Green Cars to Survive

Monday, January 19, 2009

The annual Detroit Auto Show this year has proven to conform to the latest trends in the industry by turning GREEN this year. More Electric, Hybrid and alternative powered cars surfaced to face the looming international crisis that not only hit the banking sector but the biggest car manufacturers as well.

Ford, Chrysler and other North American car makers made it a point that all their points get across the newly installed government of the US because as much as they would want to save the ailing industry, funding may not be sufficient enough to even finish this 1st quarter without going to bigger loans and turn it’s assets to collateral damage. Evidently everyone is going under huge bank debts if a more stable rescue package from the government materializes.

BYD Cars, China's biggest battery maker is not holding back in introducing its own set of electric cars and plug-in hybrids in the said auto show. Not only did they have the cars that speak of low cost manufacturing but they also predicted that its battery life cycle would outperform competitors by thousands of miles. They are currently endorsing their own lithium-ion iron phosphate technology that has surpassed current battery lifespan of today’s industry standards. I do sincerely hope that in the next few years we would not be too dependent on oil playing giants and their countries because it has been too hard for us each time they announce price hikes monthly. Falling oil prices are evidence that the greener cars are getting its needed exposure to be able to stop our dependence on oil producing nations.


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