YouTube Shorts NOW Available in the Philippines

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I've been trying the beta of YouTube shorts and the format is promising. This was launched last July 13th and beta testing has been available for select countries including the Philippines. The video for YouTube Shorts must be 59 seconds or less and vertical. If you're planning to repurpose your videos from other platforms, make sure the music you've used is copyright free. 

The editing tools include putting in text in a timeline, adding music, flipping front and back camera, a timer, and controlling speed of the video. It's pretty simple now, but they're probably planning to have more in the coming months. 

It also adds on your video list but I did put it on a playlist just to make sure it doesn't mess up my channel's thumbnail theme. These are exciting times because you can gain a lot more audiences in YouTube Shorts. I'll use it to update my community if I'm about to interview people, and post updates there. 

Here's my first YouTube Shorts Video!


These are exciting times! Go update your YouTube app and click the plus sign, you should see a Create Shorts Beta option on your mobile phone afterwards. Lovin it so far!


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