Fat Or Obese Is Okay, Exercise Is Medicine

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dr. Mark Stoutenberg and Dr. Rodolfo Florentino

I'm not the healthiest guy out there and my idea of "exercise" is just a few kilograms of dumbbells. I thought too that I was already doomed because I know how big I was. Lo and behold Dr. Mark Stoutenberg Ph.D. MSPH brings me good news that clinical studies in the US has proven that there is no clear amount information to claim - that being overweight or obese would mean you''ll die early. Being in that state has no relation whatsoever in the mortality rate. We listened very carefully about the study and the reasons behind it.

 Unbelievable? Well no, because actually it does make sense. It doesn't mean when you are bigger, you would die easily. No matter what shape or size you are, just as long as you keep the activity intense and on a regular basis... then you might just even live longer than naturally thin people. In the US, they have computerized their database and have found out in a couple of questions that there's no clear correlation between having higher weight to having heart attack or death. That was their conclusion after checking their records and seen how the value of involving a healthier lifestyle for someone be a great catalyst to make someone's condition better than when not doing it at all.

"Exercise Is Medicine" or EIM is an international initiative for physical activities whose goal is to ultimately promote the the skill to health professionals and practitioners and make it a vital measure for disease prevention and management. EIM might be new in the Philippines but most do not know how it's been in existence in over 40 countries, 7 Regional Centers in North America, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Africa and Australia. It's officially their first year in the Philippines and together with their international partners like Coca Cola Philippines, they have been working hard to involve the different groups, professionals that are health care practitioners, some research scientists, to physical fitness experts and make them in touch with the future development and evaluation of EIM in the country.  

Training sessions were also done by EIM Philippines last August 28th and 29 for 12 Doctors and 6 Fitness professionals. The activity would be just a start so people from both industries would meet eye to eye when recommending regimens and exercise programs and know what the others would do in their respective professions. The deal is, they want this to be the possible outcome for every recommendation from Doctors. They also need to include workout regimen and programs that would fit every patient needs without getting conflicting ideas from other fitness professionals, making it safer and better for the end user, YOU.

The possibility of working out at least 150 minutes with moderate intensity and of aerobic nature is achievable for ordinary people, I could use some of that too. Dr. Florentino says it will have a significant impact in someones life. By then, 300 minutes of it would be doubly better and will get you to achieve more. To know more about how EIM can work for you, check out their channels below.


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