Harry Potter Accident

Friday, January 30, 2009

Here's a picture of some of my well known friends! ^_^

A stunt double of Harry Potter series star Daniel Radcliffe had an accident while filming the sequel "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". While filming, the scene was all about a huge explosion so the guy was in a harness strapped and all but once it exploded he got caught in it then hit the ground really hard. When the scene was over he was not moving, and the only thing he said after that was "He can't feel his legs!". Oh my how sad (-_-)"

What's even bad is that it was only a practice run for the stun in their studios. They confirmed that this actually occurred but out of respect for the stuntman and his family they are not allowed to tell anything about it further. I wonder if this really is the last one to be filmed because apparently JK Rowling stopped writing the Harry Potter series. I also remember the time she said "You are so confident that Harry's not gonna die huh?!" which would normally mean he will. Anyway, I just hope that guy gets better because otherwise the movie would be dedicated to him. Treatment they say will last a couple of months. Daniel Radcliffe and their team refuse to comment. Because I did not interview them hahaha...

Good luck!


Get me this Jewelry!

I’m a piercing enthusiast at the most. I like buying my self a lot of silver jewelry and it takes a long time before I choose one in the jewelry store where I usually buy because I practically bought all of them over the years. I got their earrings, necklaces and bracelets already in different designs and sizes. Some of them are given away as presents but most of them stayed with me because I do wear them. Nowadays, I’m looking for something original.

I found a website that offered copper bracelets so I might take a look at that. I never knew this malleable material can be used for the same purpose. I might get what I want now since its relatively not conventionally seen in shops here. Their online store at http://www.archmailledesigns.com offers classic chains to unique ones but since it’s made of copper, you would probably never see that in local stores. This one is just a good find, so if you have something to give me this season of love you can probably find it there. I’m giving you a hint obviously!


Rin and the Rox ROCKS! \\m//

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, I am one of you guys who now adore the next Youtube sensation Rin and the Rox. They're another set of Pinays that are currently in the west coast who got invited in Ellen De Generes' show. It's funny because they do the same thing that I do... sing in my bathroom. ^_^ Don't you think we've all wasted our time singing in the shower? It's a great thing these girls had their break and probably they will be getting a huge following hereon. Maybe sometime soon, they'll also get to visit Manila.

Don't worry too much about me because I won't probably be showing my own videos in the shower. Hahaha! That would be just a big NIGHTMARE! hahahah....

I don't think they have an exact date yet when they are going to Ellen's show but I'm sure I'll watch it. Bad thing we don't have TIVO here so I can catch it anytime I want to... but it's okay, I'm sure I can get it from the same place they were discovered. Thank Gad for YOUTUBE!

Ellen here just asked them to come on the show! ^_^

Here's their version of HALO by Beyonce

And here's their version of Brandy's Departed (Right here)


Gift to Self

I’ve been working hard and pretty much aged this past year so I plan to put my money into good use. I just bought my self a laptop a few weeks ago and the graphics are excellent I couldn’t complain at all. The weight and heat of it though had me worried a bit but maybe it’s just new and I had to get used to. There’s nothing that a cooling system would resolve when I get one from local computer supply shops.

I plan to also travel to Singapore this year and probably stay at my Aunt’s house. If that wouldn’t materialize I’ll be staying at a hotel and I don’t really need fancy ones because I’m probably going to leave my bags there and roam around the city most of the time. I was frantically looking for specific hotel websites but it was just arduous to choose with the various prices they offer. I would also be grabbing my Mom so she can relax a bit while we’re there. It’s a one hour plane ride so we both wouldn’t be stressed traveling. Good thing I got hold of HotelsCombined.com that lists everyone complete with maps and all that jazz. It will probably cost me around 5,000 Philippine pesos a night at Holiday Inn and it would be a bit out of the way of main shopping and attractions but it is near transportation routes. I would also maybe get my mom a foot massage next door that costs little but that would be great for her I’m sure. The reviews also from the list of hotels there would get you what you need to know from people who really stayed there. The great site also had options to find these hotels by city so it’s so easy. I’ll go back and comment there after our trip on the first week of March. We already went to Hong Kong so most probably that would be a long shot as our next destination. What a huge relief to have found that site!

I plan to also buy myself a professional digital camera to fulfill my frustrations as a photographer. If I’ve got an eye for it most probably it will show come shopping night in Singapore too. I heard it’s cheaper there. When I get back to the Philippines I’d probably be thinking of purchasing the lens for it. I’m so glad I’ve accomplished so many things in 2008 and I plan to continue doing so in the Year of the Earth Ox. It pays to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes so you wouldn’t go ballistic in the office when you get back. Talk about stress ha-ha!


Kelly Rowland Splits from Beyonce's Father-Manager

Kelly Rowland is one fine woman!

Kelly Rowland, a popular member of the hot group Destiny's Child called it quits with Beyonce Knowles' father that managed their careers all these years. The settlement and the talks were amicable and they both have signified that Kelly would always be a part of their family. They even were part of the people who raised her since she was part of the group since the very beginning.

She's an excellent singer and I would like to also see her performing like Beyonce sometime soon. I guess she has not been given that much breaks much like Beyonce has these days. I remember the BOO song she sang with Nelly that sky rocketed to number one in almost all the charts around the world. She also had a song called Stole which I absolutely love. There was no mention on who will be managing her after this.

Michelle on the other hand is missing in action as usual, I hope she gets what she deserves too since I very much like her voice because its soooo unique. Maybe sometime soon, they'll all be stars on their own right and have a reunion concert of some sort just like the eraserheads. That would be just fun if the did another world tour and possible have Manila as one of their venues.


Precious Moments in Digital Photo Frames

The world’s best way to share photos just became a lot cooler with new offers from their website. Ceiva digital photo frames, is the premier company that introduced the digital frame technology here and around the globe. Now you’ve got more ways to see your precious moments in slide shows and various effects without the hassle of getting those bulky desktop computers attached to the system. Get the best gadget to show off your events, birthdays, graduations, pictorials, portraits and landscapes today so you’ll get hold of the $29.99 special offer with purchase of a year subscription to picture plans. You can now even use your email clients or phone units to upload images straight to the digital photo frames.

You can get the clearest views from the HD screen this provides. Simply have it connected to an existing phone line and it would show you how it complements your existing home and office decors. See the crisp and clear pictures flash on the device for a couple of seconds or minutes and check out why thousands or more of this unit has been sold already in the US and abroad. You don’t even have to bother because they’ll provide you free ground shipping until February 13, 2009.

Don’t hesitate to only get the best product because C.E.I.V.A. digital frames started it all. You know the original is always the best. Why would you want to be left behind?



KUMAGCOW Mooore Funny Videos VOLUME 1

I plan to do this every now and then like my Mooovie Reviews and other product reviews. These would actually either make you laugh or cringe a little or maybe wish you had never seen the videos off my site. Some of the funniest videos in the world will now be seen on my site so I would like you to enjoy em!

I know you have been a fan of Beyonce since she released her awesome dance videos in MTV. People around the world have been challenging themselves to get the steps and the moves right. Even celebrities were trying it out on Saturday Night Live. Are you a fan of Justin Timberlake? Watch this!

Now aside from that, we have awesome youtube artists doing their thing on screen. I thought I would not want to see the future anymore when I watched this:

Aside from that clip, I would like you to take a look at the next rising youtube star from South Korea:

I hope you get to at least smile every once in a while from your hard day at work or school. Till next time ayt! ^_^


Think Outside the Box of Affiliate Marketing

There are experts in the World Wide Web and there are those who stay as novices in the industry. I learn some things every once in a while and I would never claim I’m an expert in these. Affiliate marketing is not that much in my dictionary but I’m not the complicated one when I fail reading between the lines. The site http://canvassdata.com/ discusses how an individual that is oblivious to strategic marketing take a stand that would be pro active. Making that particular deal work and be beneficial to both parties. Making goals exceed expectations and do things that are out of the boundaries take people to greater heights. This undoubtedly separates the men from the boys.

Achieving more that what you think you can is one phenomenal feat. Changing your lifestyle and the goals you want to accomplish in life would be advantageous. If you get to be in the upper 2% of the class, then you have achieved super affiliate status. That in itself is remarkable in performance marketing standards. Learn more from http://canvassdata.com/ and get more than the usual success other people only dream of.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watch the movie AUSTRALIA, I highly recommend it!

I watched the movie Australia a while ago with my friends. Overall, I find the movie nice. Not that outstanding because of the ugly computer graphics every now and then. I kind of know how those parts work so don’t tell me I shouldn’t tell you about that hahah.

Hugh Jackman was surprisingly tamed in this role as a local. Well, not that tamed actually but it’s a far cry from being Wolverine if you know what I mean. Nicole Kidman on the other hand is beautiful as ever. I kinda fancy the part where she was looking majestically at the hopping kangaroos… until the aborigine shot it hahahah!

It was an epic romantic adventure. Nicole inherited land Hugh Jackman was a local DRAHVER which is some sort of a driver thingy there, where the conflict was some characters were trying to take her land by making it look like it’s already bankrupt. All they needed to do was to transport a couple a hundred bulls/cows in order to earn more than what they could ask for. Nicole asked Hugh to get them cows to Darwin so the military could purchase it and for her to recover from all her losses and earn from it too. She embarked on an impossible journey on the Australian outback and survived it all. Some died along the way, and this miraculous boy who would eventually be the story line even stopped a herd of cows from falling off a cliff with magic heheh… would you believe that huh?!

When they got to Darwin and sold the cows, everyone was happy except David Wenham’s character Neil Fletcher who understandably was the antagonist company’s boy. Lady Sarah Ashley won the contract and Fletcher got what he deserves in the end. The kid played by Brandon Walters as Nullah in the movie was the CREAM boy (some sort of mixed race between a Caucasian and a Native Aborigine of Australia) but in the end they later learned that the boy’s father all along was Fletcher. He almost killed him btw.

World War 2 struck that place and got everything bombed. The Japanese almost killed Nullah and Lady Ashley. They reunited in the end and almost got killed by Fletcher, good thing Fletcher’s Grandfather King George (a native aborigine) got there in time and shot a spear through Fletcher. He died after that and everybody else was happy. So they got their land, Nullah went with his Grandfather and Hugh and Lady Ashley ended up together. I enjoyed the movie a lot and recommend you watch it even if there were not that much people in the theater. I give it 4 KUMAGS!


Geri Halliwell Engaged!


Geri Halliwell with Groom to be Fabrizio Politi and daughter Bluebell Madonna

Good-looking, bad-tasting
Full-bodied, butt-wasting
Loose-living, tight-fitting
What you see ain't what you are getting
Big make-up, little break-up
She wants it, he's got it
Cold-blooded, hot gossip
Superficial expectations

Look at me
You can take it all because this face is free
Maybe next time use your eyes and look at me

And the song goes on for Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell as she gets engaged with Italian yacht tycoon boyfriend, Fabrizio Politi (ANYAMAN!) hehehe... She was given as a token of their commitment to each other an engagement ring over the festive season. Despite this fast and the furious relationship, Geri and Fabrizio had no plans yet of going down the isle. Neither one of their parties wanted to do so. But they are engaged still. What a setup! haha

There are no immediate plans for marriage as the couple are enjoying their engagement and they are usually going out together with Geri's daughter Bluebell Madonna in Paris or the Maldives Islands. Ginger Spice and Politi met at a Florence nightclub in December 2008 and have been inseprable eversince. Incredible!


Invest in Russia


Russia has been a major world power house since the end of the cold war. With icons such as Lenin, Gorbachev, Joseph Stalin, Boris Yeltsin and everyone else in the former communist haven, you are sure to be surprised what this country has to offer.

Aside from its major imports such as oil and nuclear power components, Russia is now opening its doors to people who would want to invest in the country. The money market has been a lucrative business to any nation and options for treasury bills, investment opportunities are now being given priority by the Russian Federation.

You get the security happiness you desire in return of investments because the country’s consumer spending has been at an all time high. This also is an untapped market so if you plan to get acquainted with the Russian Stock Market the time to invest is now.


Star Trek Maker To Spend Eternity In Space

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gene Roddenberry the creator of "Star Trek Series" died in 1991. His wife Majel Barrett Roddenberry hired Celestis Inc., a company that specializes in "memorial spaceflights" to launch a part of his remains into space in 1997. Majel Barrett Roddenberry died just last Dec. 18, 2008. Celestis Inc. will be launching their spacecraft carrying capsules and digitized tributes from all their fans in 2010. It will not be returning to Earth and will just fall deeper into space. Their bodies will be creamated then put into capsules and will not return to earth.

Memorial Spaceflights like these are fitting tributes for explorers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, aerospace professionals, and all who have an interest in space exploration, science fiction, or astronomy or who simply feel at home in the cosmos. I on the other hand would not like to be shipped to space like this because I'd rather stay here instead so that my family would be able to visit me anytime. ^_^

Would you like to have the same experience too?


I Thought I Was Safe at Home

When I was a kid, I usually play a lot outdoors and usually go home dinner time if and only if my Mom calls me. I was not much of a spoiled boy but I had more fun outside than staying at home all day. It could be biking, catching spiders, running around the side streets or playing marbles that gets me in trouble because when I get home my Mom’s there grounding me for whatever reasons. It was such a norm so I got used to it.

I never knew why she was too worried about me when I was too good to be true for a son. Mind you there were not that many troubles I went through when I was in that age. Later that year, at the turn of spring I decided to stay at home and be good for once so my Mom wouldn’t be that upset since that was Mother’s day. Instead of going out, I flooded myself with household activities and toys that were just keeping dust because they weren’t used that much. I was too small then, I thought I was safe at home.

In that one day that I stayed at home, I got a little thirsty. When I went down stairs to drink a glass of water, I tripped and fell down the first plight of stairs then I rolled over and grimaced in oblivion while I faced another set of steps. When I stopped I totaled about 16 of them and rolled about 8 times. I was surprised because I was miraculously fine. Mom and Dad were so worried they rushed me to the hospital but even Doctors say I was fine. No scratches or bruises. One of the reasons why I got into this mess was because the railings were too high for me to reach. I was too small I guess and too clumsy at that. That became a priority for them to fix I guess so one morning, I found people working on the stairs and putting up new handrails which even the smallest kid could use. I was barred from going up and down unattended, but I feel safer now. Twenty something years later I never got into a single mishap in that part of the house.

Today it’s even easier to get architectural rails because you can get them online. BuyRailings.com offers parts for railing projects, metal components and other tools to keep your home safe and your children from accidents like these. What happened to me was an accident and I wouldn’t want to see anyone enduring the same fate I got into while I was at home. Not only is this going to make all of the parts of your house look good; it will also make your house better than when you found it. So if you are looking for people who can provide you Handrails, Stair Rails, Guard Rails, Bar & Foot Rails, Kitchen Rails, Curtain Rods and everything else, get them from http://www.buyrailings.com today. You know you need it!


OPRAH for Senator of Illinois

He said he knew Oprah wouldn't accept it!

It's quite surprising that this came in the news today. I just watched the Oprah show and the "valentine" episode (obviously a re run of some other year) and was kinda smiling about some of the surprises she's been giving the guests, one of which was an appearance by Patty La Belle and giving away a Red Volkswagen Beetle... it was cute but what puzzled me was this statement by the ill fated Gov. Rod Blagojevich that she ought to be the Senator of Illinois.... yeah you heard it, she could have been Senator Oprah Winfrey. ^_^

She helped a lot in the recent election obviously because she campaigned for the one and only US President Obama... well I bet yah she could not have accepted the senate seat... that's just too low profile hahaha... She could run for President for crying out loud... that's just too obvious... but really, politics is just going to tarnish her career and name. One of which she's probably taking care of in the years she's been in the business.


No Nightmare Easy Backups!

Network Storage Devices nowadays cost more that previous years. Things like backing up files relatively became too complicated for an ordinary home user. It goes to choosing the right drive to attach, to schedule the particular task and not to mention the arduous task of how to keep it automatic because no one wants to do it manually these days.

I got a fright a few months ago when I had some problems with my own because my PC suddenly went haywire on me. Memory was having a hard time coping up with the programs I had open on my computer. I was thinking it was really that but then again, my anti virus program was detecting some processes running which literally put it into snails pace. The bad thing was I only got part of my system backed up because the program I had for it was not doing what it’s supposed to. I got into the nightmare of forcibly formatting my hard drive and OS which took me so much of my time I haven't even had time to sleep. Imagine the time I wasted just for that!

I am willing to change for the better so I'd try out this software package from EZBACKUP Software where you can Download Free Trial versions of it. Maybe after trying that out, I'll grab the opportunity to have that since it will be discounted 51% from its original price on February 9th. OMG it's have the price!

The EzBackup promotion is surely going to take care of me so I won't get these nightmares anymore. Aren't you glad I told you about this?


Amazing Race Season 14

I don't really know what season it is in the US but according to the article I read this is the 13th one. Although its weird because the article describe the contestants which have the photos all over the site linked to CBS. So probably the people who won it are the ones in the last episode indicated on it. Is it the 13th or 14th one that we have to watch on February? hmmm that's probably a different one I suppose right? because if they did that then nobody would probably watch the show anymore heheh.

Hmm... yeah...ok I saw it i saw it... ^_^ Look at this and I quote "11 two-person teams racing for the $1 million prize in the upcoming 14th season" so its probably the 14th one we're seeing come February. I am a follower of this one obviously, together with the asian Amazing Race too. At least we had Rovilson and Mark entertaining people hehehh... and they are rich already I think??? But what I mostly love about what they were doing was the tandem itself... the talks in between were hilarious... and of course girls go gaga with them too. I just was glad Tisha and Geoff were in Season 3, but didn't like the fights between them obviously.

I on the other hand would like to join some day... but not now coz I have tons of reports to finish hahahahah!