Jessy Mendiola Stays Sexy!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Jessy Mendiola is an actress, model and endorser. She’s at it again this time with IAMWORLDWIDE’s Amazing Grape Juice with Garcinia Cambogia.

Lorraine Uy, Allen Eder, Jessy Mendiola and Joanna Manego for the official signing

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Jessy Mendiola is changing views of on how to perceive something sexy, she exudes it, she feels it, she becomes it every time she’s out on TV, movies and social media - putting her on a pedestal in 2017 to be the sexiest woman in the country. She’s donned several magazines, articles, telling people about her weight loss and how she healthily does it. She never is afraid to show her curves, her legs that stand out and becomes a part of the drool list of countless guys who fantasize about her. Honestly, a lot of people envy Luis Manzano because of her, including me but we know he’s like the best man out there for her. Awwww!

Jessy Mendiola says “I have been so excited to share this news and in a few weeks I have seen the difference. When I was about to give up, it helped my journey, it boosts your metabolism, it boosts your mood, you feel happier, it makes you feel good and no worries with side effects. You have to also make an effort with working out. This is my story. I lost 25 pounds in 3 months.”

Maritoni Fernandez is 50 and she doesn’t look like it. She believes in the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Maritoni adds “This slimming product has been sold out a couple of times and that is a testament that it works. The product will be most effective in 3-6 weeks. Also, it has to be on an empty stomach, an hour before your meal. In a few weeks time, you will lose weight, works for any age, sexy ti you’re 80. People have to be slim because the heart works double if you’ve got fat. This can help a lot.”

The best product deserves the best endorser according to

For those who do not know, Garcia Cambogia is a fruit bearing tree native to Indonesia. It’s been used by people as supplements to suppress appetite, increase serotonin, so you get in the mood without stress eating. It is called a fat buster, although I have yet to see if it works. This might go well with your fat loss goals. This is distributed by IAMWORLDWIDE which is a direct selling company seeking to bring real change in people, through their health products and efforts.

You may follow their social media channels by searching IAMWORLDWIDE Corporation on Youtube, FB and IG or their official website

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Real Estate Platform Leader Lamudi Gets Amped Investments from Ringier AG and Axel Springer

Thursday, November 29, 2018

It looks like Lamudi is giving you good news after good news as two big companies placed their confidence with the real estate platform. Investors Axel Springer SE and Ringier will take seats at the company’s advisory board. The amount of investments will not be disclosed but Lamudi CEO and Co-Founder Kian Moini says “The majority of funding will and can be spent on growth. More so that Lamudi maintains to be in a comfortable financial situation. We are in a clear path to breakeven.”

Lamudi was founded in 2013 via startup giant Rocket Internet. They have also remained to be one of the fastest growing real estate platforms in Asia as they have connections to properties in the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Not to mention markets in Latin America which includes Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

Lamudi right now includes investors coming from the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), a joint venture of Rocket Internet and Ooredoo, Holtzbrinck Ventures and Tengelmann Ventures.

Kian Moini adds "The new funding round will help us accelerate significantly and expand our efforts to add value to our portfolio. Beyond that, we want to delve into things we could learn from the marketplace and transactional property businesses which are part of Axel Springer and Ringier folios.”

For those who don’t know, Ringier AG is Switzerland's leading international media enterprise. It is a forced to be reckoned with as in emerging markets across CEE, Africa, and SEA. Robin Lingg the Head of Marketplaces at Ringier says “Our company stands for investing in sustainable value creation. Lamudi matches our vision. We have been deeply impressed by the company’s operations and the global and local management team’s capabilities. Kian and his team will drive significant change in the real estate industry in SEA and Latin countries.”

Andreas Wiele the President for Classifieds Media Axel Springer SE adds “Lamudi is a fast-growing business in very attractive markets. We are convinced that we can help to further this development with our know-how and expertise at Axel Springer SE.”

With the companies working together, they will be definitely working towards supremacy in these markets, in the hopes to become bigger, better entities in the next few years.

Congratulations Lamudi! It looks like a bright future ahead of you!

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JABRA Launches New Wireless Line and Enterprise Products

Haven't really seen this brand for quite a while now, but they still exist and doing apparently good in the Philippine market. This was held this morning over at The Brewery at the Palace in BGC. Honestly I was too tired from the traffic going there but I knew I had to see them again as they release new products. I am actually keen on getting wireless headsets especially for active wear, they had that and more!

The Jabra Elite 65 T True Wireless Headphones looks and feels good, their promise is pretty much achieving calls that ultimately sounds like music. It is available for Php 10,400, and I guess you get what you pay for. They also have the Elite 45E, which outlasts the best in the market with 8 hours worth of power, sound quality that is engineered with a two microphones technology. It also contours on the neck and one touch button for Google and Siri. The Jabra Elite 65E has business quality noise cancelling features, superior sound for wireless calls and music, 3 microphone technology assuring you are fully immersed in the moment. It costs Php 12,000+ and is available in the Philippines. For less wireless connection drops and better sounding music, they also have the Jabra Active 65T which has in ear stability, it can also track speed, distance and time, comes with a charging case and is only Php 11,999 all customizable with the Jabra Sound+ App which has an equalizer, you can adjust your voice in a call, or even hear the outside world as well as you want to.

Larson for the enterprise products on the other hand explained Jabra's digital headsets that is good for contact centers specifixally Jabra Engage 50. With their market research they find out what people need, even read reviews so they have on hand information to make their products improve everytime they come out with one. Customer calls become complicated and getting information back and forth is integral in solutions they need to provide. They want to utilize AI and advanced technologies to make sure they have devices that works for their needs. If they walk around, or want less noise in the office, the Jabra Engage 50 is powered by software that have analytics, inventory management, in the software itself. Contact Center agents and decision makers need to know how noise, interruptions, and sheer volume affects their workflow. It has a 3 microphone system so it listens to background noise and fades it out, connects with USB or USB C. It is designed for Softphone environments too so you get call control all the time. It sells at 190 usd (around 5K).

If you need to get this, it is available in leading tech accessories shops, audio stores nationwide. I would like one, thank you!

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JOY NOSTALG's Holiday Offerings

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Spent an evening at the Joy Nostalg for their annual Christmas Tree lighting event. Invited guests of the hotel, their executives and media were there to witness the ceremonies while we were put in the mood by the lovely choir from their chosen charity orgnization the Virlanie Foundation.

They have been involved in helping these kids go to school, their families which usually belong to the poorest of the poor communities. The Joy Nostalg is a hotel under the management of the Accor group and they didn't dissapoint in their spread and plans these holidays. It was all heavenly!

The GM of Joy Nostalg says "Accor has had a long relationship with Virlanie and our family gets bigger. We have started to sell products that benefit their families in their community directly. This is my first year here, but the crowd is bigger and thank you for being here."

They are also supoorting Kaya by Virlanie Foundation, they are doing this through Bayanihan, a word that signifies helping each other to have a more sustainable Christmas. They are a child caring institution so they work on the streets, community, residential places, health and psycho social, education, integration and more of their advocacies. This includes abused, neglected and unsupported kids so they too would have a normal life. They are also enabling them for social entrepreneurship, so they too who are at risk will survive, even going to Europe to put out their cause and they hope people would support them. They need the avenue and train them to be self sufficient, a very nice cause especially in these places in the Philippines. They have eco ornaments, other products that mothers could sell at an even better price, so they too can be successful like other people, with sustainable livelihood.

If you want to help you may see them via

By the way, Joy Nostalg will take you to a festive mood on Christmas Eve and New Years day as they offer full buffet treats including these dishes for only Php 1,700. On other days they also have OFF THE GRILL menu which costs Php 1,500 only with the best cuts of meat, sausages and sides plus a glass of bubbly. They offer it during weekdays only.

Go to Joy Nostalg at the 6th floor of their tower, along ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center Pasig City. You won’t be heartbroken! It is absolutely worth it! Call 6377888.

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Frontrow International Launches FRONTROW CARES

After changing peoples lives in wellness and business for many years, they are now going further with projects and charity work. The growth they had with M Butterfly, it was all about giving back. They now have FRONTROW CARES.

To celebrate, the biggest charity concert festival in the Philippines will happen very soon. 

Sam Verzosa the CEO of Frontrow International says “In our intention to do charity work, we used to approach organizations and we asked if we can help ourselves, why wouldn’t we help others. Our artists are chosen with the biggest names in the industry, so it is going to be very big.”

RS Francisco adds “I remember since Ondoy years, we used to stay in an office that is smaller than this, nobody believed in us before but even in calamities, we chipped in what small things we had and tried to help in many ways, even in Yolanda, we prepared our Christmas party and with our extra budget, we donated and reached out a TV network where we formally have given an amount. Now I realize it is very fulfilling, with the help of our media friends, we are hoping to reach out to more people so we can support their cause.”

On December 16, 2017, they will be holding THE BIGGEST CHARITY MUSIC FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR wherein they will give all proceeds of this concert to chosen organizations. They have already helped 28 in the past but added to that, they are also helping Bahay Aruga and Anawim (home for abandoned women and elderly) among others that they plan to help. Artists like Parokya ni Edgar, Jake Zyrus, Andrew E, Gloc 9, Sponge Cola, Chicser, Callalily, Ex Battalion, Billy Crawford, Sam Concepcion, Luxxe Stars, my rock god Ely Buendia and some other surprise stars. Tickets cost GA 1,500, Mosh Pit costs 5,000 wherein you will have access to bars and food stuff all day event. This will be at the MOA Concert Grounds.

Jake Zyrus says “I am thankful for all the people who stayed in my life and this 2018 I have had that, the support, recording my next album, work abroad, shows elsewhere. My book I am Jake has been released, I know there are people out there that are going hardships like me, I wrote it to be the voice of those who couldn’t do it, I want to be their support.”

Want to help an organization? Maybe this is the way to enjoy music then help them right?

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CONVERGE Fiber X Outs Linksys Seamless Packages

Broadband is just starting in the Philippines and technologies are getting better. Linksys is the first company to have a data center and cloud, first home router to introduce remote access, Cisco decided to sell Linksys to Belkin as they changed position to go to enterprise. They are also the first company to sold 100 Million Routers internationally, we have Linksys, Wemo, Belkin Accessories and now Phyn which is a very exciting product for water technology. They have now partnered with CONVERGE Fiber X which is definitely good news.

Linksys Velop Whole Home Wifi System

The partnership between Converge and Linksys Velop Whole Home Wifi System is the best thing since sliced bread, with a broadband connection that is reliable and a monster router company that goes beyond normal quality standards in the world, this is a good partnership. They all understand customers because they invest on products with remarkable user experience as one of the factors. The next few years, it will not be just at home but whole communities that will have to be connected. As Jason Villados of Linksys PH Country Sales Manager and Kristian Anquillano the Linksys Product Manager says “Velop is better because it utilizes Intelligent Mesh technology, it is easy to use because of the app, it has a smaller footprint and made it simple, it even has smart dynamic ports now so no confusion will happen on ethernet ports if some people are still wired. One wireless network name for your wifi around the house, without sacrificing security and making it easy for any configuration you need.”

Converge has Packages

Converge believes you need a seamless network so they now have packages designed for large houses. They know aesthetics, convenience, efficiency and seamless roaming would be a good starting point to offer to customers now that they are working with Linksys. This is a modular system so you can adjust according to your needs, the system rides on the fast and reliable internet connection that Converge provides. That’s only Php 1,500 for a 25 Mbps connection.

The Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh Wifi System Dual Band AC2600 2 pack white costs only Php 600 a month (for 24 months). You can also get the 500 Mbps plan and pay only Php 3,000 for one time payment. New and existing subscribers can get it with a 2 year warranty, 24/7 after sales support, availability also starts today. So go order your Velop systems now through, their Facebook page or their walking agents that always are in communities where it is available. They also are still offering EA series routers so if you need that too it might also.

Php1,500 + one month deposit, installation fee of 3,000 but will be stretched in two years. So you pay only 3,125 if that is the case.

You know what to do.

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Rapoo Philippines Introduces New VPRO Gaming Products

Monday, November 26, 2018

I had the chance to see Rapoo Philippines about two years ago (around April) and I was excited to finally find their well designed peripherals and devices. They're a smart company, banking on not just function but aesthetics which is pretty important to todays youth. Gamers ride on talent, but never forget function and style so at least they would get a mix of even if they lose a couple of matches, they would be complemented with the looks ha!

This holiday season, they've come out with an even better lineup last September, all affordable, well researched, well designed as they painstakingly took time to design it well as what YOU would find a good buy once it hit the shelves of your favorite tech stores. 

For starters, theyw went out with 7 new models in 3 gaming devices, entry levels and more. These are must haves especially if your friend, relative or self want something good on your rigs.  The gaming mouse from VPRO called V16 only costs Php 695, where grip is relaxed, right or left hand usage wouldn't matter as it works for both. It would be comfortable,  even for long hours, very accurate and definitely exceed your expectations of accuracy. We all want that, especially in crucial e-sports level games which we all want to achieve someday (or probably did already). 

Other than that, they also have breathing backlight on them which looks cool in the dark, so you will love them as long as you are on it. The V280 on the other hand costs Php 1,320, it's got 5 individually customizable buttons too where you can assign different functions. It would be a treat to actually have in fast times. Fancy? Yes but this one has a multitude of colors because of its LED system.

They also have awesome keyboards with the Rapoo VPRO line. They've got 4 designs for serious or  not so serious gamers, like the V500S ALLOY that costs Php 1,995, the V500Pro at Php 2,495, the V500RGB ALLOY at Php 3,195 and the V700RGB ALLOY that costs Php 3,395. All powerful because it's programmable, it will simplify combos, functions as it does macro keys that utilizes on board memory, no need of software to install, all there!  You will get ahead of the pack, outwit and outlast your opponents, nothing that a little practice and determination could do. Not just that, but a Gaming Headset as well with a noise cancelling mic called VH200 and costs Php 1,495.

It is very light and you can only expect comfort during hours of gaming, not much heat or sweating perhaps, if you happen to often feel that way with your current one now.

Rapoo VPRO products are available in Silicon Valley, Complink,  PC Express, Gilmore Warehouse, PCX desktop branches across the country. 

Maybe it's time you take a look at Rapoo?

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Techie Christmas Specials from PROMATE at National Bookstore and Power Books

We've all grown up getting our best school supplies, novels, references, manuals  and just  about anything from National Bookstore and Power Books. This Christmas though, they got even better offerings as they also carry well loved brand PROMATE on their shelves which most tech lovers have developed an affinity to, for example, ME.

Now I'd like to suggest you take a look at these nice products that they have especially the power banks which I have been using for half a year already. It has been serving me well especially when I need about three days worth of support in coverages I need to do for this blog. No joke.

The POWERPEAK-10 for example only Php 1,995. Aside from getting a fast charging powerbank, you will also get a free TRUESOUND-1 EARPHONE which costs Php 395. If that's not enough, they also have the POWERHUB-QC which costs Php 1295. The thing can even charge 2 devices and utilize type C connections at the same time. This will also entitle you  with the TRUESOUND-1 worth 395 bucks, then there's more!

If you are more of a sound freak then take a look at the Onyx Earphones which is priced at Php 795 or the CLAVIER earphones which costs Php 695 so you can get a FREE LINKMATE-U2F MICRO-USB CABLE worth Php 195.

Now drop everything that you are doing and head on to National Book Store and Power Books branches nationwide. 

Check out or their social media accounts @promatephil on Facebook and IG. It's all there!

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ANGKAS Starts Saving Lives

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle service like ANGKAS? I haven’t because one, I do not have a helmet that would fit my huge head and two, I really fear for my life. Now this service has professionalized and made riding a motorcycle better, made strides to make their partners be trained well, to get them to also be better drivers. They now have been downloaded 1 Million times, and had benefited a lot of Filipinos.

Angeline Tham the CEO of ANGKAS says “I am here to reveal the first ever motorcycle ambulance service, we call it ANGKAS BUHAY. In Cebu PO1 Ricafort was patrolling, going to an incident he got injured and bled profusely. An ANGKAS member named Francis Belecario stopped and helped this police officer to go to a hospital and he survived. His bravery is lauded, this is why we thought we had one mission to beat the traffic. From bringing customers from one point to another, we plan now to have ANGKAS members to join ANGKAS BUHAY an Motorcycle ambulance service which people can now use when in dire need so they can respond as first aid or EMT service so they can rush as fast as their motorcycle can go, get them to save lives too.”

People die every year because of failure to get the victims of accidents to hospitals on time (to get medical attention), and going to streets of Manila is not easy. Every minute counts, so we have to go and seek volunteers to be paramedics. ANGKAS BUHAY the Motorcycle Ambulance Service is going to help. This is their call to make riding two wheelers a safe service, they are partnering with VRP Medical Center (their partner) so they can train people and become an alternate first line of responders when they need to.

This is a completely FREE service and will be strictly voluntary. The plan is to cover Metro Manila first, with a reasonable response time and get all the drivers certified with all the trainer they need. If they are waiting for an ambulance to come. The ambu motorcycle is a little expensive, they are looking for more partners, aiming to do around 1,000 volunteers as much as they can.

This is a good step especially in our situation where EDSA is hell. They are planning to start mid year of 2019, if they can help, wouldn’t that be a great thing?

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See Something Good Like WAITRESS The Musical

Saturday, November 24, 2018

There are still a few tickets left for the November 25, 30, December 1 and 2 shows as the international premiere of WAITRESS The Musical happens in Manila at the RCBC Plaza Makati Romulo Auditorium. Mind you they have been doing the same sold out shows in Broadway but will only show on London’s West End and Australia come 2019 and 2020 respectively, that just means we are blessed dear!

The musical is based on Adrienne Shelly’s WAITRESS and it will feature Sara Barelles songs, all of which was made to and by an all female team, amazing! You’ll love how Jena will serve her pie (perhaps her tea too!) who finds heaven in the art of baking. We interviewed the cast and super talented Joanna Ampil, Diva Bituin Escalante and everyone in the cast!

Check out our videos here!

You wouldn’t want to miss this for the world! Come and be humbled by their pie!

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Fun at JCO Wonderland!

Spent the morning at Glorietta 2 to see what our friends from JCO Donuts have prepared because they promised us in the invitation that we will be taken to JCO Wonderland. If you buy JCO donuts from November until today and saved the receipt, you get in for free. You get to participate in the fun games and win a couple of prizes including FREE donuts, Coffee and GC’s!

JCO also has been helping a charity organization called Concordia Children's Services as they take part of their sales profits to fun their education, living costs and supplies. Aside from that, they want to give back to their customers through these special activities, all for the love of donuts!

Visit their website and social media accounts for more details, visit them today at the Glorietta 2 activity area today if you have time!

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You’re About To See Avara Yacht Club

Friday, November 23, 2018

I was supposed to cover this event but I prioritized my family first, a pretty good excuse. Though I can’t wait to tell you guys about this new Avara Yacht Club which sits at the majestic shores of Taytay in Palawan. Just recently, it has been launched by Seaside Realty Corporation.

I have been here years ago and a lot has definitely changed. It was quite untouched, undeveloped but had lots of potential, especially how the locals treated us, whom were all were welcoming albeit being strangers in their town. The developer plans to put this to good use and create several townships fronting blue skies and turquoise waters. If you’ve always dreamed of your own beach house, this would gladly fit your criteria especially when you plan to stay away from cityscapes while you’re not shying away from all the comforts of it. Plus, this is a legitimate Yacht Club, and Avara Nature and Yacht Club wants you to experience all the luxuries that come with it. 

At the Grand Hyatt Manila their President and CEO Ms. Veronica C. Young says “After months of searching, scouring the seas,  we have just found the perfect island. We want this to be our first project. Avara Nature and Yacht Club will connect the middle class to a lifestyle beyond their dreams. This is Seaside Premier Development Corporation’s premier project, we want you to feel how nature would meet luxury at the heart of Calauag Bay in Taytay, Palawan.

Avara wil also be very nature friendly, it will be fitted with solar panels, a recycling water system, a gym, golf course, a tennis court, an infinity pool. This community is targeted to open during Summer of 2020. 
Backed by a very respectable board of advisors, these harbor front properties will surely be a good jump off point for any sailor. Go visit for more details and follow their social media channels @avaraisland on IG, Twitter and FB, just search for it!

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Feng Shui Convention for Year of the Earth Boar with Ms. Marites Allen

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The year of the BOAR is all about Balance, Opportunity, Abundance and Rewards. When Queen of Feng Shui Marites Allen did her annual Feng Shui Convention at fabulous Conrad Manila, I was a little iffy because in the past year, I have some of the most unreal things happen in my life that has been consistent on the Marites Allen app which I dowloaded on Google Play or iOS. Scary even and I’m not joking. I am not going into details about that but I’ll tell you about this event instead.

Marites begins telling us about our Annual Feng Shui start ahead of everyone else. Apparently she’s not immune to bad luck when a frame fell on her while she was doing business in the toilet. She got rushed to the hospital and got surgery for a broken nose. It was on the southwest and she’s doing this event also on a conflict day in the month of the BOAR. She has her charms now, and during that ordeal she didn’t panic, she kept thinking this happened with reason and it is time to change things at home. She gave us strog advise about our Astrology “Secret Friends” and Enemies. She also told us about how to stay away from robbery, illness, arguments and misfortune. She also added about windfalls, wealth centers, victory directions, prosperity, romance and travel too so we can take advantage of it and put countermeasures if all else seems impossible. 

She has a line in Frigga like shawls and clothes which can do that including charms, figures that can help too.

If you’ve figured out your chart reads, you should never just toy around with the idea that it will not happen to you, because last year I just brushed some off but when it happened I felt it was just scary. Though I heard through this conference, they have plans to digitize some of the processes they have implimented, so data would be easier to understand especially if you can't follow much of the terminology they use.

In a way, you always have your free will and you can use it. If this makes all your luck come, I would advise you get as much help as you can get. Marites Allen gives you the 411 as far as Feng Shui is concerned, you just need to use it to your advantage. 

This is what I learned during the conference.

All the luck in the world!

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MARUGAME UDON Opens at UP Town Center

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Marugame Udon has always been my go to place for a Japanese fix. So does the thousands of Filipinos who have enjoyed it too, braving the lines everyday because this particular joint not only serves good food, but stayed affordable no matter what pressure the market brings. I adore them for that!

Their Onigiri was worth passing for my NO RICE diet. The seasoned rice and maguro was hugged so tight by the seaweed, it all felt like a gigantic roll. I felt I was okay and full already, but there was so much more to try at Marugame Udon
The Inarizushi is this tofu skin with rice inside and the other things they have on the counter we're just amazing! You can put them on a separate plate like this  Chicken Karaage and Shrimp  Tempura, tons to choose from and they do not cost that much especially the Pork Tonkatsu which costs 75. Now who would even want to miss this?

A favorite among their patrons is this Beef Ontama Bukkake Udon and I'm not surprised. It's the only thing you would want on a rainy day, on a cold night or just about anytime you need comfort food. Really good and filling.

They also have a separate counter where  you can fill your bowl with crispy Tempura batter, different Japanese spices,  sauces and chopped leeks.

I was looking for something  strong this morning so I had the lovely Curry Udon. I am so in love with Japanese Curry and the thick noodles were coated well, I slurped my way to nirvana!

The good news is, Marugame Udon is now open at the posh UP Town Center at Katipunan Avenue. Just go to the Phase 2 area and they have a line there usually. You won't miss it, and you shouldn't because Japanese food need not to be too expensive for you to enjoy it. Now before I forget, ask them to reheat the fried stuff like the Pork Tonkatsu and that would be perfect, they didn't mind at all. Before I end this blog, let me take you around Marugame Udon at UP Town Center, enjoy!

Now Ateneans, UP peeps have a whole lotta reasons to be at this mall, with quality food and affordable prices, how can they go wrong?!

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Solignum University Tour

Is your house made of wood? Maybe the walls, floors, windows? Have you ever had termite problems at home? If not, it's probably because your wood is protected by Solignum. Jardine Distribution Inc. who manufactures the products has been protecting your home for years now and they know they still have a long way to make sure people are informed about putting appropriate wood treatment so your home is protected from pests and make it last for years. So if they can't make you go to their office, they go to your campuses instead.

A few months ago they alread went to Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) Quezon City. Last July 30, their students got a treat as they got briefed about the brands lineup to protect their client's home.  They also went to TIP Manila last August 17 and visited Immaculate Concepcion College in Davao August 13 because these are schools who specializes in Engineering and Architecture. The btand believes that if they started from the future engineers, they would be able to educate them about the benefits of it, assuring information gets accross generations including the up and coming experts through a forum called “Empowering Future Builders in Caring for the Filipino Home".

Do not fret if you haven't had this in your campus yet because they plan to do more in the coming months. Make sure you follow their web properties as they announce where they will be next!

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Watsons Gives to Operation Smile

Worldwide brand Watsons has been our go to place for medicine, hair care, grooming, even groceries. They have been in the country for some time now and it's good to know they are doing more than business in the PHILIPPINES.

You see, there are thousands of kids who suffer from congenital abnormalities or cleft palate conditions, and some of them do not survive because of it. Operation Smile has been in the Philippines doing charity work and surgery for Filipino children, not only to make them better, but for them to live normal lives just like you and me. 

Watsons sees this as an opportunity to help Filipino children and so with any of your purchases from now until November 21, a portion of this will go and fund surgeries for them specifically for communities in Dumaguete, Iloilo and Tacloban. All these just by doing good, feeling great. Also, you may use your Watsons Card and SM Advantage Cards to donate points for the same cause. Imagine the lives you will change just by doing this from November 22 to December 26. 

Now you can help these children too, go make yourself useful on these dates.

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Specials from PROMATE!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I won't be letting you down when it comes to deals, so here's another one from our friends at PROMATE. No, not just the freebies but MORE discounts on existing items like Power Banks, Wireless Headphones and Organizers.

For techies, do not fret because you may opt for the 10,000 mAh power bank called Force 10. It now only costs 999 and is lightweight even at that power rate. Take it around your events, your travels, so if your phone runs out of juice, you can use this instead.

The Travelpack L Complete Travel Organizer Pouch is also discounted at 480. If you travel a lot, you can still get your gadgets and accessories organized.

Thing is, this only will last until January 15 so head on to PROMATE stores at SM North Edsa Annnex, Ayala Cebu, Robinsons Ermita, SM Clark, partner stores Abacus, Abenson, Allworld Computer, BCG, Concept Computer, Denvers Computer Shoppe, Digital Interface, Complink, Electroworld, Jargons, PCINet, Perfect Shot, Silicon Valley, Storm, TCA, Urban Gadgets and Wilcon who also carries them in their store.

Go to Promate.PH or follow them on social media where available @promatephil.

Go get them now!

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