KIM CHIU is the Newest Brand Ambassador for SISTERS

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Popular hygiene brand Sisters just announced their newest brand ambassador this evening and yes, it's the one and only Kim Chiu. Sisters has always been the go to brand for sanitary napkins and panty liners in the country and this is under trusted parent company Megasoft Hygienic Products Incorporated.

Kim they say has always been synonymous to someone bubbly, inspiring and down to earth. Coincidentally, she's also celebrating her 17th year in showbusiness and feels this has been a great opportunity to send the message across women, of all ages. She remains an important part of leading noontime show "It's Showtime!", Sunday noontime show ASAP and upcoming show "Linlang". 

Ms. Aileen Choi Go the VP for Megasoft says "I am so proud to announce the new face of Sisters, Kim is someone people depend on, good or bad days, she has her own best friends, she always treats them like Sisters. I hope we enjoy the ride in the coming years, I will be your Achi and you will be my Siobe."

Kim says "Any girl can relate that we have so much physical activities, when I started using Sisters, I can move around and feels like you're wearing nothing. Thank you for trusting me, for making me part of good things, they have been there supporting me so I'm happy and excited for what's to come."

Sisters has already been part of Kim's lifestyle, one that is very active, and needs something that is breathable, absorbent, prevents moving around and leaking. There will be more things to come with Kim and Sisters in the coming months so make sure you follow Sisters social channels at SistersPH on FB.


Tivoli Royale Country Club Marks 1st Anniversary: Recognizes People on Founders Night

Saturday, May 27, 2023

This evening was quite nice as I ventured to a little known place called Tivoli Royale Country Club in Quezon City. It's a couple minutes drive at the back of Ever in Commonwealth. It's a haven especially for those who like sports since it houses facilities that cater to that; amidst a backdrop of fancy neighborhoods, gotti looking pool, and indoor amenities that could rival the best ones in the country.

Today marks their 1st anniversary, and to celebrate that, they held a Founders Night. Tivoli Royale Country Club just welcomed 405 new members during the occasion held at their badminton gym this evening, May 26th. They have spruced up the place and now bares indoor and outdoor facilities where families of club members can enjoy life's pleasures all in the same grounds. The same venue can also double as pickleball, volleyball and tennis courts so imagine the things you can experience as a member, to your friends and family as well.

Aside from the members, executives, VIP's and celebrities graced the occasion, and yes, they started the celebration with the fun antics and comedy of famed comedian Wacky Kiray.

Wacky Kiray also made sure there's some semblance of audience participation. He invited a couple of folks to a game where they would sing, dance, and enjoy his brand of comedy to the delight of the audience. It was fun especially when he had to go to different areas where bald guys were, asking if he was his twin.

Tivoli Royale also has also brought out the guns with really good cuisine from their prime restaurant Royale Lounge. I must say, I've dined twice in different events in this place and the food they served has always been divine.



Tivoli's Executive Chef Emmanuel Jonnel Roxas made sure the quality of food they serve is top notch, and everyone behind the success of Tivoli Royal Country Club be served with the best out of their kitchen.

Tivoli Royale Country Club also recognized their most loyal members, their very industrious employees and those who have spent years with them. We all saw how proud their peers are especially those who come from their own departments.

I'd like to take this bit to congratulate the men and women behind TIVOLI ROYALY COUNTRY CLUB and the successful mounting of this event. You deserve the awards you got during this Founders Night. If you would like to inquire about membership or like to schedule a visit, please head on to their official site or their social channels or


Filipino Actor DINGDONG DANTES is POLICE LIFESTYLE's Global Brand Ambassador on its 40th Anniversary

Friday, May 26, 2023

God must have spent a little more time on Primetime King Dingdong Dantes when he made him. He's a very talented actor, host, Dad to Zia and Sixto and a loving husband to the queen Marian Rivera-Dantes. He's very passionate with sports, motorcycles, and just about any adrenaline inducing activity. He also does it with style, panache and swag without even trying to.


He's the perfect fit to represent Police Lifestyle. They have been in the industry for 40 years. Today, he's been hailed as the first and only Filipino brand ambassador together with British F1 Racer Lewis Hamilton. In fact, they've already graced a huge billboard in New York City's Times Square.  Executives from the brand graced the event yesterday at Ideal Vision and Watch Republic at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. 

To mark the special occasion, Mr. Dantes was awarded with a special edition POLICE 40th Anniversary Sunglasses with serial number 001. Their call is "AUDACITY WANTED", a term to describe their products and a man's ability to not just exude machismo, but to make it evolved and timeless.

Here are some highlights from the event and a few minutes of the interview that was facilitated by the fabulous Frank Briones, the President of Thinline Advertising. We also included a few minutes to showcase the watches and eyewear that was on display at Ideal Vision and Watch Republic. Dingdong Dantes also went to these stores to say hi to patrons, fans, and the staff. Man was able to spend time taking photos with them too. It was so gracious of him to do that despite his busy schedule.

For those who would want to see what POLICE LIFESTYLE has to offer, they update their Facebook page quite often so just search PoliceLifestyle on the platform. Dingdong also mentioned plans to be in Tokyo, Japan to appear together with other brand ambassadors of Police. Mr. Dantes will be in a few more materials, so stay tuned for that as well.

Congratulations Mr. Dingdong Dantes, you've done the country proud!


Pretty Secret and Jillian Ward Launch Mermaid Collection

Thursday, May 25, 2023

To say we can't get enough of JILLIAN WARD is going to be an understatement today as we get to be with her during her Meet and Greet event at Watsons The Block at SM North Edsa yesterday. It's for the launch of their collaboration with makeup brand Pretty Secret that's been taking the metro by storm, plus we did get to enjoy a movie of The Little Mermaid too afterwards, check out this video I prepared about the highlights of the event:

The theme for the occasion was Mermaids, and during the meet and greet, Jillian and the brand's fans used the make up and dressed up clad in the same colorway, it was really fun to see! Jillian was also asked much about her makeup process, she likes them colorful and bright hence the "Hello Sea! Mermaid" collection. There were also several things in the line that you'll really appreciate.

First is Jillian's favorite the Mermaid Eyeshadow Palette. It's got coral, turquoise, pink and mermaid shades on it which you can mix up for daily wear or special occasions. I like the Mermaid Eyelash Curler, with its specially designed mermaid tail as handles, you just know they took time designing it. There's also the Groom and Go Tinted Eyebrow Mascara with Free Spoolie that can get you a smooth, non sticky finish that also lasts long. Imagine the things you can do with it from office to date night. She also suggests the use of the Mermaid Powder Pact Foundation which can control oil, cover your blemishes and has got UV protection. These are just some of the things you can use for those who want to be #MadeToBeMermaid.

Make sure you visit WATSONS stores and SM Beauty sections as it will all be sold exclusively on these stores nationwide. Just go and ask for Pretty Secret, the pigment is bright you'll love it especially on those special days!

Congratulations Jillian! Hope there will be more products from Pretty Secret that you can showcase very soon!


WARNER BROTHERS: 100 Years Of Celebrating Every Story at SM Malls #WB100

Had so much fun over at Warner Brothers' 100th Year Celebration at the SM North Edsa's THE BLOCK Atrium yesterday. Throngs of DC, Potterheads, every WB cartoon fan from all over Metro Manila converged at this place in what seem to be a piece of WB heaven!

It's a set, complete with the iconic WB water tower at the center with installations of different costumes from Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Harry Potter on the left, whilst on the right side there's Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian and a souvenir area you can purchase shirts from the WB world, we were all like a kid in a candy store. Kids also dressed up as their favorite superheroes whilst the parents pretended they were there to take care of the kids but ended up buying even more than them LOL!

Warner Brothers also held raffle draws of WB merch, for the lucky mall goers and VIP's, they did it several times to the delight of the winners (including me but unfortunately I was in a bathroom break). SM Executives were also there to join the public in celebrating this momentous occasion!

Here's what happened on video that afternoon!


Here's a little tour around the display area, it's really a good place to take tons of photos so if you are in the area, please indulge with your favorite WB characters and make your own story! There's also a limited edition Looney Tunes x DC designed merch, make sure you take advantage of that!

This will be in THE BLOCK Atrium up until June 4, but don't fret if you're a little far from the area, it will be toured in different malls til the last quarter. Go to SM Fairview from July 10 to 22, SM Novaliches on July 16 to 31, SM San Lazaro June 19 to 30, SM BF on June 13 to 20, SM Sucat on June 23 to July 2, SM Bicutan from July 7 to 16, SM East Ortigas on July 28 to August 13, SM San Mateo from August 4 to 20, SM Marikina on August 18 to September 3, SM Taytay on August 25 to September 10 and SM Masinag on September 8 to 24.

Come join thousands of fans across the country who would want to make their own stories, celebrate 100 years of Warner Brothers history on these locations, see you all there!


JILLIAN WARD is your DreamGirl

Seeing Jillian Ward again after her very posh debut (a few months ago) I can say, it was about time! Her show even then was already successful, but evidently, it has become something BIG these days, every home knows who Dr. Analyn is from "Abot Kamay Na Pangarap". The series has also transcended every age, as seen on social media, people have been rooting for the genius doctor. They are continuing to do so, and today, part of the reason to be happy is her being the celebrity endorser for DreamGirl. 

Currently they have one product out in the market, particularly the DreamSkin by DreamGirl GluKoGen Soap. What it promotes is giving you that toned healthy glow. With regular use, it could give you brighter, younger looking skin. Aside form that, they have DreamGlow by DreamGirl Hand and Body Lotion with SPF50 PA+++. It's a non greasy lotion that can also give you protection from harmful UV rays to prevent it from darkening. It'll be out soon so if you want to know more about it, be sure to follow their social channel here.

Jillian says "I personally have used the products first before endorsing it. Taking good care of your skin has been something that I just do, because it's the base of everything, before you even put makeup. Playing the role of Dr. Analyn in "Abot Kamay na Pangarap" was a bit difficult because you won't be able to use heavy make-up almost all the time. You would depend on your skin, and make sure it's clear, without blemishes can still make you look good on camera."

Here's part of our interview with her that morning.


Again, if you would like to know more about the brand, follow their social channels and see more of Jillian Ward there!


PUREGOLD Showcases Romance Web Series at TNAP Convention

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Just had so much fun seeing A LOT of Filipinos take the long way to enjoy savings at the yearly Tindahan ni Aling Puring aka TNAP Sari-Sari Store Negosyo Convention 2023. The crowd was no joke, bearing their own carts and brands came in tons to make sure the best deals for them were available til doors closed at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. 

We were also there to interview the cast of "Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile", a web series shown at The Puregold Channel on YouTube. They've done so many entertaining shows there, so if you haven't subscribed yet, this may well be the reason to do so. 

Meet Wilbert Ross, he plays Bryce, a gamer in the series. He's proven time and time again that he's just not lucky in love. Through suggestions from friends, he began using an app in hopes that his fortune changes. There he met Yukii Takahashi who plays Angge. Their conversation was light, a bit romantic, and while he was innocently describing his ideal girl, it was just HER. 

Wilbert has really nice words to say about Yukii, who although only has been in the industry for about a year, has made work quite easy for him and the whole cast of "Ang Lalake Sa Likod ng Profile". He talked about it lengthily on this video, and a few things about pairings he's had in the past. Please, enjoy!


We also got some highlights off the press conference when they got on stage, it was nice to see Director and Producer Chris Cahilig talk about the current Director of the show Victor Villanueva who he says was a person he only dreamed to work with. Puregold executives also went there and supported the cast, telling how important the series they come out with on the channel to make sure their messages would come across different demographics especially the consumers who regularly shop at Puregold.


Aside from Wilbert and Yukii, cast members Kat Galang, Migs Almendras, VJ Mendoza, Ms. Marissa Sanchez,  Star Orjaliza, Moi Marcampo, TJ Valderrama and Anjo Resurreccion were there to answer questions from the press. It was fun watching them attest to the love story of Bryce and Angge because they too were a little giddy from getting teased on stage. People from all ages would certainly love this!

As you cans see, every Puregold Tindahan Ni Aling Puring event is jam packed like this! It was insane to see a lot of people in one place, Puregold is certainly doing good!

Producer/Director Chris Cahilig also announced a film competition which they are working on, they will announce more details about it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! There's so much more than just Puregold being so generous every year. The stories they tell through these web series just make me realize how important it is for people to learn while enjoying a good show. Congratulations to the cast and The Puregold Channel, can't wait for the last episode to run so you can do a second season of this. I have enjoyed the story!


SPARKS CAMP - First Queer Dating Show in the Philippines

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Is dating difficult these days? Have you been looking for that certain spark? Be ready as 10 single guys gets the ball rolling in the country's first queer dating reality show called "SPARKS CAMP". The show will be premiered this Wednesday at Black Sheep's YouTube channel and yes, netizens have certainly noticed.

I've seen how people reacted on Twitter, some thirsty for conversations. At the helm is Director Theodore Boborol who has been part other hit shows like PBB and MMK among others. Patrick Valencia and Daniel Saniana also wrote the script. Patrick has done "Hanging Out", "The Third Party",  hit web show "Hello Stranger". Daniel on the other hand did "Sila Sila" apart from his other works. Hosting the show is Ms. Mela Habijan who's been a stern supporter and part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Director Theodore says "We are very excited to let you see the show Sparks Camp, I hope you enjoy the show and hear who you are rooting for in the camp."

Mela says "Happy pride! This is the first queer reality dating show, it's difficult for the community and hope this sparks conversations especially in the queer community."

Here are highlights from this evening's mediacon, enjoy!

People will love the cast, as campers Dan, Nick, Gabe, Justin, Stanley, Karl, Aaron, Alex, Bong, Nat will be trying their luck in finding the one who will give them that spark. This is part of the throng of content that ABSCBN is putting out on YouTube, make sure you watch and take part in the conversation. Remember, May 24 at 8pm, in Black Sheep's YouTube channel.

Patrick Valencia in the end adds "This is our labor of love and hope you spread the word, thank you!"

PS. Got the chance to see the first episode, which you shouldn't miss so you get to know the guys before they try to see if there's real spark!


XOXO Unleashes New Upbeat OPM Song GLNG (Go Lang Ng Go!)

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that we miss XOXO. They're GMA's premiere girl group that's got super powerful vocals, and has very successful individual acting careers too. Members Lyra, Dani, Real and Mel started the event quite excited, showing why they're one of the most sought after performers by telling stories that made us all roll in laughter prior to them singing. They've got A LOT of personality, they can work out a crowd and get away with it. They're also great ambassadors of body positivity and about loving who you are no matter what color, race or ethnicity is. They pointed out how varied they are and proved how talent, music, encompasses everything!

This foray to OPM is somewhat a new endeavor for them. They made sure it's got dance, more upbeat than usual because it's something that is supposed to inspire you when you're down. It's something that could encourage you to learn, and leave those worries behind especially when you're with people who support you like friends and family. This is where they say "Go Lang ng Go!", here's where they performed it for us that evening!

@kumagcow UPBEAT SONG GLNG (GO LANG NG GO) RELEASED BY XOXO Under GMA Music #EntertainmentPH #tiktokshowbizreporter #ppop ♬ original sound - John Bueno

I didn't get to talk to her after the show, but she's my bias if you could say that. If you haven't seen Muriel on TikTok, you should definitely give her a follow. She's not only entertaining, showcasing her powerful vocals there, but takes time to tell different stories that touch the heart, interacting with her fans is certainly something that she does quite good, but something tells me she's gotten busy that she doesn't stream live as much anymore, but that's a good thing. It only means they're rising, doing performances not just in the country, but abroad too. 

Which reminds me, Lyra, Dani, Real and Mel will be at the Best of P-POP and S-POP Concert this coming June 11. It will be held at the Esplanade Recital Studio and is produced by AOR Global Pte. Ltd. so make sure you get your tickets prior to the show. As said, there's going to be several groups performing with them like BGYO and BINI, plus a few more Singapore based artists so make sure you get tickets at as early as now because it's going to be absolutely crazy! They also told us they're very excited to work with fellow Filipino PPOP groups which they haven't done in quite a while. Here's how our interview with them that evening!

So if you're loving what you are hearing, go stream them on Spotify and other streaming platforms where available. Again, this is produced by GMA Music (who had their executives there btw). Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you XOXO! Can't wait for more music, take OPM where you're goin!


VOLTES V Legacy's Big Bert Matt Lozano Releases 3rd Single "LIHAM"

I've known Matt Lozano for a couple of years now. When he started in the industry, we've known him for being a really emotional singer, likened to the John Mayer style we've all known to love. He's done several covers, but have began releasing a few singles including "Kwarto" under GMA Music, "Walang Pipigil" which was done in 2021, and now a new single called "LIHAM" under the same label.

LIHAM is a lot different from its predecessors. Much of it is because of the fact that he did this in just a few minutes, stemmed from raw emotions which he showed to producers later on and published with GMA Music. It's also about moving on, finding yourself, and see how you could recover from a heartbreak. Surely, this will resonate with a lot of people. He gave us a live performance of it here!

@kumagcow VOLTES V LEGACY's BIG BERT aka @mattlozanomusic sings LIHAM his 3rd single under @gmamusic #voltesvlegacy #mattlozano #EntertainmentPH #tiktokshowbizreporter ♬ original sound - John Bueno

Matt Lozano has been dreaming of this day, to finally get the fruits of his labor... especially in the acting work he's done these past few years doing Voltes V: Legacy. He's been lauded by critics in movie/TV reviews. To say he's done a great job in reprising the role of Big Bert would certainly be an understatement. He's thankful for the opportunities that are opening up for him as Voltes V: Legacy becomes a household favorite for Filipinos everywhere.

Check out our interview with him here:

I don't know if Matt Lozano is single, but if he is, he's surely going to have a lot of ladies loving him for his singing. Go stream "LIHAM" on Spotify and other streaming platforms. There's also a lyric video which they shot while recording coming out on YouTube, so make sure you're subscribed to GMA Music's YouTube channel.

Thank you Matt! I'm so happy to see how your career has taken flight. Congratulations!


TCL Set Asia Pacific Launch in Thailand This 2023

Monday, May 22, 2023

olks in Bangkok Thailand are in for a treat as TCL brings its latest products for their Asia Pacific launch. This includes the rumored Min LED QLED TV's, a couple more domestic home appliances, and several smart devices. This will all happen on May 25 at the Centara Grand's Central World in Thailand's capital.

In the event, they're expecting to announce TCL's roadmap which will include the Mini LED QLED units, air conditioners, and TCL's many breakthroughs in recent years. Their goal is to continue to "Inspire Greatness!", and this includes taking bold steps to make sure their process and production remains sustainable and continue to have technical advancements in the products they release. This is why TCL has remained to be the go to brand of countless individuals around the world.   

Make sure you follow them on their social channels and main website to get a glimpse of what's next for them.

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