GoShopping Philippines Officially Launched in the Country

Saturday, July 31, 2021

GoShopping Philippines has been launched today. It's a locally based retail shopping app and is available on the Google Play store and App Store on iOS.

Their CEO Neil G. La-as was there and he says "You are about to witness the birth of GoShopping Philippines. Our country has been taken over by international ecommerce companies, but the truth is, a lot of anomalies has been happening like fake items, bogus sellers, victimizing ordinary shoppers. Ours is a Filipino owned company and corporation, and we will be doing the business every Pinoy wants to have, one with protection and value for money. You need a platform that is free from scamming, this is the answer for it. We will bring one truth, we need our transactions online to be safe. We will unveil the newest ecommerce app in the country, GoShopping Philippines."

Sheryl Nacino of Metrodeal Philippines says "We've seen online platforms come and go and we've been actively looking for collaborations with corporations with the same vision. We would like to congratulate GoShopping Philippines for having us in the largest online shopping mall, may this opportunity to work with you flourish."

Michael Herrera of Tourismo.ph adds "I know it's been a while, I know how much you've worked on this app and I'm looking forward to work with you and Tourismo.ph"

Cesar Cruz of PhilTOA "This will be a better possibility, a better platform and with PhilTOA that comes from the hospitality industry and travel related industries. We are proud to say, we have the most accredited establishments from the DOT. The quality of the products of the platform is assured, selling packages and tourism products really works. Booking and payment will be easy, make sure you visit the Travelzone section of the app so you can see what we offer. Thank you!"

The reason this app exists is to offer Philippine products and services to Filipinos. For sellers who want to be part of this, you may email info@goshoppingphilippines.com. They have their regulatory process before you can become a seller on the platform. They have different content (they have their own shows in app), deals, and products on the platforms. They also have the products on hand before you see it on the app. 

Now who's up for shopping?  


SARAH GERONIMO Sparks ACER Day Celebrations!

Friday, July 30, 2021

The one and only Sarah Geronimo will be headlining this year's Acer Day Celebrations. I've witnessed these in the past but this time, it's going to be a little different as Sarah is officially the country ambassador representing the Philippines together with the biggest artists in Southeast Asia which includes Prince from Indonesia, Aina Abdul from Malaysia, GBoySWAG from Taiwan, Earth Patravee from Thailand and VP Bá Vương from Vietnam. 

They'll be singing ACER's newest anthem called "Live Your World" which will be released on August 3, but their actual live performance will be done on Acer's channels on August 7, 2021. In the past, each country would only celebrate individually, but they're making it possible to perform together online and no pandemic will be stopping them!

The Managing Director of Acer Philippines Manuel Wong knows that Acer needed someone that's considered a pillar in the industry and they can't wait for people to see Sarah perform for Acer Day. She will definitely bring it!


For those who wish to have an Acer laptop for school, work or play, they'll also be offering huge discounts on the said date so make sure to stay tuned for the announcements during the event. You can also check out their official stores online and their other channels because there's definitely an Acer for you!


The BISTRO GROUP Got Fully Vaccinated


The Bistro Group is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the country. They've got over 18 restaurant concepts which includes TGIFRIDAYS who's got pretty good burgers and ribs, ITALIANNI’S who served lovely pizza and pasta, TEXAS ROADHOUSE for the best steaks, DENNY’S who serves all day breakfas, WATAMI for Japanese cuisine, HARD ROCK CAFÉ who serves American comfort food (yes I mean those cheesy macaroni!) and live entertainment, plus the Spanish cuisin that Las Flores, BCN, Tomatitos and Rambla's offer and more. As of now, they've got over 80 branches nationwide and employ a lot in the food and beverage industry.

Recently, they announced that ALL their restaurant staff have been FULLY VACCINATED. That's a huge feat especially when Chef's, cooks, servers are protected, it'll be safer to dine in or receive delivery from these establishments. Of course, we still have to observe protocols and do our best to get vaccinated too but knowing this alone, brings a sense of security that they're taking the threat of the virus seriously. Their staff will be wearing their vaccination pin proudly so if you're looking forward to dine in (on a limited basis based on government restrictions) a Bistro group restaurant is a must! The Bistro Group President and COO Jean Paul Manuud says "We support all efforts in vaccination drives. We also want to bring the economy back to life and make dining options safe for all stakeholders."

In a nutshell, it's reassuring and as they say, a JAB well done! You may order from them via the Food Panda app, the Grab app and the Bistro Delivers app which is available in the Google Play store and the App Store on iOS.


JEREMIAH TIANGCO Releases New Single "Sa Tuwing Umuulan"

I always envied his haircut and over the years, his fashion sense has definitely admired by so many. In his latest IG stories, I've seen how the monsoon rains have been not too kind in Cavite and yes, even his house was affected these past few days.

We got to get in touch with Jeremiah Tiangco, the Clash champ himself a few days ago because he just released his newest single called "Sa Tuwing Umuulan". He's worked hard to make this single his best together with songwriter Arnie Mendaros. Listening to recently, it had a different vibe, a little funk and R&B and smooth vocal runs which Jeremiah has been known for. Honestly, if I had wine or coffee and it was raining outside, this would be the perfect song to listen to. Here's the rest of the blog conference where we also talked about his plans and perhaps his vision of "not being single" anymore in the coming years.

Anyway, Jeremiah's single "Sa Tuwing Umuulan" is now out on digital streaming sites so go download it and stream today! This is under GMA Music.

Congrats Miah! I love your voice, your music, and hope God blesses you more with more songs and opportunities. You deserve it!



Cut! Print. Podcast Network Starts POD CON 2021

Just got off the POD CON 2021 this morning and I'm really excited about this. I've been listening to a few throughout the years and I've seen some of them in this joint. Cut! Print. PodCast Network is the brain child of Cut! Print. Productions who are the same people behind the acclaimed short film NAKAW.

Jett Pangan hosted the show and according to Patsy Ferrer the PodMother "We bring in creators and independent talents so we can help them produce. I've talked to Jett Pangan initially and after that, we got several independent podcasters to help them produce content and create their original shows. Now we have 22 of them, all went through our incubation program and some of them will be in the panel later. It's been a good year even under the pandemic, but podcasts now have more reach because people started listening more during the period. We just concluded our event last month and released new shows from our incubator programs. We help them organize their content and put them on trainings, more like a school for podcasters. We have POP Emergency which is a pop culture show, Earpods Pro talks about mental health, Covert Operations which is about slight of hand magic, Chubby Cheeka is about body positivity and women, Kumaretalk Podcast is about current events and topics that matter, Sa San Isidro is about radio drama, Geeks and Gamers Getting By is about how gaming can help you in your daily lives, The Undertaker is about a paranormal raido drama, Now Open is about sex ed and discourse on sexuality, Blogtalk Hollywood is about Hollywood news, Ang Atty Co is about legal matters done in layman terms, Thirsty and Thirty talks about smarter love, The Design Pod is about visual and graphic design and a whole lot more in store for you soon."

Bonnie Pequeña of The Round Table says "Podcasting has not been maximized yet in the Philippines but there's an exciting future for it. Now people are consuming audio content, it's progressing. I've been doing speaking engagements now with schools to talk about young relationships."

Lucena based Jeck Jaca who does Jeck Does Tech "I started this podcast a long time ago, and didn't have the courage to post it. I was initially making it for myself, it gathered listeners so I went really serious about it. I was happy to have been able to do talks in Cultural Center of the Philippines, it brings comfort to have been able to do that and it gave me confidence doing things later on. We have a lot of things in the pipeline, please watch out for that, you'll love this thing we're cooking."

Juan Timay of Nays Juan Sessions says "Based in Mindanao, I first started doing this because I didn't love editing vlogs. Podcasting had a lot of similarities so I just made it as an audio journal which was for personal consumption. I used Binisaya because I could express more, not just in the region, but elsewhere in the world. I made use of that because, why not? Cut! Print. Podcast Network taught me editing and recording, a whole lot about podcasting. I'm currently in the network, and their support is nothing but phenomenal, I felt it is the podcast network for me and for everyone. Soon, we're going to have negosyo sessions, we'll also have collaboration with really nice stories to share."

Shawntel Nieto of Sustainarumble says "I'm excited to be here. I'm a sustainability advocate, and we met last year while I was talking about my movement. We started to formulate the idea of having a podcast that discusses solutions for sustainability for the ordinary joe. We believe podcasting is slowly growing, a lot of people can benefit, be knowlegeable, easy to comprehend our efforts and have a cool place to talk about this topic. Because of this, we received The Diana Award (yes the Princess Diana!). It's quite an achievement more so to be the first Filipina to have it. I've been active in sustainable development in communities, provide food in our cities, and do efforts for our frontliners, partner with restaurants and businesses here in Cainta and nearby towns as well. It's about making it a conversation, about making it not data heavy, explain it casually so people in the community feel they're part of it and easily understand things. We also ask experts we invite, so anyone who listens to it can learn from Sustainarumble."

As a Dungeons and Dragongs based podcast it's not that easy to make it into a show. Jethro Parolan and Dan Areola of You Have Six Seconds says "I've had the pleasure to do this initially on our own and the content was more role playing, and when creating conecpts, it had to be structured. We will try to have our content be right with the holidays of the year, soon, we're going to release this like one shots, a non canonical story. So you'll have horror, more holiday inspired story lines."

Taryn Navarro and Angela Tiotangco-Alvarez of Career Mo 'Te "It's an advocacy for women empowerment, with a multimedia platform posting about it on social media. Now we're producing our own show thanks to Cut! Print. Podcast Network. We're just starting and we can't wait to have more episodes released soon on our podcasts."

Issa Litton hosted the second part of the press conference. She introduced an ASMR podcaster Joshua Von Drake, GMA Network's voice George Boone, Marites for all season and Tiktok Superstar Justine Luzares, actor and The Dawn frontman Jett Pangan, and top voice actor Inka Magnaye. They are part of the talent roster of Cut! Print. Podcast Network.

Patsy says "We manage talents too. It's a lot different on podcasters, talents are the ones we manage. Inka already got a Hollywood stint, we want to see them move forward.

Joshua Von Drake plays the role of the perfect virtual "boyfriend on demand" and will have a collaboration with Inka Magnaye in a future show. They will also be doing ASMR which I'd love to see in a future episode. In the show, Joshua says "It is me, just a little bit unfiltered." George Boone is also doing a Masterclass on his podcast, the legendary voice of GMA is willing to share his expertise in voice acting and the different facets of it. Trending with a total of 10 accents is Justine Luzares and he's glad to have been able to work with Cut! Print. and manage his new found niche. Jett Pangan on the other hand touched on efforts they've been doing with Congress to help the music and creative industry, saying "Governments change but the creative people will stay the same. We hope you check out CreativeIndustriesPH for that cause."

Inka Magnaye has been with the podcast network for over a year. She says "It was an interesting experience to be able to work in this industry and I felt nervous judging there, they work so fast in Eat Bulaga. I needed to step up and observe, learn how to banter and I love every bit of it. The Hollywood film "Surprise!" happened when the producer messaged me on Instagram. Matt Marlowe asked if they wanted me to be part of it and it was an interesting thing that TikTok talents were part of it. We were like their dream cast, they were happy about it because they had to shoot from different countries. South Africa, LA, Manila, we were checking with each others schedules and every time we shot we were like awake in the wee hours of the morning. It makes the world so much smaller. It was shot entirely on zoom. The film is around 10 minutes, I'm so happy about that!"


I asked Inka and Joshua about creeps who message them and Inka says "I get a lot of creeps all the time, how do I handle it? I fight them, when they're really bad it feels more like swatting a fly, an aggressive response." while Joshua on the other hand says "I don't really get a lot but I do get some in my socials and email. I respond to them professionally."

Podcasts still have a long way to grow in the country but these people are flourishing. Faster internet, access to it will become easier in the coming years and it's such a nice moment to be in the first POD CON 2021, hearing from these success stories, I'm optimistic that the future for it is bright! Thanks to Cut! Print. Podcast Network for inviting us on their first salvo. Hope there will be more of this soon, if not next year!

How I wish I could start my own podcast no?


Huawei ICT Academy Inks Partnership with 15 Schools in the PH

Huawei just partnered up with 15 Universities and Colleges via Huawei ICT Academy in the Philippines. This comes as they wish to develop, build and strengthen the country's local ICT talent ecosystem. This includes prestigous schools like University of the East, STI College in Alabang, Southville International School and Colleges, Colegio de Muntinlupa, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa, Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation, Angeles University Foundation, Marinduque State College, and the University of the Assumption among others.

In Visayas and Mindanao they've also partnered up with schools like University of the Visayas and Cebu Institute of Technology, Xavier-Ateneo de Cagayan University, Holy Cross of Davao College and Jose Maria College in Davao.

This is part of Huawei's corporate social responsibility programs under the Huawei ICT Academy. They provide certification courses in the fields of AI, big data, cloud computing, storage management, 5G communication, security which would benefit faculty and students alike. They initially laucnhed this in 2018 and was successful in University of Southeastern Philippines. It has spurred growth in the region and has produced competent teachers, students that have had Huawei Certified Network Associate certifications and some of them getting certified as Huawei Academy Instructors.

That's good news!


Globe and ASUS Partner Up on Shopee Exclusive Sale!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

This week is going to be epic especially if you're in a lookout for laptop computers. ASUS is going to have their Cool for School launch in a couple of days but news from Globe would get you even more savings.

You see, from today til August 18, 2021, every purchase of any Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi device gets you an ASUS voucher worth P1,500 plus free shipping.

You may use this particular voucher so you can buy any product in the official ASUS Expert Series store in the Shopee app. If that's not enough, you can also opt for the Globe at Home P500 discount vouchers which you can pay for any laptop in the ASUS Expert Series store in the same app. I suggest you use it to pay for homeschooling essentials from Globe at Home. If you're in the look out for reliable internet connection, go purchase the Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi, Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid WiFi and Globe at Home LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFi. I use it for backup now because my internet connection from the other company is down. 



Go get one today!



It's been a phenomenal year for Sanya Lopez. Even if we were under the pandemic, she's copped a lead role for First Yaya and paired with the legendary Gabbi Concepcion. Her first reaction was, "Wait, what? Why is this being given to me? After being teased for Ms. Marian Rivera, I really was a little confused at first but after hearing her reasons from management, I understood how important it is for a mother to take care of her children."

She's also keen on doing a role to perhaps do a superhero, if that would be given to her. She's optimistic that anything can happen because she's been given a lot. God was in a way blessing her with so much than she's even hoped for and with all the brands believing with her, plus the shows being entrusted to her, she is hopeful that this will all continue with her contract renewal with GMA Artist Center.

She will be also celebrating her birthday on August 9 and she wouldn't even wish for anything but health for her family and her loved ones. She also hopes that soon, everything will be alright and we'll all get to keep our relationships intact. She also hopes that her love life improves, she's looking for someone that respects women, her family, and love them too. She mentions "I don't really go for looks, just the personality, but if they have abs and good looks, that's a bonus!"

Can't wait for Sanya to shine even brighter. She deserves all the blessings because she's a very kind person. I've known her for a couple of years, and she remained that humble.


ReINA ng Tahanan Reigns Supreme in Ratings

If you've been binge watching "It's Showtime!" these past few days, you probably have figured out why it has reigned supreme in ratings despite the challenges of not having it broadcasted on free to air TV for a few months now. The popular portion in It's Showtime takes a screenshot of true life, of how it is to be a Mom at this day and age in the Philippines. Contestants come from different economic backgrounds, most of whom have difficult life stories and want to in one way shape or form to become confident in their skin, showcase their talent to the public and feel like queens even for a day.

This week had us see someone literally heartwarming as they finally popped the question on national TV - a Mom who has been in a relationship with a guy for a long time appeared on the question and answer portion and brought out a ring, to finally fulfill a ReiNANAY's dream of getting married. Vice Ganda and Kim Chiu witnessed that too and honestly, it made a lot of people tear up during the show.

Today they also had a woman almost have a break down because she forgot everything she practiced during the introduction of candidates, but Vice Ganda quickly turned around things and had her repeat her script 4 more times til she got it right. The part where they had to run around on stage and make light of the situation was just genius, I'm sure a lot of people at home would find this not just fun but extremely entertaining. It reminds me of programs that showcase a slice of life, where we see happiness, fun even in the most awkward situations. It was lovely to see Vice pickup banter and add in little tidbits of things she learned all these years.

Vice says "It's a pretty difficult time to produce a show of this caliber because we are still under the pandemic. We don't even have the liberty to move around that much during the show. In spite of all these challenges and extreme exhaustion when we do the show, we feel it's all worth it because we're giving entertainment that Filipinos deserve. We also gave ordinary mothers a platform where they could have fun and loosen up. They are the real reason why we are doing this, for the most important people in our lives, our Moms!"

Which reminds me, Vice is actually having a repeat of her concert entitled GANDEMIC this coming August 14 as clamor for it is at an all time high. Vice never disappointed fans during the weekend of her concert and this time, she's going to do it for you guys and gals who are fond of Vice's antics and brand of comedy. Tons of guests, super fun acts and special numbers will happen on this date. Make sure you get your tickets via KTX.ph ahead of time and get the VIP so you can see and be in the midst of Vice right after the show.

Vice really has been a good source of laughter during these hard times and I'm so happy she's doing it one more time even if she's busy with Everybody Sing and It's Showtime. 


Big Promos with Riot Games and Globe

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Globe has another promo coming up with one of the leading gaming companies Riot Games and it's going to be BIG. It's called RiotGo80 wherein you can get up to 5GB of data plus a chance to unlock special items in game. 
Ms. Rina Siongco says "This is a special treat from Globe and Riot Games. We've been connecting to family and friends during the pandemic through Wildrift. We have continued to support them through tournaments and tours via the Philippine Pro League. As part of our commitment, we bring innovations to Philippine gamers. We've developed the best experience to Wildrift. Globe All Access Data plus Leage of Legends in Game Content for subscribing to RiotGo80. It's a pleasure working with Riot and the LOL community. Keep on gaming! See you on the rift! With Globe, atin ang  mundo!"

Globe Prepaid brand head Eric Tanbauco says "Globe has always been in the forefront of gaming, we aspire to find new and exciting things for our customers. For Filipino gamers, we have always wanted to increase your experience. GoPlay80 gave gigs so you can keep on playing, improvement of 4G networks and launched 5G. Coupled with this is our new promo, RiotGo80. Free Champions, emotes, icons, all in game and can be accessed on the Globe One App and GCash including 5 Gig of data for any site or their gaming needs."

Mark Sargeant of Riot Southeast Asia says "We want to level up the gaming experience of everyone in the Philippines. Wild Rift is a MOBA and is part of League of Legends, and now that it's accessible via mobile platform, you can unlock in game goodies. You need RiotGo80 to unlock these which if you would grind for it, would take lots of time. You'll have a champion that would suit your style, in addition, you can get icons within the game plus Filipino flare with a Poro character and a jeepney on emoticons. If you need to return to base, you will have a recall effect that will be in style."

Justin Hulog the GM of Riot Games in Southeast Asia says "We know how important mobile games are in the Philippines, which is why we have them on Alpha test right now. Player response on Wild Rift is just overwhelming. We now have teams playing on ESports, and we're constantly looking for brands with like minded ideas hence this partnership with Globe. We want user experience to be the best, then elevate it. You'll see more of this for 2021 and beyond. We'll have more for the fans soon, so please enjoy!"

They also have options to add on more data if you're a little too hungry streaming games, videos while playing Wild Rift. It's fun (I've tried it!) more so if you've got family or friends enjoying each game while we're all still locked in on our homes. See you at the rift!


Building a Better Tomorrow: TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Smart

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

After the highly successful partnership between Smart and BTS a few months ago, our friends from the biggest network in the country just confirmed news that TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) is now their newest international ambassadors.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuted in March 2019 and is BIGHIT Music's newest group since launching the phenomenal and world class BTS back in 2013. Members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai form this 5 member group and they've launched The Dream Chapter: STAR, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC and The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. Albums have reached platinum status and the group has been signified as one of the current leading acts in the whole KPOP industry.


They will be endorsing a new service available on Smart's GigaLife App caled BUILD YOUR OWN GIGA which lets subscribers choose their validity periods, data packages and allocation, plus plans with call and text if they need to. The Smart and TOMORROW X TOGETHER partnership just shows how flexible and dynamic their products are and is going to be available only on the country's biggest and fastest mobile data network. Now go and build your own plans with Smart now that TOMORROW X TOGETHER is with them, there's no holding back! That's #SmartTXT for you!

If you want to know more about this and their other promos, follow Smart on FB, IG, Twitter and Tiktok today so you too can build a better tomorrow!


Fun at SMART Hallyu Hangouts with Son Ye Jin

After the hit Korean television series Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin has definitely caught the attention of her Filipino fans. In the series, she falls in love with Hyun Bin's character Lee Jeonghyeok even if they were in other sides of the fence (North and South Korea). While that ended a couple years ago, Filipinos still adore them as the KDrama fever went on despite the pandemic. Smart knows how important connections are so they brought Son Ye Jin through Smart Hallyu Hangouts so some fans would be able to interact and talk to the artists online, ask them a few questions and feel the love all over again. 

It's like a fan meet of sorts, but when asked how she feels about the love she's getting from Filipinos, she says "Honestly, I didn't know how popular I am in the Philippines. People have been sending heartfelt messages, photos, tagging me in screen shots from the show. I'm so happy just knowing that. The Smart shoot took quite a long time because I had to not only work with a Korean crew, but a Philippine team as well which I found quite fascinating. I had to communicate with them over the internet and I'm so glad I got to do it with Smart Communications. I'm very happy that I got to work with them despite the odds. The pandemic had us all confined in our homes after shooting CLOY and we didn't really think much of it til it had really good viewership not only in Korea but elsewhere in the world. But these days, I've been doing my share of isolation at home just like everyone else. When I get good feedback from fans, I don't really get tired of it, I actually want to hear more! (she kids). These days, I spend a lot of time working out and walking my dog when I get the chance to go outside. Exercise makes me happy, it's actually good for my mental health. I would like to go to Boracay soon but I've been to the Philippines before with my family, I find pinoys so welcoming, innocent looking, everyone looked so happy when I was there."

Good thing is, Smart is going to treat us again to something good this coming July 31st as they feature no other than the Captain himself, Hyun Bin on the next Smart Hallyu Hangouts at around 6:30pm on Smart's social channels. Make sure you like their page if you want to be part of that!


BDO and Huawei Join Forces to Provide Inclusive Financial Services for Filipinos

Saturday, July 24, 2021

If you are currently using any form of online banking in the Philippines, consider yourself lucky. Over half the population only have access to that and although a lot of Filipinos have access to the internet and social media, a lot have still no access through financial technology.

We have all been very active online which you probably see on online voting competitions when a Filipino bet is included. BDO knows at the current rate, they need to improve more of their services so Filipinos have access to it. April this year, BDO launched BDO Pay which is a mobile wallet solution so more people have access to digital banking and contact-less payment systems. This expansion was made possible through Huawei's OceanStore Dorado All Flash Storage solution which does reliable, secure and future proof way of storing information on the cloud platform. It safeguards all of the data of the bank including transaction history. This solved a lot of BDO's infrastructure needs over the years and since business grew, they needed to scale up fast, safe and efficiently.

The old system needed automation and this solved it including operation and maintenance of the system. Previously, they got hounded with complaints on certain occasions that they did it through manual ways. Digitizing made it accurate, easier to diagnose and very efficient. BDO also upgraded to Vitrual Private Cloud as part of their innovations, and with Huawei right by their side, they'll maintain BDO's leading post as the largest bank in the country.


TV5 and ABS-CBN Partnership Boosts Primetime Audience

Friday, July 23, 2021

It's been a while since ABSCBN shows have been shown on TV5 after its closure a year ago. It became possible through a partnership of Cignal TV and ABS-CBN which initially was done for the airing of select Kapamilya shows on TV5. This has paved the way for primtime shows like FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (of Coco Martin of course!), Huwag Kang Mangamba (with the GOLD Squad), Init Sa Magdamag (of Gerald Anderson, JM De Guzman and Yam Concepcion) and La Vida Lena (of Erich Gonzales) to be shown to a wider audience on free to air broadcast and has reached a lot of its subsidiary networks in Visayas and Mindanao.

Media5 Chief Operating Officer Dino M. Laurena says “As TV5 aired ABS-CBN’s primetime programs, it has also increased the network's audience shares. This has been seen in Mega Manila and other regions in the country. We are so grateful for the Cignal TV and ABSCBN content partnership which has made these all possible."

Make sure you're tuned in on TV5 as these hit shows from ABSCBN on Cignal TV and TV5.


GVBoys on Puregold Channel Surpassed 1M Views


If you haven't seen it yet, then you're missing a lot. Jerome Ponce, Nikko Natividad, Dave Bornea stars on the hit digital show GVBoys which you can stream for FREE on the Puregold Facebook Page and the Puregold Channel on YouTube. The folks from Puregold Channel knows that you're loving the first two episodes already as it has reached over 1 Million views as of today. This is a feat that they really appreciate because they made this with YOU in mind.

Just like any country that has been dealing with the pandemic, the Philippines has been dealing with the COVID-19 virus for about a year now and they thought of bringing in FREE entertainment so even for a few minutes, you can take your mind off things and laugh with the antics of these three guys as they experience love, romance, failures and fun with their community. Ms. Carmi Martin and Wilma Doesnt will also add more spice in the mix as they too have their own love team in the show, plus a lot more conflict between their characters like when the first episode came out.

Search for PuregoldShopping on Facebook and Puregold Channel on YouTube to see the third installment this Saturday. You can't miss the funny episodes they planned this week!


Jose Maria College Signs Deal with Huawei

Jose Maria College (JMC), a private non sectarian school founded by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in Davao City just signed a deal with tech giant and innovations player Huawei in hopes to be ready for the 5th industrial revolution in running school technology. It was formally done last July 6th 2021 and with it comes a throng of platforms and tools that would help students reach educational materails easily via propreitary Learning Management Systems, Virtual Laboratories, VR systems, Smart Campus and so much more.

Ken Sentorias the ICT Directorof JMC says "Our companies are in the same page when it comes to commitment which is to deliver the best educational tech. This just means the opportunities for growth in our sector will be limitless now that we have them as our partners."

JMC believes this will bring the institution closer to its goal of delivering quality education throughn IT just like in Japan, China and the US. They are planning to announce something even bigger next year so stay tuned for that!


SANOFI PH Holds Event on Power To Love Yourself

The importance of self care has something Filipinos have less grasp of because we often sacrifice ourselves for family or friends. It's something that we do because of culture, our being family-centric and the pressures of society to become successful so you can provide for your loved ones. Question is, if you don't take care of yourselves, how can you take care of others?

In a recent event of Sanofi PH, they invited speakers and executives to talk about how we can use our energy and time to also do self love. How do you do it? Simple things, taking a long hot bath, taking a vacation, eating the best dish there is, or spending time pampering yourself. It's not only healthy for the body, but even the mind if you do that. During these days wherein times are blurred between work and time for family (because we're practically all working at home), we need to make sure that we have that ME time. It's a time to recharge before you do work, or maybe take time to rest right after that.

Self care is long term, you do it so you don't implode. It can be as simple as talking to someone, making meaningful connections, to make sure you have a healthy mental well being. We have to make sure that we have ourselves taken cared of so we won't fall off our horses when the actual rodeo starts. It was nice to hear insights from ladies who handle it well during the IG live session. Thank you Sanofi for inviting us this afternoon!


Puregold Channel's GVBoys Spews Romance This Saturday

Thursday, July 22, 2021


When I attended Puregold Channel's press conference a few days ago, they introduced a new show called GVBoys. After their premiere about a week ago, social media has been abuzz about how fun this digital series is who's concept was done by Puregold Price Club Inc. Times are hard and to make things lighter, the show aims to provide free entertainment to lessen the burden and stress during the pandemic. This is written by Sherwin Buenavida and Joaquin Acosta, and directed by Don Cuaresma (who's done a lot of TV series). You can liken this to the 80's hit show Palibhasa Lalake but with newer, fresher take on it. 

I've watched the first few episodes and had so much to say about the personalities of Jawo, Zeus and Daks (Jerome Ponce, Dave Bornea and Niko Natividad). The guys had to figure out a way to get money for their landlord Aling Perly (played by Carmi Martin) because they're being pressured to pay up her debt. Loisa (Wilma Doesnt) isn't going to accept any excuses so they went all out with ways to earn and pay for it, some of which was too hot to handle because of the naughty ways Jawo, Zeus and Daks thought of doing it. Now, it's been viewed around 1 Million times on Facebook, Youtube and Puregold's various social channels.

Wouldn't you like to be with them boys?

If you haven't seen it yet, they're coming out with a third installment this July 24 (which is a Saturday) at 7PM. For sure, they're going to have so much fun as previews show some budding romance with different characters so you've got to see it. Make sure you catch the GVBoys on Puregold Channel's YouTube and Facebook accounts, subscribe and like their pages including @puregold_ph accounts on IG and Twitter. It's all there!


MAINE MENDOZA: The Face of GigaPay

You love her, adore her, find her cute, and super funny. She's the Dubsmash queen Maine Mendoza. I remember being there in person during an event when she was launched as an TNT brand ambassador together with Alden years ago when AlDub was super popular (still is now).

For those who don't know, GigaPay is the Smart way to pay inside the GigaLife app so you can have time for other things and conveniently do it there. You can purchase load, plans, pay bills without downloading the PayMaya app because it's all in the GigaLife app already. All you need to do is click on the link that says Link PayMaya App on the welcome splash screen that pops up when you open the GigaLife app. Enter your PayMaya details, activate the OTP and use it as if you've got PayMaya via web. Doing this will help you earn points, qualify for more promos and do easy payments, that's convenience you deserve!

GigaPay is also powered by PayMaya so you get the same security you get with the leading digital wallet brands in the country. Best of all, you've got Maine Mendoza as the endorser, she's all you need during the depressing rainy days! Haha!

To know more, just look for GigaPay on the GigaLife app today! You can download it off Google Play or the App Store on iOS.


Klea Pineda Opens Up on Why She's Not Joining Pageants YET

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Klea Pineda just renewed her contract with GMA and GMA Artist Center. With the Never Say Goodbye star doing this, what does she expect to do with GMA this year? For starters, there's a lot on the pipeline and aside from that, she'll be doing projects with other stars from the same network. We talked to her this afternoon after she signed with GMA and Artist Center executives.

Klea says "I don't really have an expectation, whatever the management chooses for me, what character I play, I'm willing to do it. I believe they won't give me something that wouldn't help with my career. I don't want to be stuck in one love team, I want to be with different leading men so I can grow as an actor. I want to work with my co starstruck batch like Arra, Jay, Ayra, Prince, it's been so long since I have worked with them, more so in a regular show. I wish we could do that. I chose to stay in GMA because they gave me a break, they gave me the opportunity, they opened doors to fulfill my dreams. I came from auditions, I lined up, I really started from scratch and they believe in me. In the future, I hope to have a family of my own but still work here as a Kapuso. Harlene and I was just hanging out, we recorded it and posted online and you can see how we bonded so fast like we have already worked previously. Max, Lauren, Ms. Snooky, we all worked for the first time and we bonded over that during the locked in taping. It's not the end of the pairing with Jeric, I am happy to be paired with others so I can learn from other artists, I don't want to be stucked in a loveteam and Jeric knows that I want to be with other leading men in this industry because you will learn a lot from other artists too. Jeric and I bonded over regional shows, when we promote things, we are together, we have coffee in the morning, he's a very good gentleman, but our friendship won't end there. We still send each other messages, we support each other, talk when we have shows and he's very supportive. Our friendship is very matured. I wish for a primetime show, but it will happen in time. I'll feel fulfilled when I hear my show will be next after 24 oras, and with Bea Alonzo of course."
Here's the rest of the interview on video, enjoy!

Klea will be working with Jak Roberto, Lauren Young and Snooky Serna on Never Say Goodbye under the GMA Entertainment Group so stay tuned for that!