Health and Beauty Coffee Brand "Luxxe White Coffee" Launched at MOA Arena

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Coffee is just something that I look forward to in the morning, a cup or two a day would be a norm. It's a ritual for millions of people everyday, and it does more for your body than just jump start your day. Research shows (from Mayo Clinic) that moderate intake lowers the risks of premature death in certain illnesses. What's even better is that there's a new health and beauty coffee brand launched last month at Mall of Asia Arena called "Luxxe White Coffee".  

This one's a little different as it's got Premium Japan Collagen to promote skin elasticity, Japan sourced content for detox and brightening your skin. This also has L-Carnitine, Spirulina, Barley, Grape Seed, Mangosteen, and Garcinia Cambogia for reducing fat and appetite.This blend makes the coffee have butterscotch notes, and has Stevia as sweetener (so no worries if you are watching your sugar intake). Frontrow CEO Sam Verzosa dubs this as the easiest way to do self care while enjoying a cup each morning. Wouldn't that be a good thing to have everyday?

Frontrow Mentor Richmond Yu adds "We really thought about this product before releasing it in the market. This took years of conceptualization and meticulous production of me, RS and Sam to make sure it benefits every user."

At the launch, they also gave recognition for top FRONTROW Distributors, their 137 Millionaires, over 80 new car and 59 property owners. All have achieved milestones in their careers while making sure to market and sell Beauty Soaps, their Korean Skin Care line and supplements which are pretty well known for its efficacy and quality in the country.

Now they have the new Luxxe White Coffee to showcase and enjoy themselves. Now that it's out in the market, you get the chance to take care of your skin, your health, and your loved ones. You can get them today via FRONTROW authorized distributors nationwide.


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