Zanjoe Marudo stars in Bromance - It's worth every cent!

Friday, May 31, 2013

It was so nice to see Zanjoe Marudo again. The last time I did was the movie with Toni Gonzaga I think. This time though, he had a more reserved and confident aura. You can really feel that he's matured, acting wise he's definitely gained more experience over the years. Have you watched his latest film Bromance? Well, if you haven't... you'll be sorry because box office is dictating 50 Million in earnings. If that doesn't say it's good then you might want to have your eyes checked. 

In Bromance, Zanjoe Marudo turns gay. Yes, not permanently; but its just for the role. I don't know anybody who's 6 foot something that had to do that but just thinking about the plot of the movie it just makes me laugh already. It's not about the gayness though that this particular movie concentrates on. It's more about family, and what people could do for someone they love. 

It was actually easy for him to work with Direk Wenn Deramas. He had the set and cast feel light because that's what he wants the movie to be. With the experience that Zanjoe has in Banana Split/Banana Nite, it obviously helped him a lot with what to do in this film because the technicalities of timing, execution and humor were all but a normal thing in that program. Zanjoe feels blessed to be part of that crew, working here though was nothing different. You had to do everything too and Direk Wenn would actually make that easy for you. It's not easy to make someone laugh, more so tell that to an audience; but once you do you succeed sending the message then it's all good. You get that sense of fulfillment that you made every cent that these patrons spend in the movie house "WORTH IT" Zanjoe says. That's what he says is the best complement he has ever heard.

It's still showing on theaters nationwide. Yes, so hurry and watch Bromance; I'm watching it tomorrow with friends. This movie is worth every cent!

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MOA Arena Celebrates Their 1st Year and More!

I don't know anybody who hasn't been to MOA Arena. Chances are, you must have witnessed one or more world class shows in this venue. They just celebrated their first year since they opened, and they signified a few days ago that they will absolutely not stop because there will be more foreign acts and local world class performances on their roster. There will be more concerts, games and even vehicle stunts as I've heard as the family wants to have a variety of acts all for the Filipino consumer.

Sir Arnel Gonzales and Ms. Nicole Mariz Deato from MOA Arena Administration and Marketing says they can't wait to host this year's UAAP Basketball games, UAAP Women’s Volleyball, the NCAA, the Shakey’s V-League, the Philippine Basketball Association games and a few badminton and mixed martial arts qualifiers too.

This June alone, they are going to have the Dream Game 2: Blue vs. Green thing that everyone from La Salle and Ateneo is eagerly awaiting! You know UAAP always had the house full on dates like these so I'm sure this will be epic!

In August they will have Linkin Park performing and the fans of this band must surely be looking for tickets as soon as now. Nostaligia is the perfect word for it.

September 19, marked on my calenday as the whole NAVY will run through the streets of Pasay for the lone chance to see Rihanna in the flesh. Yes, she will be here to perform all the nicest things from her old and new albums. I can just imagine how full the MOA Arena will be come that particular day. Make sure you rush to ticket outlets for more shows, more events happening at the one and only MOA ARENA!

Oh I almost forgot, they just also said they'll be opening one huge mall again in the Queen City of the South... CEBU will have their own mall... and their own MOA ARENA! :) Isn't that just the icing on the cake? :)

Happy first year MOA Arena! You are really surprising us more this year! I can't wait to see your accomplishments in the next half of 2013!

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Kris Bernal's Birthday and Charity Event

You guys probably know by now that I meet celebrities quite often. I am so lucky though that they have all been so nice to me especially this one who particularly has a spot in my heart. I met her way back 2010 when Coca Cola launched the giant Christmas Tree in Araneta and together with other Kapuso stars, she represented her channel well. Full of positive demeanor, she has always put a smile on her face ready to meet her fans and supporters even if she's tired already. She even performed later on in the evening but you wouldn't see her complain. She feels so blessed and lucky and so a few days ago I was invited to take part in her charity event. It was her birthday too so even if I had some things to do in the office, I still made it a point to come.

The last time I saw her again was in Philippine Fashion Week when they walked the ramp with other Bench endorsers. I can even remember what she wore that day. Though on this instance she isn't doing work, but she saw the "off time" as an opportunity to celebrate her birthday with causes she actually believes in. This charity event was held at the Manila Girls Town, a facility in Marikina. We celebrated mass first to thank God for everything first. Then a party ensued so she could entertain and give back to the needy female kids that are brought to this shelter. Kris Bernal's Mom was even at the event, not as a spectator but a really hands on volunteer. She made sure everything was in place so the kids and the guests didn't have anything to worry about. Bless her.

The kids danced, sang and played games to the delight of the other kids who also attended this charity event. I had to blur some photos for obvious reasons, these kids are minors. If you only knew their stories you wouldn't hesitate going there too and give them help. They are either abandoned, abused, or street kids that are from the slums of Manila; and they are brought to this shelter if City Hall or the courts feel they would be better off here. Thanks to the volunteers, Moms and other social workers who take their time attending to the needs of these kids. There were more on the other buildings but we only give what we can of course.

Thanks to Kris Bernal's sponsors, Krispers, Alab, Alkris, Aljur-Kris fans etc. because they didn't hesitate to lend a hand; they feel these kids deserve care just like the rest of us who still have our families. From food, cakes, drinks, clothes, personal care items, they chipped in on this charity event. Kris was so thankful for their generosity and hope this isn't the last.

It was hot and humid that day but she didn't even complain. She made us all feel why she's been doing this for years now. She always said that this was her way of giving back to people that have supported her through the years. She's also thankful that people have become so supportive of her cause that a repeat is inevitable. GMA Artist Center is really doing something good. They have been exposing their talents to things like these and Kris Bernal is one of the few who have been spearheading charities in their station. It's something close to her heart and she feels so good that people have been very receptive. Her shows in GMA are still coming but she wouldn't stop taking time out for these kids because she feels this is one of the few ways they could contribute to the community. She's really a good soul imho, I've seen that in her since the day I've gottten to meet her. I hope there would be more GMA stars who would follow suit. I'm sure there is, we just have to take that extra step to help.

Thanks to GMA Artist Center and Kris Bernal for letting us tag along. People should really learn from this experience. I'm sharing this story so you could start sharing too. Great things start from small beginnings as they say. :) Happy Birthday and Thank You Kris!

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Perey + Bumgarner + Fashion on Mothers Day at Spiral; Sofitel Manila!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Told you guys a couple of weeks ago that we'll be at Spiral - Sofitel Manila for Mothers Day but alas I had to have a quick out of the country trip with some blogger friends. I got my friend and neighbor concert photographer extraordinaire Mikz Marcelo to cover for me because I wouldn't want to miss this for the world! This is a little epic because we'll be seeing some of the works of Ms. Pia Gladys Perey and Daniel Mark Bumgarner. Lunch time was also made special because Spiral's Chefs are also showing off their heirloom dishes to the public. It's pretty special because most of them prepared what their Moms used to make. I had first dibs on that the last time but here's something we both missed during that occasion. Are you ready? =)

They were introduced one by one. Here's a parade of the fabulous chefs who are preparing their Mom's special dishes. Chef Eric Costille, Chef De Cuisine Western Anne Cecile Degenne, Chef Mok Chee Wah, Chef Hiroaki Yamaguchi and Chef Halim Ali Khan. I loved the Paella that Chef Anne prepared the last time and I'm sure that's probably a hit! After the introduction, a fashion show ensued right in the heart of Spiral and boy oh boy I wasn't wrong about their gorgeous creations! Don't they look like an army of colorful angels?!

These gorgeous drapery done in different ways and different colors is the handy work of Ms. Pia Gladys Perey. From Australia, Southeast Asia and LA, Ms. Perey has been known to make clothes that exudes confidence, boldness, ones that are ready for any event or red carpet. I particularly love this one and I'm also crushing on this Model... Alisa Sazonova :) Her cheek bones, overall physique, it's perfect. I think I've shot her before because she's part of Elite Manila.

This is her no? =) Small world indeed!