I Thought I Was Safe at Home

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When I was a kid, I usually play a lot outdoors and usually go home dinner time if and only if my Mom calls me. I was not much of a spoiled boy but I had more fun outside than staying at home all day. It could be biking, catching spiders, running around the side streets or playing marbles that gets me in trouble because when I get home my Mom’s there grounding me for whatever reasons. It was such a norm so I got used to it.

I never knew why she was too worried about me when I was too good to be true for a son. Mind you there were not that many troubles I went through when I was in that age. Later that year, at the turn of spring I decided to stay at home and be good for once so my Mom wouldn’t be that upset since that was Mother’s day. Instead of going out, I flooded myself with household activities and toys that were just keeping dust because they weren’t used that much. I was too small then, I thought I was safe at home.

In that one day that I stayed at home, I got a little thirsty. When I went down stairs to drink a glass of water, I tripped and fell down the first plight of stairs then I rolled over and grimaced in oblivion while I faced another set of steps. When I stopped I totaled about 16 of them and rolled about 8 times. I was surprised because I was miraculously fine. Mom and Dad were so worried they rushed me to the hospital but even Doctors say I was fine. No scratches or bruises. One of the reasons why I got into this mess was because the railings were too high for me to reach. I was too small I guess and too clumsy at that. That became a priority for them to fix I guess so one morning, I found people working on the stairs and putting up new handrails which even the smallest kid could use. I was barred from going up and down unattended, but I feel safer now. Twenty something years later I never got into a single mishap in that part of the house.

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