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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Screenshot of Online Shop heaven (image not mine)

Christmas season in the Philippines started in the BER months. That starts when the month's name ends in BER that is. With the rate we're going, we're way behind schedule and we haven't been able to shop as much as we wanted. Now think about the amount of people that you haven't given any gifts during last year's holiday and you'll probably be a little sad because 1.) You may not have much time to shop 2.) Malls are too far 3.) You don't like walking around all day and still couldn't find that perfect little gift for your special someone/the one you love. It's a dilemma I know, but it's probably solvable. How? Easy, have you tried shopping online? If not, then maybe the Lamido buy and sell site interest you. They are a part of the Lazada group known for the biggest online retail stores here and around the world.

It's not easy picking a gift for a guy like me. I am so involved in fashion for men that I might discriminate a little when it comes to clothing, shoes or accessories. Hard to please? Yes I am, but if I shop I already know what to choose as soon as I get to a store and I see it. Women on the other hand would be an entirely different case. They roam around, pick one up, try it on, take it off, try another one on, spin around and return the merchandise. Somehow, I don't remember an easy breezy day in the mall when I have to accompany ladies I know there. Now, when they want to do that they would be able to do it right in the comfort of their own homes. You give them the choice, they pick the color and sizes and voila! You can have it delivered right to your doorstep, some even for free!

The best thing is, you don't have to go out and drive for that. You save on gas, you save on dining out, you save on the trip and you don't waste time spinning around the mall like a gopher who's lost his own hole. That's great technique right there which you can smash outside the ballpark, give yourself a pat on the back then say "I did good today!".

Oh and if you're still looking for more ways to shop, your Android phone might come handy. Get it from the Google Play store in this URL: You'll thank me afterwards! By the way, I already found a couple of watches that would fit me quite nicely, if you want to buy me one I won't stop you! Ha!


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Chynna Ortaleza for Dementia

Just like you, I've been watching her on TV for the longest time. She's now doing serious acting both on TV and movies. Speaking of which, she's also starring on an independently produced film called DIMENSIA with no less than the one and only Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor. It's a tall order for everyone to say the least to be working with Nora, let alone be in scene with her. Chynna would have been very nervous, we got that vibe from her but she feels very blessed to have been able to do it.

Chynna tells us about the Director Perci Intalan's style and says "If we are on a take or if he's explaining something, it's like you were talking to your brother and he doesn't stop himself from telling you what needs to be done. He also tells it nicely and he never got angry on the set. He kept it happy so all of us felt that way all throughout the filming. We also felt like he was a friend and not just a Director. His system on how he get things done was unbelievable. We did if fast and I guess that's where his experience in production goes as we get the job done without getting tired at all. That's why Ms. Nora also loves him, you would not get the same intensity if he didn't care about his actors and he knows that. He didn't even show us the film and I was so surprised when I saw the final product because I couldn't even recognize myself. For a director who had just done his film debut, this is really excellent. It's even better than some of the films done by masters of Philippine cinema. He's also going to get better at this so just imagine. We also got this to be an entry in Portugal for this genre. I hope I find time to go there too and experience that to get feedback from other nationalities."

"Dimensia as accorded by Director Perci Intalan's vision is to really try to reshape horror in the Philippines. The progression for that genre in Japan and Thailand is really good and we're kinda stuck with our own monsters and there's really nothing new. It's not super original but it's well made. It's not a sell out horror flick and we want to show them the workings of the mind. Sometimes fear comes from you. That's why it's called Dimentia. At first you might get scared but there's drama, there's a story. That's going to be your takeaway, you think about what happens in your life after the movie. That's the great thing about Perci Intalan's film. The cinematography and sound is clean and I'm so proud of it. That's why I always ask people to watch it. Batanes is so amazing. It's so sad sometimes that we make really good movies but we don't see people watching it that much. Then people from other countries notice it faster than we do. So if you like the film, please see it and tell other people about it. I hope they get to make more films because they've done a great job, hopefully to revamp Philippine cinema."

"It is horror but it's not really to scare people, we don't want this to bother you but rather think. That's the intention. We want you to enjoy the film but take away what happens when a person has Dimensia. We want you to think about your own reality. I really like the first few reactions we got from the people watching the film. They have really mixed opinions. Working with Nora was in my bucketlist, I had this audition last February 14. Even if I didn't have a date, I was glad because the gift was mind boggling that it was Nora Aunor that I was going to work with. I couldn't really believe it. It took me two weeks to finally realize I was really going to work with her. Perci was always telling jokes about it. I hope every actor gets to work with her. They will really learn a lot. We were in Batanes for two weeks, I was still star struck. Even if she didn't treat me like I was, after a scene, she told her manager to pull me and said to me "You were great in that scene!"...after she said that, I just broke down. I just said, because that complement came from you. I was really overwhelmed. She was laughing at me, but I felt like I won an Oscar."

"Initially, they were having a hard time finding the young Olivia to play the younger me on the film because they couldn't find one that would be able to look like my eyes on the film. The stares I do, they had a hard time. Christine Joy arrived, and they casted her. She's believable like me so it was like perfect for the casting. Dimentia is a little chaotic for Mara Fabre. Things will unravel in the middle of the film, everything is inserted and you wouldn't be bored like putting the pieces of the puzzle they had to put together. Like the Monet painting she was trying to solve. The doll was Olivia's by the way, it's not Maria Leonora Teresa."

We then watched the film the day after. I must say they did do it differently. I don't want to spoil the story for you but in a nutshell, the performance highlights were when Chynna was in shackles. You should watch out also for Nora Aunor's tight facial shots because you will be moved by her eyes much like her other films have always shown. It's in the eyes.

The magnificent landscape views in Batanes is like a dream, you'll see it as a perfect backdraft for the story and make the people see a part of the Philippines that's less traveled. You'll really be creeped out on parts of the film wherein they did intend to scare you. I didn't find Jasmine Curtis' performance too good on some scenes but we can laud her on those where she got possessed which comes a little later on the film. Overall, it would come to a point where it'll make you think. This is exactly the reason why Perci Intalan made this film, he has achieved his story telling even on a very limited budget. That's massively important, to just get your point across. I can imagine this would have been better with more computer graphics especially on perceiving a more contemporary ghost like appearance on the ghost that's in the film. It's already being shown on theaters (since the 24th!) so I suggest you take the trip to the mall and watch it especially because these are probably one of the few films that Nora Aunor will make in this decade.

Good job Chynna! You did good.


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When Manny Pangilinan made this statement last September 24, 2014, we all thought it was going to be about the FIBA Hosting. When I arrived at the venue, there were rumors that it was about a company merger. Then when I sat down, the person sitting beside me told us the announcement was about their plans to take over Philippine Airlines. All of these were BIG news, but I wasn't prepared for what was going to happen that afternoon... his announcement, was about FREE INTERNET for all SMART, Talk N  Text and SUN subscribers!

Now I also asked myself what benefit would this do to Smart's 66 Million subscribers, they said that only around 20 percent use mobile internet data connection so the deal is to make this a part of their daily lives. They will make them try the service for FREE until November 30. Don't ever be afraid if your a postpaid subscriber because no matter how the prepaid subscribers use this, they'll still be able to accommodate it. Their network has been long ready for the capacity since they have steadfastly worked on its structure in the past few years.

Chairman Manny Pangilinan said "There are already a lot of people using smartphones but never had the chance of using data services, so what better way to get them a taste of it but by giving it for free. It's a way to what we say in Smart, Live More!".

You need to have at least one peso on your balance or subscribed to any of their promos in order to get connected. You can register now by texting the word FREE to 9999. You'll get a text confirmation and have around 30MB of free data for daily use. You have to remember though that peer to peer uploads and downloads, videos, VOIP and messaging would get you to have standard data charges on your prepaid account. You must exercise caution and don't hog the network! After all, this was made to make INTERNET FOR ALL a reality! Check the fine print here.

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Be Careful With My Heart : "The Happily Ever After" Ending

Be Careful With My Heart Cast
It might be the last time you'll see them together in one photo. So this one's for keeps. The well loved series Be Careful With My Heart just recently held their finale presscon. I already felt a little sad when I heard of it and I knew that the moment this happened, everyone was trying to stop crying just thinking about it.

I tried to get a shot of them one by one but they were just a little fast going up the stage.

I felt a little nostalgic because the last time I saw them, they were asking us to promote their show. Now that the show's ending, they asked us if it will be a happily ever after. I'm sure it will be a little bitter sweet.

Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap says they'll be forever grateful to ABSCBN for giving them a show that lasted this long. They hope this happy ever after ending to the show would be something fit so that the viewers would still find the end something perfect because they've been part of the journey of Maya and Sir Chief. Jodi says "BCWMH changed our lives and at our age, Richard and I did not expect that we would experience having albums, concerts, world tours, endorsements, a love team at this age. All these things happened because of you guys (their fans), you are the true reason why our episodes come out so beautifully."

Fashion: Forever21 First x Forever Launch

It's one of the stores I frequent to even if they have a teeny weeny section for men. I adore their wife beaters, their pants, their shirts, the shoes, the jackets, the bags and the little things in the 21MEN section. It's like everything's pre selected already and all you have to do is grab a bag and stuff it to the brim and see if you can still swipe your credit card after. They have kilometers of sections for women and you'll almost get lost while inside the store. The sweet yellow designs you and I may have seen before went kaput when I visited their gigantic store in SM Megamall by giving it a hip makeover. The Californian brand went more black and white, wood and brick with some industrial metal shelves seen shining here and there. It's more clean and chic unlike the more girly version they had previously, although still VERY edgy as much as they've done it in their 9 stores nationwide. 

So I did the next thing and stayed a few meters from the other bloggers and concentrated on the 21MEN section in this 2,600++ square meter store just to stay in tune with my site's theme. Mind you there are tons of worthy clothes, accessories that any shopper would love. They even have a Shop Forever promo where MasterCard holders can get to win a wardrobe of their choice, and possibly a 21K shopping spree every 2,500 worth of purchase. You can even double your chances of winning by using your SM Advantage Cards, SM Prestige,  BDO Rewards, PRiMO Cards too if you shop until the 31st of October 2014.

Then here I am posting my favorites

GMA Stars Francheska Farr, Arianne Bautista, Maricris Garcia, Rita De Guzman, Mayton Eugenio and Julian Trono at GRACES in QC

Monday, September 29, 2014

We celebrate our birthdays in different ways, some intimate, some really good ones especially if your goal is to share your blessings with other people. That's exactly what the September birthday celebrants from GMA Artist Center did a few days ago at the Graces Home for the Elderly at the back of SM North Edsa in Quezon City. Francheska Farr, Arianne Bautista, Maricris Garcia, Rita De Guzman, Mayton Eugenio and Julian Trono pulled up their sleeves and got their hands ready to give a few hours of entertainment and enjoyment for the Lolos and Lolas of Graces. 

Francheska Farr and Maricris Garcia presented song numbers and of course the elderly folks loved every bit of it. Some even joined them and even participated during the event. I remember distinctly one Lolo singing a whole medley when we thought it was just song. It was hilarious but we really had fun! Arianne Bautista on the other hand hosted the event with Tess Bomb. Their antics made them laugh all throughout the program.

The GMA Artists want to thank Fernando's Bakeshop for their cakes, it was all given to the Lolos and Lolas later on.

Lots of their sponsors also chipped in so that in their birthday, they would be the ones to give gifts to the elderly. If you could only see the smiles on their faces that day, they really had fun!

Disney Infinity - Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition Launch

Mike Schneider Senior Producer Disney Interactive
I've been playing consoles since I was a kid. I journeyed far and beyond Manila to get a decent challenger in some of the games I play and have championed some of them. I got pretty rusty already because the usual games I played became outdated in a couple of years and it was pretty hard to learn new ones later on. I still have a my Playstation addiction and can play a mean round or two of any game of your choosing. I can easily adapt because I am a gamer no matter how new these console goes out in public.

/*Image from and not mine.

One of the innovations on these consoles that got my attention lately is this game in particular called Disney Infinity. I haven't played the game yet but when we got to the launch a few days ago, they were already releasing the second edition. Think of multi-player, then use characters from Disney and Pixar. Think of the game play that would come out in their various skills and superpowers done in spectacularly designed environments made by professional ones or community members who even give their designs away for free via Toy Box. You can just imagine the possibilities. The recently launched one includes The Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack version 2.0 includes the game software, the Disney 2.0 Base, The Avengers 3 piece character set (Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor), two toy box game discs, your own game web code card and Toy Box 2.0 software too. They also released Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy play sets so you can mix them up if the game allows it. You would need to play specific quests in order to make that available in the game. 

In the Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition, they are bringing more fresh content and story lines. They also believe that they'll be impressed with how these new characters would be involved inside the story doing flying, web swinging, crawling, smashing a lot more. The Toy Box 2.0 was also improved by a mile making it easier and efficient in making random or designed pieces wherever and whenever they are in the country. Characters can also be updgraded in skill so don't fret if you're going to need the playset 2.0 to mix with first edition ones. They'll be mixing and matching them as long as you do the special quests in the game. The all natural games  will surely make adventure lovers love it even more when it arrives on your doorstep. Last year's event got us excited over the developments coming to the version 1.0, now that they've got 2.0 and pretty impressive characters in the story. 

Gameplay is nice. I played an hour or so on my first try. I loved how free the environment was because you can fly, you can change characters by placing a different one on the Disney Infinity pad. You can also use the game discs to boost the powers of your characters as if it wasn't powerful enough. The graphics, it has more to improve but I think the thing to consider is that it's made cartoon-ish so don't expect life like characters. They also needed to make them equate with the other characters from other shows and that is a bit complicated. You also need to do special quests in order to use the other characters. Aside from that, skill upgrades are available while inside the game so your superpowers improve as you get further in the story. I like the modes where you can also ride a motorbike and roam around the city that way or be in versus mode to battle for the best time.

What I like is the fact that it is now here in the Philippines. In the past we always had to import things like these just to get it. It's presence along may spur gaming trends because it's not like the oridnary consoles we had these past few years. It's a new technology, it's got a Toy Box and a lot of gaming opportunities. I wish I had compatible consoles but it's a good thing you can play this on the PC by downloading off their website. Register now and make your own Disney Infinity a reality!


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