Better Space, Better Furniture Choices

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've never slept well these past few months and I think I can attribute it to one thing; my bed is one famous disaster! With that out in the open I thought about it a lot and the simple solution is to buy a new one. I've been looking at stores here and around the metro but couldn't find anything that would fit my needs. My space is small and if I need to maximize it and still be comfortable it would take a lot of walls torn down or major remodeling. I don't like the sound of that so I went ahead and did the next best thing... look at my furniture options instead. Modern Furniture in this day and age would surely be the quick answer to my dilemma.

I've been looking at reputable sites like SPACIFY.COM and saw a lot of things that would fit my lifestyle and budget. I am also leaning towards getting something that has extra storage because of all the clutter I have in my room. Organizing would take me ages but I see the need for space. I need all the space I can squeeze out of this since its pretty small. Maybe a sofa bed would do; so it wouldn't actually take up much of the floor area. I like this particular one because it doesn't compromise design. It's wide too for a big guy like me so I'd surely fit in it. Contemporary Furniture in the site also looks promising and if I had more funds to splurge later on I'd try to hoard those pieces for sure! I believe if I can get these things by the end of the year I'd have relatives and guests over. I wouldn't be as humiliated as I was when I only had so little to work with. They can use this comfortably soon if they plan to spend the holidays here. Quality Furniture should never be hard to get; and I'm sure institutions like SPACIFY.COM can accommodate whatever you need for your homes. Why don't you check them out too and let me know what can be good for me? I'll wait for your suggestions! =)


Kyla - "Private Affair"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kyla's Album called "Private Affair" has been slowly dominating the airwaves these past few weeks. True enough it now holds the Number 1 single in Pinoy MYX's Countdown. It's the authority for OPM and with that out in the open let me just touch on what the album contains.

1. "Listen" by Christine Bendebel
2. "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)" by Francis Louis Salazar
3. "Dagli Na Lang" again by Francis Louis Salazar
4. "Don't Tie Me Down"Produced by Kyla, Jay-R, Billy Crawford, Kris Lawrence, Jimmy Muna
5. "How Deep is Your Love (cover)"
6. "Private Affair" by Christine Bendebel
7. "Camouflage"by Yosha Honasan and Karel Honasan
8. "It's All About Us" by Francis Kix Salazar
9. "A Song for the Love in Summer" by Ulysis Calumpad
10."Keep the Faith" by Moby Aragones
11."Don't Tie Me Down ( which is a house mix)"

I know, one of the songs is a little star studded. Listen is a little on the mellow side. When the album starts with this you kinda get the Kyla vibe you got used to in the past albums. Actually, I feel like it doesn't do justice when you see Kyla perform live. When I got to Party Pilipinas a few months ago she's one of the nicest things I've heard since the birthday song. I tell you, Kyla should do something internationally. Maybe release something in the US and Canada because she'll probably fare well with the likes of Brandy/Monica/Mary J. Blige.

My favorite is the track "Mahal Kita (Di mo pansin)". Even though I am not into tagalog songs these days this one definitely catched my attention. I probably have heard of this a couple of months ago on radio/mp3 and the song is both catchy yet still very sentimental. If I were asked what particular song I'd sell for the local scene... this would be it. I kind of love the way it was written but I'm a little hesitant with how it was arranged in the album. Maybe if they didn't put them one after the other (the songs of Francis Louis Salazar) it would have been better. Then again, I really still love that song bar none! "Dagli na lang" became a little redundant for me because it followed a song after the same composer. If that were placed a little differently... then this whole album would be PERFECT! :)

Don't Tie Me Down as you can see is already a sure hit from the get go (see the names indicated in production?!). I like the catchy sound; and this would probably be nice if it's constantly played in bars that play house music/trans. If you mix this up with hard beats much like with DJ Tiesto or any European jocks for that matter, it would be a great collaboration. I can see this would also be nice if there would be "bar tours" coinciding with the release of this single. Imagine Britney, or Madonna but it's our own Kyla doing the moves! Just thinking about it... oooh so awesome!

About "Private Affair", I can definitely relate. It's how you cherish love. It's those small things that make you squirm when your loved one is near. When you can't talk... because you feel it. Yes, its one of those things you do when you fall in love! This song exudes that vibe! Need I say more?

Kyla's recent album is definitely a good thing to have. I'm not surprised why she is the one and only Princess of R&B. If you long for love, if you still reminisce about the past, if you are optimistic about the future and if you feel how lucky YOU ARE when you are with someone special, go to your nearest record bar and get one now!


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PolyEast Records



An Intimate Interview with SLAPSHOCK

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by...

However (even as an avid fan) let me warn you before you proceed that I didn't know a lot of things about Slapshock... when I thought I already have done my research.

I didn't exactly know their stand on certain issues about the music industry so some of their answers really surprised me. I also didn't know how deep and inculcated their love for Pinoy Rock is. I didn't know they had some band in mind that could possibly follow their steps in the near future. I didn't know many things! Take a moment and listen carefully to what they have to say about the fall of NU107 too =)

This is gonna be so candid. I did mask the interview purposely with their music so you'll get to only understand them if you listen carefully. I also found some of it shocking albeit really surprising! Thank you to everyone at Polyeast Records for giving us a chance to cover this event! Thanks to Slapshock too for not holding back! :)

First part is the contract signing with Slapshock + Polyeast Records bosses! Plus some obvious questions... (this is in HD!)

Second part is the interview/nice chat/informal talk/whatever you may wanna call it...

Check this out!

Now you tell me if you learned something new about them too. =)

Check out also some of the photos I shared on my previous article.
Thanks! Ciao!


Lessons From Mozilla

I was so lucky to have been able to attend this talk about Mozilla. This is one of the greatest organizations in the entire world and with 400 Million users worldwide it's but a good business model. Learning about it first hand was such an honor and it coincides with my day job. Speaking for the event was Gen Kanai the Director of Asia Business Development. His experience working with Mozilla and other reputable multinational companies was quite impressive. He shared his insights on how it became so successful and how the business model worked even if it meant that contributions would actually come from millions of people who did this for free; all for the love of Mozilla!

I'm sharing with you excerpts from the actual talk. As you can probably see on his slideshow, results can vary. We are after all a miniscule amount of people compared to what is. If you try these management techniques take it with a grain of salt. Make it your own but keep in mind that this has already been proven effective with them. You might as well try it out if you manage people like I do.

This was in the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. I was under dressed but I survived!

Thank you so much to Asia Society Philippine Foundation Inc. for inviting me to cover this event!


About Asia Society
"Asia Society is a non profit organization with a mission to promote understanding of Asia through education,lectures, films, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and travel- study tours."

About Mr Gen Kanai "Mr. Gen Kanai is responsible for business development for Mozilla in Asia, community marketing and development. He was also part of the organization responsible for the launch of Technocrati Japan. He also worked for Sony Marketing of Japan, Sony Electronics, Inc., and Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.among others."

To get in touch with Asia Society and their projects simply call (+632)7524374 and (+632)8108938 or visit their website at


The Slapshock Experience

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It was such an honor to meet one of the most influential rock bands in Philippine history. If you hear the name "Slapshock" and you live in the Philippines; you probably would faint while in the presence of the greatest, internationally acclaimed rap metal - metal core band this land has ever produced.

They signed up again with Polyeast Records (formerly EMI) and working with them has been an a great decision "Jamir (vocalist) said". Working them has been beneficial and this would help them produce better music in the coming months so make sure you stake out their albums as soon as it hit the shelves soon!

I listened to their last album called "Carino Brutal" which was released in late 2009 and I was impressed to say the least with the carrier single with the same name. Their gigs here and in the US probably would tell you how great their songwriting and music is. Take a moment and watch this!

I wish I had their energy and join that mosh pit! I'll surely be bashing a couple of people for sure! Did you see those Americans too? Imagine our own rock gods being worshiped by them... it's such a wonderful feeling that they REPRESENT!!!!

Another interesting video that I saw is a collaboration between Southeast Asian countries. Who made the cut and got us on this? Of course Slapshock!

I'm so proud of these guys... Jamir was a highschool batchmate so I'm not surprised about the overwhelming talent that he has! With Lee Nadela on bass, Lean Ansing and Jerry Basco on guitar the silent but deadly Chi Evora on drums, how in the world can we go wrong with that?!

I'd like to take this bit and thank Slapshock for the nice afternoon... Dickies, Red Horse and Polyeast Records for making this possible!

P.S. Watch out for the intimate interview we had with them after the contract signing! (To be posted soon on HD video)



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The Snickers War VS Hungerlings!

You know that time of the day when you already had lunch, dinner or snack but you still feel hungry? I often end up either sleeping it off; because I go all grumpy and rowdy/really if not violent when I see other people happy. I need that certain sugar rush to bring me back to reality and keep me sane in this crazy world. Would you believe I look like this when I'm possessed by a hungerling?! >>>>

You won't see me smiling or making jokes or worse I play tricks on ordinary humans so I can get satisfied with whatever I want to do that day (like throw bombs and fake candies!). Oooh and it only starts from there!

Last April 15, 2011 we were invited to an afternoon of fun and games over at Snickers. Yeah it's the candy bar everyone loves. I was thinking this might be the actual cure to this hungerling symptom so I signed up and got in the mood for war!

Our main tools for warfare: Laptops and Internet connection.

Mommy Bloggers also held the same armaments as we did. They were real troopers!
This is really serious... real serious! They did not let their guard down!

Even after their turns, they watched from the sidelines.

When they finished, everyone was happy and there were no signs of hungerling exposure!

There was only one winner when we went on full alert! How did we win? That's easy!

We played the Snickers Hungerlings Attack over at ; you can choose to play via keyboard or via your webcam and you'll have the chance to win these fabulous prizes!

Playstation 3 consoles, HP Mini and GSHOCK watches... Need I say more? So go ahead and point your browsers and get those hungerlings a dose of their own medicine! Just register and play the online game now, if you get the highest scores you'll surely win all these goodies!

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The BUM "My Story" Collection

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BUM Equipment's "My Story" Collection

I just recently attended an intimate bloggers event from makers of BUM Equipment. What's great is that I'll be joining the contest too so you must make sure you don't beat me okay? Ha-ha! Seriously, I felt so special when I got there. Their niche market is EMO/slightly dark rock style and this is what they hope you would be able to communicate through photos while wearing their new line

It's called the "My Story" Collection... and it's available now in your favorite department stores nationwide. You can easily identify them on labeled swing tags that come along with it. If you join you'll have the chance to win gadgets like an IPAD2!!! Nope not an just the ordinary IPAD but the new IPAD2!!! OMG! OMG OMG!!

My photography friends, you now know what to do! We've got to get our creative juices flowing and make sure that our fashion shoots would coincide with this theme. We'll be winning that hard to get IPAD2 I'm sure!

Here are some of the highlights that evening!

Dino Imperial graced the event together with the designers, web masters and marketing managers of BUM.

Dino Imperial also shared his views on his own fashion statement. The clothes are easy, mix and match with your existing ones while keeping your individuality through the dark/emo vibe it exudes. He loves prints of graffiti, skulls, things of that nature and this was a perfect fit for him!

Make sure you get the store's branch where you got it from so you would be able to fill up the form completely online!

Belated Happy Birthday Dino! =)

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Visit their website at


Surely the Best Comedy Film of the Year! Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am so lucky! I don't really meet celebrities that much these days but I was so glad I got invited in the press conference of Pak! Pak! My Doctor Kwak! at ABSCBN's Dolphy Theater. Watch this!

Star Cinema and MZET Productions finally released this great film from the one and only Prince of Comedy "Bossing" Vic Sotto and Romance-Drama Princess Bea Alonzo. Directed by Tony Y. Reyes this surely will be another unforgettable comedy film for the whole family. I got there on time and boy I was really star struck with Bossing. Just look at this humble, handsome guy up close when they walked in the venue.

I was thinking "Oh my God! There he is! Ang Idol ko! Heheh" as Bossing (which he is fondly called) walked inside the ABSCBN Gardens. He is a household name and everyone knows him weather they belong to class ABCDE. Not that there is a caste system here but I was just pointing out he is loved by everybody!

Look at who he's also with on that press conference... the pretty Bea Alonzo. She's an eye-catcher to say the least and we know here from her films and TV team ups with local cinema hearthrob John Lloyd Cruz. Apparently this is very new and who would ever thought they would be in the same movie together. There was a lot of discomfort from the movie press and the viewing public because as you can see in the cast, a lot of them are from GMA which is an arch enemy in Philippine television of ABSCBN; Star Cinema's parent corporation.

From L-R Jose Manalo (GMA), Pokwang, Direk Tony Y. Reyes, Wally Bayola(GMA), Vic Sotto (GMA), Bea Alonzo, Zaijan Jaranilla and Xyriel Manabat.

The cast ain't no small thing too. The best comedians from both channels are in this movie. You can expect a riot from Jose, Wally and Pokwang. The throwing of lines and antics will surely get you in a strain of laughter once the movie starts. Did you know Jose and Wally are named Phil and James? Yeah I know! The AZKALS must be jealous! LOL!

Bossing Vic Sotto was serious before the interview of Ms. Korina Sanchez in TV Patrol.
See how pretty she is up close? That's Bea Alonzo for you!

This film wouldn't be possible without the help of Ms. Malou Santos, the Head of ABSCBN Entertainment Group. This must be her pet project!

Bossing and Bea laughing it out while being interviewed live on TV Patrol on this snap shot.

This movie is all about Vic Sotto, a quack doctor that fell inlove with a real doctor played by Bea Alonzo. Zaijan Jaranilla (who played the role of an Angel) fell from heaven and made the miracles true. The story revolved around this but I wouldn't want to give away the details. That, and the great comedic cast... you should really watch this movie. You won't see anything like this happen in the near future because it is so hard to get people from different networks together. Make sure you buy tickets once it opens on April 23, 2011. Yes that is Black Saturday and this feel good movie will surely be a treat for the whole family!

The cast and director of Pak! Pak! My Doctor Kwak! Vic Sotto will surely make you laugh all throughout the movie as the Quack Doctor. Please watch it! I know I will! =)

This film is Directed by Tony Y. Reyes.


I saw one of the greatest models in the Philippines interviewing them. Ms. Angel Aquino, please let me have you in one of my fashion shoots! Pushing my luck here! Ha-ha!