Hannah Precillas Takes on Sharon Cuneta's "Sa Aking Daigdig"

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hannah Precillas has been doing a lot these days.Aside from being in All Out Sundays as a part of Queendom, she's also a go to person for a lot of GMA's homegrown and international shows for their official soundtracks. Not surprised because she's been doing the country proud all these years after her stint at D' Academy Asia in Indonesia and the throng of events she's been in. 

She had a single in the past that did pull a lot of heartstrings, and this time, she's happy to have been able to do her own rendition of Megastar Sharon Cuneta's "Sa Aking Daigdig" (In my world) which was done back in the 80's. Much to her worry, it was going to be hard since it is a classic OPM song from one of the greats in the music industry, plus it was going to be difficult to follow a pretty successful song back in the days. 

Hannah had to refuse listening to the Sharon Cuneta version so it wouldn't have any effect to what she plans to do with her version. She admits only listening to it once before she recorded it and veer away so she could do a different take on this single.

Here's our interview with her this afternoon, please enjoy!


There are currently no plans to release other original music in the near future but as Hannah says, she's ready for whatever surprise GMA Music has up their sleeves and she's raring to do it. She also had difficulties making original songs because she tends to do lengthy stories about it instead. She also told us that it's difficult for her to write them because in a sense, she doesn't have that proper ending yet to her story.

She is currently in a relationship and is very happy. If you want to hear her version, the single is already out on digital platforms so make sure you stream them, download and take that Hannah Precillas experience even further. Again, this is under GMA Music. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you again Hannah!


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