Good News and Bad News: Taal Volcano

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Well in some not so special news, Tagaytay is really nervous because of increased volcanic activity and Phivolcs have issued Alert level 2 on the volcano. People don't actually know that the island in the middle of the lake is the actual volcano. That should be a no man's land but there are approximately 8,000 of them living in it. Imagine what horrible things could happen there if it does erupt. I'm not surprised but government should make laws to get this done soon. I wouldn't want to see Tagaytay, our land and our house there just go to waste. There must be some other way things could get better soon.

Tourism is their main industry and if they don't take care of their people the industry would just die a natural death. Agriculture also is trying to recover but this situation wouldn't help. I'm as worried as the people who live there. I have relatives who are permanent residents there and if there are no permanent solution given to them, it'll just be an unending cycle that also would cost thousands of lives. I hope the volcano ceases to do anything and releases its pressure because as experience taught any volcanologist, any active volcanoes that don't erupt for a long amount of time turn out more destructive afterwards. My prayers go out to them too. Hope nothing big would happen soon.

Do you have relatives in that area? I suggest you call them and tell them to be prepared. You need to remind them. I'm telling you!


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