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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Have you seen www.unilabfoundation.org? If not, this might be the opportune time to do it. Their mission, is to build a healthier Philippines and they believe that every Filipino has the right to complete holistic health. They basically build programs to effectively address health gaps and use replicable techniques so it can be done by others, making it possible for them pay it forward and enlarge their scope and affect a greater number of people and make a BIG difference one person, one community at a time. They have created a system of partnerships, by tying up with other organizations, subject matter experts that would benefit and teach others in achieving their goal of a healthier Philippines.

Their Programs:
Play It Forward - It's comprised of three segments: Post Disaster, On The Move and Hospitals. It addresses specific health issues in different child development stages, different cases like trauma, stress and rehabilitation of the psyche. The first is building facilities like play areas and make a corresponding curriculum that get children from disaster or war stricken places some needed psychological support. The second deals more on volunteer work on dealing with the kids and victims directly. The program also trains facilitators so that they'd be able to do it to more people. The third one concentrates on clinical spaces and making it fit to cater to pediatric patients, making it kid friendly and better for them to recover. They even have this already running on 4 places in Metro Manila which has clearly benefited a lot of people already.

Leadership Journey - Doctors, health workers who want to have self-confidence and leadership training can undergo this developmental program specifically designed for them. It's the Unilab Foundation Leadership journey made in partnership with Except One Pte, Ltd from Singapore. Definitely top notch.

Project Inclusion - One of the nicest things I've seen that evening is this particular program. Project Inclusion speaks about having differently abled people to find sustainable employment and integration to the mainstream society. There's a law in particular that gives them protection but still, it's a long way before this actually gets enacted as some companies still do not hire PWD's. They also have published a book entitled "From Exceptionality to Exception: Inclusion of Differently Abled Persons in the Workplace" together with De La Salle Publishing House. Getting information and educated in this realm would be beneficial for corporations who would want to know the right means in employing PWD's.

Ideas Positive - Aimed to address and transform communities with the help of the Filipino youth sector. Recruitment for this project is on going, join and get more information about Ideas Positive Run 5 by visiting www.ideaspositive.org.

Bayanihan Sagad (Collaborating to the fullest) - This is one of the social programs implemented by Unilab Foundation for the more elderly citizens of the country. It basically aims to build a healthier Philippines too for Senior Citizens and make their quality of life better, and empower to be better citizens of the country. No matter what age, they would still be productive and be part of building the community.

Director Rhodora Fresnedi, the Director of UNILAB Foundation Inc. says "Digital Media might be an entirely different world but it is powerful but it bleeds transparency. Unilab Foundation wants to be there and perform "Bayanihan" with experts becaue we can't reach all of them. Our goal is to have 100 Million healthy Filipinos and we need magnifiers and amplifiers like you to help us relay the message one person at a time, and that includes you. Each time you write, it can make someone think, and I hope this would be a start of a conversation."

Roanne Duran, UNILAB Foundation's Communications Officer says "The portal is a digital hub of different volunteer projects and activities. Every share, tweet and blog will be an act of volunteerism. We'll make it easy and fun by making a full web based online game on the portal. Just make a Voluntar or a Volunteer Avatar. Each activity will win you items, each time you use it, you win points. Don't worry about not having so much time because we've got lots of future activities to come. Sharing, Tweeting and  Accumulating points will rank you up until you become the alter-reality world version of the President of the Healthier Philippines."

Health Is Happening with Unilab Foundation!

We had the privilege of actually seeing the first salvo of this nice little campaign to make small changes you can commit to be a reality. While playing and registering on the site, you can volunteer on the project called #healthishappening by following the rules listed there. It's just 21 days of committing to a small goal, it'll be easy and you'll see hundreds of people doing the same thing. It's healthy, just stick with it for 21  days and you'll be free, who  knows, you might win an iPhone in the process too.

I learned a lot from the site and the programs they're running. I love the people behind it too. Now, would you want to join me in my 21 day journey? :)


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Unilab Foundation
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