The Duty to Look Good

Monday, March 02, 2009

She's pretty!
Photo from E!
I had a blast watching the Oscars a few weeks ago and I got to see a lot of fashion kills and steals. I even saw one actress that was so perfect looking, but when she walked and posed a lot for the camera it kind of turned me off. I didn't even know her name for starters but that's okay. At least there something mysterious about her left after all that wannabe model poses she did at the last minute that retracted all her good reviews press time.

I'm at home right now watching the popular "Date my Mom" program on ETC a local cable channel. I don't like the format but it's OK. Moms were making moves even on the guy which I saw a little inappropriate. Judging from the looks of it though, they were probably competing against each other but I saw one of them also competing with their daughters. She was not looking too old for the guy even so I think she's more classy than some of the girls in the competition. It's really nice to think that people look good and take care of themselves. We all get a little older but if we do, it doesn't mean we would not take care of ourselves anymore right?

Expecting Moms have a lot to own up to. Getting pregnant and all the hormones are probably enraging these celebrities too like normal people. Do you see them stuttering? Do you see them look bad each time they go out? I think it is their social responsibility to be at their best wherever and whenever they may be. Some of them wear the Beaute de Maman collection which everybody would surely pay attention to. They look good even on paparazzi lenses day and night because they choose to. It's a nice thing they know how to dress up when they need to. Their fabulous dresses and details are all available to the public too even if they are custom designed. Anyone can order now the collection from the best shopping destinations and retailers in your area but just make sure you find the same brand. It's just not right anymore to purchase cheap imitations, we all know that. I don't have anything to offer at you but appreciate what's gonna look nice when you wear it too!



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