Major Plans for 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There are a couple of things that I want to accomplish before the end of the year and one of them is to have a book published. I've been doing creative writing for years now and I think the time to pursue this frustration is inevitable. If people in the US can do this in their own backyard and small offices, why should it be a hindrance for me to do the same?

I plan to also have it published through E-BOOKS and get tons of online following for this endeavor. The plan is to get as much people acquainted with the characters first before I release them late this year. I would need a ton of resources to get the prequel done electronically because I know how hard the logistics of getting copies these days are. If my own DVD writers at home would not be able to do the job, then I should find companies who can do it for me at a fraction of the cost. It's quite sad I do not have CD screen printing capabilities too because that would really spell how good my package would look like. If I can't sell it to my friends and family first, I would not know how it would really fare in the market by then. I need to get CD duplication discounts too so I cut down on prices since times are hard. I understand how everyone feels because I am in the same situation as they are. I could not find anything similar like what CD duplication Boston has. They have one stop shops that can cater to my needs but that would really be too far for me to travel and generally would take costing sky high. Maybe I can ask relatives and friends from that area and contact them online so I can check out what would be best for me. Let's just hope shipping costs would not be troublesome because as far as I know nothing has surpassed the quality of work they do there.

Are you willing to donate for my book then? Ha-ha!


Boycott Trips to HK

Monday, March 30, 2009

Trips to Hong Kong were suggested to be boycotted by Paranaque Congressman Roilo Golez from 6 months to a year. We are one of the highest tourist visitors in that country. Golez said that it was just so insulting for that columnist Chip Tsao from Hongkong Magazine Online to say that the Philippines is a nation of Servants.

This guy is just ignorant that there are a lot of Filipinos who hold high sensitive positions in Multi national companies in Hong Kong. In the mean time,the Philippine consulate is moving on filing a fromal protest against this PIG from Hong Kong called Tsao.

Together with this formal protest, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo said that they are doing every measure to maintain the dignity of the working Filipino. Fajardo added that Malacanang is working hard to boost the economy so it would not only be the career choice and option to go abroad.

I ask of you if you are planning vacations, try to go to other countries instead... so we won't have to deal with sick people like Tsao who find ridiculing and insulting people a GOOD JOB.


A Good Review

I've been taking a huge liking to many technologically advanced devices which I have been musing about in my site this past year. I make it a point that I try and test it out my self before I recommend them to everyone who drop by my site. I never hold back on telling what is bad or good in a device because at the end of the day it will be your name on the line. I was inspired when I dropped by, the consumers interact and tell all on everything you have at home. They even have product reviews for the latest gadgets, vehicles, services and everything under the sun. This is one great place to go to if you want things explained to you, plain and simple.

The reviewers themselves have their names indicated. This camera above caught my fancy because I have been looking for one that would fit my budget and needs. I wanted to have professional quality pictures without it breaking the bank. Well, it may just did break the bank but everybody who did have it said it was worth it. The NIKON D70 had auto focus capabilities that the former line of DSLR did not have. The light weight is also making me wonder when and where I should buy it once I get the funds. Hey! You know I would probably get one by the end of summer. Wish me luck!


HK Filipino Domestic Workers Asks for Public Apology

They are now asking for a public apology because this so called know it all smelly Hong Kong Chinese journalist called the Philippines a country of servants. It's so funnny that a mongrel who can't even talk straight english would even say that. In a press statement, the group called United Filipinos in Hong Kong condemned and article called "A War at Home ni Chip Tsao" where she was a former reporter for BBC, best selling author of dog books and a columnist for Hongkong Magazine Online a local paper meant for wrapping garbage.

According to the group, it did not only ridiculed and made fun of Filipinos but Tsao insulted the rights of Filipino domestic workers. The chink even looks like a chipmunk.

According to the group, Tsao only gave an unintelligent point of view in favor of giant CHINA which obviously she is kissing ass for with the Spratlys Island issue which the whole region already talked about for cooperation. This was the main purpose of the column but how in the world did this monkey even think about the plight of Filipino Domestic Workers? If I see this person, I'll make good use of the pen and stick it on her brain... since it does not contain that much anyway. Yes he's a she...he's gay too!

United Filipinos in Hong Kong reiterated that it is clear abuse that she did and want her to pay the consequences. I'll be asking my co bloggers to make buzz about this soon. I'll make sure to campaign for it because these chinky eyed dog need to be taught a lesson... and manners.

Aside from the PIG LOOK A LIKE Tsao, a public apology was also asked from the publisher and editor of the HK Magazine Online.


*note: as of 4PM of the same day I wrote this article, the site has bogged down and the article was removed from the site redirecting only to the main page... apparently the PIG has gotten headlines and afraid of the millions of bloggers that will hound him... TO MY CO BLOGGERS, REMEMBER THAT PIG'S FACE OK?


Government Troops Pulling Out of Sulu for ICRC Workers


Today, government troops have started to pullout from war stricken Indanan, Sulu. A force with about a thousand soldiers, police and civilian emergency personnel parted ways with kidnap for ransom groups believed to hold 3 volunteers from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). These are the same Abu Sayyaf kidnap for ransom groups that has been hounding the foreigners and filipinos in the Southern Philippines.

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Rolando Puno also added that the pullout of government troops was done to start the negotiations for the immediate release of the three Red Cross workers.

But according to Sulu Governor Sakur Tan, there are still no news about any recent release as stipulated in their first round of negotiations. PNP Provincial Chief Superintendent Jul Asirim Kasim, also said his men had gone to the Municipality of Maimbong in the same province for this same reason. Abu Sayyaf Commander Al Bader Parad was said to have been holding the three and the pullout was done so talks could resume for their release. No one has notified them that negotiators would actually come from either sides too so there is a big confusion on the field. Puno asked to pullout the 8 untis of military, police and Civilian Emergency Forces in the hopes of getting these people into safety. Everyone else like me is watching for developments as they happen. I'll try and keep you posted!


See the Sun, Sand, and the Sea!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Summer is just around the corner and I'm gearing up for my days at the beach. With the Philippines having it's 7,120 islands, I'm sure I will enjoy one of them. My friends and I plan to go to GALERA, about a few hours away from Manila. I enjoy the beach that much that I spend a couple of hours under the sun. What's bugging me is the thought of getting exposed that long, it would probably do harmful things. Experts say that I should not go out at about 10AM to 4PM, but how can I enjoy the sun and the water if I only go out in shady times of the day. I would not be able to get wet as much as I need to. Believe me I know, I need rest and recreation and I need it more now that I'm stressed.

I know I haven't got the perfect body and abdominals. I am probably the last person you can expect to achieve that but I will try to do that more sooner. I have no choice for the least. Even if I don't look that good in the beach, I have to take care of my self while under the sun. Sunscreen is going to be first on the list, but I've got something really more of a pending issue. My eyes are getting worse I think because in the last few weeks I fear I'm feeling something weird while staring at the computer. My work maybe getting to me and it's already affecting my eyesight, I may need to get eye glasses now. It is quite expensive here and the added sun exposure may get me horribly sick when I get back from vacation. That may just get me into a non working mode. After getting my eyes checked in the local optical shop, I may need to wear High-indexted Prescription Eyeglasses. I don't even know where to get that since it sounded so complicated. I got on the Internet and checked out They got it all listed from best sellers and recommended ones. I pretty much have my worked done. Discounted Reading Eyeglasses are available and at real affordable prices. I could not wait anymore and I'm so excited to head to the shore. I'll surely enjoy my vacation and get everything ready now! Let the sun shine down on me!



Just a quick post before I sleep. Yeah I know, its 6AM and I just got in. No I did not come from work... I just came in from clubbin! Yeah! My favorite past time has come to an end and made me a happy kid once again!


There I go I went to sleep and woke up with the laptop on my face literally because I was so drunk last night. I guess I partied too much. I just hope the hangover doesn't step in. I'm eating spaghetti for breakfast since I woke up at about 2PM. But I'm excited to know our plans of going to Galera is pushing through to have rest and recreation. This happens when I needed it most. Now, after this bowl of spaghetti I forgot I was supposed to go to MOA and buy the ERASERHEADS shirt I was dreaming about since that nostalgic event at the concert. Oh my! It's a good thing mah colleague Vince was in MOA and practically waiting for the same thing. I got him to buy me two of those and have them signed by Raimund Marasigan the band's drummer.

I also have my regrets not waking up sane because I missed the event for CABAL and the other games. I wish I had the strength to even walk now that I'm watching re-runs of American Idol. They got the big guy removed from the finals, he did weird this week.

All in all, I enjoyed my weekend... celebrating out with friends, a birthday too and a couple of shots. This just made my week! Thank goodness for clubbin!


Good, Easy Pay Day Loans for the Public

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The US President went to the Senate Democratic Caucus meeting to sell his 2010 budget proposal, on the photo is Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad.
(Photo by Melina Mara/ THE WASHINGTON POST)

The worst is not yet over. This has been a very busy week for the US President because the democrats continue to fight the economic stimulus plan that he tried to lobby in the Senate. Apparently, his own boys are doing some major word wars in the house that is causing delays for this law to be passed. He however is not surprised but more worried that if it took too long to get this onto his table and sign it, the whole plan would collapse and cause more problems bigger than before.

Republicans are also capitalizing media mileage from the anger the public has been putting on the insurance giant AIG. They even had their signage taken down in the front of their building because they were too embarrassed for continuing with the Executive Bonuses in spite of public outrage and cries for them to return it. The common workers in the US paid for their taxes and the stimulus package plan that was supposed to go to the corporations under trouble was paying its Directors and CEO's millions of dollars. Imagine how people feel now when some of them could not even afford 3 meals a day.

They lived thru huge credits and paycheck to paycheck these days because they are the ones affected by the unethical actions of these private entities. The US President even asked some of them to return half of these bonuses and some even returned it because their names are already surfacing and they do not want to be put on the stake as the one who got paid these huge amounts. Good thing there are Easy Pay Day Loans that provide immediate and fast cash to these economically crippled individuals so they can still take care of their families. Without it, a large sector of the citizenry would have depended on the government for assistance. The private sector also chipped in to help with short term loans. They are nationwide since they are online, so go and check them out at Even without credit checks they can provide these easy to get pay day loans when you need it most.


Bad News Inevitable for Philippine Economy

I don't want to sound too bad in telling you about this but there is a big possibility that the economy of the country is going down and this is expected by Malacanang. This has been the predicament of the administration because of the global financial crisis. However, Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said that the palace is generally happy because the Philippines is one of the only 2 countries that had positive growth rate.

In the report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there will be a 2.25 gross domestic product cut to the economic growth rating of the Philippines because of the low remittances by OFW's and low earnings of the country in the export industry.

Together with this, Remonde said that there will be a huge study that will be done by the palace administration about unemployment insurance that was recently suggested by NEDA Director-General Ralph Recto. I on the other hand would not recommend this because it would jeopardize the current unstable funding of institutions both in the government and private sector. They better think of another way. (photo by AP)


Serious Gaming!

I'm having lots of fun these few weeks as my character in CABAL is getting stronger by the day. The lesser known online game is what I have been painstakingly grinding on while online everyday on my new ASUS Laptop. Maybe that's why I had the great graphics card on the computer anyway. Though I'm spending a little on the cards I buy for premium in game items, I'm really not regretting each peso I spare for this one. I'm enjoying it a lot and I spend more time at home because of this. I like spending time in the gym but if I were to choose what to do, it would probably be getting into this game. I would really want to start a fad playing this game while running in the treadmill. That would just be hilarious!

It is quite addicting I know and it's so hard to try each day to just take my hands off the keyboard. This is so addicting just like WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Going medieval in the land of dungeons, dragons, might and magic has never been better. I was so convinced about seeking ways to at least get the taste of this world wide phenomenon because it is a paid service. There are millions already who continue to play this game even if times are really hard in the US and elsewhere. Imagine that, the players of this single game can populate an entire country!

Graphics wise it is far out better than the one handled by CABAL because in my opinion it is way better. There are services you can avail by purchasing a wow game card. At almost $30, you can use them for 60 days and get serious gaming pleasure with people around the world. Majority of them are from the United States but that does not mean that other ones from other countries are inferior. I'm sure if there would be big events that could get on with this particular game and international servers available in the Philippines it would really be a huge hit!

In the mean time, I'll stick with playing this MMO game CABAL. See you at Mercury Server with my Level 100 Wizard!


My 500th Post at KUMAGCOW.COM!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Glitter Text Generator's been quite a journey for me and my site. After being just a hobby of sorts for me, this has been a regular thing. Not only did I carry this nick out from college but I also had the privilege of getting cyber lived the rest of my office life. This has been a huge help in easing my stress. I know how to handle them now but every now and then it still bugs me. Anyway..what joyous event this is because this one marks my 500th article in my site. This has been painstakingly so hard for me but imagine how many words I have been typing just to get a point across these years. Do you think it could have been easier to put up a book instead? I could have been a novelist and had a few volumes already with that right? I guess I want to be one someday... I hope that still works though...

I'm a little sleepy when I wrote this so be easy on me when it doesn't make that much sense. I want to thank each and every one of my blog friends and those detractors too. Yeah believe me I've got lots of them! My folks who still find the time to get mad at me when making posts, and my office mates, friends who still had to be forced to read my articles here. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone! I'll be continuing my quest to better understand the world in my brain so you have a lot to read about on my site. Again, THANK YOU!

Hooray for my 500th post! ^_^


Web Hosting In These Hard Times

Sunday, March 22, 2009

There is the sad truth about businesses closing here and around the United States. This also means some websites would end up the same way like the forum site I always visit that because of budget constraints it will also be shut down and sold to the highest bidder. I would probably miss the people I was able to become friends with in the past 4 years. I'm sad because the site owner thought he does not have any recourse but to sell it. I know I would have been the best person they talked to because I know where they can get better web hosting services on line but I think they have already decided on this a long time ago. Maybe it's just too late to save that and the users who frequent that and their social network.

I saw information on the web comparing web hosting sites and I would recommend you visit Web Hosting Rating to check out what would be best for your own domain. For web masters like me, this is vital information so I could get a better deal in getting my site up on cyberspace. It is important so investments like these which cost a lot would be put on the board early on. It never struck me how important it was until this incident came. All my saved friends and my articles will also go down the drain because of this. Imagine the hundreds of sites they also will be deleting because they did not think ahead and got the finances taken cared of. Maybe now that their initial provider does not have that URL anymore listed in their system I can have that for my own. That's a long shot I know but imagine if I had the chance to get that right... I would be the proud owner of one of the most sought after social networking sites. That would be a nice thing to put on my portfolio sometime soon. The list still goes on and on for companies affected by the global financial crisis. I hope it ends soon.



This is a re make of sorts from a 1970's film from the same outfit Disney and a good family oriented movie at that when I watched Race to Witch Mountain starring THE ROCK aka Dwayne Johnson and a couple of other stars. The movie is all about a new york city taxi/former indi car 500/nascar driver played by Dwayne Johnson who was initially skeptic about aliens until he met 2 alien kids portrayed by Anna Sophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig who flew here on Earth because they needed to retrieve information for the planet's existence so they could in turn fix their own and prevent their army to occupy ours.

The kids also had powers which is kinda expected in most alien life forms (as if I've seen one huh?!) and the chase started on the event that an assassin from their realm went on hunting them. Since they rode on Dwayne Johnson's cab, he drove across state and back to Las Vegas to keep them safe and help them get the gadget which contains the information they needed so they can go back to their planet as soon as possible and not get killed. Of course the government also took their ship so the kids had to get them back after retrieving the gadget on an undergroud location. The only place to look for their ship considering the size of it was Witch Mountain which you could only see at the latter part of the movie. Some dissappointments were only felt on how lame the power of the kids were. Telekenisis was very limited and the change of body composition is powerful but on this movie it was not that much used. Maybe constraints on special effects budget perhaps? Yeah! its crisis anyway!

I will have to give this movie 3 KUMAGS for at least trying to make this. It could have been better with more of their powers and of course since this is a family movie I'd recommend kids watch this with their parents. It was nice don't get me wrong but they just needed to get the movie re done with the effects that it should have had in the first place!


Win This Battle

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drug addiction has been a blatant problem in the Philippines and it has been for quite a number of years. Thousands of politicians passed away uttering the same statement for this world wide problem but nobody has eliminated it at all. I don’t want to finger point and tell who is right or wrong but what I can tell you is that it only works if there is political, social and cultural will among the people. This is very hard for a third world country; and it goes the same with the US too. I have been an advocate of organizations against drug and substance abuse, the stories behind it would probably change your mind listening to me. It’s okay though because I would not like to go that far in this story.

Laws have been passed, people got jailed and some were lucky enough to go through rehabilitation. There is still stigma on those who do recover from it no matter what we do and how we handle it because we all could not control the mind set of other people. How fast we recover in the addiction and the elimination of a possibility of recurrence is very important to understand. Without the help of professionals and those that have gone through the same ordeal that they have, they probably would have nobody to believe in.

Good thing there are support groups and online communities from the private sector who voluntary handle these things. In The Rooms for example gets people that have faced the addictions head on and survived from it. There are thousands of people who also went through the same problem of addiction and hearing their stories and how they resolved it would definitely give one hopeless person the chance to renew his life. I recommend you visit the Prism Award winning site if you need help and make it at least a place to start. Remember, change CAN begin with you.


Nicole and the VFA

It's time to put my self on the chopping block again and talk about politics, the government and the infamous VFA deal with Nicole... the so called raped girl who later re canted everything else.

First of all, I was thinking about what this could probably cause with the on going case against Daniel Smith, a GI listed personnel who participated in the VFA exercises. Yeah they went to a bar, drank a couple of rounds of alcohol and went out to a motel to get junked. Well that was not the case when they filed it because she cried foul, and said she was raped and forced to have sex without her consent.

This was all a big issue with womens groups, but from a standpoint she might have only lost confidence with the justice system and broke an out of court settlement with the US government. Now she has a new American boyfriend, and she's even living in the US. After years of spending time with this case, I mean who would not lose hope right?

This would really just hurt the ego of womens group who fought for her in the first place. The re cantation did nothing though because it only crushed the hopes of these other women. The whole case has been decided already and the re cantation is just rubbish if you ask me. It all looks fixed and paid for. At least she got something out of the ordeal than do business with this government who never got Daniel Smith in jail.

Do you think its fair? Of course not... nobody said it was anyway!