Robinsons Appliances Hold Last Leg of RACE TO A MINUTE in Galleria South!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Spent my whole afternoon and evening traveling to San Pedro, Laguna a few days ago for the last leg of Robinsons Appliances Race to a Minute 2023. It's where they pick lucky shoppers from Robinsons Appliances and let them go through a short distanced course with 6 different activities in order to win prizes from Robinsons Appliances. They're doing this to say THANK YOU to all their customers who have patronized Robinsons Appliances all this year, and they gave up to Php 220,000 worth of prizes to lucky shoppers. 

The event was hosted by Turs Daza and Elisse Joson. They have already done those in Valencia in Bukidnon, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Robinsons Tugegarao so it was time to do it with GMA participants this time in the City of San Pedro. Each station in the event was quite difficult and had to be solved with physical strength, wit, and smarts. Their sponsors and appliance brands chipped in on each exercise, it was quite tiring to run around the mall while we chase the contestants to document it, here's how it went!

Here's the announcement of winners!

In the end, it was the Yellow team that won this last leg, and according to their conversations during the event (the executives and production), they plan to do another one by next year. So see, it's really worth it to shop at Robinsons Appliances. Make sure you follow their social channels especially their Facebook Page because they announce it and other promos there. 

Congratulations to the winners and of course to Robinsons Appliances! Can't wait to join the festivities soon and be part of this event, because from where I see it, it's worth it!


Wolvit Releases 2 New Digi ads on Hair Loss

Monday, March 27, 2023

Truth be told, I think I'm suffering from hair loss too. It's a really stressful condition to be in especially if you just want to look good up there, and see yourself being the handsome self you were when you were young.

Aside from aging, it could be caused by one or many issues. Recently, Wolvit (a biotin supplement brand) released 2 digital ads about it showcasing different guys, different circumstances where they encounter the instances where people notice that they're losing hair. The ones in the ads feel they suddenly get shocked, then lose confidence, because their usual crowning glory or perfect hair, seem not to be as good anymore.

The first is entitled "Night Out", a little iffy if you're a foodie, but you'll definitely relate if it is happening to you. The second one is called "Hinala", for women who suddenly find themselves suspecting husbands of an affair, but didn't see it was their own hair falling on the pillows and clothes. That what you may be experiencing, was just Biotin deficiency. Wolvit takes care of that.

If you want to know more about it, you can purchase them in Mercury Drug stores and Watsons, go check it out as it's accessible. I might do that myself.



People have definitely fascinated with the lives of Baninay Bautista and Bont Bryan Oropel on YouTube. With almost 4 Million subscribers on the platform, they've continued to delight the public and their subscribers especially those invested about their relationship. They're going to take it up a notch this year as they start a full on YouTube reality series called "TEAM LOVE: THE REALITY" premiering this April 1st on their respective YouTube channels.

As you may know, theirs ain't a perfect relationship. They've been on an off in different times, and you'll see this raw on the show. They will include several important people from their families, and also several celebrity friends (which they will divulge later). This event was attended by over 100 YouTubers, influencers, friends and family (and media people). 

We watched the first episode, and surely, it was so surprising that they didn't leave out the stressful fights and personal moments which might be very interesting for some.

We got to interview them before the screening and here's what transpired on video:



This will be 6 episodes that will be released in the consecutive Sundays after April 1st, so make sure you subscribe to their channels and see what's happening with TEAM LOVE in front and behind the scenes.


Celebrate SAMGYUPSALAMAT All This March!

Looks like you're gonna be off saying SAMGYUPSALAMAT a little longer as the restaurant known for offering premium unlimited K-BBQ is celebrating Sangyeopsal Day on March 3 (same as in Korea) and extending festivities til the end of the month. This means, there's going to be more time to enjoy Korean food, banchan (side dishes) and meat for only Php 333 (a special rate they did on March 3, 13 and 23) on March 30. Patrons who avail of this promo and decide to participate with the Samgyupsalamat Hallyu Challenge can win a trip to Jeju Island, any KPOP or KDrama fan would relly love that!

After weathering the pandemic, SAMGYUPSALAMAT has continued to grow with the help of their loyal customers in over 70 branches across the country. This is why they are doing this huge "THANK YOU" on these dates. If you want to know more about their recent promos or offers, just search for SAMGYUPSALAMAT on social channels, there's certainly more to come!


Asterra Set to Build More Homes in the PH

Friday, March 24, 2023

Millenials preferrecd home of choice has been condominium units. It's something that has been seen as less hassle to maintain, especially if you're always out of town or the country and worry about security. It makes total sense especially for young able bodies folks to see the world of course, and good thing there are affordable ones in different cities, even if they are property investments.

It can also be passed on to next of kin or family quite easy than to think more of land and paperwork that comes with it. A Vista Land project called Asterra has been increasing in demand for those thinking about their future, OFW's and the young working class need something that would get themselves additional income by renting it out, or having arrangements in the property. Needless to say, they're amping up the tempo in building even more projects set in over 20 cities/municipalities elsewhere in the Philippines.

Asterra homes are modern, suburban, very habitable and perfect for starting a family, or become an investment. As Ms. Armela Ruiz, the Asterra Division Head for South Luzon says "We're going to have Asterra in premier locations in different regions of the country. We've worked hard to make them the condo of their dreams and facilities that have sense like basketball courts, multipurpose halls, and can be used by family or unit owners if there's an occasion. These are well designed, mid rise structures that are only 4-7 floors and have access to shops, churches, transportation as it is well planned. All of these have been arranged with ample security, so people who live in it have less to worry about when they leave their homes.  

There are also plans to have house and lot developments so make sure you stay tuned to Asterra's social channels (by searching AsterraOfficial) or their website for more details. Announcements of locations will be rolled out soon and can be seen in the same means, go live in an Asterra today!


NADINE, BEA + More at the OPPO Inspriation Ahead Event

Super happy to see OPPO getting a little closer to lifestyle events as they held an "Inspiration Ahead" forum with speakers like stylists Pam Quinones and Daryl Chang, concert photographer to the stars Magic Liwanag, and Fashion and Style blogger David Guison. It was nice to see them share their expertise in their respective fields, but in a nutshell, it takes guts to be fashionable, it's okay to experiment, make amends with style mishaps in the past (and to just go ahead and try it). 



Leanne and Naara also provided needed entertainment in the middle of festivities, music from them was really super nice, a lot of people danced during their set. I'm a fan of their music now :)

Magic says "My inspiration starts the moment I wake up, shooting different people, I learned that it depends on how you feel. Experience for me is champ! As a photographer, I'm glad my wife isn't a content creator, I get to rest, capture moments, even if it's not Hollywood or international artists, I get to share my story. OPPO really helped me become pro active, because of its functionalities, from Reno to Find, you get excited to take photos and remain inspired anywhere."

David Guison says "I don't really think bout it so much nowadays, just dark, minimalist, things that you don't tend to see much, that's what I document. Knowing what you like is your style. It's nice to see people that hype you up, it helps because you get to say hi and show your personality. "

During the evening, they had Bea Alonzo on stage and talk about her own passions. She also shared her ways on finding inspiration on everything she does. She was extremely happy to see her fans on the grounds since late lunch time. That's dedication right there!


Then to make the evening even better, I was able to take a few minutes to talk to President NADINE LUSTRE who has been in the headlines these past few weeks. But of course, we didn't talk about THAT. I had to ask how she's been, and how she feels being trusted by OPPO all these years. It's been a while since I've sat down with her, so here, enjoy!

I think this was my favorite shot that evening :)

Nadine also has stressed how she loves her RENO line of phones which she's endorsing with OPPO, and for the tons of new phones that they have come out with in recent months. These men and women do inspire a lot of people, and sharing those experiences probably would make all of us see our efforts, that it's okay to take time. Thank you for having me at the OPPO Inspiration Festival! :) 

Oh by the way, more events like these and offers are being announced through the their channels so go give them a follow! Recently they priced the OPPO A96 at Php 14,999, plus some news about their folding phone would be a nice thing to get acquainted with, go see it there!


Hannah Precillas Takes on Sharon Cuneta's "Sa Aking Daigdig"

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hannah Precillas has been doing a lot these days.Aside from being in All Out Sundays as a part of Queendom, she's also a go to person for a lot of GMA's homegrown and international shows for their official soundtracks. Not surprised because she's been doing the country proud all these years after her stint at D' Academy Asia in Indonesia and the throng of events she's been in. 

She had a single in the past that did pull a lot of heartstrings, and this time, she's happy to have been able to do her own rendition of Megastar Sharon Cuneta's "Sa Aking Daigdig" (In my world) which was done back in the 80's. Much to her worry, it was going to be hard since it is a classic OPM song from one of the greats in the music industry, plus it was going to be difficult to follow a pretty successful song back in the days. 

Hannah had to refuse listening to the Sharon Cuneta version so it wouldn't have any effect to what she plans to do with her version. She admits only listening to it once before she recorded it and veer away so she could do a different take on this single.

Here's our interview with her this afternoon, please enjoy!


There are currently no plans to release other original music in the near future but as Hannah says, she's ready for whatever surprise GMA Music has up their sleeves and she's raring to do it. She also had difficulties making original songs because she tends to do lengthy stories about it instead. She also told us that it's difficult for her to write them because in a sense, she doesn't have that proper ending yet to her story.

She is currently in a relationship and is very happy. If you want to hear her version, the single is already out on digital platforms so make sure you stream them, download and take that Hannah Precillas experience even further. Again, this is under GMA Music. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you again Hannah!


CEDRIC ESCOBAR Releases Debut Single "Di Na Ba" Under Polyeast Records

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

It must have been fate, least to say when Cedric Escobar was asked to perform as front act to the Introvoys' tour in the US. They were initially confused when he wasn't allowed to be "front act" and instead, asked to perform in the mid to test if he could sustain the energy of the crowd Introvoys were playing at a few years back. It was then when drummer, actor Paco Arespacochaga knew he had a gem in his hand, so he's mentoring him, his career together with record label Polyeast Records until today... as he releases his debut single called "Di Na Ba" announced in a press conference held at 12Monkeys in Estancia Pasig City. This is co-presented by B2B music distribution, tech and marketing corp FUGA. He has already performed in US tours of KZ, Jaya, JK and other Filipino artists and is excited for his first work being released locally.

Cedric says "I've been lucky to have been able to have Filipino fans because they really do support Filo artists like me. This has certainly been a dream, like a part of my vision board. I'm going to give it my 100 percent, really thankful for the opportunity!'

"He treats me as one of his sons and I do look up to Kuya Paco. Right now I am working on a lot of music, to hopefully release more this 2023."

Paco says "He really didn't want this song but when I invited him on stage, and at the end of the performance, everyone clapped. It's hard to mentor someone, but after that, it was just trust between us. I felt back then, he did do a lot of front acts already, so I didn't allow him to be front act, I put him in the middle of the set. It was to see the momentum of the crowd was going to be sustained and we did a lot of 90's songs. We did covers and he respects how the song was supposed to be sung, it didn't have vocal acrobatics. This is a two year journey, and I'm glad to see him here."

His single "Di Na Ba" can now be downloaded or streamed in all digital platforms, you can also check his performance video on Polyeast Records YT channel today. You can also follow Cedric Escobar's social channels to get to know him even more. 

This was already launched through Polyeast's The LiVeRARY which was streamed on YouTube during the height of the pandemic where they let artists showcase their music on stream.


The A-Team, JULIEBee, Gary V and Jollibee

Monday, March 20, 2023

Just attended the "Tara nat sumayaw, sumaya!" event of Jollibee this afternoon at the Zero Studios in Quezon City. It's the home studio of world renowned A-Team who's done remarkably well representing the country in dance championships and they had us try the Share the Joy dance which is going viral on social media. They have also recently launched the #ShareTheJoy video featuring Gary Valenciano and Julie Anne San Jose which you can also watch on their official channels.

The video actually was fun and felt like it brings memories. They showcased Jollibee's 45 years in it, and the experience of sharing the joy here in the Philippines and the rest of the world!


Meanwhile, here's what happened during the dance workshop.


After the short dance workshop by the A-Team, we were then surprised by the appearance of Asia's Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose which everyone called JulieBee when she came in. She came in a red jacket and pants, perfect for the endorsement! I loved how she danced the Share the Joy song with Jollibee that afternoon, she was also super generous in letting everyone take a selfie with her especially with the moms and kids that day.

I hope you get to #SharetheJoy with Julie Anne and Jollibee by dancing the same song, the actual dance number is on the video I shared so I get that you'll have a good time following the simple steps they made. It's quite easy, and posting it on social channels is highly encouraged! You should also watch the actual video on Jollibee's socials to get the reason why they are doing this on their 45th year!


HEARTS ON ICE Cast Speak Highly of Xian Lim's Ice Skating Efforts, Excited on Ashley Ortega's Lead Role

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Spent a few hours with some of Sparkle's brightest stars who's part of the cast of the new show HEARTS ON ICE. This is the first of it's kind, you could say the launching project of Ashley Ortega as she now takes the lead as Ponggay in this new series. She also gets to be paired with premier actor Xian Lim who's going to be interesting to see in a story of love, hardships, hope and perseverance. Athletes would surely be connecting with their characters as it'll be showcasing a lot of the things that are happening behind the scenes. Aside from that, they want people to get inspired about how they triumph over life's obstacles since it is a very hard sport. 

Together with Ashley that afternoon was Skye Chua, Hannah Arguelles, Shuvee Etrata and Kim Perez (which unfortunately we didn't get to take a solo shot of because he was doing interviews). Skye actually is part of the Philippine national team, very skilled and equipped to do this stint on GMA and admitted to have had trouble doing acting, and her emotions which she usually do on ice came in handy. She used it to make sure she's also going to do good as Ponggay's rival. Hannah on the other hand will be Xian's little sister, and will be doing a lot of scenes with the Viva actor as they've got family issues to take care of too. Shuvee on the other hand will play one of Poggay's best friend and will give advice as it'll be hard to go through life without one. Kim will be on Xian's side and might provide help when his best friend would get in trouble in the show.

Xian Lim who is Ashley Ortega's partner in the show impressed not just his co-actors but even the professional skating athletes who's part of the show. They were so happy about his progress in the short amount of time he spent in training, so now he's super into the sport already. He took exams and has progressed and passed, which may mean he's going to be doing a lot of his own moves in the show.

Here's my part of the interview, hope you enjoy my questions as I did asking them!

Here's a little talk about their ice skating experience and how Ashley had to go back to training just for this show.


Hearts on Ice starts at 8:50PM weekdays on GMA, and replays a few hours after (11:30 or 11PM) on GTV. Make sure you catch the episodes to support not just Ashley and Xian, but the whole ensemble cast that's got veterans and new artists in the mix. Congratulations, I've heard it's doing good in the ratings still! I also have a few videos of their routines on our YouTube channel so just look for kumagcow on the app!