Your Need Car Insurance

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you sure you got your family covered? I fear most of the time when I try driving our van because the streets of Manila are just not that safe anymore. Just this Monday, Philip Salvador a well known local actor almost got hit by a bus while driving through EDSA. He was already in the midst of passing through but then this large headed driver reeled his bus to the right hitting the side of his SUV and almost hitting his wife that morning. He went down and confronted the driver but he was not even apologetic of what he had done. People like these in the first place should not be given any licenses. They are just plainly uneducated and we normal people could not control what goes on in the Land Transportation Office.

Accidents like that are seen everyday and some of them are even worst. Good thing we had our van insured so if ever something happens to us and our vehicle, we are assured we are going to be taken cared of. The streets are not that safe anymore and we know that we are good drivers; but we have no control over their driving. Everybody needs car insurance. That's really going to be a big problem in this country and I would not like to be on the receiving end of those accidents. I have a lot of dreams and I don't want my life expectancy to shorten because of someone else. Go figure!


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