NICO BOLZICO Releases "Bullied Husbands Club - The Manual" on Lazada

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

 One of the most good looking guys on the internet Nico Bolzico aka the "The Bullied Husband" of Solenn Heussaff just released his own book called "Bullied Husbands Club - The Manual" in popular online shopping platform Lazada. 

His humor is different. Either with culture or upbringing, one could tell how it would always be fun in the Bolzico household as he narrates small anecdotes in this printed work. Marrying one of the most beautiful women in show business must have come with a lot of things, and one of them is dealing with an equally crazy life with a "Wifezilla". Nico's book details a few procedures how to deal with the everyday battles. One must not forget where one stands in the relationship, that men are only slaves and don't have anything to say other than YES on a normal day (I kid). He also goes the mile and gives good advice on small things so you don't have to suffer the consequences. 


Nico's celebrity friends, Lazada executives put their stamp on the book.

Congratulations Nico!

I read it in a span of 2 days, and I thought I wouldn't get his humor, but I did. Got my copy signed in a Lazada event a few weeks ago. I must say, the fine man is quite nice to talk to.

 To tell you honestly, I liked every bit of it. It's sort of a preparation if you're in the process of getting married. It's not all clownery, because at the heart of these conversations in his head is his way of telling you how it is done, how one should respect women in general. It's not just giving her what she wants, but thinking about what she needs and her freedom. Being married doesn't mean you would need to just stay at home and take care of kids (and dogs), women in this era can do so many things and being a husband means you need to support her among other things. You'll learn that and more in Nico's book. Although delivered humorously, it makes a lot of sense.

 This is also very affordable and perfect to have as a Christmas gift for men, if you haven't had the chance to get your spouse, boyfriend or male friend a gift... go to LAZADA today and take that leap to understand why the Argentinian man survived the Filipina wife. You can get the book HERE. Thanks to Lazada for having us!


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