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Saturday, May 31, 2014

We got to watch a special preview of JasMINE the Series a few days ago at the posh Ace Saatchi & Saatchi offices in Makati. I had a hunch the stars would be there but I was also a little afraid that some kind of stalker would be there too. It's a little known fact but I've heard stories that a man was following Jasmine Curtis Smith around the metro and posting weird stuff online. I was here to also see if the rumors are true that one or more crimes in the studios of TV5 are actually done by the same guy because investigators say there's real proof that the accidents were really not "just accidents". Let's see if we can pick up something from the special preview.

I had a hunch we were being watched. During the program, the executives from Ace Saatchi & Saatchi explained to us the role of Jasmine Curtis in this series. It's pretty close to life, but there are some little twists that would veer you away from reality and make you wonder if this really happened or not. Another thing is that if you download the TV5 app on Google Play, you'll get inside information on scenes shown on TV. It kinda follows you every time something comes out of the story. Before you watch the show, I highly suggest you download the TV5 beta release here first if your smart phone is running on Android.

Then, they introduced the cast and the people behind the show.

Marvelous Alejo aka Selina Pascual plays antagonist to Jasmine. She's a well decorated actress and her awards and trophies couldn't fit anymore in the room she built for it. She's always fond of getting what she wants no matter how or what ever it takes. For me, Marvelous just takes this role and owns it. Who would ever thought that girlie meek girl from Artista Academy would be so evil in this series? They practically are in the same network, but watch how she gets all the roles and moves in stealing opportunities from Jasmine when it shows June 1st!

Is she really a friend? Or a foe? Well, I dunno... you better find out when Jasmine the series starts this June. Don't miss the first episode because that's exactly how you'll get to know why. There's streaming on the app btw so if you do have something to do on that day, you don't have an excuse because you can always watch it on your smartphones. Talk about high tech!

The flamboyant and insane manager of Jasmine in the series Steven Yap played by veteran stage actor Carlo Orosa. Pegged from a real life person in the same station, he presents a very business minded individual who simply wants to earn from his talents. He corners Jasmine every so often to have her fulfill a more productive relationship with the TV station. He thinks Jasmine has been spending too much time on indie films that's getting her nowhere - and true enough, no awards either. Will he make Jasmine's life better? Or will he be making it more miserable? Still, we don't know.

A dream boy with a sculptured physique and a romantic flair to woo Jasmine is Miguel Asuncion. He is played by Gerard Sison who was already passing his Filipino language class with flying colors that afternoon. Other than that, he seems to have been swooning and winning the heart of Jasmine in the series. Being gorgeous has its perks because she has a lot of suitors - but this one looks like a keeper. Is he really what Jasmine thinks he is? or is he another guy who will hurt her when the time comes?

The discussions we had about the series was really interesting because it delved more on their characters. They probably are ending this as scheduled (9 weeks) because the story line is going to be limited. One thing that impressed me though is the technology that they invested for the show. The content coming from the app will be synchronized with the things happening in the series. This goes the same with their other social media channels too. I don't think any show did that on Philippine TV - so they are indeed making history. 

Aside from that, they did talk about how they portrayed the roles on Jasmine and how their characters will get acquainted with her. Watching the first episode made me realize that it is important to know how the characters met whether "online or offline" because you'll see the story roll off of that. The other characters not on this post but were mentioned on the Jasmine The Series article we wrote a few months back will also be something that they should watch out for; because the only way to find out who the real Maskara is, is by making sure the people around her won't be the actual suspect in the mishaps and murder happening in the filming of her teleserye URLoved opposite hunky guy and all around superman Alex Vergara who is played by washboard abs sexy leading man Vin Abrenica.

JasMINE the Series will start airing at exactly 9:15 PM on TV5. They will be airing the pilot episode on June 1, 2014 and the weekends thereafter. For more photos from the bloggers preview, check out my album here.Good luck on your show guys! :)


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Never Miss A Moment Of The NBA Playoffs!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Have you seen Lebron's foul trouble right in the third quarter? Have you seen that player who blew kisses at him while getting a closeup on the court? For those of us who woke up early for the playoffs, we're lucky. For those who woke up late or had to go to work, well... don't worry because I've got the best solution for you. Have you heard of NBA League Pass?

Smart, the country's biggest network and Smart Bro the official mobile broadband partner of NBA in the Philippines just got you hooked up as they offer the NBA League Pass available for Post Paid or Prepaid subscribers. With the NBA League Pass, Filipinos can now watch the games LIVE, or watch it on demand HD whether it's for an NBA regular season, the Playoffs, Finals, All-Star Weekend and a couple and more selected preseason games. Aside from that, previous games that might not be played on public TV or cable can be seen on the NBA Archive. Isn't that neat? :)

For prepaid subscribers, make sure you have enough load for this purchase. For postpaid subscribers, it will be reflected on your bill. This means, you don't really need a credit card to get this gig going. If you want to purchase the NBA League Pass with the Smart ePins portal Gamex.ph, Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular, just to go to www.smart.com.ph/nba and follow the purchase instructions there. If you want an NBA League Pass for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, it only costs Php 800. If you want the NBA League Pass for the Finals, it only costs Php 600 to get exclusive access. It will then be deducted from the prepaid load you have or charged to the bill upon purchase. The NBA League Pass is accessible through mobile or desktop at http://watch.nba.com/nba/. Make sure you get one before the games because we have to know if the Spurs wins. Of course they will! :P

Oh and before I forget, aside from purchasing via ePins, Smart also has some new bundled plans with the NBA League Pass in its new subscriptions. You can check that out on smart.com.ph/nba. I've heard the Smart Unlisurf plans at P999, P1500, P2000, P3000 have it. The LTE Plan 999 too. Don't take my word for it, just go ahead and visit their centers or call them for more details!


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LIBERATE - Borgy Manotoc for Bench Celebrity Scents

He's one of the most eligible bachelors in the country but is seriously and currently hooked up with one of the gorgeous faces in show business Georgina Wilson - he's Borgy Manotoc. He's been strutting the runway since his teens and lived a life predominantly away from the limelight and shadows of his family - made his own name in the fashion industry. With his chiseled looks and a jawline perfect for print and the runway, he possesses and holds freedom that he wanted to have for so long. His passion for modeling, was all but natural. His business acumen, came along instinctively and builds on his fervor to express his likeness of streetwear, concocting beverages or simple urban sound. 

It was time, Bench found these qualities in him and put it inside a bottle. Ladies and gentlemen, this is LIBERATE by Borgy Manotoc for Bench Celebrity Scents.

 This exact feeling of spinning, twirling, free falling, going against the waves is what he wants to inculcate in the minds of each guy wearing this scent. He had a hand in selecting the tones on this EDT fragrance. It's got that ice cold likeness and some hints of fruity, floral and grassy undertones that is perfect for the person who wants it light and not too strong but still finds it severely manly.

During the event, he asked us to go upstairs to check out some art installations and the video preview of the scent seen above. It was also at this time when Georgina Wilson arrived. Lucky guy!

Sweetness ensued. Then, we got a gorgeous DJ spinning for us that evening.

She did this all for the love of Borgy Manotoc. You too can probably have a girl like her if you smell like Borgy. So go ahead and grab one of his gorgeous bottles at all Bench stores nationwide! I'm loving the scent... if you are finding something different from your normal go to scent, the EDT would be a perfect alternative or to wear every day.

Liberate by Borgy Manotoc for Bench Celebrity Scents.


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Alden Richards Goes "Bad Boy" On Chalk Mag Cover

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The clean looking, clean shaven, good looking Alden Richards was busy signing autographs when we arrived at MESA in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The "Pambansang Dimples" who we usually see baring leading man roles in GMA shows just bared down a different look during a CHALK Magazine cover shoot this month. Yes, this guy who we always see too clean looking went all "Bad Boy" on us for CHALK Mag. 

His dimples was coming out in all shapes and forms. This different look on the mag made him look very different than what we're used to which means he can pass as an action star whenever he wants it. He mentions he's very serious about his craft so whatever he does, he makes sure he delves into the role he's portraying. The different look in CHALK Magazine was nothing different because he always sees this as a challenge. Changing looks isn't as easy as you can probably tell, because it entails a lot of things for you to project this on cam. He's got a scruffy exterior on this one, totally off tangent with what you usually see on TV - but he passes off like a grown man with angst, a certain amount of machismo and bad intentions. Girls dig that look and yes, it looks very attractive.

Alden these days is busy with independent films. He says he sorely enjoys it that he wants to have more projects like it soon. Since it is not commercial, he knows how much it might not be practically rewarding but it feeds his artistic hunger for the craft.

The Indie film he's also doing right now has got very intimate scenes included. It's also got very rough ones that you wouldn't imagine an Alden Richards would do on a normal day so you can expect something different from him this time. The title alone "Cain at Abel" was a dead giveaway.. it's how intense it will be. He also stars with Aljur Abrenica on a more modern take on the biblical story but it will not be too similar with that period or the old film portrayed by Christopher De Leon and Philip Salvador. The experimentation, the weird scenes shot in this film was what Alden was looking for. He was so thankful to have worked with Director Adolf Alix Jr. under GMA Films. 

To know more about it and Alden Richards' full interview, please grab a copy of Chalk Magazine this month in leading bookstores, shops, magazine stands nationwide! I even found some in 7-11 stores in my neighborhood. Definitely a must have for someone who adores Alden inside and out!


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