Judo or Jiu Jitsu for me?!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My day has not ended yet. I have a lot of things to do before I take a nap. Actually I already took a nap and I did not finish anything yet because I was too tired I guess. Now I am watching martial arts thingy's on National Geographic. I am a little bit frustrated to learn more that what I already know and the next thing perhaps I got interested in is Jiujitsu. The history and how it got to Brazil was also indicated there. It seems when the whole Samurai era ended in Japan some immigrants who fled elsewhere ended up in Latin America and they taught this martial art form to locals. But it was still evidently very Japanese wherever you look at it. The battle between the Japanese Judo guy versus the Jiujitsu American fighter did not end up as I expected. The GI looked so weak. He never was able to make a throw or any decent move against the Japanese guy. It was all Japanese guy taking him by the Gi and controlling him right from the get go.

Oh I wanna learn these things so I could do a descent move for my UFC career. No not the ketchup, the martial art fighting thing on TV. It's real and everyone gets bludgeoned so it is my kind of sport. Or maybe this is just one of those days that I want to beat up somebody. I know it is kinda frustrating not to accomplish one of my dreams being a wushu fighter years back. Now it looks like I am only doing battles of my own in the kitchen. What a loser! LOL

I'll try this out one of these days but please stay out of my face because that is the only thing that's looks good on me plus my biceps. I haven't been working out as much as I want to but if I had a chance I would do jiujitsu and judo bar none.


Calling India Better

have my cousin Quincy in India. She got married last year to a man we haven't met before. I think she met him in the same corporation she works for that caters to international clients. I literally had no idea when she transferred residency from New Jersey to Mumbai. I know it was kind of abrupt and thinking about it, it was like a whirlwind romance; ones that you only get to read off romance novels. It just started with long distance calls and a couple of email exchanges. She told me it was nothing serious when we talked because I know it would be impossible with the distance. After a few months she just contacted me and told me the circumstances... she called using calling cards that made everything look like the guy was next door.

Reliance India call also provides this service and they are better. Other ordinary VOIP services have everything metered and literally costs too much. Much to my surprise, they don't have any hidden costs for hang up/disconnected calls. They do not even charge anything for maintenance or long usage. That to me is a number one requirement when doing business. I applaud my cousin for getting this far with her relationship and business because we know how important hearing a person's voice is. It makes you feel the other person on the line and empathize in real time. I know things would have been never possible if not for this technology. I love how it works and from the looks of it, I'll recommend this to my colleagues in the BPO industry so they can call India better.


It's Holy Week!

Weird, I lost a post all of a sudden. I mean it was there yesterday and when I typed in something new for an entry it just disappeared. Sheesh! I think that is the most obnoxious thing I have ever done this week.

Well I think that was for my holy week entry. I think I can just re-discuss that =)

Aside from getting a break up just this last week (T_T) Haha but that's a different story! It's actually the start of the most NOT SO BUSY set of days in the Philippines. Holy week... it starts from people going out of town. Going to their hometowns. Them spending quiet prayerful times with their families. Visiting graves of their loved ones and saying a prayer or two for them. I think there are some things that they should stay away from. They need to know the true meaning of celebrating holy week. Some people need to understand why this is celebrated by us Roman Catholics in the Philippines.

1. Holy week is not VACATION week. It's not boracay or palawan week either... this is the time where we remember that Jesus died and some of us remember bikinis and merry making in the beach. Stop doing that okay?! How would you feel if people celebrated your funeral with a party as if they were glad you died?!

2. Don't act. Don't act as if you were all that holy. Don't go to churches and pray while shedding a tear for a few minutes. The acting won't work. Don't see celebrities?! They probably in Boracay too and you were designated as the budget conscious ones. No you are not cheap!

3. For the real people who go to church and spend time with their families, remember why we are spending a few days of grieving. Remember why we are doing these for a few days. Remember he died for our sins. Remember for each bludgeoned person who died on the cross, it was meant to wash away your own sins. Be grateful someone did it for you and be happy that it wasn't you on that cross okay?!

Thank God for all the nice things that are happening in your life. You owe it to him! Reflect on that!


The Great Build!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am a good son. I have my folks asking me for things and I really want to give them all. Part of that is contributing to a house that we have in the south of Manila. It is a 4 hour drive that we take almost every week. The land was previously owned by my cousin but they planned to make a quaint village out of it. I saw them dredge the land and put in roads too. Most of it was heavily forested areas and the houses were all ours to think about since they gave us freedom to choose its design. There was a catch though because it was doubly hard to have a house built in the middle of nowhere. There was no electricity and they all had manual labor as staple ways to build a house. That didn't come as cheap as we expected even if it was supposed to be in a provincial rate. I just wish we had a chance to use a diamond saw blade so it would be faster cutting stuff but as I said they didn't have any electricity yet. I tried to get permits and all that brouhaha of permits from the local government. I was able to secure one and it was all nice! I had to pull some strings and had to tap local electricity sources and a gas powered generator to stand by. After a couple of months and a few hundred thousand pesos after; it was nice to know they had finished my folk's vacation home. Now they have a place to stay when they need rest and recreation in that part of the world. These are all for my parents who have gladly put up with me since day 1. I love them both!


Ampatuan Cleared of Rebellion?! WT*?!

I want to break free from the cycle I am stuck on right now. I am not doing my best going to the gym lately. I think I have been a little too tired from work and just decide to go back home and sleep instead of at least running a bit to reduce stress. I don't know why. I guess it's because of the schedule. I think I'm not used to becoming a day walker LOL.

We have some things in the office I need to take care of and some which I need to help my peers so we could do a project efficiently. I was not much of a team player before but I think I am doing a pretty darn good job lately. Just look at me now, I am in the office 2 hours early LOL... well I can't sleep at home so I decided to just go to the office instead so I can do something fruitful.

Today, I have heard the AMPATUAN's won their case of rebellion against the Philippines. I hate it... it looks like we are all losing faith in the justice system huh!? Supreme Court clears though that they won't get away killing 57 journalists still.... but you know, I still feel they did something wrong... please forgive me to wish someone to die after that. =(


Sports Lateral Drift Championship EASTWOOD

I am really impressed on how Eastwood City has hosted the one and only pro-am drifting competition in the Philippines. There were only several entries because this is still such a young sport. The auto tradeshow banner stands were quite prominently placed throughout the venue and people from all over the country went in to watch their favorite local speedsters. I only watched these things on TV and Movies. My photography friend brought me to the stands one afternoon and since then I was so hooked!

I like the thought of seeing cars swerve literally by a hair strand missing posts, walls, tires, posters and on some instances people. You just watch at awe on how they were able to manage driving those small spaces in between turns. I was ecstatic because if you think about the panning shots you get while these monster vehicles drive by it was doubly hard doing it at night. They did not have ample amount of lighting but if you get that perfect shot it is just well worth it! I managed to even take the billboard home with me right after my favorite part of the race which is the tandem run. The two cars were side by side trying to outrun and out turn the other one. Imagine those same cars burning rubber with someone pressuring them from behind. It was just awesome to see this monstrosity in action! I knew it was the best thing to see that day when I saw it on the posters!


Good News and Bad News

Just heard news. Good news. I like it when things like these happen. It makes me want to sing a note or two even if I'm not good in singing ha-ha. I have been lucky last year and I am kind of lucky again this year... I hope it never ends.

I won't tell you details about it yet because it will be huge. I hope I become popular after this LOL.

After a long day at work, I had to go in at 12 am today so I am still not in shape. I will try to probably workout tomorrow. But if we are going to be here around afternoon (since midshift starts around that time) then we have to go in to work a little late than usual. My sleeping habits are getting worse and I need to rest so I can work efficiently.

My prayers go out to the family of Angelo Montano, son of actor Cesar Montano. I met him a couple of months ago in their Belissimo restaurant and got the chance to talk to him quite a bit. he was a little quiet and reserved but he helped around a lot. I hope his family is okay. I don't want to hear stories like that but boy it looks so abrupt. I hope Cesar, Shine, Angela and the kids won't be sad too much. They had a happy time with him and I know they will cherish his memories. Such a good kid to pass away too early. My condolences.


I Love Camping!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Camping and mountain climbing has been a hobby for me since high school (which would translate into junior high in the US) and it has been a very good recreational activity for me and my friends. I never hesitate to go out and hike a bit because of the things you can get from the camaraderie and lessons when you go through this arduous task. Imagine going through the trail for hours before you get to a certain camp site and take your well deserved rest. I don't know if this is what you call torture in some cases but it seems effective. Getting some parts of it to be a chance to help each other builds strategy and rapport. I don't know if that is rocket science but if you ask where we are now, I think we have used that kind of service to better prepare ourselves in the corporate world. I know it looks odd but I felt it had a good overall effect to what we are doing in planning and execution. This is definitely a good exercise! I would have opted to have travel trailers so we would all have the most comfortable place to sleep and eat but at that time we settled for the harsh weather, a couple of tents and a fire pit to cook our barbecue. It was still nice and scrumptious!

The view from the mountain top was extremely beautiful! Just take a look at this photo that I took using a non commissioned GSM phone. It made all of us feel that the 6 hour ordeal to the summit well worth it. I screamed my lungs out when we got here and I was proud to have even achieved the feat. I was not that healthy looking when we did this so imagine the weight I was carrying around while doing this. The reason for mentioning this trip is because we plan to go back to this place on April. I would never be surprised if it is going to take a couple of hours less since we already have done it. I love camping and being with the best team of people to work with. It makes life easier bar none!


Diet Epic Fail

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummy lunch was at Fazoli's this afternoon. Actually this is a change of pace for me since I am always in the graveyard shift. Daylight for me is really weird. I don't even want to get into the scorching hot sun but thinking about it, it looks like I will have to be under it after a few hours. I always take a cab going home and if my guess is right, around 3 PM would spell ME as a solar panel.... one that only absorbs heat! LOL!

I already finished the meetings we planned this morning and tomorrow we will have the additional person in our team. I hope he lives upto our expectations. Well not really... I guess in everything that we'll encounter we have to test the waters. I heard he's a good guitar player and he has done some pretty neat stuff with it. I saw his videos in flickr and he was doing some string tricks here and there. At least we got something fruitful out of this day. But I'll be going back to work later at 12 AM. I wonder if I can really wake up that early LOL!

Note for tomorrow: Eat less, eat healthy and watch your weight!


The FACEBOOK Learning Experience

I am so addicted to FACEBOOK that I literally keep my laptop open the whole day so I would not miss anyone updating their profiles, posting events, games and everything in between. I have been a fan of a couple of groups too which interest me. I did not know it was possible but I learned a thing or two about FACEBOOK; it is also one of the best marketing tools you can ever find. Even the ones running for the presidency have their own accounts and committed to informing everyone everyday about where they are and what they are doing. It definitely does have a target audience because most users are adults. There are those fan pages where you get to learn a lot from too like Invesp. At least I get to see some industry leaders who know how to grow ECOMMERCE markets even at a time when markets are crashing down. One thing I never noticed before I joined the social network is that I get to learn new things from other people. It was definitely not in the instructions but being the small pawn in projects that I am, I like the thought of getting ideas and short nibbled information on management. I plan to work on this subject when I take my masters in June. Thank you for the learning experience FACEBOOK!


Hayyy... I Am Gaining Weight =(

I am kinda depressed today. It looks like I did gain a lot of weight over the week and it is showing. Or maybe it is just my hair growing too fast. I checked my weight yesterday and I think I gained 2 pounds because I did not work out that much in the last 2 weeks. Something has to be done to stop this vicious cycle of yoyo diets, binge eating and the habit of not working out after work. I need to discipline my self again. Although what disappoints me is that I ate a double cheeseburger again this evening. It is not really healthy to do that on a day where I am not working out again! Sheesh I feel so guilty. =(

Anyway, I still have those big guns that I have. My biceps are evidently getting bigger and I can do maintenance for that. Although I need to do more ab work than the usual and run a couple of kilometers. I mean it should be more than an hour to spend in the treadmill. I also had some knee pains a week ago, and I think it is already okay to run a bit faster later. Yeap I will be working out today, and I will concentrate on more cardio + weight training.

Wish me luck and hope I don't waste my hard earned money paying for the thousands of pesos worth of gym time... I probably am just gonna be drinking expensive brewed coffee there LOL!


From The Russia I Love!

I always wanted other people to see women like I do. I always am with models and beautiful people when I go out. Sometimes I always think about what it's like to settle down because almost all my friends are married already. I think I am the only bachelor left. I am not pressured though. Though just this weekend, all my dream girls really suddenly appeared on TV. I was watching a fashion show, a movie and a tennis match that time and they were all there! One common thing was happening; they were all beautiful Russian women. If Mail Order Brides were available now I would be the first one in line in the post office.

While watching the fashion show on FTV, I noticed one gorgeous supermodel. I love NATALIA VODIANOVA! She does print; editorial and catwalk fashion duties and I just can't get enough of her. This was not the first time I have seen her obviously. She looks so sweet and adorable. With those eyes that could make your knees weak in a second, I would never ever look at another girl. If only she would come to my home make me breakfast in bed and tuck me in at night with those deep set doe looking eyes that would be the best day of my life!

Who does not know MARIA SHARAPOVA?! She is bar none the prettiest tennis champion that Russia has produced. She is the world's number one and everyone adores her. I love her because of her simple looks. I feel that if I am going to marry someone like her I will be the best sparring partner she would ever get. It would be okay to lose a match. I adore these ladies who hail from a country that I also am interested visiting soon. That distinct strong accent and charming disposition in life that might have emanated from their culture is so appealing to me. I love them all and if I had the chance to marry someone in the future, I'm sure to consider Russian women on my list!


MY 1000th POST!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This marks the 1000th post in my site http://www.kumagcow.com. In celebration of this momentous event! I am organizing a simple contest that would be the best this world has ever seen. Well okay its not that bad... haha but at least I had a contest. Here's the mechanics!

1. Make a statement why you love http://www.kumagcow.com by completing the phrase:

I AM A KUMAG. I AM CRAZY AND I LOVE http://www.kumagcow.com BECAUSE _________!

2. Put your entry in the comments section of this post, include your name/screen name and email address and I'll check the best one. I will be fair and give everyone a chance to impress me.

3. Make it appeal to the public, make it funny, happy, creative and straight to the point. You can put pictures/words or placed on your blog etc. just make sure you have the URL/entry placed on the comments section ok?! If you do not have a blog, a comment would do. Please tell your readers and friends too! ^_^

4. Winner will receive 500 Philippine Pesos CASH and will be announced on April 25, 2010. It's that easy!

5. Make sure you have a bank in the Philippines so I could send your money straight to your bank account when I announce the winner.

I know some of you are friends of mine already but rest assured I will be judging you based on your work. I will employ 2 of my friends also to co-judge the entries in the hopes of making it fair to all the participants. Hurry join now! No haters please! Thanks! =)

PS I will not be publishing your entries until the end of the contest PARA FAIR! BAKA MAGKOPYAHAN PA KAYO WAHAHAH! =)


I Am Sending It!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Remember the time my brother dropped his luggage when he was on his way to the airport 2 months ago?! (Story here) I had to mail his bag all the way to Ireland so he could have something to wear to work. He had his shirts and formal pants on it so imagine the pain he had to go through buying signature stuff all over again for his wardrobe. He is not a simple guy so even if it did cost a fortune to send it, Mom made arrangements to have it flown to Dublin but I told her that is going to be abnormally expensive. The cost was not cheap and it was a burden to carry that around. I got some connections in the office and the same people who helped me previously with postcard mailing services. They are the same people who made this freight happen and promised delivery in less than a month. It is going to be shipped and not flown because it is cheaper. Thinking about it, I know he's not going to be happy. It is going to take a lot more time than usual; but a couple of thousand bucks of savings do not look bad either. I hope he understands the cost of flying that. 50 Kilos worth of clothes is expensive in this part of the world to ship to Europe. I'm going to include local post cards so he as something to remember us by. Maybe even get it to be the focal point on one of his rooms after he settles everything. After all the drama that went into retrieving that luggage, I think this will end in a happy chapter since everything is accounted for and shipped to his second home. I would raise my glass remotely for the kind people who helped us get it. He sends his regards to all of them too! Cheers!


Def Hip Hop Photoshoot: My Shots

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today I finished post processing photos from my recent shoot. The DEF HIPHOP shoot with the NOCTURNALS. I am planning to have them posted next week but I will show you a teaser. We had foreign models obviously but we also have beautiful Filipinas in the cast. There are also some outfits that came from my highschool classmate's shop CASTER SPORTS. I love the theme this month because it coincided with the things they brought to the set. Since Caster Sports manufactured sports outfits, the jerseys, jackets were perfect. He dressed up HI C of Dice and K9 a popular rap group in the Philippines. Like them, it was good since even on a hot summer sun we managed to dress up for the occasion.
I did portraits and a couple on thirds when I framed them. The walls also were colored solidly and I did a lot of repainting because it needed to pop out the color. Honestly, I think it worked so in the event I sharpened the major parts of her face and accessories the background did not bother the whole effect. The shadows I left on her were perfect and it felt so good when the other photographers took a look at it. So far so good! =) She looks like Sarah Geronimo in person. The guy above looked really middle eastern. His body was good for the part!