KUMAGCOW.COM wants to redefine what everyday life should be for the Filipino Man. 

An alternative lifestyle.

KUMAGCOW literally means a kid you can't control + cow. It's a hilarious twist on the norm; a combination that will steal the hearts of anyone, anywhere in the world!
This site discusses Men's lifestyle, (food, gadget, product) reviews, Entertainment, Events and Fashion photography with admirable professionalism and stylistic panache.

If you think I can cover your events, or want a fashion/photoshoot to happen, let's talk... please don't hesitate to contact me!


I'm a Computer Engineer by profession, engage in Social Media projects and management. I do blogging and fashion photography on the side.
Don't worry I don't bite! =)

If you would like to check out my photography, please proceed to my website


Fun Facts:
I have a measured IQ of 150. MENSA membership is quite close. =) I want to talk about anything. General knowledge, politics, information technology, money, product and food reviews. I love blogging! 
I know people still think I'm cute but I don't think so. =P

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