Tired but I'm Okay Today

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a tiring day... I've been walking painfully in my white boots again and strutted around a few malls in the QC area. I went out with friends from college which I'll be blogging about as soon as I get the pictures uploaded and boy it was so tiring. I did not even get that much sleep so I'm ailing while in the office. But I was happy... =)

I'm starting my day with tons of reports and make that a priority. I'm about to finish it actually so after that I'm gonna stick to focusing on my project. I can't leave it like other things here.

I bought a new bag too from AIRWALK ^_^ weeee! well I liked that bag since time in memorial so I just bought it today. Maybe I'll be using this soon... in a few places that I plan to go to with my wifey... I think I wanna get married soon.. I just think... I don't do yet hehehe... but that will be easy come crunch time. Maybe I'll shock everybody else ^_^

Just like anybody... I need to get some sleep...maybe tommorow... I just cant do it now because I'm still at work....


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