FAMILY OF TWO: A Film with FAMILY at its Core

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The excitement over the Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards movie "Family of Two" is but a good measure of the caliber of actors they have in the film. The accolades they have would probably have filled a room or two from their previous projects and having them in the Metro Manila Film Festival was just fate, we could say, well deserved.

Their trailer alone garnered millions of views when it was released a few weeks ago, and the strong show of support on the premiere night probably have stamped reasons why people should watch it on Christmas Day.

Ms. Sharon proudly says "Not everybody becomes my son or daughter, a few really I could say have got close. I could say Alden is one, and Coco the other. We grew even close with this project. My kids even told me that he's like me, even more than them. I totally agree, we have so much in common than what I do with my children. It is weird in a good way. It only took us two workshop dates to get acquainted. My staff even told me that he talks like me, a bit scared about the similarities. I think that's the big factor why we do get along. He's the boy version of me."

Ms. Sharon adds "I wish this Christmas, Alden gets his hearts desires... because he deserves it. He has given so much for his family and to other people. And he's a good boy, a good son. I want my son to grow up like him. I appreciate what my Mom did for me, I need her now, and I think about it. Those conflicts won't matter, spend time with them, because you cannot bring back time."

Alden says "Back in 2019, I was asked who to work with. Ms. Sharon was one of those, and I told myself, I wish to be able to work with her with this kind of theme. Like a mother and son, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this. I will really regret if I didn't do this project."

"When I was growing up, I remember my Mom prepping my lunch boxes, waking up way ahead of me. When we were young, we often get a bit shy when parents get clingy. Some are expressive, and my character was much like me. It kind of hurts that when the time comes, you'll look for that. And that's the message of the film, you take for granted things, when I lost my Mom, I wanted to do things for her, but I couldn't anymore because she's gone. Everyone will leave us in this world, let's not be too shy showing our feelings, let's not wait for that to happen because most of you are so lucky to have family with you. This film teaches us those family moments, you need to value getting together as a family. Kids should be given roots and wings, let them fly, like Maricar and Mateo, know when to let go. When this presscon ends, call your Mom or Dad, tell them you love them, because I envy you, that I can't."

Here's our red carpet video and the actual mediacon in full.

Cineko Productions has really a good entry this year, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a top grosser because of the sheer star power this has. Aside from that, a topic that is current, something that every son and daughter can relate to. This is what we need, it's about FAMILY. Feedback from the people who watched the film warned me about this being a cry session, I expect that and more. I love Family Matters and since this is Directed by Nuel Naval, it would certainly be full of emotions. They are going to be a giant, and from the looks of it, people are looking forward to watch this first amongst the 10 entries in the MMFF 2023. I know with both of them in the film, this will become a classic. Perhaps, this could be perfectly sent to festivals abroad, to hopefully have them cry about it too.

This is written by Mel Medoza-del Rosario.

Congratulations and I love you Ms. Sharon and Alden!


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