guests on this date, which you can get for only Php 399.00. Isn't that a first? Bringing Digital TV at home, that's what Sky Cable can do for you!

This and a lot more on their Facebook Page so check it out!

Sky Cable


The ELLE girl Store Launch

Friday, April 26, 2013

Girls, girls, girls! Attention, attention, attention! There's been a huge commotion in Shangrila Mall a few days ago, but I bid you good news.

Yes, you are seeing that right. Elle girl has arrived in the Philippines.

Elle Magazine has been in the business for a long time. From the latest fashion finds to the best outfits, brands and accessories they have been what women, girls and everybody else are reading. It's so apt, now that girls are being more adventurous in this part of the globe. We can definitely say Parisian fashion is but a cinch!

The store was gorgeous. It was all girly. I'm sure if my lady friends would give this an A+. It's filled with items of what I can say, quite a representation of what an Elle girl should be. She's that well put up, fun, adventurous and charming person you always love, but totally amped up!

Here are some items on the store you probably should check out!

I would love my girl to be dressed in these gorgeous items. The aesthetics could pass for people who are in their teens to lady yuppies; and they would be able to definitely carry this out. Classic, edgy, romantic or rock and roll, they all have that on their shelves. All you got to do as an Elle girl is combine the elements that personifies you as a person. Indulge in the company and new environment of Elle girl at the Shangrila Mall East Wing's 4th Floor. There are other botiques too at SM Fairview and SM Mall of Asia.

We got to see renowned Fashion blogger Camille Co, Model Jessica Yang (whom I have shot in previous fashion shows too), Julia Sniegowski who's a TV host and has got one of the prettiest faces I've seen in quite a while, Events Manager cum Eventologist and restaurateur Pam Solilapsi and Club goddess Jamie Laciste strutting the runway with their Elle girl outfits. Take a look!

 I also had the chance to chat with the designer and VP for Elle girl Joanne Yao. It was really a delight to hear her story and how their design process happens. They have a very promising team behind Elle girl and you are getting Parisian looks in the Philippine setting at a standard quite admirable.Congratulations Elle girl!

Visit their new branch at the 4th Floor of the Shangrila Mall's East Wing. You know you want it! ;)


Daniel Padilla's Birthday Concert on April 30, 2013!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sometimes when you are successful, you can't just stop where you are. You strive to succeed, and still look for more ways than one to thank your fans. How about a concert? Yes, your hearthrob Daniel Padilla just thought about it and making your dreams come true via his birthday concert slated April 30, 2013!

I know how much the fans love him. I've been to his mall shows and I'm not the only one who'll say I got my eardrums broken by the throng of girls screaming to get his attention. He's good looking, no doubt about that. But the thing that sets him apart from other guys is his attitude. You get that sense of machismo you get from his Uncle Robin Padilla, and when he talks you know he doesn't care that much about his detractors. He'll tell you without batting an eyelash. He'll just get annoyed if you involve his family on things that are not true because overall, he's just a nice guy; and he just wants to do his job to make a living just like any pinoy.

I personally asked him about what he's going to do on his concert and he said he's going to sing songs from his album and a couple more standards or probably some numbers with Kathryn Bernardo. He however stated that he won't be doing any Justin Bieber songs because it's not his genre. He wants more of a rock pop kind of music and that might put some of his fans off if he did that. When asked about some dance numbers, he immediately said no because he doesn't want to do that. He said he's got two left feet and just feels he doesn't need to be pretentious so he will stick to singing. Anyway, I'm sure most of the girls would love that!

The day is already near and Daniel Padilla is so excited about this concert. He hopes his fans would continue to support him because it's not just a celebration of his birthday, but more of a way of saying thanks for the undying support they have given him these past few years. Here's a message from Daniel, listen to this!

So for those who want to get hold of tickets, it's available at all TicketNet outlets or you can buy directly at the Smart Araneta Coliseum Box Office. Get it before it gets sold out!