Memories of Citizen

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When I was a kid, my Grandma used to carry me around their church to attend Sunday school so I could get along with other kids. I was pretty excellent when it came to speaking, writing and the English language. I was personally taught by her before I even started school. I know I was the best at that early stage. When she dresses up for occasions she never fails to impress people. Even if we didn’t have that much then, she was quite presentable. I remember she had this gold watch I used to look at that time. It looked expensive but I never asked who gave that to her because I was oblivious about brands and stuff.

On a day where we were doing our English lessons, I was looking at it one time and she told me a story about it. The watch was given to her by her brother, so that’s like my Grandpa too. She always was bragging about it back then because obviously that same gold slim watch I was looking at was one of the best ones the country had at that time. Other people know how classy you look then just by looking at the brand. I remember it clearly, that it was Citizen.

Aside from the name and fame it got being citizen watch and the biggest, best watchmaker in the world; Citizen made the first slimmest Liquid Crystal Display watch. They also were part of several Olympics I know. Today, they also have been known to lead in the field of timepiece technologies. They pioneered voice recognition which only was seen in science-fiction movies back then and dive watches with electronic sensors. It’s now part of most watches today, but you and I know that the original still is the best. I remember my Grandma when I hear this brand of watch, because we still have that watch at home even after more than 30 years. Wouldn’t you want that watch of yours be an heirloom too? Trust the Citizen Eco-Drive to do that for you!


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