New JapaNice Stuff from 7-Eleven

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I've had so much lovely meals from 7-Eleven especially when I was still in the corporate industry and had to run, finish my meal in under thirty minutes. It is so convenient and I must say, they've slowly rolled out different ready to eat food, even fresh vegan offerings to make sure you're getting good meals every day.

Today is a special day as they expand their international menu with Japanese selections as they launch the 7-Fresh Japanese Rice Snacks which includes Salmon Mayo Onigiri, Tuna Mayo Onigiri, California Maki and Mixed Maki. These items are seen in Japan konbini stores and other Asian countries, now they're making it available in the Philippines so we have choices in over 1,600 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

I'm already looking forward to have the Salmon Mayo and Tuna Mayo Onigiri. This has been something I've been eating every time it's on the menu of any Japanese restaurant I go to. The 7-Eleven version has 2 flaps on it, just take the packaging off and eat up, it's one of my favorites. If you fancy maki's, they've got everyone's favorite the California Maki, for those who prefer different ones, you can get the Mixed option. Best of all, it only costs Php 50 (55 for the Salmon Onigiri). It's cheap, but they use quality ingredients for it which means YOU benefit from it. Don't go hungry in the office, school or at home because you can take this out. 

So guess what's for dinner tonight! :)


SAVOY Hotel Opens Doors Again in Boracay

Monday, May 30, 2022

As restrictions ease in the Philippines, glad to see some businesses are coming back especially in the travel industry as it was hit most by the pandemic. Good news to those who wait as SAVOY Hotel Boracay starts operating again this June 1st, and because you've been a good boy, they're throwing in vouchers and discounts so you can stay comfy on your next beach dates.

Just go to then get the voucher, then book your stay at to avail them. Rooms only cost Php 3,150 per night and it is good for 2 people.

They also have arranged acoustic bands or entertainment at their Chambery Pool Bar where you can have a full Filipino buffet via SAVOY Cafe for Php 1,650 per person. No worries for going to and from other places in the island as they have shuttles that go to D'Mall and Station 2 where much of the action happens.

If you're into activities, fret not because there's complimentary Kayaking and Paddle Boarding from the hotel. You can also try out different activities you can book with the hotel's help as there are lots of it to choose from. You can also ride bikes, quads, take lots of pictures as Boracay's sunset is world renowned. SAVOY Hotel is located at Boracay Newcoast, on a serene side of the island so if you're in the mood to just curl up and read a book while watching the sun go down... in a hammock, with a slight breeze you've been dreaming of... then go set your sails this way! Visit their official site at or call their number +63362862800 or their mobile 09178210282. You can also contact them via social channels on GB or IG.


Meet Miss World Philippines Candidate Gwendolyn Fourniol

Negros Occidental is my province and I'm so glad they're being represented well in the Miss World Philippines pageant as Filipino-French lass Gwendolyn Fourniol vies for the title this 2022.

Gwen is pushing for the education platform to promote ERDA Foundation (Edicational Research and Development Assistance) which is a non-stock, non-profit organization aimed to help underprivileged kids to have education and change their lives. This cause is something that hits home for her because her Mom Sim Bolivar (albeit poor) was saved by the organization, got her to finish an AB Psychology degree at Philippine Womens University. This has given her Mom an opportunity to work abroad where she also met Gwen's Father. It's one of the reasons why she's very involved in ERDA's projects, as it has also been her advocacy to help kids, to hopefully have the same chance in life.

For her, Miss World Philippines does beauty with a purpose. She also plans to put up a French language school in the future to hone Filipinos to speak English, Tagalog and French which she also knows. Gwen is curently pursuing an Economics degree in Oxford Brooks based in London, UK and plans to also get internship from multinational corp JP Morgan.

This officially her second shot at the Miss World Philippines title. She's done a remarkable job last time as she was able to get into the top 15 semi finalists. I'm glad to see her becoming a heavy favorite with netizens and pageant enthusiasts but I must say, I'm not surprised. She's got the looks, but best of all, she's got the heart to become a worthy title holder.

Gwen also has a team behind her led by ProMedia's Paul Izon Reyes, Jam Aquino of Belle Salon. They are pioneers of beauty pageants and body building competitions and they trained her differently. She's got the looks, inner strength, very smart and confident. They also believe in her cause and know it puts her ahead of the pack. Hopefully, she'll do good in the Miss World Philippines 2022 pageant, and represent the country in an even larger platform such as Miss World. If Gwen can help thousands get education in the Philippines, if that happens in a world stage, it could make an even bigger impact. Here's to Candidate number 25, wishing you get that title for Negros Occidental, the Philippines and the world!


Clorox x Philippine Airlines Keep Airports + Offices Clean

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Things may have relaxed but that doesn't mean we should especially when it comes to maintaining cleanliness indoors and outdoors. Still on top of the game is Clorox Philippines and with tourism opening its doors in the country, a collaboration with the country's flag carrier Philippine Airlines seem to be the apt thing to do.

This means Clorox Philippines and PAL will be working together for the safety of their passengers. You can be sure that each airport hub, ticket office across the country will be using Clorox products to make sure you're getting expert disinfection done right in all these locations. Now you've got Clorox Expert Disinfectant Spray, Clorox Expert Disinfecting Wipes, Clorox Clean-Up All-Purpose Cleaner and Toilet Bowl Cleaners present in all their facilities, so you're sure you get the protection you need if you have a flight or transacting business with them.

PAL VP for Marketing Ria Domingo says "We value the health and safety of our passengers. This is a huge priority. Our partnership with Clorox Philippines has come at a most opportune time. This is timely as customers fly PAL once again. We're glad this happened!"

Today, Clorox Expert Disinfecting Wipes continue to be given to arriving passengers from international and local destinations. This is also being given to patrons going in PAL offices in the country. Clorox International Marketing Manager for SEA Region Monique Gonzales says "These uncertain times surely has put in cleanliness at the forefront of Filipino lives, we are part of that... and we commit to make the lives of our countrymen better each day. Making the PAL passengers, travelers safe is part of that."

That's a good thing.


RED VELVET, BGYO, BINI + More in an Advocacy Concert on July 22

Talent is not going to be shortchanged in the upcoming advocacy concert called Be You! The World Will Adjust (An Extraordinary Celebration For People With Special Needs). This will happen on July 22, 7PM which is a Friday at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

This is organized by Purpose International Training Institute that does skill and educational training for people with special needs. This is a worthy cause and yes, your favorite KPOP and PPOP acts Red Velvet, BINI, BGYO, Lady Pipay and Aeron Mendoza will be there to provide entertainment and help raise funds for the organization that promotes inclusion and having a safe space for people with special needs. Imagine the amount of people this would be able to help especially now when we still are under a pandemic. This just feels so good for the soul, and I hope a lot of fans, people would be inspired and help our differently abled brothers and sisters who needs love and understanding above anything else.

If you want to purchase tickets,  pre-sale will start on May 28 and 29. You should get them early as I know it'll probably run out fast because of the performers that day. Don't say I didn't warn you!


The People of TOP CLASS: The Rise to P-POP Stardom!

Friday, May 27, 2022

Looks like June is going to be an exciting month as the show entitled "Top Class: The Rise to P-POP Stardom" starts airing on KUMU and TV5. Miss Universe Catriona Gray will be hosting the show together with Albie Casino and Yukii Takahashi who will be doing co-hosting duties and the online segment of the show.

Contestants were picked from thousands who auditioned for the show and to choose the right one for the job, they've got world class mentors KZ Tandingan, Shanti Dope and Brian Puspos who will be doing training for Singing, Rap and Dance in this promising reality show.

Only 30 talented male trainees will become finalists and Filipinos will be in the front seat to see who among these aspirants deserve the top spot as they battle it out to become P-POP's best offering to the world stage.

You may follow them on TOP CLASS' official social channels like Facebook, IG, Twitter, TikTok and KUMU. They will be holding classes at NU Laguna, and it'll be epic when they announce the names of those who qualified for the epic show. This is produced by Kumu, TV5, Cignal Entertainment and Cornerstone Entertainment so you can only expect the best to happen on Philippine TV.

Who will be the next P-POP rising star? Ooh I can't wait to see who wins!



Our boy Ken Chan is doing mighty good with his shows and now he's taking his newest single QUARANFLINGS in the promo route. This will be launched in June 12 on AOS, but the track has already been released in social channels and streaming sites so if you're looking for something you could relate to go ahead and listen to it now.

Ken Chan says "We didn't have anything to do but survive during the pandemic, but I think the only person I have had the pleasure of being with during the whole thing was Rita Daniela. For that I am grateful, and yes, there are a lot of people who messaged me but if I've met them, I treat them as friends. During the pandemic, there are a lot of people who have had the experience of having a relationship, and I think they'll be able to relate to Quaranflings. This is a song composed by Lolito Go and produced by Paulo Agudelo under GMA Music."

He adds "I know Rita and I would really have a good following, I am looking forward for more projects with her but there's a good time for that. We both know that we should work with other artists. If I was going to work with other actresses, I wished for Bianca and it came true for Mano Po. Next time, I want to work with some of my closest friends like Julie Anne San Jose or Glaiza De Castro. To clear, I just picked up that quote I tweeted a couple weeks ago on Google, I think I forgive easily." 

Here is Ken's latest single

Here's our blog conference this morning:

With his wish to go back to AOS and soon to work with Julie Anne San Jose or Glaiza De Castro, Ken Chan will surely be a remarkable leading man on GMA and their new shows. Aside from being busy with businesses he's put up in the last few years, he's continuing to make music, to hopefully release more next year or late this year.


Women, Power and Money: PUSOY on VIVAMAX

Just got off the advanced premiere of the film PUSOY starring Vince Rillon, Angeli Khang, Baron Geisler, Janelle Tee and an ensemble cast. The popular card game isn't actually that known quite as much elsewhere so having this in a movie intended to be shown in film festivals had me a little worried. It might not be able to get that part of the game understood. Though between that concern and how this could be an interesting story line, Director Phil Giordano had us all at the edge of our seats and left us all asking, what would happen next?!

This is an action, drama, suspense film but set in the Philippines. Vince plays the role of Popoy, a very doting son. Married but still in the home he grew up in because he couldn't make ends meet as he supports his folks, his wife and kid too. Under circumstances that he couldn't control, he had to work for a gambling lord (played by Baron Geisler, an intense man at that). He takes commissions doing favors and finishing rivals in the dens they go to. Janelle and Angeli's character on the other hand are card sharks, and if you put two chicks in one bowl... the claws come out. That starts a whole other conflict not just in the game, but their relationships.. and their lives changed. 

Here's our coverage of the private screening on video, enjoy!

I wouldn't want to spoil things for you, but definitely... a lot different from the usual Filipino flicks we see in cinemas. The material was worked on successfully by Direk Phil Giordano and Direk Brillante Mendoza. This will be shown this May 27th on VIVAMAX so make sure you download the app and subscribe to see this and other titles on their library. The film also had a tough premise, if you had no choice... would you do something illegal if lives were at stake?!

You can purchase subscription credits via online stores, if you're up to it, you'll definitely love the story.

These are exciting times!


OPPO Teases PH with Find X5 Pro 5G

Thursday, May 26, 2022

There's so much appreciation for good things, so when OPPO had us do a physical event... I couldn't wait to see what they had in store for us to see this evening. I had an event in the morning and planned to go home and dress up, but plans changed and just shopped for it instead. I haven't seen a lot of blogger friends covering, but that kinda changed.

In a nutshell, OPPO is letting us experience one of their newest flagship phones in the market called OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G. The phone is special as it employs 80W SuperVOOC Charging, 1 Billion Colour Bionic Display, plus ColorOS 12.1 powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 which is a processing monster. 

To tell you honestly, I would probably buy something like this just on aesthetics because when I saw how it looked like face value, I was impressed. The modern design, the shiny exterior (you couldn't even take photos of it as light was reflecting from it in Glaze Black). They also have this in Ceramic White version, which I both dig.

The newest phone has 12GB RAM, 256GB ROM, QHD (3216x1440) 92.7% screen ratio display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The camera is 50MP F/1.7 aperture, plus 50MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera at F/2.2 and macro support. They also had a 13MP Telephoto Cam with an F/2.4 fixed focus for far subjects if you need it. The front camera is a 32MP F/2.4, you can take all the selfies and be left satisfied. I've tried some of the features like slow motion, dual view (lovely for vloggers), stickers, time lapse, portrait mode, among other things it does. It's capable of shooting up to 4K, you've got room for that in storage so those movies you plan to make with it would become really convincing.

Sad News: Unfortunately this event was just done for us to experience it. This specific model won't be released in the Philippines as they're concentrating mid range and the different series they have. Though they might be able to do it if clamor comes so ask if you feel like it... especially on their social channels because they do listen to customer feedback.

Fun to also see our boy Bret Jackson who's still got a lot of music in the pipeline. I've been missing this guy a lot since we haven't seen each other for years. He's got a few singles out and some under him and James Reid's Careless Music. It was also fun to see OPPO's executives saying hi over cocktails, it was a really fun night... thank you OPPO! :)



Sunday, May 22, 2022

If there's something that is lacking in San Juan City, it's the fact that there's really a scarcity of good bars... but here's good news. ARCANA LOUNGE finally has opened and we've got first dibs on things they offer.

Ambiance: I think I've seen this being worked on a couple months ago when a couple workers went outside and pat dust off their clothes... and I saw a new sign put up in front, I stopped and said to my self, this is interesting! When I entered ARCANA this evening, my eyes were certainly drawn on the copper clad ceiling. I felt they did this on purpose so you get to feel how large the room was. The place could seat 50-60 people (maybe more) and tables were arranged for groups of 4 or more to fit friends, family. The back side had a long bunk chair and the others were upholstered thick, pretty comfy to be seated for hours. They also had fresh flowers, dropped in several places. Design wise, it reminded me of a little mix of modern, industrial and art deco. There's a sense of it being posh, their attention to detail was astounding.

The Bar on the other had was built differently. The racks are filled to the brim with different kinds of booze as they serve hard drinks and cocktails. The bar is all clad in gold, black, aimed to complement the restaurant interior. It also has their huge logo, intimidating to look at but once you know the bartenders, you'll love them instantly.

Gourmet Nachos -Warm nachos with hearty chili con carne topping. Fresh and complements Gin, Tequila based drinks.

Purple Sour - Something they whipped up to surprise me, this was refreshing and perfect to start the evening.

Buffalo Wings - It had the flavors, not too spicy... make sure you eat it while it's hot!

Sisig Rolls - A different take on the usual bar chow. Like a mix between Filipino and Vietnamese. Again, make sure you consume while it's hot.

Truffle Pizza - One of my favorites that evening. It had the right amount of cheese, crispy crust and truffle permeated all over the top.

Sliders - If you need something filling, the sliders would surely do that. It comes with fries, which I think was also laced with a little truffle.

Fra Diavolo - Fresh pasta with shrimp, cheese and lemon on the side.

Steak Fried Rice - I liked their version, like the other items I mentioned earlier, eat it while its hot.

USDA Rib Eye Steak - They made it the way I like it. Medium, still has the right amount of fat (which I love) and buttery soft still. I would even love to have seconds. I would go back for this in a heartbeat!

Prawn Thermidor - For prawn lovers out there, here's your fix. You may have this shared but I doubt you'll do because it's cheesy good.

Lamb Rack - For those who would want something a bit more lean, get the Lamb rack. They cooked it perfectly... I'd assume this would be for those special date nights or "treat to self" days.

ARCANA LOUNGE maybe new, but fret not as they've got some seasoned Chefs and Mixologists behind all their counters. They plan very well, and honestly, the ambiance is a huge selling point. If you have guests, friends or family that need to be given a classy dinner, something to drink afterwards, this is the place you should be looking for. A plus is that they also customize drinks, just ask the friendly bartender what you prefer so they could whip up something for you.

ARCANA LOUNGE is located at the Greenhills Promenade's second level. You may enter through the stairs from Music Museum or the one on the left door of the mall's old door. I enjoyed my time there and surely, I'd be back for more!


Luxury Living with Brittany's New Condominium Towers

Saturday, May 21, 2022

If you're looking for a place with true cool breeze, outdoor decks, lush gardens that promotes peace and tranquility... that's exactly what Brittany Corporations new condo towers offer. They think about how you can take refuge, with your wellness in mind, as they continue to build and develop several properties down south.

Brittany is the luxury residential arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. and they've made strides in making sure that if you choose to live in their projects, you'll get a lifestyle that promotes holistic wellness, much like Crosswinds.

The new towers at Alpine Villas

Crosswinds is a huge 100 hectare land that is tucked away from the busy city limits of Tagaytay. They built several towers, Swiss Chalet style houses developed in lush forests where you'll feel you're in another country as the weather changes. It's the perfect place to take a walk, not too hot, not too cold, enough to get you appreciate the smell of fresh pine trees, other worldly architecture you only see in movies or the Swiss alps. Crosswinds has been transformed in the last few years, and now has retail concept stores, new amenities around so you don't have to go elsewhere if you're at the enclaves all year.

Encompassing 2.8 hectares of Crosswinds is Alpine Villas, a charming enclave consisting of mid-rise towers in the style of Swiss chalets that are surrounded with charming European-inspired cafes and restaurants. They built towers Bernese, Blanc and Brienz so each resident would enjoy majestic sunsets, views, as it is 540 meters above sea level. Imagine the cups of coffee you'll enjoy as you sit in tables right outside, and the memories you'll make forever.

Recently, they built a new one called Biel. It's a 9 storey condo tower with 58 units. You can choose between studio, one bedroom spaces, two bedroom ones, or ones with balconies in different measurements (30 to 90 square meters). This costs around Php 9 to 31 Million per unit, but with the amenities like gyms, exercise spaces, parks, pathways, green gardens, views, that are priceless. These are units that can make you feel that you're re-connecting with nature. The lush vegetation, quiet surroundings, would take your meditation sessions to a whole new level. This would be perfect as a second or vacation home for those who would want to escape the city.

It's also got CCTV and security working 24/7, following safety precautions and guidelines set by the LGU so the community remains safe, with less worry... so you can enjoy the time with family, friends, all day. You can also choose this as an investment, as every sane person would want to experience this for a few days, months, even years. Brittany also has properties in Portofino which you can find in Alabang. There's also La Posada in Sucat Paranaque and Georgia Club in Sta. Rosa, Laguna if you want to experience the same luxury elsewhere too.

If you want to know more about it, visit their official website or their social channels by searching Brittany Corporation.


Making Sure Budget Plans Work

Friday, May 20, 2022

The pandemic has taught us a lot about how good financial management remain as a valuable skill not just for personal survival, but giving ease to the lives of your family - the closest people for you. We determine budget plans early on, with proper forecasting you get to have peace of mind yes, but in rare occasions, we all struggle. When one gets sick, incapacitated, restrictions happen and people lose their jobs, when businesses decide to close shop, these are emergencies nobody gets prepared for so it is wise you get to evaluate your budgets regularly and learn to properly make adjustments when the need arise.

Managing Finances Effectively

You need a good bank, know where you are putting savings, things for investments, for entertainment (because you deserve that too) and an emergency fund (when the unimaginable happens).

Allocate Appropriately

I always make it a point to have funds directed to a specific goal. A huge chunk of course goes to bills, food and shelter (about 50%), 10 percent goes to entertainment (if you want to go to a vacation, buy something for yourself or your loved one you need to set aside something for this purpose), then 25% goes to investments (if you prefer digital currency, bank deposits, stock market, insurance premiums or money market you need to do this early on). 15% goes to emergency fund so in times you wouldn't be able to work or pay for medical bills if you or your family gets hospitalized, you have this to get funds from. There are a lot of other things to consider and customize these rates, you need to weigh what works for you and stick to it. If you need to adjust, go ahead and make that play. You need to be a little aggressive in making sure your budget works for you.

Monitor Your Investments

Since a huge part of your funds go to investments, you need to have this checked a few minutes a day. Make smart choices if you are looking for short term ones, relax on the long term goals. You don't need to watch lines go up and down and spend hours for it, so only do it when times are volatile, and be aggressive if you have the money to do it with. Familiarize yourself with the market and slowly make your way to grow your funds. You also have to find one that fits your lifestyle. If you want to delve into business, or become an entrepreneur, pick up  a loan with easy payment terms and lower interest rates because a lot of it is out there. 

Manage Your Debt Wisely

Loans, credit card bills are of course part of the game. If you've got a lot of these, consider plans to pay more than the minimum monthly payments to reach your goal of zero debt. You can schedule payments for some purchases for ease of doing business and everyday transactions. Know when interest rates would be okay for you or not. See if you are going to benefit in the long run because remember, some loans and credits are not taxable and if you pay them earlier, it won't be too painful to see where your funds go. Give debt consolidation a try so it would also be manageable to pay for things. If you want information on that, click here.

These are what I do now in order to manage funds, if you've got one that serves the purpose, follow your own strategy and adjust when you see the need to. The market isn't constant just like change, think of more ways to grow your money and see if your budget plans work today.


BEKO Sale at the Megatrade Exhibit Hall On May 22

If you're looking for big savings, this is the time to choose Beko over at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall this May in Mandaluyong City. Imagine getting a whopping 23 percent off usual price of Beko appliances, loved in the EU and is now available in the Philippines.

This means if you're looking for Freezers, Stand Alone Cookers, Ovens, Refrigerators, you can get them at discounted prices only til then. The fridge freezers have HarvestFresh tech that keeps all your veggies fresh. Beko’s crisper drawer technology uses a three-color light system so your fresh produce feels like it's still growing in the garden, making it last longer, who wouldn't love that. 

This would make your meals a lot healthy, as you get the vitamins and minerals in an even better state, Beko Cookers and Ovens on the other hand are at the 20-23 percent discount mark so if you are a home entrepreneur or just like a few more burners (or elextric cookers) on your stove, they've got that all.

Gurhan Gunal the Country Manager of Beko says "We love seeing our products being enjoyed by Filipino families and we are commited to have more of these benefit our patrons while having the environment safe, in a better state for future generations to come."

These are available in large appliance centers and they plan to expand to more areas very soon. So if you are in the lookout for more of these products, make sure to try a Beko!


Jane De Leon is the New Santé Barley Daily-C Endorser

Thursday, May 19, 2022

She’s flying, she’s going places, Jane De Leon is the new brand ambassador for Santé Barley Daily-C. Joey Marcelo of Santé says “Jane was chosen as she embodies Santé in these times, a kind and compassionate woman much like the hard working unsung heroes during the pandemic.”

For those who don’t know, Daily-C is sodium ascorbate that is easy on the tummy and safe for daily use. Santé Barley on the other hand is Barley Grass, their premier product available in capsule and powder form. It is full of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, to help boost your immune system so you don’t easily get sick. 

Jane says “If we want to help other people, we need to make sure that we too are healthy. I am thankful to have been designated as Santé Barley and Daily C ambassador, of which I hope to influence more Filipinos to take care of themself and their families.”

Santé also introduced the Lopez family, their first family brand ambassadors. They will be showcasing them in different ad and publicity materials for Santé products soon.

Kuya Kim Atienza was also there to tell the audience about the reason why underwears were usually outside their costumes. Smart guy!

Jane adds "I need to be emotionally and physically prepared to help other people. I have tried the product and it's not acidic, really great and I needed this for work."

If you want to know more about their products, you may visit their official website