Willing Willie Statement

Friday, April 08, 2011

Willie Revillame on a barrage of complaints against him made television history. Almost all his sponsors pulled out of the TV program after a huge scene in TV5. Manny Pangilinan's TV station carried Willing Willie these past few months after detaching himself from network giant ABSCBN and made the switch to them but it has all been dealt with complaints since the beginning. Court orders here and there, TRO or whatnot but they still tried to air it despite all of this. When a child contestant was humiliated on public TV one evening thousands upon thousands and government agencies filed complaints to the Channel and local media board because of violations and issuance of child abuse raps aired nationwide.

I know this is going to be big. He even said things against celebrities who sided with the complainants and threatened them with lawsuits. Unfortunately not everyone sees him as a god if he'd like to portray one, or feel like it. Maybe there will be some things he needs to fix on his own yard. Even Lea Salonga of all people were trolled on twitter by his (maybe) newly formed army.

I don't know where this drama would go to. I don't even really care now.



khantotantra said...

eto ba yung kagabing statement ni willie? on break muna sya for 2 weeks daw.

glentot said...

Where's part 2 hehehe...

May punto si Willie sa mga sinasabi nya, it's just the way he says things na medyo off.

ZaiZai said...

ako man deadma na dyan sa issue na yan..willie irritates me in a major way :(