Where Do I Start?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm an ordinary guy with ordinary hopes and dreams. I only go out of the norm for work and causes that need me to perform more than what's expected of me. I was listening to the radio this morning and it struck a cord with me. Thousands of people from this side of the globe went running for nature. The fun run proceeds would go to a plantation of trees and maintenance of a water shed so people in the city and our kids could still have clean drinking water in the future.

I always ask my self "Where do I start?" in helping to clean up the environment. The thought of it is just complicated because I am not much of a nature person. I am educated so I know a couple of things to help; even in my own little way. At home, we always use soaps and chemicals to clean up things. These are very biologically harmful if you think about it. Inventors now have coconut oil based soaps that are 0% harmful to the environment that even if you use it to clean stuff on rivers not a single molecule or helpful bacteria would die from it. There are lots of ingredients from these products that are only seen from remote locations from countries like Peru and Brazil. I personally would recommend you start from your own households and take the initiative to purchase only natural products like these. Green cleaning products not only do what it's obviously for, it also infuses good energy since everything is herbal.

Harmful industrial processes such as rust removal just got natural too. RUSTERIZER, a new product that you can use to remove those forming rust in metal components in your house is so nature friendly that no plants could be killed by it. Isn't that just great?!

In your own way, in your own home you can do your part in saving nature. No matter how small it is or how far you run in your local marathons in life, it adds up to the effort we need to do so our children's children would be able to drink water safely.


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